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Special Titles

Grand Jedi Master

Title held by the Executor of the Empire.

Overseer of the Admirality

Title held by the Chief of Operations

Defender of the Empire

Title held by the Central Director of Intelligence

The Empress (EMS)

Title held by Admiral Crystal Owens Larsen

Emperor's Hand (EH)

Title held by Fleet Admiral Merlyn Gabriel

The Guardian (TG:EMP)

The Guardian is an extension of the Emperor's will throughout the Empire. The Guardian handles any threats, internal or external, that specifically threaten the person or office of the Emperor. The Guardian is the head of the Praetorian Guard, comprised of the Emperor's Sword Fighter Wing Escort and the Emperor's Shield Sovereign Protectors. The Guardian is also in command of Task Force Belligerent of the Command Fleet.

Fleet Adjutant (FLA:EMP)

The duties of the Fleet Adjutant and wide and ranging. In general, the FLA assists the Emperor in the daily operations of the ICA Office. The FLA is also responsible for keeping the Emperor up to date on the status of the Fleet and the line officers. The FLA also is in charge of recruitment for the entire Imperial Order, maintains a recruitment center website and submits ideas on new recruitment techniques. The FLA also commands Task Force Minion of the Command Fleet.

Head Assistants (HA:)

Each High Command Officer has the option to appoint one officer of the Fleet as their Head Assistant. This officer must be an active and outstanding member, with abilities suited to the task and specific to that High Command Office. The duties of the Head Assistant are respective to the High Command Office they represent and assist that High Command Officer with daily tasks, operations, projects and reports. The Head Assistant is also responsible for keeping up with the other Assistants attached to the Office.

Assistants (A:)

High Command Officers may appoint up to two to four assistants for their office staff, as deemed by the workload of their office. The Assistants may be assigned specific duties by their High Command Officer, and in addition aid the Head Assistant in daily operations. Assistants are an intergral part of the High Command Office staff, since their allow their High Command Officer to focus on their primary duties.