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Member Duties and Expectations

I. Weekly Meetings

The Imperial Order conducts a weekly meeting every Monday at 5PM EST. Its is held on the DynastyNet server, in the channel #Imperial_Order. All members are expected to attend, especially those officers in command positions, who provide reports at these meetings. If a member is unable to attend, they are to inform their commanding officer of that fact. For those unable to attend, logs of every meeting can be viewed and downloaded from the Information Office.

II. Weekly Status Reports

All members who have graduated training are required to provide their commanding officer with a weekly status report. In these e-mail reports, members should inform their CO of any projects they are currently working on or assigned to, any gaming events they are participating in and how they are progressing, any ideas they may have for their squadron/platoon, and any other general duties they are performing. All FM/SMs, FL/SLs, and SXO/PXOs are to email their report to their CMDR/PCMDR before the end of each week. CMDR/PCMDRs in turn draft overall squadron/platoon reports to send to their WC/RC. Included in these reports are specific information on each of the CMDR/PCMDRs subordinates, and the overall status of their squadron/platoon. WC/RCs send their reports for the entire Wing/Regiment to the Ship Captain and the Ship Commander, thoroughly describing in detail the weekly activities of each squadron/platoon. In their weekly reports, CMDR/PCMDRs and WC/RCs also request permission for the awarding of medals, promotions and appointments. Any member who fails to turn in a status report for four weeks in a row will be in violation of the Code of Conduct.

III. Ladders, Competitions, Challenges, and Special Gaming Events

Ladders - It is mandatory for all members to participate in at least one Game Ladder. For example, a pilot in Furious Wing I is expected to participate in either the TIE, XvT or XWA ladder, depending on which game platform he/she uses. Participation is expected by both the CMDR/PCMDRs and the Ladder judges. Each member must complete their mission/level as instructed by the Ladder Judge, and complete them on time.

Competitions - Every so often the Imperial Order will hold a Fleet-wide or Wing/Regiment specific competition. These competitions may be internal, or with another online group. All members are required to participate in these competitions.

Challenges - Any member of the Imperial Order may challenge another to an official challenge in the Dark Arena. Any game platform may be used and any amount of Imperial Credits may be wagered. Challenges are moderated by the Dark Arena Administrator who sets the parameters for the match-up.

Special Events - From time to time the Emperor or any High Command Officer may present special game events to the Imperial Order. They are usually in the form of a Mission of Urgency, but may take other forms.

IV. Official Battles and Levels

All members are highly encouraged to complete the Official Battles and Levels found in the Tactical Office. Not only are members awarded battle medals for the completion of these battles/levels, the member will also become aware of the history and storyline of the Imperial Order. Battle/Level completion also tells a commanding officer that the member is a dedicated officer, interested in the IO, and worthy of future promotion.

V. Imperial Credits

Each month, every Imperial Order member is provided a base pay according to rank. These credits can be spent anywhere in the IO, or gambled as the member sees fit, or simply save the credits. The Pay Roll website is updated montly, and can be viewed online.

VI. The Imperial Holonet

The Imperial Holonet is for communication between all members of the Fleet. The Holonet serves as the primary message area for new announcements concerning upcoming events and general data. The Holonet also boasts topic specific areas, such as the Imperial Trade Federation and the Game Ladders. All members should read the Holonet regularly (daily is recommended) and they can post their own Imperial Order or Star Wars related topics or follow-up posts. All members are to abide by Code of Conduct communication protocol when sending transmissions.

VII. General Participation and Member Activity

All members are highly encouraged to be active on a weekly, if not daily, basis. The Imperial Order always has something going on to interest our members. Members are also encouraged to join our chat channel regularly, as this is a main meeting and discussion area for the Fleet. Members are there on a daily basis and one can always find something to do there, whether its a friendly game of Jedi Knight or a topic worthy discussion. The Imperial Order wants all members to be active participants in helping to maintain the best Star Wars club on the Internet.