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Imperial Order Ranks (revised 02.02.04)
Rank Position Requirement (suggested)
  • Flight Cadet (FLC)
  • Cadet(CDT)
  • Flight Member
  • Ensign (ENS)
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJ)
  • Second Lieutenant (LT2)
  • Flight Leader
  • First Lieutenant (LT1)
  • Captain (CPT)
  • Squadron/Platoon XO
  • Lieutenant Commander (LTCM)
  • Commander (CM)
  • Squadron/Platoon Commander
  • Major (MAJ)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL)
  • Colonel (COL)
  • Wing/Regiment Commander
  • Brigadier General (BG)
  • Major General (MG)
  • Ship Captain
  • Lieutenant General (LG)
  • General (GN)
  • Ship Commander/Task Force Commander
  • Commodore (CDE)
  • Rear Admiral (RA)
  • Fleet Captain
  • Vice Admiral (VA)
  • Admiral (AD)
  • Fleet Admiral (FA)
  • Fleet Commander
  • Grand Admiral (GA)
  • Imperial Command Authority Emperor (EMP)

    Imperial Command Authority Directive 722-Jenth
    Any officer who is appointed to a command position (FL, XO,CMDR, WC, SCPT, HC,etc) and does not meet the suggested required rank, will be promoted to one rank below the required rank, or the required rank depending on their current rank. If the officer is promoted to one rank below the required, they will be promoted to the required rank after 45 days in their command, dependant on their quality of service. If they are promoted to the required rank, after 60 days, a review will be held by their superior officer for either promotion or Medal of Merit awarded, dependant on their serivce.
    Examples of this:

  • LTCM John Doe is appointed CMDR of Alpha Squadron, he will be also promoted to the rank of CM. After 45 days, if he has proven his worth, he will receive the promotion to Major.
  • COL Jane Doe is appointed Wing Commander, she will be promoted to BG. After 60 days, if she has proven her worth, a review will be held to see if further promotion/medal awarding is warranted.