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ID Lines

ID Lines are used in the Imperial Order to identify our members. Rank, position, callsign, starship stationed on, Wing/Regiment, squadron, flight group, flight group position, special designations, and medals are all represented, respectfully.

Standard ID Lines:


BG/CMDR JohnDoe/SSD Executor II/Wing I/Tau 1-1 {BS}

In this example, the member is a Brigadier General/Squadron Commander, stationed on the SSD Executor II , stationed in Furious Wing I and is a part of Tau Squadron, flight group one, position 1 the member also has the option of showing any medals they have earned; in this case, the member had a Bronze Star.

If you receive additional medals, be sure to sort them in order highest to lowest. See Flight Office for details.


BG/CMDR JohnDoe/SSD Executor II/Wing I/Tau 1-1 {DFC}{SS}{BS}{SPM}

Ship Command Officers Only:

Those Officers who are in control of a capital ship shall place -sc after the name of their capital ship. This will identify them as the Ship Commander.


VA/FLO Fred/ISD Shipname-sc/

E-Mail and Holonet Signatures

All transmissions via e-mail and via the Holonet are to be labeled by the transmitted officer with their full official signature and ID line. The correct method is as follows:




Additional Special Titles/Dark Jedi Order Rank

Full ID Line


Brigadier General OneTwo

Assistant to the Flight Office

Wing Commander of Vehement Wing II

Fifth Circle Initiate of the Dark Jedi Order

BG/WC OneTwo/SSD Executor II/Wing II/Sigma 1-1 (CI5) {IOE}{SS}{DFC}