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Fleet Structuring

Fleet Commander/Captain Sector Location Base of Operations System High Command Office
Command Emperor Larsen Coruscant Coruscant Imperial Command Authority
Coruscant Defense Emperor Larsen Coruscant Coruscant Imperial Command Authority
First, Subjugator Grand Admiral Kamin Auril Adega Executor
Second, Executor Grand Admiral Wulfman Farfin Bilbringi Chief of Operations
Third, Malevolent Admiral Jaeger Rayter Yaga Minor Central Director of Intelligence
Fourth, Palpatine - Auril Ossus -
Fifth, Hell's Teeth - Teta Kirrek -
Sixth, Virulent Commodore Shadow Sluis Sluis Van Development Officer
Seventh, Admonisher Admiral Kiner Orus Ryloth Training Officer
Eighth, Phalanx - Kuat Kuat Strategic Command Officer
Ninth, Arrowhead - Dufilvan Ord Trasi -
Tenth, Tyrannic Admiral Crystal Churba Bespin Morale Officer
Eleventh, Lightning Fleet Admiral Curgenven Calaron Kessel Information Officer
Twelfth, Protector - Abrion Ukio War Officer