Code of Conduct
Chain of Command
Ranking System
High Command Offices
Fleet Personnel Positions
Special Titles
ID Lines
Monthly Pay
Fleet Structuring
Member Duties and Expectations
Treatise Imperialis
Fleet Ops Main
The Imperial Order
Imperial Order Chain of Command, Updated and Revised 02.02.04
Command Tier One (CT-I)
  • Imperial Command Authority (ICA)

    Command Tier Two (CT-II)
  • The Executor (EX)
  • Chief of Operations (CHO)
  • Central Director of Intelligence (CDI)

    Command Tier Three (CT-III)
  • Development Officer (DEV)
  • Information Officer (INO)
  • Morale Officer (MO)
  • Strategic Command Officer (SCO)
  • Training Officer (TRO)
  • War Officer (WO)

    Command Tier Four (CT-IV)
  • Fleet Commander (FC)
  • Fleet Captain (FCPT)

    Command Tier Five (CT-V)
  • Task Force Commander (TFC)
  • Ship Commander (SC)

    Line Tier One (LT-I)
  • Ship Captain (SCPT)

    Line Tier Two (LT-II)
  • Wing Commander (WC)
  • Regiment Commander (RC)

    Line Tier Three (LT-III)
  • Wing Executive Officer (WXO)
  • Regiment Executive Officer (RXO)

    Line Tier Four (LT-IV)
  • Squadron Commander (CMDR)
  • Platoon Commander (PCMDR)

    Line Tier Five (LT-V)
  • Squadron Executive Officer (SXO)
  • Platoon Executive Officer (PXO)

    Line Tier Six (LT-VI)
  • Flight Leader (FL)
  • Squad Leader (SL)

    Line Tier Seven (LT-VII)
  • Flight Member (FM)
  • Squad Member (SM)