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There are two different types of medals given to the Imperial Order Officers. The Medals of Merit are given out for outstanding performance for the Empire, while the Battle Medals are awarded for taking part in the Imperial Order Battles. Additionaly there are a few Medals only given out by the Dark Jedi Order.

Medals of Merit

Medals of Merit are given out for many different reasons, but all center around an officer's ability, dedication, and determination to their work and to excel in that work. The following medals are categorized in order from lowest to highest and a brief description is provided for each medal. The medals themselves can be found in the Merit Medal section of the Development Office of the Imperial Order.

SoD - Space of Death
ORW - Outer Rim War
SPM - Supreme Performance Medal
MoU - Mission of Urgency
BC - Bespin Cross
OT - Order of Tharwn
DH - Dark Heart
EW - Emperors Will
MT - Medal Tacticus
BS - Bronze Star
SS - Silver Star
GS - Gold Star
DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross
DCC - Distinguished Combat Cross
DSC - Distinguished Service Cross
CP - Cross of Palpatine
SC - Sith Crescent
IOE - Imperial Order of the Empire
IMH - Imperial Medal of Honor
LOE - Legion of the Emperor

Battle Medals

Battle medals are awarded to pilots and officers upon completion of an Imperial Order Battle. Once a pilot file for that battle is submitted to the commanding officer, the CO verifies the completion and awards the member with a battle medal for whichever Battle was completed. The medals themselves can be found in the Battle Medal section of the Development Office of the Imperial Order.

Dark Jedi Order Medals

These are the medals of the Dark Jedi Order. Medals are generally awarded to members who commonly go above and beyond the call of duty to bring glory and power to the Dark Jedi Order.

AC - Aurebesh Cresent
DOJ - Dark Order of the Jedi
TSG - The Sith Gauntlet
VS - Valor of the Sith
SotK - The Spirit of the Krath
SK - Star of the Krath
TMA - The Medal of Aggression
RoA - The Resonance of Adega