Points of interest on the agricultural planet Taanab include the Pandath spaceport and the Banthal Company orbital docking array, where the largest cargo ships are typically found. Four thousand years ago, the freighter Kestrel Nova was captured from space pirates near Taanab and was used by Ulic Qel-Droma to travel to the Tetan system. Millennia later, the planet found itself plagued by annual raids of bandits from Norulac. One year, Lando Calrissian happened to be at the Pandath spaceport when the pirates arrived for their latest assault. Calrissian, on a bet, agreed to attack the raiders, and hid his ship in the ice ring surrounding Taanab's moon while he waited for the pirates to make their run on the docking array. When his target was in position, Calrissian ejected his cargo-- hundreds of Conner nets-- into the center of the attacking fleet. As the pirates struggled to untangle themselves, the cocky gambler hit them with tractored ice blocks from the moon's ring and caused even further damage. Finally, Calrissian led the Taanab defense fleet in their clean-up operation, and single-handedly accounted for nineteen kills. Though the Taanab portmaster offered him a permanent job, Calrissian declined, preferring instead to investigate his newly-won deed to a Clendoran brewery. Later, just prior to the Battle of Endor, Calrissian was promoted to Alliance general partly on the notoriety of this incident. Over five years later, Joruus C'baoth coordinated an Imperial attack on Taanab, where he used the Bellicose's turbolasers to destroy a New Republic ship over the direct orders of Captain Aban. [ROTJ, ROJN, DFR, DLOS, SWAJ]


Taboon, located in the Stenness system, is circled by many moons-- one of which was the private moon of Great Bogga the Hutt. Bogga, who constructed a great palace on Taboon, was the ruler of the Stenness underworld four thousand years ago. Millennia later, the bounty hunters Zardra and Jodo Kast tracked their targets to the Red Shadow, a Taboon bistro. The ensuing firefight resulted in the explosive death of Mageye the Hutt. [TOTJ, TFTC]


The fourth planet in the Morobe system, Talasea orbits the yellow primary star in a red/yellow binary group. A cool, moist, fog-shrouded world, Talasea has a higher gravity than standard and is lashed by severe thunderstorms during the rainy season. Island continents make up its land masses. Animal life includes native insects and reptiles, along with feral mammals descended from those brought for an early farming colony. Indigenous plant life includes green ivy and the kaha tree.

Colonized long ago, most of the settlers' descendants left over the years, and the last group of them were wiped out by Darth Vader after the Clone Wars for harboring a fugitive Jedi. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, Rogue Squadron was moved from Folor to Talasea, closer to the Galactic Core, as a staging area for their eventual move on Coruscant. They made their base on the largest of the island continents, inhabiting the ruins of Talasea's Planetary Governor's Palace and the surrounding ivy-covered cottages. The Palace's primitive Grand Room was built of heavy native wood and thick plaster. After Imperial Intelligence agent Kirtan Loor deduced the location of Rogue Squadron's new headquarters, Admiral Devlia ordered a platoon of stormtroopers to secretly infiltrate the base and plant explosives. Though the squadron lost six sentries and pilot Lujayne Forge, all of the Imperial commandos were captured or killed. The Alliance immediately evacuated the base, leaving behind several booby traps for any Imperial follow-up teams to discover. [XWRS]


A planet in the Core Worlds near the Colonies region, Tallaan is the site of the Tallaan Imperial Shipyards. When Grand Moff Tarkin was killed aboard the first Death Star, the Empire released an official statement claiming that Tarkin had actually died in a shuttle crash at the Tallaan shipyards. [SWAJ]


When the planet Tallek was hit with an outbreak of deadly thorn fever, Imperial medics placed the sick in isolation camps and let them die. [SWAJ]


The largest planet in the isolated Kelavine system of the Expansion Region, Taloraan is an unexplored gas giant nearly 100,000 kilometers in diameter. The planet has a strong magnetic field, and is orbited by seven uninhabitable moons and a spectacular ring system. Taloraan's hot atmosphere, rich in tibanna gas, is breathable at high altitudes, and several forms of life have evolved among its clouds. Sleft-chuffni are huge, 200-meter long gasbags which gather drifting algae with their hanging tentacles, while the carnivorous flying rays called fleft-wauf hunt the sleft-chuffni and attack with their barbed tails. Years ago, several groups of humans were somehow stranded on Taloraan and separated into two groups-- the peaceful Denfrandi and the belligerent Wind Raiders. The Denfrandi keep a herd of one hundred sleft-chuffni, and live in gondolas slung underneath the beasts. The Wind Raiders attack on fleft-wauf mounts, and live within the body cavity of a colossal, kilometer-long floater known as an island-beast. [SWAJ]


One of the five habitable planets in the Corellian system, Talus is a blue, white and green world the same size as its sister planet Tralus, and both orbit a common center of gravity (where Centerpoint Station is located). Together they are referred to as the Double Worlds, and both are ruled by the elected Federation of the Double Worlds, or Fed-Dub. Beneath the surface of Talus is a planetary repulsor, which was used in ancient times to move the planet into its current orbit from an unknown location. When a flare-up in Centerpoint Station (fourteen years after the Battle of Endor) caused many deaths, the survivors were relocated to Talus and Tralus. When word spread of the incident, a rebellion against Fed-Dub occurred on Talus. A group of starfighters, possibly representing the Talus rebellion, subsequently flew to Centerpoint and claimed the station for themselves, until chased off by a Bakuran task force. [AAC, AAS, SAC]


The planet Tandankin was taken over by Imperial forces under the command of Grand Moff Nivers following the Battle of Endor. When Rogue Squadron arrived to free the planet, Wedge Antilles was forced to topple an enormous tower-- the Tandankin people's greatest monument-- in order to destroy a landing strip filled with TIE fighters. [XW]

Tandell system

Tiree, a Rebel agent, killed the Imperial Governor Lord Cuvir while on Wor Tandell. Cuvir had discovered Tiree encoding a report on Imperial fleet movements in the Tandell system. [MTS]


Tangrene was the site of a major Imperial Ubiqtorate base, until General Garm Bel Iblis' private army bypassed three Star Destroyers and completely destroyed the installation. Later, while the Ubiqtorate base was being rebuilt, the New Republic tried to give the impression that they were intending to attack Tangrene to acquire a CGT array. In reality, their true target was Bilbringi. [DFR, TLC]

Tao-Grant system

A Rebel Alliance cell was located on the second moon of the Tao-Grant system's lone gas giant. The Bothan diplomat Tereb Ab'Lon tried to deliver a stolen schedule of Imperial fleet movements to the Rebels in this cell, but was killed before he could do so. [SWAJ]


A small, uncharted world of plateaus and subterranean canyons, Taraloon is hidden deep within the Quintar Nebula. The pirate Drek Drednar has established a secret base on the planet, deep within an underground world of rivers and trees. The planet was discovered by Drednar's navigator Tron Nixx, who gave it its name-- "Taraloon" means "buried treasure" on Nixx's homeworld of Corlass. Animal life on Taraloon includes the predatory, reptilian gornalak. [SWAJ]


The home planet of a bird-like alien species, formerly under the brutal rule of Dictator-Forever Craw. Craw, ruling from his palace behind an impenetrable force field, imposed a 99 percent tax rate on his subjects and forced their children to toil in factories until the age of six. Before their service to Captain Antilles, R2-D2 and C-3PO were captured by Craw and taken to his palace. Craw planned to uncover the secret of the savorium herb, (which turned people into happy slaves called “smilers”) and then rule over a contented but mindless populace. Meanwhile, several splinter groups dedicated to overthrowing Craw united under the revoltist leader Shay, and infiltrated the palace through the sewer’s force-field hole. Their attack was unsuccessful, but they managed to rescue the two droids. A second attack, aided by R2 and 3PO’s Ithorian master Zorneth, resulted in the defeat of Craw and his forces. [D]

Taroon system

Located on the outer edges of the Rim, the Taroon system contains the planets Kuan and Bordal. [TSC]

Tarsunt system

Xenobiologists studying Jabba the Hutt's famed rancor discovered that the crashed ship which had brought the creature to Tatooine, piloted by Captain Grizzid, had last docked in the Tarsunt system. It has since been revealed that rancors exist on the planet Dathomir and in the Ottethan system. [MTS, TFJP]


A harsh, desert planet orbiting a double star in the Outer Rim, near the worlds of Ryloth and Piroket, Tatooine is located in the system of the same name. Far from the galactic mainstream, Tatooine happens to occupy a strategic location at the nexus of several hyperspace routes. Unfortunately, there is very little of interest on Tatooine, and it is ignored by almost everyone, with the exception of smugglers and criminals. The G1 and G2 stars of the system are referred to as Tatoo I and II, and the planet is orbited by two moons. Over the centuries Tatooine has been the site of many orbital battles between rival gangsters and smugglers, and its surface is littered with ancient starship wrecks-- most of which have long since been buried by the fierce sandstorms that rage across its surface every year. Tatooine has only been officially colonized for a few hundred years, but it boasts two native alien species: the meddlesome Jawas and the fierce Tusken Raiders, commonly called Sandpeople.

The nomadic Sandpeople spend their lives swathed in thick wrappings, looking out at the world from behind fearsome masks. They are intoxicated by sugar water and are most dangerous during their adolescent years, when they must survive rigorous rites of passage (such as hunting krayt dragons) to become adults. The Storyteller is the most respected member of Tusken communities, and it is considered blasphemy (and grounds for instant death) to speak a single word of the sacred stories incorrectly. Many Tusken Raider clans return annually to their traditional encampments in the Needles, a section of the Jundland Wastes, to wait out the dangerous sandstorm season. The Sandpeople have an almost symbiotic relationship with their bantha mounts-- a member who has lost his bantha is considered incomplete, and an outcast among his people. The junk-dealing Jawas travel the desert in former ore hauling/mining vehicles called Sandcrawlers and live in protected fortresses in the badlands; their numerous clans annually assemble for a large swap meet. Animal life on the planet includes the bantha, dewback, womp rat, sandfly, bone-gnawer, gravel-maggot, dune lizard, sandsnake, rockmite, feathered lizard, sand-jigger, meewit, cliffborer worm, strange (but harmless) protoplasmic creatures, and the feared Sarlacc, which is said to take a thousand years to digest its prey. Tatooine is also home to the terrifying krayt dragon, possibly feared more than any other animal in the sector. Though it is considered a suicidal venture, some hunt the krayt dragon to obtain its legendary, priceless gizzard stones, known as "dragon pearls." Many colonists on the planet run moisture farms (which condense water from the dry air with vaporators) and pika and deb-deb fruits have been known to grow in certain oases. Some water prospectors roam the desert searching for untapped sources of subterranean moisture. The native hubba gourd is a primary part of the diet of both the Sandpeople and Jawas, and other plant life includes razor moss and the funnel flower. Strange mists sometimes form where the sodium-rich dunes meet the rocky cliffs, though the origin of these mists is a mystery. Points of interest on Tatooine include the Dune Sea and the neighboring Jundland Wastes, Anchorhead, Motesta, Toshi Station, Bestine township, Beggar's Canyon and its Stone Needle, Bildor's Canyon, and the Mos Eisley spaceport.

Mos Eisley, the primary city of Tatooine, has been described as a "wretched hive of scum and villainy." It is bordered by mountains on the north, and on the opposite side by the decaying buildings of the southern sector. The wreckage of the Dowager Queen, the planet's first colony ship, can be found in the center of town. Other sites in Mos Eisley include the Lucky Despot hotel and casino (owned by the Whipid gangster Lady Valarian), Lup's General Store, the Spaceport Traffic Control Tower, dewback stables, the Mos Eisley Inn, Ruillia's Insulated Rooms, the underground Mos Eisley Towers hotel, Gap's Grill, Pylokam's Health Food booth, the Court of the Fountain restaurant, outdoor cafes, Spaceport Speeders, Kayson's Weapons Shop, Heff's Souvenir Shop, Turhaya's Landspeeder Repair shop, the Red Moon Saloon, a Dim-U monastery where ships can have their transponders illegally altered, a treasure-filled town house owned by the crimelord Jabba the Hutt, and the infamous Mos Eisley Cantina owned by Chalmun the Wookiee. After the Battle of Endor, the master chef Porcellus opened the Crystal Moon restaurant in Mos Eisley, and its fame has spread throughout the Outer Rim. A grove of Cydorrian driller trees, planted by the Ithorian Momaw Nadon, grows in the mountains north of Mos Eisley, and somewhere in the desert there is rumored to be a colony of alien Kitonaks. Jabba the Hutt also owned a well-guarded palace in the Dune Sea, which served as the center of his widespread criminal empire. The world is ruled by Governor Aryon from the city of Bestine, and Prefect Eugene Talmont is in charge of the local Imperial garrison.

The Jedi knight Dace Diath, who lived four thousand years ago, was a native of Tatooine. Several centuries ago, exiled monks of the B'omarr Order built a huge monastery in the on the edge of the Dune Sea, nearly 2500 kilometers from Mos Eisley. The bandit Alkhara took up residence in part of the monastery and remained there for 34 years, raiding nearby moisture farms while expanding and improving the citadel. The B'omarr monastery was the home of many other gangsters and bandits until eventually becoming the palace of Jabba the Hutt, who expanded the citadel to encompass a hangar and garage. Throughout the changes, the B'omarr monks kept to their own affairs in the palace's lowest levels, trying to reach a level of enlightenment at which their brains could be surgically removed by the other monks and placed in glass jars, freed from the distractions of the flesh. Decades ago, the Jedi knight Obi-Wan Kenobi came to the desert planet to place the infant Luke Skywalker in the care of Kenobi's brother Owen Lars and his wife Beru. Several years after that, a message from Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, whose ship had been captured above Tatooine, helped bring Kenobi out of his life as a hermit near the Dune Sea and into the service of the Alliance. Immediately before the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker and his friends returned to Tatooine to free Han Solo from Jabba's palace, which resulted in the death of the crimelord and the collapse of his organization. The B'omarr monks reclaimed the palace, persuading several of Jabba's lieutenants to join them as disembodied brains. Eight years after Endor, the Imperial battlemoon Eye of Palpatine stopped at Tatooine to pick up a contingent of stormtroopers but brought aboard Sandpeople and Jawas instead. Later that year, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo returned to Jabba's palace to investigate rumors of the Hutts' Darksaber project. [SW, SWN, SWR, ROTJ, ROJN, MTS, TLC, DLOS, COTJ, TFTC, DESB, DS, ISWU, TFJP, SWAJ, SME]

Tau Sakar system

The Tau Sakar system contains seven life-bearing planets orbiting the star Tau Sakar. Garban, the fourth planet in the system, is the homeworld for the alien species known as the Jenet. Because of the similarities between all seven worlds, there is some speculation that the entire system was planetscaped by an unknown alien species sometime in the distant past. The Empire has taken control of this system, and has forced the Jenet to mine the rich ores that are found in all seven planets. [GG4]


A mist-shrouded, acidic swampworld in the Gunthar system, Taul was used by the Rebel Alliance as a training outpost until the facility was destroyed by the Victory Star Destroyer Dominator. [SWAJ]

Teilcam system

Located in the Outer Rim, the Teilcam system's only habitable world is the watery planet Kabaira. [SWAJ]

Teke Ro

A blue giant star circled by Cona, homeworld of the Arcona. [GG4]


A planet with dark blue skies in the Hapes cluster. Prince Isolder's personal bodyguard, Captain Astarta, was from Terephon. [COPL]

Terrijo system

Located between New Cov and Pantolomin, the Terrijo system is where Han Solo removed a homing beacon planted on the Lady Luck by starship thief Niles Ferrier. [DFR]

Teta system (Empress Teta system)

Located near the Kuar system, the Teta system contains seven carbonite-mining worlds including Kirrek and Koros Major, and is named for the female warlord who conquered the system during the early days of space travel. Raw carbonite is produced from the Tetan mines, primarily from the thick outer rings of a gas giant in the system, and is a vital ingredient in the construction of hyperdrives. The royal descendants of Empress Teta rule the system, sharing power and profits with the leaders of the influential Carbonite Guild.

Four thousand years ago, the privileged sons and daughters of the Tetan royalty began experimenting with the Dark Side of the Force, introduced to them by the royal heirs Satal Keto and Aleema. They formed a group known as the Krath, which used Sith magic and military force to quickly conquer the system. Public executions of rebellious carbonite miners were held in the central plaza of the ruling Tetan city of Cinnagar. The Krath took up residence in Cinnagar's iron citadel, which contains an inner city and an opulent palace behind its walls. Beneath the citadel are underground dungeons and a vast cavern, where the Krath hung political prisoners. The Jedi knight Ulic Qel-Droma, following a Tetan attack on a Deneban Jedi assembly, traveled to Cinnagar in order to learn the Krath's Dark Side secrets. In the ensuing months Satal Keto was killed and a Jedi attack force attempted to rescue Qel-Droma from the iron citadel, but he had succumbed to the Dark Side and insisted on remaining in Cinnagar. Qel-Droma joined forces with the Sith Lord Exar Kun, and the two implemented their plans to bring about a new Golden Age of the Sith. Six months later, with the Krath armies conquering nearby systems, the warlord Mandalore chose to strike at the heart of the overextended Tetan empire. Ulic Qel-Droma defeated Mandalore in single combat, and won the warlord's loyalty and the use of his deadly armies. Later, Aleema attempted to reassert her power over the Krath forces by abandoning Qel-Droma during an attack on Coruscant, but he was rescued and eventually had Aleema killed. [DE, DLOS, ISWU, TSW]


The blue-white star orbited by Togoria, homeworld of the Togorians. [GG4]

Thanta Zilbra

Thanta Zilbra is the name of a star, its star system, and the system's primary planet. Thanta Zilbra was the second star destroyed during the starbuster crisis, and Wedge Antilles assisted in the New Republic evacuation of the planet's settlement. Unfortunately, Thanta Zilbra's population of ten to fifteen thousand was greatly underestimated by the evacuation force and thousands were left behind when the star went nova. [AAS]


The Rebels reorganized on Thila following their evacuation of the main base on Yavin 4. It was here that Alliance historian Voren Na'al began his research into the histories of the Heroes of Yavin. [MTS]


Ten thousand years ago, seven colony ships left Thokos to colonize the planet Ammuud. The colony eventually lost contact with Thokos and was forgotten. [CSSB]

Thokosia system

The smuggler Lo Khan once delivered a spice shipment from the royal governor of the Thokosia system to Spadda the Hutt in the Aikhibba system. [DESB]


The orbital shipyards of Thomork were closed down due to a rumored hive virus outbreak. Imperial agents killed over 450 people to add credence to this rumor, and the abandoned facilities were then a perfect site for top secret Imperial construction projects. Silencer 1, the first of the Emperor's World Devastators, was built at these shipyards. [DESB]

ThonBoka (StarCave)

StarCave is a sack-shaped grey nebula composed of dust, gas, and complex organic molecules. It can be entered only from one direction, and its lightning-charged interior spans over twelve light-years. The ThonBoka has given rise to thousands of space-dwelling lifeforms, ranging from the intelligent, manta ray- like Oswaft to carapace-creatures and interstellar plankton which serve as the Oswafts' food. The Oswaft, ruled by a council of Elders and capable of naturally traversing hyperspace, tend to be cautious creatures who never leave the safety of their habitat. Three blue-white stars, located in the center of the nebula, surround the Cave of the Elders-- the only architectural structure in the ThonBoka. This Cave is constructed entirely from precious gems and is an exact replica of the surrounding nebula, but is only twenty kilometers across. After discovering the Oswaft, the Imperial navy viewed the aliens as a threat. They blockaded the entrance to the ThonBoka, preventing the flow of nutrients and slowly starving its inhabitants, until defeated by Lando Calrissian and others. [LCSC]


The homeworld of an intelligent insect species with genetically transmitted memories. Three hundred years ago these insects, who had previously communicated by scent, realized that they could also communicate by clacking their mandibles together. To this day, they view this ability as a sign that their species has been gifted by a higher power. [COPL]


A desolate, rocky world located near a wide asteroid belt. Thruggi has been home to seven generations of failed miners, but the latest group thinks they can make the mines profitable. The miners are considered "claim jumpers" by the sector authorities, who say they control all rights to Thrugii and the asteroid belt. After the authorities locked down the planet, the Thrugii miners found themselves in desperate need of food and supplies. The famed smuggler Kaine Paulsen was killed while trying to deliver a supply cargo to the miners. [SWAJ]

Thrynka system

Jhensara, a smuggler, intended to reach the Thrynka system with her three R-series droids, but was delayed by a faulty hyperdrive. [SWAJ]


Located in the Polith system, Thyferra is the homeworld of the mantis-like Vratix and is the center of the galaxy's bacta industry. Thyferra was first contacted during the middle years of the Old Republic. Though the Vratix had already colonized Thyferra's single moon and other bodies in the Polith system, the contact with the Republic ushered in a new technological revolution. The Vratix soon invented the healing fluid called bacta by growing alazhi and mixing it with the chemical kavam. The remarkable fluid was extremely profitable, and wealthy, powerful Vratix operations spread across many worlds. When the Empire arose, two large bacta-harvesting corporations (Xucphra and Zaltin) negotiated a special deal with the Imperials, allowing the companies to gain a virtual monopoly on the bacta industry. These two massive conglomerates control ninety-five percent of the galaxy's bacta and are collectively known as the "Bacta Cartel." Xucphra and Zaltin, run by a small group of ten thousand wealthy humans (often family related), now run Thyferra's government and dominate the lives of the average Vratix worker.

The planetwide government is led by two Vratix canirs (chief officers) who are appointed by an elected council, each canir representing one of the two corporations. Since Xucphra and Zaltin are in fierce competition with each other, governmental gridlock frequently ensues and little is accomplished to benefit the 2.8 million Vratix citizens. This has given rise to the Ashern (Black Claw) terrorist group, which views the corporations as a threat and tries to bring them down by any means necessary. Several years ago a group of Ashern terrorists contaminated Bacta Lot ZX1449F from Thyferra, which was shipped to Coruscant and caused two million Imperial citizens to develop an allergy to the healing fluid. In the political confusion following the Battle of Endor, Thyferra remained neutral and profited enormously by selling bacta to both sides. Two and a half years after Endor, the New Republic, anxious to please the Thyferran leaders, recruited the human pilots Bror Jace (from Zaltin) and Erisi Dlarit (from Xucphra) into the famous Rogue Squadron. [SWAJ, XWRS]


Tibrin is completely covered by a shallow ocean and is homeworld to the alien species known as Ishi Tib. Tibrin circles the yellow star Cal and has one barren moon called Plah. The planet has no seasons and ocean currents evenly distribute warm water, which creates a temperate zone covering most of the planet's surface. The only land masses on Tibrin are protruding coral reefs and sand bars, where the ecologically- minded Ishi Tib have constructed their cities. Ishi Tib live in communal "schools" ranging from a few hundred to more than 10,000 individuals, and their organizational skills are prized by galactic corporations who often hire Ishi Tib as managers. Doctor Kanjil Mang, an Ishi Tib anthropologist from the University of Tibrin, has recently been studying the Ugnaught society in Bespin's Cloud City. [GG4, GG2]


The location of an Imperial base. [SWS]


Located in the outer Sumitra sector, Tierfon is the site of a Rebel starfighter outpost buried 250 meters into a rock cliff. Tierfon is a relatively small base, housing only eight X-wing fighters and 158 pilots, troops, and support staff. [SWS]


Contains the city of Tadarc. The spectacularly beautiful sunpetal flowers are grown on Timora. [SWAJ]

Tingel Arm

A section of the Corporate Sector, where most of the fighting with the Trianii colony worlds occurred. [SWAJ]

Tinn system

The Tinn system, located at the border to the Outer Rim, contains seven planets orbiting a double star. The only settlement in the system is a domed city on the moon called Echnos, which orbits Tinn VI. [SWAJ]

Tinn VI

An enormous gas giant in the Tinn system composed of hydrogen, nitrogen, and ammonium. Tinn VI generates a powerful negative magnetic field, which extends its shadow into hyperspace and can strip all passing ships of their magnetic bottle shielding-- forcing them into realspace and leaving them stranded in the Tinn system until they can effect repairs. The planet is orbited by six moons, labeled A through F, and the domed city of Echnos is located on Tinn VI-D. Consequently, the moon itself is often called Echnos. [SWAJ]

Tinn VI-D

(see Echnos)

Tinnel IV

Located in the Quanta sector, Tinnel IV contains the city of Val Denn, where the private estate of Moff Jerjerrod was located. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Jerjerrod's personal vault was looted by the infamous thief called the Tombat, who burgled several of the Moff's priceless artworks. [SWAJ]

Tion Hegemony

A group of backwater systems in the Outer Rim, on the fringes of Imperial space. Due to the Tion's remoteness the Empire does not bother with direct control, and as a result it is a haven for smugglers, con- artists, and other petty and unsuccessful crooks. Common smuggling cargoes include chak-root and R'alla mineral water. Planets in the isolated Tion, which unsuccessfully struggles to keep up with the rest of galactic society, include Saheelindeel, Brigia, Rudrig, and Dellalt. [HSLL, FP]


The Rebel Alliance had a small outpost located on Tiragga's second moon, which became infected with the deadly Direllian Plague. [SWAJ]


An industrial planet home to the Tirsa Wargear armaments corporation, which manufactures the Leviathan submersible carrier. [SWAJ]


The homeworld of the bipedal reptiloids called Tiss'shar. The assassin and Corporate Sector bodyguard Uul-Rha-Shan was a native of Tiss'sharl. [CSSB]


Togoria, a world of grassy plains and rolling hills orbiting the blue-white star Thanos, is the homeworld of the feline Togorians. The Togorians have near-complete separation between the sexes, with the males and females only seeing each other a few days each year. The males spend the remainder of their time nomadically wandering the plains with domesticated flying lizards called mosgoths, used as riding mounts. Similar flying reptiles known as liphons are dangerous predators, but the Togorian's mosgoths help keep them at bay. The females spend their time in the cities, tending animals such as the bist and etelo and maintaining their society's solar technology. The government is headed by the Margrave of Togoria, a hereditary office always held by male descendants. The Margrave's closest female relative, living in the capital city of Caross, rules over the cities and the day-to-day activities of their females and young children. Togorian technology is still relatively low-tech, although the females have proven to be an attractive market for personal technology and Togoria's vast mineral resources have yet to be tapped. [GG4]


Based on instructions from Darth Vader, a group of Imperial probe droids was recalibrated to search for Rebels on Allyuen, Tokmia, and Hoth. [ESBR]


The site of the Battle of Ton-Falk. During this battle, two Imperial frigates and a Dreadnaught were destroyed due to insufficient TIE fighter protection. Analysis of this battle led to the development of the KDY Escort Carrier. [TSC]


Toola is a glacier-covered, bitterly cold world orbiting the purple sun Kaelta. It is home to the primitive alien race called Whipids, who delight in hunting the indigenous caraboose, furry mastmots (also called motmots), seagoing arabores, flying snow demons, Sea Hogs, and Ice Puppies. Toola has only a brief growing season during the summer months when grasses appear to join the purple lichens on the plains. Whipids have only the most primitive technology and live in loose nomadic tribes led by the best hunter, called the Spearmaster. The only significant export from Toola is ice for water-scarce planets, and Whipids can be found in the galaxy acting as trackers and mercenaries. Notable Whipids include J'Quille, one of Jabba the Hutt's hunters, and Lady Valarian, owner of the Lucky Despot hotel on Tatooine. Four years after the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker traveled to Toola to inspect the ruined home of a slain Jedi Master, who had once been the curator of Jedi records on Coruscant. [COPL, GG4, TFJP]

To-phalion Base

To-phalion Base, possibly in the Iast system, was a secret Imperial research facility built into the hollowed- out interior of a large asteroid. Formerly used as a mining operation, the asteroid later housed a hangar bay and laboratories for the Vorknkx Project, which developed an experimental cloaking device following the Battle of Hoth. The base was surrounded by eight smaller asteroids-- four with anti-warhead defense batteries and four with turbolasers. Just prior to the Battle of Endor, the renegade Admiral Zaarin attacked To-phalion and Grand Admiral Thrawn was dispatched to stop him. Zaarin succeeded in stealing the corvette Vorknkx, containing the prototype cloak, and escaping into the Unknown Regions, though he was tracked and soon eliminated by Thrawn. [TSC]


After the Alliance stole the Death Star plans, they were delivered to the Toprawa Relay Station. The rebels on Toprawa then transmitted the plans to Princess Leia's ship, the Tantive IV, in the operation known as Skyhook. Later, as punishment for helping the Alliance, the people of Toprawa were forced into a pre- industrial state-- relying on campfires and bantha-drawn carts as their highest form of technology. Loyal Imperial forces began living in shining, illuminated citadels out of reach of the lowly Toprawans. Periodically, stormtroopers would ride a grain cart into village squares and watch as the peasants crawled forward on their stomachs, wailing lamentations over the Emperor's death at Endor. Grain was only given to those whose penance seemed the most sincere in the eyes of the observing Imperials. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, Imperial Intelligence agent Kirtan Loor spent a week on Toprawa after being ordered back from a stay on Borleias. [SWR, DS, XWRS]

Trade Spine

Also known as the Corellian Trade Spine, the Spine is located near the Ison Corridor and scattered throughout with Duros maintenance depots. Bespin Motors has been highly successful in selling their cloud cars to the urbanized and overpopulated industry worlds along the Trade Spine. Admiral Daala lay in wait for targets at a hyperspace node on the far end of the Spine, where ships bound for Anoat or Bespin would have to drop into realspace to recalibrate their navigation instruments. [TLC, DA, GG2]

Tragan sector

The territory of Imperial Moff Brinkan. Brinkan placed a bounty on Ral Shawgrim, a former Alliance technician, when Shawgrim did not deliver a set of stolen X-wing plans. [SWAJ]


One of the five habitable planets in the Corellian system, Talus is a blue, white and green world the same size as its sister planet Talus, and both orbit a common center of gravity (where Centerpoint Station is located). Together they are referred to as the Double Worlds, and both are ruled by the elected Federation of the Double Worlds, or Fed-Dub. Beneath the surface of Tralus is a planetary repulsor, which was used in ancient times to move the planet into its current orbit from an unknown location. When a flare-up in Centerpoint Station (fourteen years after the Battle of Endor) caused many deaths, the survivors were relocated to Talus and Tralus. When word spread of the incident, two rebellions against Fed-Dub occurred on Tralus. A group of starfighters, possibly representing one of the Tralus rebellions, subsequently flew to Centerpoint and claimed the station for themselves, until chased off by a Bakuran task force. [AAC, AAS, SAC]

Trammis III

Trammis III is famous as the home of the gigantic reptiloids sometimes called dinosaurs. The inhabitants of the planet speak Trammic, which is related to the Old High Trammic spoken by the Toka of the Rafa system. [LCMH]

Tran Mariel

The Yavinian runyip of Yavin 4 is named for a similar stubborn herbivore found on Tran Mariel. [GG2]

Trax sector

The Trax sector, located in the Outer Rim, contains the planets Deysum III and Uogo'cor, and the Trax Tube-- a major Outer Rim shipping lane. Alliance supply purchaser Redda Macrebe works throughout the Trax Tube systems. [SWAJ]


A major Rebel network was exposed in Trebela's capital city by Imperial Governor Kraxith. Surprisingly, most of the Rebel groups discovered had been working independently and were not aware of the others' activities. [SWS]


The homeworld of the feline Trianii species, located far from the disputed border between the Corporate Sector and the Trianii colony worlds. The Trianii Ranger Atuarre was born on this world. [CSSB]

Triitus system

Located at the edge of the Corva sector in the Outer Rim, the Triitus system's second planet is Tuulab. [SWAJ]


When Han Solo's tauntaun froze to death in a Hoth blizzard, he commented that it was "deader than a Triton moon." [ESBN]


Trogan, in the system of the same name, features the Whistler's Whirlpool tapcafe on the coast of its most densely-populated continent. At the center of the Whirlpool is the Drinking Cup, a natural rock bowl which violently fills with seawater six times a day due to Trogan's strong tides. The Whirlpool was a disappointing failure as a tourist attraction and has since been abandoned. Talon Karrde arranged a smugglers' meeting at the Whirlpool, which was attacked by bribed soldiers from the nearby Imperial garrison. [DFR, TLC]


The planet Tro'Har is located in the Elrood sector, near the planet Coyn. [SWAJ]

Trulalis system

The Trulalis system, located just one hour's hyperspace travel from Najiba, contains the planets Issor, Cadezia, and Trulalis. [SWAJ]


Located in the system of the same name, Trulalis is a rich green planet of grasslands, forests and oceans. Beneath a thick cloud layer, the unspoiled world is covered with windswept fields separated by stretches of wilderness, and dotted with several small settlements. Trulalis has been set aside as a low-tech world by the Issori, and most of its inhabitants shun all forms of higher technology-- using miniature banthas as beasts of burden, for instance. Nestled within a steep mountain range is the gated community of Kovit, a farming settlement dominated by a towering, buttressed theater of white limestone.

During the golden age of the Old Republic, Trulalis was a thriving cultural center boasting one of the finest liberal arts schools in the galaxy. Today, however, its days of respected theater and drama have long passed, and only a few scattered remnants testify to its former glory. Sometime before the Battle of Endor, the Dark Jedi Adalric Brandl hired the smuggler Thaddeus Ross to bring him to Trulalis, Brandl's former home. [SWAJ]

Tsoss Beacon

An automated beacon station located on a desolate planetoid in the Deep Galactic Core. The region is inundated with deadly radioactive storms and solar flares, and the station itself was constructed by droids and suicide crews. The last human personel abandoned the station several years prior to the Battle of Yavin. It was at Tsoss Beacon that Admiral Daala met with, and murdered, the remaining Imperial warlords eight years after the Battle of Endor. [DS]


Located in the remote Tund system, this hidden world was home to the mysterious and ancient Sorcerers of Tund. Many are not sure if "Tund" refers to a single system or to a cluster of stars. No one is sure what species the sorcerers themselves were, since they were known to cover themselves in heavy grey robes. Years ago Rokur Gepta, a snail-like Croke, infiltrated the Sorcerers of Tund and learned their secrets. He then murdered his teachers and transformed the planet Tund from an attractive world of prairies, forests, and jungles to a blasted, sterile wasteland. The deadly radiation was held back in some places by force fields, so Gepta could land his ship on Tund safely. [LCMH, LCFW, LCSC]

Tungra sector

The Tungra sector, near the Bruanii and Javin sectors, was home to a deep-space Mugaari cargo loading depot. The depot was completely destroyed by the Empire following the Battle of Hoth. [TSC]


The planet Turkana is located in the Hadar sector, and has several moons. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, at least five Star Destroyers on patrol near Turkana discovered the Alliance fleet in orbit around the world. The Imperials engaged the Rebel fleet but suffered severe losses. Shocked by this development, Emperor Palpatine ordered the implementation of Operation Strike Fear to crush the Rebellion. Later, Alliance pilot Keyan Farlander flew his first mission near Turkana. [FP]


The second planet in the Triitus system of the Corva sector, Tuulab is a peaceful world of gentle plains, blessed with abundant natural resources. It is home to a colony of 6000 people, who fled to Tuulab over the years to escape persecution under the Empire's New Order. The rural Tuulabi colonists have no form of organized government. The Gotal crimelord Mahk'khar recently built a 3-story palace on Tuulab, in an uninhabited area on the west coast of the planet's northern continent. [SWAJ]

Tyed Kant

Tyed Kant is home to the headquarters of two corporations that supply foodstuffs to the Empire-- Nebula Consumables and Imperial Meats and Produce. [SWAJ]


Tynna, homeworld of the otter-like Tynnans, is a resource-rich planet that has long been a member of the galactic community. Corporations operating under the Old Republic developed Tynna's natural resources but kept the planet's natural beauty intact. The fur-covered Tynnans have poor eyesight and a layer of fat beneath their skin to protect them from the cold waters of their planet. Tynnan society is entirely state-run-- all citizens have free access to housing, food, education, and other benefits. For thousands of years the members of the Tynnan government have been selected by lottery. Since any citizen can be chosen to serve, the pragmatic and sensible Tynnans always stay informed on important issues. Because of their planet's natural wealth, Tynnans make up one of the most affluent societies in the galaxy. They love the water, and can often be seen travelling the galaxy as tourists. Recently the Empire has been trying to increase their control over the planet to generate greater revenue. Odumin, the Corporate Sector Authority territorial manager (also known as Spray the skip-tracer), was a native of Tynna, and his success has inspired other Tynnans to take more active roles in galactic affairs. [HSR, CSSB]

Tyrius system

The Tyrius system contains the planet Rodia, which is the homeworld of the alien species known as Rodians. [GG4]

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