Echnos (also called Tinn VI-D) is one of six moons orbiting the gas giant Tinn VI, located in the Tinn system at the border to the Outer Rim. The barren, rocky moon's atmosphere is not breathable for any length of time, and during half of its year Echnos passes through Tinn VI's dangerous magnetic field-- most lifeforms cannot survive the field unprotected for more than twenty minutes. The field can also violently force ships from hyperspace, leaving them stranded in the Tinn system unless they can make repairs on Echnos. Echnos' inhabitants live in an enormous city-dome, forty kilometers in diameter and nearly 2000 stories high. The city's giant dome, made of blue transparisteel, shields the inhabitants from the gas giant's magnetic field and seals in a breathable atmosphere. Ships enter through eight airlock entry ports on top of the dome, and land on pads built on the peaks of the tallest buildings. The overpopulated city was built level upon level, and Level 75 is the last one open to the dome's blue "sky." The crowded, high-technology metropolis is a haven for smugglers and mercenaries, and has no form of organized government. People often come to Echnos to obtain high technology from the city's thriving black market. Attractions within the domed city include its many casinos and the weekly BlastBoat 2000 demolition derby, held in the Echnos Exhibition Dome.

Echnos was first settled during the Old Republc. When scouts had their ships burned out by Tinn VI's magnetic field, the stranded crews had no choice but to colonize the nearby moon. More ships were trapped over the years from hyperspace routes near the system, but Echnos' original colonists could now make the necessary repairs. Echnos recorded almost 10,000 visits during the colony's first fifteen years, and eventually became a standard refueling and repair stop for those heading to the Outer Rim. While the moon has lost some of its importance over the years, it is still the only place in the system where any ships damaged by Tinn VI's magnetic field can make repairs. The compound called Polydex-9, sold in Echnos markets at a high price, is the only substance that repair the stripped magnetic bottle on these ships. [SWAJ]


Animal life on Ediorung includes the icefish. Porcellus, chef to Jabba the Hutt, once considered serving a meal of poached Ediorung icefish on a bed of Ramorean capanata. [TFJP]


The pleasure ship Malka'an Eternal, abandoned after a mishap, crashed on the rainy, muddy world of Edonaaris. The ship's droid SCr-114 managed to survive the crash and killed the members of a salvage team inspecting the wreck. Stealing their transport, the droid later became a notorious Outer Rim smuggler. [SWAJ]


One of the Trianii colony worlds within the disputed border of the Corporate Sector. The Trianii Rangers Atuarre and Keeheen stopped a herdbeast rustling ring on Ekibo. [CSSB]


Located in the Colonies Region, Eldrood contains the city of Eldrooden, where planetary security forces caught JAN terrorist leader Earnst Kamiel sometime after the Battle of Yavin. [SWAJ]

Elin Roe system

Captain Hallyn Phlynne, of the Imperial customs ship Interceptor, spot checks ships passing through the Elin Roe system for customs violations. [SWAJ]


Galactic News Network reporter Kella Rand's first offworld assignment was covering a mining revolt on the cold world of Elom. Five years after the Battle of Endor, a New Republic task force crewed by Elomin were completely wiped out by Grand Admiral Thrawn near the Obroa-skai system, since Thrawn understood the Elomin's psychological inability to defend against a Marg Sabl closure maneuver. [HTTE, SWAJ]


Elrood, located in the sector of the same name, is the site of a commercial colony that contains prefabricated room units from the factories of Sullust. The Dark Jedi Durrei, who joined with a Imperial faction in the Corva sector after the Battle of Endor, was a native of Elrood. [COTJ, SWAJ]

Elrood sector

The Elrood sector, presumably some distance from the Outer Rim, contains the planets Elrood, Lanthrym, Tro'Har, and Coyn. The smuggler Saylor Marjan ran spice through the sector to help pay off a debt owed to the crimelord Saadoon-Kauldi. [SWAJ]

Empress Teta system

(see Teta system)

Enarc Run

The Enarc Run is linked to the Harrin Trade Corridor via the recently-discovered Kira Run. [SWAJ]


Located in the Moddell sector and the remote Endor system, Endor is a silvery gas giant orbited by nine moons. Its largest moon is the size of a small planet, and is variously known as the Forest Moon, the Sanctuary Moon, or often simply as Endor. The Endor system is very difficult to reach, since the uncharted territory and massive gravitational shadow of the gas giant require several complicated hyperspace jumps. Therefore, over the years many star travelers have crashed and become stranded on the habitable Forest Moon of Endor. Endor is a temperate moon of forests, savannas, and mountains, with a relatively light gravity. The world's low axial tilt and the regular orbit of its gas giant primary helps ensure a comfortable climate suitable for its many native lifeforms, including the Endorian pony, the Endoran vethiraptor, boar- wolves, glowing sprites called Wisties, fast mischievous teeks, winged condor dragons, gunlabirds, predatory Yootaks, and stump-dwelling tempters that lure prey with their camouflaged, articulated tongues. The most common sentient species on Endor are the primitive, furry Ewoks, who make their communal dwellings high in the trees. Called "lifetrees" by the Ewoks, the trees can reach heights of 1000 meters and are considered the spiritual guardians of the Ewok species. Music plays an important role in Ewok culture, which is made up of a rigid clan system. Ewoks are skilled engineers (among their inventions are gliders and catapults), and each tribe has a shaman who interprets mystical signs. A natural enemy of the Ewoks are the 30-meter high humanoid creatures called Gorax, who search the trees for Ewok dwellings low enough to grab. Gorax inhabit the rocky highlands of the barren Desert of Salma, which lies beyond the Yawari Cliffs north of the dense forest. The Desert is also marked by acid pools and dry lakes, and large rearing spiders are known to live in the bottoms of the Gorax caves. West of the forest are vast grassland plains known as the Dragon's Pelt, which are dotted with jutting lava rocks. In the distance lies a range of snow-capped mountains called the Dragon's Spine. Stilt-legged yuzzums inhabit the savanna, hunting small rodents called ruggers. A colony of off-planet alien marauders have built a stone castle on the Dragon's Pelt, and use the two-legged, slow-witted blurrgs as beasts of burden for their raids into the forest to attack Ewok villages.

Almost a century ago, the humanoid marauders crash-landed on Endor with the Dathomirian Nightsister Charal. Following the orders of their leader Terak, the long-lived aliens built a castle and searched for a power source to repair their disabled starship. Much later, a starship belonging to the Towani family crashed on the forest moon. A giant Gorax captured both parents and imprisoned them in his mountain fortress in the Desert of Salma. Mace and Cindel (the Towani children) managed to rescue their parents from the Gorax with the help of Wicket the Ewok and the other members of his tribe. Later, the marauders, led by Terak and Charal, killed the entire Towani family except for Cindel. With the help of the Ewoks and the stranded human Noa, the marauders were eventually defeated and Cindel and Noa were able to leave the forest moon. Soon after, the Empire selected Endor as the construction site for the second Death Star, and established an Imperial base on the surface to generate a protective shield for the orbiting battle station. A Rebel strike force, including Han Solo and Leia Organa, was able to destroy the shield generator with the help of Wicket's Ewok tribe. The Death Star and much of the Imperial fleet were subsequently destroyed in what is now known as the Battle of Endor. A cloud of Darkside energy (a residual effect of the Emperor's first death) is now located in Endor's orbit at the site of this destruction. Throm Loro, a leader of the resistance on Cilpar, helped liberate an Imperial base on Endor, where he saved the life of a Wookiee prisoner. [ROTJ, ROJN, DFR, JS, DA, SWS, COTJ, XW, DESB, ETVM, ISWU]


An Imperial replenishment convoy was ambushed outside Engira, resulting in the loss of three freighters and their cargoes of food and ammunition worth over 18 million credits. [SWS]


The colony located on Ennth was devastated by a natural disaster in the years following the Battle of Endor. Zekk, later a friend of Jacen and Jaina Solo, was orphaned in the disaster and escaped Ennth on a supply ship. [YJK]


Entralla, located in the system of the same name, lies within the Velcar Free Commerce Zone in the Pentastar Alignment. The planet is a world of shining spaceports whose large, single moon can often be seen in its bright blue sky. Entralla has a proud and ancient history-- many prominent religious sects had their origin on Entralla, and the planet is home to several important monasteries. Within Entralla's Nexus City starport is the famous historic district and a seedy industrial zone known as the Overhang, where very little sunlight can penetrate the dense buildings. Entrallans have a deep respect for their long history of rich legends, and their pale moon features prominently in their mythology. During the traditional Lunar Night festival (on the night when Entralla's moon passes closest to the planet) the famous Parade of Ghosts is staged in Nexus City's historic district. Many tourists come to see the spectacle, which commemorates the deeds of mythical Entrallan warriors. Entralla is also home to the Guild of Interstellar Merchants, a large organization of commercial spacers who operate within the Pentastar Alignment. The Guild sets schedules and fees between its members and Guild-sponsored worlds.

After the Emperor's death at Endor, the inhabitants of Entralla staged a civil uprising, intending to leave the Empire and join the Alliance. The newly-formed Pentastar Alignment, however, immediately placed the Entrallan Senate under house arrest and installed a puppet regime. New Republic Colonel Andrephan Stormcaller tried to persuade the Republic navy liberate Entralla, his home planet. When the Republic declined to help, Stormcaller resigned his military position and formed the Red Moons, an elite mercenary group that often fights the Pentastar Alignment. The pirate Roark Slader was once a commander in the Entrallan militia. [SWAJ]

Eol Sha

Eol Sha, a volcanic world, is circled by a large double moon which is in decaying orbit and will likely collide with the planet in another hundred years. The surface of the planet is covered with scalding geysers and bubbling lava fissures, which were known to hold a dangerous lava fireworm.

A mining operation was established on Eol Sha 100 years ago to extract valuable gasses from the nearby Cauldron Nebula, but when the operation failed the colonists were forgotten. The colonists lived on the planet for generations, surviving on crustacean bugdillos and edible lichens, until relocated to Dantooine by the New Republic. Gantoris, one of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy students, was from Eol Sha. The planet was possibly destroyed when all the suns in the adjacent Cauldron Nebula went nova. [JS]

Er'Dox Kaan

A red giant star orbited by Laboi II, home of the Laboi. [GG4]


Eriadu, a polluted factory planet in the Seswenna sector, is a trading and governmental hub in the Outer Rim. Eriadu was the capitol world of Grand Moff Tarkin's territory, established as Tarkin's base of operations when he was placed in charge of the Outer Rim Territories. Tarkin ruled from the Governor's Palace on the planet's surface. During a trip from Eriadu to the newly-completed Death Star at Despayre, Tarkin's shuttle was attacked by a strike force of Alliance Y-wing starfighters. Although the Grand Moff was rescued by the timely arrival of a Star Destroyer, the Rebels managed to rescue Tarkin's Mon Calamari servant Ackbar. The Imperial tech Deppo, who served on the Emperor's World Devastators, was raised on Eriadu. When the head of House Elegin departed to attend a meeting with Roganda Ismaren on Belsavis, he left his family on Eriadu. One of the planet's exports is shellwork jewelry. [COTJ, DESB, DSTC, DS]


The planet Esseles is located in the Darpa sector of the Core Worlds along the Perlemian Trade Route. For years, Esseles dominated all the other planets within the Darpa sector, but the planet lost territory during the pre-Clone Wars era, and still more with the rise of the Empire. Esseles is a warm world covered with young mountain ranges, and its 24 billion inhabitants live in the few scattered valleys and plains. The Esselians are loyal to their homeworld, and prefer to meet their own needs before those of the Empire; an active New Order party has been trying to force Esseles more fully into the Imperial mold. Calamar, the planet's capital city, is viewed as a center of high culture with its many parks and museums. New Calamar is located on the planet's southern continent (which is often called Calamar) and is home to Terril Naval Base. Other cities include Alabar. Esseles' government is composed of the elected representatives of the Hall and President Cambira Ralle, who are all overseen by Imperial Governor Griff Takel. President Ralle, a hero who led Esseles through the Clone Wars, is a member of the Forad political party. After the Battle of Yavin, Ralle was challenged by both the rival Cardean party and the pro-Empire Esselian New Order (ENO) party, the leader of which asked Ralle to step down voluntarily in favor of the ENO candidate. The planet is a center for high-tech research and development, including hypernautics and advanced hyperdrive engines. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Esseles' economy was hurt by Lord Tion's blockade of the nearby world Ralltiir. This severely harmed Esseles' alien population, who largely work in the transportation industry. The controversial jatz musician Fitz Roi created a stir when he appeared on stage dressed as a Jedi Knight during a concert in Calamar, and Roi later declared his intentions to live on Esseles full-time. Doctor Pippa Rosheed taught at Sperinad University on Esseles between her stints with Fernandin Scouting Expedition. [SWAJ, GG2]

Etti IV

Located in the Etti system, Etti IV is one of the Corporate Sector's large urban worlds. A civilized planet, Etti IV is a trade world marked by moss-covered plains, shallow saline seas and a favorable location near many hyperspace routes. Etti IV is very wealthy, inhabited by both prosperous Corporate Sector Authority executives and a thriving criminal underbelly. The planet has many diversions for its moneyed citizens, including an Authority Currency Exchange, Sabodor's pet shop, and the Free-Flight Dance Dome. [HSSE, D, CSSB]

Eva-T system

The Eva-T system possibly contains the planet Kiilimaar, where a rendezvous between Imperial and pirate forces was held to negotiate the release of a TIE Defender scientist. [TSC]

Evas VI

Evas VI is one base of operations for Linkaas, head of the Linkaas Corporation and a member of the plantlike Pliith species. [SWAJ]

Evocar The former homeworld of the primitive Evocii, Evocar has since been renamed Nal Hutta. [DESB]


The possibly mythical star Evona was once a twin star with Ardos, according to Hutt legend. It was then drawn into a black hole, causing the devastation of the orbiting planet Varl. [GG4]


Excarga, home to several profitable ore-processing corporations, was located far from the fighting during the Galactic Civil War. The planet made a sizable profit supplying the Alliance with materials. Drextar Pym, a New Republic senator from Excarga, is head of the panel that prosecutes former Imperials for their war crimes. While traveling to a conference aboard a magnetic-lift train, Pym and his family were terrorized by a series of explosives, set by a former Imperial Storm Commando taking his revenge on Pym. [SWAJ]