Pakuuni system

The Pakuuni system, a hotbed of piracy and smuggling in the Outer Rim, contains the planet Pakuuni. Following the Battle of Hoth, Vice Admiral Thrawn was sent to the system to eliminate the pirates and make the area safe for shipping by establishing the Imperial space station NL-1. The Pakuuni pirates joined with Rebel Alliance forces to drive out the Empire, but they were defeated. [TSC]


Located in the Palanhi system, Palanhi is a crossroads planet with a reputation for exaggerating its own importance. The planet has remained neutral in an effort to profit from both sides of the galactic Civil War. Grand Admiral Thrawn had funds transferred into Admiral Ackbar's account through the central bank on Palanhi in an effort to discredit the Admiral and create a false trail to trap anyone who investigated. [DFR]


Pantolomin is famous for the intricate coral reefs found in the waters off its northern continent. The Coral Vanda, an underwater casino, travels through the network of reefs on three- and seven-day luxury excursions. The Coral Vanda's eight gambling areas include the Saffkin and Tralla rooms, and patrons can view the reefs' fish and animal life through the transparent hull. Other resorts on the planet include the Towers of Pantolomin, owned by Galaxy Tours. The planet's animals include the playful, color-changing amphibians known as halfbacks, and the inhabitants of Pantolomin are referred to as Lomins. Five years after the Battle of Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces visited Pantolomin and forced the Coral Vanda to surrender its passenger Captain Hoffner, who knew the location of the lost Katana fleet. [DFR, CSSB, SWAJ]


Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces made information raids on several systems in the Paonnid region. Thrawn also studied "Paonidd" extrassa art, which could be related. [HTTE]

Paradise system

The garbage-strewn Paradise system is home to the quarrelsome, unicellular protozoans known as Ugors. Early in their history the Ugors polluted their home planet in the system, yet survived by adopting a form that could survive on garbage and waste. The Ugors, who have built a religion around their love of trash, have begun charging fees to those wishing to make a "pilgrimage" to the Paradise system to pore through and remove useful items from the vast store of garbage. Ugor society is composed of various waste recovery companies, which are controlled by the Holy Ugor Taxation Collection Agency (HUTCA). Ugors frequently find themselves in conflict with the Squibs for control of the galactic trash-hauling business. [GG4]

Parmel system

After the Battle of Hoth, the traitorous Imperial Admiral Harkov was captured in the Parmel system and brought before Darth Vader for questioning and execution. Later, the renegade Admiral Zaarin returned to his deep-space R&D facility in the Parmel system to seize its TIE Defender prototypes. Loyal Imperial forces captured the facility, but were forced to evacuate with the prototype TIEs when Zaarin tried to destroy the space platform. [TSC]

Parmic system

The Parmic system contains a research facility operated by Imperial Admiral Zaarin. It was here that Zaarin equipped his TIE squadrons with a new beam weapon in the time following the Battle of Hoth. [TSC]

Paulking XIV

The home of the fur-bearing trout. A taxidermized specimen is on display in the Poly Pyramid tavern on Rafa IV. [LCMH]

Pentastar Alignment

The Pentastar Alignment is a group of worlds in the Outer Rim, forged into a protective federation after the Battle of Endor by Grand Moff Ardus Kaine. Kaine, Moff of the Outer Rim Territories following the death of Grand Moff Tarkin, saw the Empire's defeat as an opportunity to form a new Empire under his own rule. He called a meeting, dubbed the Pentastar Talks, aboard his Super Star Destroyer Reaper with Imperial officials and representatives from two large private corporations. The resulting Alignment encompasses hundreds of planets, including the Velcar Free Commerce Zone (containing Capza, Entralla, and Bextar) and the worlds Jaemus and Criton's Point. While many aspects of the Alignment are very similar to those of the old Empire, some notable differences exist-- the Alignment's legislative arm, for instance, has two primary factions: Order (including the Politorate, Insurrection, Judgment, and Protectorate branches), and Enforcement, represented by the Pentastar Patrol police force. The New Republic has done little to oppose the Pentastar Alignment since its formation, but mercenary groups such as the Red Moons have secretly worked to sabotage its operations. Pirates and freebooters have also become an increasing problem within the Alignment. [SWAJ]

Perlemian Trade Route

The Perlemian Trade Route runs through the Darpa and Bormea sectors of the Ringali Shell and connects, in order, the planets Corulag, Chandrila, Brentaal, Esseles, Rhinnal, and Ralltiir. The Arkanis sector and its Pii system are a seven-day journey from the trade route. Activity along the route was severely curtailed by Lord Tion's blockade of Ralltiir just prior to the Battle of Yavin. [SWAJ]

Pernam Minor

Meysen Kayson, wealthy owner of the Greel Wood Logging Corporation in the Pii system, had his life saved on Pernam Minor by his friend Kassar Kosciusko. [SWAJ]


Many years ago, the Bosken & Bosken company started an ambitious (though ultimately unprofitable) mining operation on the gas giant Pesitiin. The planet is famous for its perpetual atmospheric storms. [GG2]

Pesmenben IV

A planet where Lando Calrissian ran a con-job on an Imperial governor. Calrissian laced the dunes of Pesmenben IV with valuable lithium carbonate, convincing the governor to lease the planet, and then tricked the governor into offering bribes to non-existent "union officials." [ROJN]


When the first group of Alliance B-wings saw action near Petrakis, an entire TIE wing turned and fled at the sight of the powerful new craft. [FP]

Phenaru Prime

An entirely mythical planet, created by Alliance strategists to train Rogue Squadron pilots for a return mission to Borleias. Since Borleias' location was classified, the pilots flew simulated attacks on Phenaru; the run through the canyons of Borleias' moon was replaced with a run through a virtual asteroid ring surrounding the spurious world. [XWRS]

Pho Ph'eah

Pho Ph'eah, with a wide variety of terrain, is the homeworld of the Pho Ph'eahians-- aliens with blue fur and four arms. Pho Ph'eah orbits far from its star and receives little sunlight, but is warmed by active geothermal energy. The planet was contacted by the Old Republic millennia ago, and the technologically- skilled Pho Ph'eahians have long been members of the larger galaxy. The assistant manager in the main lounge of Bonadan Spaceport Southeast II was a native of Pho Ph'eah. [HSR, CSSB]


The smuggler Mara Jade briefly worked as Karrinna Jansih, a serving girl in a Phorliss cantina, following the death of the Emperor. [DFR]

Phosphura Belt Nebula

Located near several major trade lanes, the Phosphura Belt Nebula is a mass of greenish clouds randomly charged with electromagnetic bursts. It is a serious navigation hazard, and is home to the highly-organized Phosphura Belt Pirates. The space station Zirtran's Anchor drifts near the nebula. [SWAJ]


Lando Calrissian ran a botched operation on Phraetiss about ten years before the rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn. It was here that he made the acquaintance of the smuggler Niles Ferrier. [DFR]

Pii system

The Pii system is located in the Arkanis sector, on the border of the Mid-Rim and Outer Rim. There is little of value in the region of space but it can be easily reached, and lies just seven days from the Perlemian Trade Route. The system's seven planets orbit a red giant, and the inner two worlds are scorched balls of rock. An asteroid belt is next, followed by the lush green worlds of Pii 3 and 4. Next is a barren fifth planet, another asteroid field, and a gas giant, while the seventh world is an ice-covered ball. Pii 3 and 4 are the only profitable worlds in the area, and are known for the valuable crimson greel wood harvested and exported from their forests. The entrepreneur Meysen Kayson bought the rights to both planets in the last days of the Old Republic, intending to open a nature preserve. When he discovered the fast-growing greel trees and their deep, luxurious wood, he founded the Greel Wood Logging Corporation. Efforts to transplant the greel tree to other environments have proven unsuccessful, and for now the Pii system is the exclusive source. Kayson secretly diverts most of its profits from his logging company to the Alliance, while allowing the planets to be used as Rebel training grounds and safeworlds. Pii 4 has harsher geography and more rainfall than its sister world, which is covered with gentle rolling plains. Pii 3 was once home to seventh Duro Relocation Colony, which has since been abandoned. Many lifeforms inhabit the planets, including the larkin nerf and zronta grazer on Pii 3 and the greel screamer and timber render predators of Pii 4. Following the Battle of Yavin, a Habassan convoy was attacked by Imperial gunboats near Pii 2, but was rescued by Alliance starfighters. [SWAJ, FP]

Pil Diller

Pil Diller was once home to a species of mournful singing fig trees, according to the Holographic Zoo of Extinct Animals on Coruscant. The planet also has many beaches. [DA, DS]

Pinnacle Moon

(see Da Soocha V)


Piroket is located close to the planet Tatooine. The Rebel agent Riij, having stolen a droid carrying the complete technical readouts of the "Hammertong" prior to the Battle of Yavin, planned to deposit the droid with a Bothan shipping company on Piroket. [TFTC, SWAJ]

Pits of Plooma

During his smuggling years, Han Solo attended an Ithorian Herd Meeting located "halfway from the Pits of Plooma to the Galactic Rim." [COTJ]


A lifeless moon orbiting Tibrin. [GG4]

Plooriod III

The brutal Overlord Ghorin, ruler of the Greater Plooriod Cluster, kept a small palace on Plooriod III atop a rocky spire in a peaceful sea. It was here that Darth Vader visited and killed Ghorin for his apparent doublecross of the Empire, in the time following the Battle of Yavin. [FP]

Plooriod IV

The Alliance captured a group of Overlord Ghorin's Y-wing fighters near Plooriod IV, for use in a elaborate plan to discredit the Overlord in the eyes of the Empire. Later, the Imperial frigate Red Wind was discovered near the planet and was destroyed by Alliance corvettes. [FP]


Poderis, in the Orus sector, is a harsh world with a ten-hour rotational cycle and a severe axial tilt which can create windstorms of up to 200 km/hr. In addition, the unusual geology of Poderis has forced its colonists to build their cities on the tops of a vast network of mesas. An angled wall one hundred meters wide (called a shield-barrier) runs along the outer edge of these cities, which helps deflect Poderis' damaging seasonal winds. Poderis' stubborn colonists are fiercely independent and the unimportant planet seldom receives visitors. Luke Skywalker visited Poderis in an attempt to uncover the Empire's clone trafficking network, and narrowly escaped a trap set for him by Grand Admiral Thrawn. [TLC]

Polith system

The Polith system contains the planet Thyferra, the homeworld of the Vratix and the center of the galaxy's bacta industry. [SWAJ]

Porus Vida

Porus Vida is famous throughout the galaxy for its centuries-old cultural museums. The planet was relatively undefended against attack, and Imperial Admiral Daala targeted the museums and their priceless treasures for destruction as a psychological blow against the New Republic. In the subsequent attack, Colonel Cronus and his fleet of Victory-class Star Destroyers devastated the planet. [DS]

Poviduze system

After the Battle of Hoth, Alliance operatives were sent to the Inner Rim and Expansion Region, to search for tibanna gas deposits on gas giant planets in the Lequabis, K'taktaxka, Poviduze, and Kelavine systems and the Shasfath Cluster. [SWAJ]


The location of a major communications station, located within sixty light-years of Bpfassh in the Sluis sector. [HTTE]

Prefsbelt IV

The location of an Imperial Naval Academy. [SWS]

Prindaar system

The Prindaar system, named after its star, contains the gas giant Antar and its six moons. The fourth moon, known as Antar 4, is the homeworld of the alien species known as the Gotal. [GG4]

Proxima Dibal

A star orbited by a single desert planet of the same name, which is home to feathered song serpents and the tiny scavengers called dinkos, which emit a highly offensive smell. Both animals are sold in Sabodor's pet shop on Etti IV. [HSSE, CSSB]

Ptera system

The Ptera system is home to the planet Flax, homeworld of the insectoid species known as the Flakax. [GG4]


One of the Trianii colony worlds within the disputed border of the Corporate Sector. [CSSB]

Pyria system

Located only hours from the Mirit and Venjagga systems at the edge of the Galactic Core, the Pyria system contains Borleias as its fourth planet. Borleias, the system's only inhabited world, was the base of operations for General Evir Derricote, commander of Imperial forces in the Pyria system. [XWRS]


The third planet in the K Seven Forty-nine system, Pzob is a world of thick, ancient forests which was colonized by a group of Gamorreans many years ago. Official reports on Pzob have not been updated in almost fifty years. Some eighteen years before the Battle of Yavin, the Empire established a base on Pzob where forty-five stormtroopers were to await the Eye of Palpatine. The battlemoon never arrived, and over the years every stormtrooper except Triv Pothman was killed by internal fighting and constant skirmishes with the Gamorreans. Pothman served as a slave in the Gamorrean Gakfedd clan village for two years, followed by a year with the Klagg clan. Eight years after the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker and his companions landed on Pzob. A ship from the Eye of Palpatine captured them, Pothman, and the Klagg and Gakfedd clans. [COTJ]

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