Da Soocha

The watery world of Da Soocha (sometimes called Gla Soocha) is located in the Cyax system. The name means "Walking Planet" in Huttese, which is part of an old Hutt myth about an intelligent, planet-covering ocean near the revered star Cyax. Though the Cyax system was never visited by the Hutts (who considered it a sacred place of myth), Jabba the Hutt had location of Da Soocha secreted away in his computer files. R2-D2 managed to retrieve the information and the system was investigated by Alliance scouts, who coincidentally found a large planet covered by ocean. They named it Da Soocha in honor of the Hutt legend, and established a new Alliance base on the planet's fifth moon during the Emperor's reappearance. Da Soocha has no native intelligent species. During the World Devastator attack on Calamari, the Alliance had plans to evacuate the besieged planet's population to Da Soocha. [DE, DESB]

Da Soocha V

The uncharted fifth moon of Da Soocha, also known as the Pinnacle Moon, was the location of the Alliance's main base following their evacuation of Coruscant six years after the Battle of Endor. A light- gravity world, the Pinnacle Moon was named for the kilometers-high rocky spires that dotted its surface. The pinnacles supported many plant and animal species in their hollow interiors, and the moon's terrain also included mountains and oceans. The intelligent, playful avians called Ixlls made their homes in communal warrens on the flattened tops of the stone pinnacles, and were hunted by winged predators called tumnors. Uninhabited caverns within the huge stone columns were cleared and enlarged by Alliance engineers to hold hangars and operations decks for the New Republic fleet. The reborn Emperor and his flagship were destroyed above this moon, though Palpatine managed to survive by taking another clone body. Later, the Emperor utterly destroyed the Pinnacle Moon with a nucleonic reaction-setting projectile fired from the Galaxy Gun. [DE, DE2, DESB]


A mysterious, mist-shrouded swamp planet in the Dagobah system and the Sluis sector, Dagobah contains no cities or advanced technology yet teems with a wide variety of life. Some of this world's exotic lifeforms include giant swamp slugs, dragonsnakes, nightbats, carnivorous fungi, bioluminescent spotlight sloths, and butcherbugs, who spin their slicing wirewebs between adjacent gnarltrees. Colorful Jubba birds whistle a highly soothing song, which may be caused by a slight manipulation of the Force. The petrified gnarltree forests can be found throughout the swamp, and the trees have a unique life cycle-- at the appropriate time a knobby white "spider" will break off from its parent tree, roam the swamp hunting and feeding on animals, and eventually take root in a clear spot to grow into a new gnarltree. Other Dagobah plants include flower- fruits, mushrooms that explode if exposed to light, and prismatic vine-flowers that grow above the dense tree canopy, where reptilian flying creatures can also be seen hunting small scurrying rodents. The thick cloud layer surrounding the planet cannot be penetrated by standard sensors. Dagobah was home to the legendary Jedi Master Yoda, who instructed both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker before his death before the Battle of Endor at the age of 900.

During the fall of the Old Republic, an eight-man research team led by Halka Four-Den scouted Dagobah but was lost, presumably killed off by some of the planet's lethal lifeforms. Around twenty-five years before the Battle of Yavin, a Dark Jedi from Bpfassh created trouble throughout his sector before being stopped on Dagobah, presumably by Yoda. A dark cave near Yoda's home could be a vestige of this Dark Jedi's power, and it may have served to hide Yoda's presence during the Emperor's Jedi purge. Luke Skywalker returned to Dagobah five years after Yoda's death and discovered a ship's beckon call, that could have belonged to the Bpfasshi Dark Jedi. Skywalker returned three years later with the Jedi knight Callista, to help Callista regain her lost Force ability. [ESB, ESBN, ESBR, HTTE, DS, ISWU, SWAJ]


An Imperially-held planet in the Colonies region, marked by constant unrest towards Imperial rule. Gerald Weizel, Imperial governor of Chandrila, was once the governor of Dakshee, where he resolved the Brella Temior crisis. Weizel discovered that several union heads were ringleaders of the terrorist group Justice Action Network, and ended the situation without bloodshed. [SWAJ]

Dalron Five

A planet devastated by the Empire during the infamous Siege of Dalron Five. Siege warfare techniques developed by Alliance General Jan Dodonna were used by the Empire in this assault. Refugees from the planet were later encountered by Shistavanen Wolfman scout Lak Svivrak living on a rocky moon. [MTS]


A fog-shrouded, watery world lashed by dangerous atmospheric storms and home to a remote Imperial training outpost. After Admiral Ackbar and several other Mon Calamari landed on Daluuj in escape pods, Han Solo and his companions attempted to rescue them. Huge lake worms dragged the Millennium Falcon under water, but it was retrieved when the worms turned their attention to a group of attacking Imperial speeders. [CSW]


An olive, blue, and brown-colored planetwith no industrial settlements or advanced technology, Dantooine is far removed from most galactic traffic. Its surface is covered with empty steppes, savannas of lavender grasses, and spiky blba trees. The planet has two moons and abundant animal life, including herds of hairy beasts, simple balloonlike creatures, and mace flies. Primitive nomadic tribes move along the coasts, though their numbers are so few the planet is essentially uninhabited.

Four thousand years ago, the Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas established a training center among Dantooine's ruins, where he instructed Exar Kun and the Cathar warriors Crado and Sylvar. Millennia later, Dantooine served as the primary base for the Rebel Alliance. Rebel engineers originally built the base from temporary, self-erecting modules, and defended it with stolen weapons and an energy shield stolen from an Imperial correctional facility. As time passed, the Alliance grew more secure, fortifying their base and becoming increasingly careless with security. This ended, however, when Rebel soldiers discovered an Imperial tracking device hidden in a cargo shipment. Though the beacon had not betrayed their location, the Alliance had no way of knowing this. All personnel evacuated the Dantooine base in a single day, leaving behind only the permanent structures and some disabled vehicles. The Alliance fleet then hopped from system to system, until erecting their new headquarters base on Yavin 4. Later, when interrogated by Imperials aboard the Death Star, Leia Organa revealed the Dantooine base's location, knowing it had long since been deserted. Imperial scout ships were immediately dispatched to Dantooine; when they uncovered Leia's ruse, Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the Princess executed. Nine years later, during the New Republic's war against Grand Admiral Thrawn, Admiral Ackbar planned to visit Dantooine following his inspection of the Farrfin and Dolomar defenses. Two years after that, fifty colonists from Eol Sha were relocated on the planet, until they were utterly wiped out by a group of Admiral Daala's AT-AT walkers. New Republic commando Gil Crosear, who participated in the infiltration of an Imperial base on Sarahwiee, is a native of Dantooine. [SW, TLC, JS, DA, DLOS, ISWU, SWAJ]


The technical plans for the Empire's first Death Star were kept in a secret Imperial base on Danuta before their scheduled transfer to Darth Vader. Alliance agent Kyle Katarn infiltrated the facility and stole the plans, which were later beamed to Princess Leia's corvette near Toprawa. [DF, SWR]

Darek system

Located near the Hensara and Morobe systems. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, Rogue Squadron made a transit jump through hyperspace to the Darek system, before jumping to the Hensara system. They did this in order to disguise their origin point in the Morobe system and the hidden base there. [XWRS]


Dargul is the sister world of the blob-racing planet Umgul. It is the location of Palace Dargul, residence of the Duchess Mistal. When the Duchess reached the age of marriage and advertised for a consort, a candidate named Dack altered the Palace's computer to name him as the winning suitor. When he could no longer stand the Duchess' company, he fled to Umgul and was captured by Lando Calrissian. Calrissian was given a million-credit reward from the Duchess for the return of her consort. [JS]

Darkon III

The smuggler Dannen Lifehold stopped on Darkon III before continuing his mission to Dohu VII. [SWAJ]

Darlonn sector

The Darlonn sector contains an orbiting casino. It was here that the Twi'lek female known as Seely met the space pirate Drek Drednar. Seely later became a lieutenant in his pirate crew. [SWAJ]


Dar'Or, located in the Dar'Or system and the seldom-visited Jospro sector, is recorded in Imperial charts as OM973. The planet, a low-gravity, forested world, orbits an orange sun and is home to the intelligent flying mammals called Ri'Dar. The Ri'Dar inhabit the middle levels of the dense network of 200-meter tall waza trees that cover Dar'Or, along with the sloth-like sabertoothed indola. Predators of the Ri'Dar include the indola and the avian elix, which was recently introduced to the planet by planetary ecologists to save it from extinction on a supernova-threatened world. The elix came from a high-gravity world, however, and the relatively low gravity of Dar'Or has caused elix populations to thrive at the expense of other species. The Ri'Dar have organized their primitive society into warrens (all families on a single waza tree) and cities (all warrens in a particular section of forest). Due to the endangered elix Dar'Or has been declared an Imperial Species Preservation Zone, but some smugglers have bypassed the travel restrictions and taken elix meat (and the occasional Ri'Dar) from its surface. [GG4]

Darpa sector

Located in the Core on the edge of the Colonies region, the Darpa sector makes up one half of the Ringali Shell. Its worlds include Esseles, Rhinnal, and Ralltiir, all of which are linked by the Perlemian Trade Route. The sector is ruled by the heavy-handed Moff Jander Graffe. [SWAJ]

Dartibek system

The Dartibek system contains the planet Moltok, the homeworld of the alien species known as the Ho'Din. [GG4]


A group of Rebels was entirely eliminated on Datar, despite Darth Vader's insistence on acquiring prisoners for interrogation. [TFTC]


Located in the Quelli sector, Dathomir is a low-gravity world with three continents, a wide ocean, and four small moons. The planet is covered with a wide variety of terrain including mountains, deserts, purple savannas, and forests with eighty-meter trees and vines bearing hwotha berries. Indigenous life on Dathomir includes flying reptiles, piglike rodents, long Whuffa worms, burra fish, and the feared rancors. Semi-intelligent, two-legged reptiles live in the desert and call themselves the Blue Desert People.

Humans came to Dathomir hundreds of years ago when a group of illegal arms manufacturers were exiled to the planet by the Jedi Knights. Several generations later, a rogue Jedi named Allya was also exiled to Dathomir. Allya began to teach the Force to the planet's inhabitants and to her descendants, who also learned to tame the wild rancors. Some time later, nearly four hundred years ago, the two-kilometer Jedi spaceborne academy Chu'unthor crashed in a Dathomir tar pit. (The Jedi master Djinn Altis was known to travel in a ship also called the Chu'unthor, but based on available dating information it is unlikely that it was the same ship.) Yoda and the other Jedi sent to recover the crashed Chu'unthor were repulsed by the witches-- those female inhabitants who had learned to use the Force. Different clans of these witches (such as Singing Mountain, Frenzied River, and Misty Falls) were formed, including a group following the Dark Side calling itself the Nightsisters. Life among the clans followed a pattern of female dominance, where males were largely treated as property and not allowed to act in important decisions. Around one hundred years ago, the Nightsister Charal managed to escape from Dathomir and fell in with a group of alien marauders, who then crashed on the forest moon of Endor. Imperial forces later constructed orbital shipyards and a penal colony on the surface. Following the failure of the Emperor's attempt to destroy the Jedi enclave on Belsavis, several designers of the Eye of Palpatine were reassigned to punitive duty at Dathomir. After the Emperor learned the power of the Nightsister leader Gethzerion, he ordered all the prison's ships destroyed from orbit to prevent her from leaving the planet. The stranded Imperials at the prison were then enslaved by Gethzerion and the other Nightsisters. Four years after the Battle of Endor, Han Solo won the planet Dathomir in a high-stakes sabacc game from Warlord Omogg, who claimed it had been in her family for generations. Han's subsequent adventures on the planet resulted in the destruction of both the Nightsisters and of Warlord Zsinj's forces. Nineteen years after Endor, a new order of Nightsisters based in the Great Canyon emerged on Dathomir. This clan, allied with the Empire and founded by Luke Skywalker's former student Brakiss, treated their males as equals and sent their best Force students to be trained on the Empire's Shadow Academy. [COPL, COTJ, YJK, DS, ISWU]


The homeworld of the famed winged predator known as the kalidor. The Kalidor Crescent, the highest award that can be bestowed upon Alliance pilots, is named in honor of this creature. [FP]

Davnar II

Davnar II is home to a bipedal, scaly, long-snouted alien species. One of Ploovo Two-For-One's henchmen was a native of Davnar II. [HSSE]

Dawferm Selfhood States

A group of worlds that formed their own protective federation during the turmoil and constant warfare in the six years following the Battle of Endor. [DESB]

Dela system

Lando Calrissian's destination before visiting the Oseon was the Dela system, but he decided against it due to the tricky landing required on a mountaintop spaceport. [LCMH]

Delari Prime

Located in the Delari system of the Corva sector of the Outer Rim, Delari Prime is the first planet orbiting its binary star. Millennia ago, the world was teeming with life, until a wayward asteroid knocked its orbit closer to the heat of the twin suns. Catastrophic climate changes caused the planet's seas to burn up, and massive erosion formed kilometer-deep chasms that now crisscross the orange-rust surface. The world has a mere 10-hour rotation cycle, is buffeted by intense windstorms, and can only support vegetation at its poles. The Empire set up a hidden communications base on Delari Prime, but abandoned it after the Battle of Endor. [SWAJ]

Delassin Six

After leaving his homeworld, the young Vodran Xenon Nnaksta worked as a longshoreman on Delassin Six, tending to the primitive sailing ships plying the Diniz and Zehr seas. Nnaksta later became an operator of the Greel Wood Logging Corporation in the Pii system. [SWAJ]


A sister world of the planet Alderaan, Delaya is located in the Alderaan system. The low-grade, blue quella gem was found only on Alderaan and Delaya; since Alderaan's destruction, Delaya is the only source. Alliance general Carlist Rieekan was inspecting a satellite transmission station in orbit around Delaya when the Death Star appeared in the system and subsequently destroyed Alderaan. [MTS, SWAJ]


The gas giant Yavin has been compared to a ball of multicolored yarn woven by the primitive northern tribes of ancient Delderaan. [GG2]

Delfii system

Just prior to the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance held a deep-space military summit in the Delfii system to plan their assault on the second Death Star. [TSC]


Dellalt, located in the system of the same name in the Outer Rim, orbits a blue-white star in the remote Tion Hegemony. A watery world with two moons and a higher gravity and shorter day and year than standard, Dellalt held a strategic location in pre-Republic days, but it is now a poor, fringe planet isolated even from the rest of the Tion. Thousands of years ago, the ancient tyrant Xim the Despot built an opulent city and immense treasure vaults on Dellalt. These vaults and the planet's single city are located near a cold lake on the southernmost of Dellalt's three continents. This city was once an impressive metropolis designed by Xim's engineers but it has since fallen into poverty and ruin. The outermost of the apparently empty vaults house the Dellaltian Bank and Currency Exchange (the local currency unit is the driit) and the Landmark Preservation Office, while the actual treasure vaults lie below these empty decoys. The vaults are studded with anti-weapon defenses and hold a now-worthless cache of kiirium and mytag crystals. The intelligent sauropteroids of Dellalt, the Swimming People, run a ferry business at the lakeside docks, towing passengers across on rafts.

Deep within the mountains is a colony of a hundred people calling themselves the Survivors-- apparently stranded on Dellalt in pre-Republic times, their culture survived for tens of thousands of years in isolation. The Survivors still hope to be rescued, and their religion involves watching over Xim's remaining war robots and making human sacrifices to increase the strength of their rescue beacon. All Survivors are hypno- imprinted at childhood, and Survivor infiltrators can be found working in Dellalt's main city. Dellalt's flora includes dendroid vines and soft blue moss, while its fauna includes dog-like animals with prehensile tails, eight legged dray beasts, and lake crustaceans. During one of Han Solo's early adventures, Xim's robots were activated by the Survivors and wiped out a contract-labor mining camp before their destruction. Two years later, three of Xim's war droids were featured in a New Year Fete Week parade on Coruscant as part of the Tion Hegemony's display. Just prior to the Battle of Yavin, the Imperials were using Dellalt as a staging point for supplies and equipment. [HSLL, FP, SWAJ]

Delle II

Hemmel crops are grown on Delle II. [SWAJ]


A prison planet used for the incarceration of dangerous criminals. The infamous Dr. Evazan was held on Delrian until he escaped to the Hindasar system. [MTS]


The Imperial Fourth Attack Squadron was soundly defeated by the Alliance at the Battle of Denab. The Squadron was primarily composed of Victory-class Star Destroyers, and it is their relatively slow sublight speed that is regarded as the key reason for their defeat. [SWS]

Denarii Nova

A rare double star located on the fringes of the unmapped heart of the galaxy. The smaller star in the pair periodically fed on plumes of flaming gas drawn from its larger partner. This star system was destroyed 5000 years ago by the Sith magician Naga Sadow in order to escape from a group of pursuing Republic gunships. Nineteen years after the Battle of Endor, the Second Imperium's Shadow Academy moved to a hiding place near the Denarii Nova after escaping from the Coruscant system. [DLOS, YJK]


A red planet in the system of the same name, Deneba was the site of a meeting of thousands of Jedi knights and masters within Mount Meru 4000 years ago. The land surrounding the cavernous Mount Meru and the nearby Meru Spaceport is covered with tall, flowing grasses. During this meeting, the Jedi (who had taken on the responsibilities of guarding the Core systems) discussed the problem of the Krath takeover of the Tetan system and the failed Jedi/Republic mission to save Koros Major. Ulic Qel-Droma announced his intentions to join the Krath in order to learn their secrets. A subsequent war droid attack, planned by the Krath, resulted in the death of Jedi Master Arca. Millennia later, the smuggler Lo Khan stopped in the Deneba system to refuel while making the Gamor Run. When he was saved from an Imperial attack by the Yaka Luwingo, Khan hired the alien as his bodyguard. [DE, DLOS, DESB]


A planet captured by the New Republic approximately four years after the Battle of Endor. The Victory Star Destroyer Tempest managed to escape Denlathia carrying components for an anti-orbital ion cannon, which were brought to the city of Zila on Garos IV. [SWAJ]


The location of a secret Santhe/Sienar Technologies laboratory. Santhe/Sienar was rumored to have developed a prototype cloaking device at this facility. [SWAJ]


A planet in the Mid-Rim. Dentaal was formerly ruled by Imperial Governor Taliff, who disbanded the Dentaalian House when he came to power. The House members, meeting in secret, declared nine months later that their planet would no longer recognize Imperial rule. Members of the Dentaal Independence Party (DIP) forcibly ousted Taliff and disarmed the planet's Imperial garrisons, while DIP leader Hancc Rellow announced Dentaal's status as a free world. In retaliation, Imperial storm commandos under the command of Crix Madine came to Dentaal and planted the seeds of the Candorian plague-- a deadly virus for which there is no cure. Madine was torn with guilt over his role and, during wilderness training exercises with his commandos, disappeared into a series of caves. Believed killed, he made his way back to a temporary Imperial base, stole a shuttle, and eventually defected to the Alliance. The Candorian plague finally broke out in Calif City and spread over the entire Kindelian continent, killing over 10 billion people and eventually wiping out every single inhabitant of the planet. The Empire erected a blockade of the entire system, and blamed the outbreak on the accidental release of a biowar virus designed by the Rebels. [DS, SWAJ]

Derra IV

An Alliance transport convoy tried to bring badly-needed supplies from Derra IV to the new Rebel base on Hoth. The convoy and its fighter escort, including Commander Narra, were completely destroyed by TIE fighters soon after they left the planet. General Evir Derricote, later the commander of the Imperial base on Borleias, was at Derra IV and helped destroy the Rebel convoy. [ESBR, XWRS]


Despayre, a prison planet located in the Horuz system in the distant Outer Rim, was the construction site for the first Death Star. The almost unknown status of the world helped guarantee the security of the orbital construction yards assembled to build the battle station. Despayre was green jungle planet broken by rivers and shallow seas, and home to countless predators including carnivorous crustaceans, poisonous flora, and deadly insects. The planet's penal colony was the only outpost in the system, and many prisoners were used to help construct the Death Star. When the battle station was completed, it tested its superlaser on Despayre and utterly destroyed the planet. [MTS, DSTC, DS]


Devaron, homeworld of the horned Devaronians (or Devish), is a temperate, sparsely-populated world covered by low mountain ranges, deep valleys, shallow lakes, and thousands of navigable rivers. The planet has little political importance but is located near the influential Core Worlds. Devaronian females live in the mountains and raise their families in Devaron's villages and industrial centers. The females control the planet's democratic government and all aspects of production and manufacturing. Devaronian males, however, prefer to aimlessly wander, and either spend their lives exploring Devaron's rivers or leave the planet altogether. Male Devish have much sharper teeth than females, and about 2% of males are born with two sets of teeth-- one for shredding flesh and one for grinding other foods. Devaron produces enough goods to support its inhabitants but does not have any useful exports. During an outbreak of Rebellion on Devaron, the Devaronian Army was placed under Imperial command. Captain Kardue'sai'Malloc (later known as Labria) oversaw the shelling of the ancient city of Montellian Serat and the massacre of 700 Rebel prisoners that followed. [GG4, TFTC]


Located in the Anoat system, Deyer is a colony world composed of floating raft cities, terraformed lakes, and abundant fish and crustacean life. The colonists on Deyer had created a peaceful, democratic political system until they spoke out against the destruction of Alderaan, paving the way for a brutal military takeover of Deyer by Imperial troops. Kyp Durron and his family were originally from Deyer. [JS, DA]

Deysum III

Located within the Trax sector along the Trax Tube trade route. Deysum III is the headquarters for Vo Lantes, the owner of a used-droid chain and a secret Alliance operative. [SWAJ]

Dilonexa XXIII

Located in the Dilonexa system, Dilonexa XXIII orbits a giant blue-white star along with 39 other planets. Dilonexa XXIII is the only world capable of supporting life, as the inner 22 are far too hot and the outer 17 too cold. The planet is nearly 25,000 kilometers in diameter, but its lack of heavy metals gives it a tolerable gravity. Dilonexa XXIII is entirely given over to agriculture. Its farms stretch across the entire surface of the planet, providing foodstuffs, plastics, fuels, and grain for the herds of native bovine. Weather- controlling satellites in orbit help keep the city-sized tornadoes in check with energy weaponry. All heavy metals must be imported to the planet, and the Dinonexican colonists (wealthy, successful farmers) have developed an allergic reaction to foods containing too many trace metals. Lando Calrissian made a run to Dilonexa XXIII, trying to unload a useless (on Dilonexa) cargo of fishing poles, leather hides, and wintenberry jelly. [LCFW]


One of the two primary worlds of the Sepan system, with the planet Ripoblus. The long war between Dimok and Ripoblus was forcibly ended by the intervention of Imperial forces after the Battle of Hoth, though the two worlds briefly (and unsuccessfully) tried to unite against the Empire as their common foe. [TSC]

Dles IV

The Trandoshan criminal Nakaron, after killing an undercover Alliance agent, was captured and scheduled to be incarcerated in the Republic detention facility on Dles IV. Nakaron, however, hijacked the shuttle and took its crew hostage. [SWAJ]

Dohu VII

The seventh of eight planets in the Dohu system. The three-armed, living-rock aliens called Silika can be found on the planet. The smuggler Dannen Lifehold traveled to Dohu VII to pick up a shipment in the city of Skagras, where he first met his Tinnell companion Purr. [SWAJ]

Doldur sector

The Doldur sector contains the Doldur system, the Monor system, the Dragonflower Nebula, and the hidden outpost of Silver Station. [SWAJ]


Doldur, located in the sector and system of the same name, is an Imperially-controlled world and site of the Doldur Spaceport. The planet is also the personal territory of Imperial Moff Eisen Kerioth. Kerioth, who had been sponsoring research into anti-blaster energy shields on Doldur, tried to steal the prototype shield developed by I'att Armament on Druckenwell so he could claim it as his own. [SWAJ]

Dolomar sector

The Dolomar sector was one target in an offensive by Grand Admiral Thrawn. The New Republic put up stiff resistance in this and the Farrfin sectors, and Admiral Ackbar personally made a tour of the defenses in both these areas. [TLC]


Located in the Outer Rim, Dom-Bradden (sometimes called Bradden) is the homeworld of the alien species known as Affytechans. Affytechans, a sentient form of plant life, have high, musical voices and bodies composed of thousands of colorful petals, tendrils, and stalks. While they appear quite beautiful, the Affytechans stink of ammonia and musk. The Imperial battlemoon Eye of Palpatine stopped at Dom- Bradden to pick up a contingent of stormtroopers, but brought in a group of Affytechans instead. [COTJ]


The homeworld of the warlike, reptilian Trandoshan species. Trandoshan society is run by a strict class system, and points of interest on the planet include the Lorpfan deserts. Lanish Ran, an undercover Alliance agent, once posed as an Imperial technician in a repair facility located on Banir Avenue in the Doshan city of Forak. The bounty hunter Bossk is one infamous Trandoshan. [ESB, SWAJ]

Douglas III

The home of the animal known as the jackelope. A taxidermized specimen is displayed in the Poly Pyramid tavern on Rafa IV. [LCMH]


A high-gravity world known for its dangerous native lifeforms and its sport hunting. The inhabitants of Dra III tend to be heavier and stronger due to the planet's higher gravity. The famous hunting beasts of Dra III include the vicious six-legged nashtahs (also called Dravian Hounds) that inhabit the planet's mountains. Nashtahs, the only animals from the planet to have yet been domesticated, are also the planet's most thoroughly studied animal, since the first contact team to escape from Dra III alive managed to kill several of the beasts and return with their bodies. The powerful (though somewhat outdated) Kell Mark II blaster is one planetary export. [HSR, HSLL, CSSB]

Drackmar system

A system with multiple suns and home to the alien Drackmarians. Drackmarians are methane-breathers with blue scales, sharp talons, and snouts filled with vicious teeth. Members of this species do not sleep, and are noted for their generosity and their stubborn independence. The Drackmarians were fierce opponents of the Empire and are now very loosely aligned with the New Republic. Omogg, a wealthy warlord from the Drackmar system, lost the planet Dathomir to Han Solo in a sabacc game on Coruscant. [COPL]

Dragonflower Nebula

Located in the Doldur sector, the Dragonflower Nebula is a pink aurora containing five dark, pulsing vertices. A mining outpost was once established near the Nebula to exploit its valuable gasses, which grew to become Silver Station. [SWAJ]


One of the five inhabited worlds in the Corellian system, Drall is a pleasant, temperate planet with a lighter gravity than standard. During the summer, temperatures can reach levels high enough to cause portions of the landlocked Boiling Sea to actually boil, until it is cooled by winter precipitation. The planet is the homeworld of the short, furred aliens also known as Drall. The tidy, sensible Drall formerly hibernated during Drall's winter season, though most have abandoned the practice today. The species is known for its cautious nature, its honesty, and its meticulous skill at record-keeping. The planetary unit of currency is the Drallish crown. Other life on the planet includes the nannarium flower and many varied species of Drallish aviars. A vast, subterranean planetary repulsor is located near Drall's equator-- presumably used in ancient times to move the planet into its current orbit from an unknown location. One of the workers in the contract-labor mining camp on Dellalt was a Drall.

During his tenure with the Corellian Security Force, Rogue Squadron pilot Corran Horn planted a false report implying that he had murdered six smugglers on Drall. The report was created so Horn and his supervisor could stage a public falling-out and remove suspicions of their working together to flee the Empire, but an Imperial death warrant was issued on Horn for the imaginary crime. During the starbuster crisis fourteen years after the Battle of Endor, Chewbacca took the Solo children and their tutor Ebrihim to Drall to stay with Ebrihim's aunt, the Duchess Marcha of Mastigophorous. The group discovered Drall's planetary repulsor, and Anakin Solo instinctively made it operational. A shot from the repulsor, fired by Anakin Solo, disabled Centerpoint Station and saved the star Bovo Yagen from destruction at the last possible instant. After the crisis, Leia Organa Solo was planning to appoint Duchess Marcha as the new Governor General of the Corellian sector. [AAC, AAS, SAC, HSLL, XWRS]

Draukyze system

A single Star Destroyer made a hit-and-fade attack on the Draukyze system several months before Grand Admiral Thrawn made a similar attack on Bpfassh. Later, New Republic support ships positioned themselves on the edge of the system to give the false impression they were planning to attack Tangrene. [HTTE, TLC]


An uninhabited world in the Hapes cluster. Prince Isolder spent time on Dreena as a child, playing in the pure oceans of the planet. [COPL]


The location of a small Rebel Alliance cell. The region of space called Keller's Void serves as a shortcut between Droecil and the Calus system. [SWAJ]

Droma sector

Following the Battle of Yavin, an Alliance A-wing was sent to the Droma sector to confirm delivery of a poisoned grain cargo to a waiting Imperial frigate. [FP]


Located in the Mid-Rim, Druckenwell is an industrialized, overpopulated urban world run by corporate guilds. Druckenwell's crowded cities are divided by wide oceans, and almost all of the planet's available land has been developed. Therefore, great care has recently been taken to reduce the risk of pollution and to protect the planet's few remaining resources. Druckenwell's 9.3 billion people are mostly workers for the planet's massive corporations who live in its congested metropolises. The strictly planned cities have specific zones for different worker classes-- blue-collar districts, business offices, industrial areas, and a few pleasant parks and gardens for the corporate elite. Druckenwell's strict population laws specify that no couples may marry until they can prove their fiscal independence.

The city of Il Avali includes Happy's Landing tavern and the I'att Armament complex, where a personal shielding device to protect stormtrooper armor from blaster fire was developed. When Imperial Moff Eisen Kerioth tried to claim the energy shield as his own invention just prior to the Battle of Yavin, Tinian I'att (young heiress of the I'att Corporation) escaped with the shielding device components and fled Druckenwell with the help of Twilit Hearth's musical band. Tinian's lover Daye Azur-Jamin managed to destroy the I'att Armament complex and its Imperial invaders, but was almost killed in the effort. Druckenwell is also home to the corporate offices for SGI Systems Inc., a major producer of black-market assassin droid components. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Imperial officials nationalized SGI Systems along with several other droid corporations, giving them control of the Mid-Rim droid market. [SWAJ]


One of the two largest moons orbiting the planet Bespin. Drudonna and its larger sister moon H'gaard are known together as The Twins. The moon is only two and a half kilometers in diameter. Both are unremarkable ice satellites, and appear as large green spheres in Bespin's night sky. Shirmar Base, a staging area and processing center for Ugnaught expeditions into Velser's Ring, is located on Drudonna. [GG2]

Dufilvan sector

Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces launched a multiple attack on various targets in the Abrion and Dufilvan sectors. The planet Ukio was captured, and the New Republic base on Ord Pardron suffered heavy damage. [TLC]

Duluur sector

The location of the Duluur Sector Imperial Naval Academy. [SWAJ]


The notorious bounty hunter Beylyssa single-handedly wiped out the Alliance cell on Durgeon, after tracking the group for months. [SWAJ]


Duroon, a grey-skied world in the Corporate Sector, is the site of a major Authority installation that uses slave labor. Duroon has three moons, and its surface is dotted with lush jungles located between volcanic vents and fissures. Animal life in the jungles includes an unusual, harmless ball-like creature. The ball creatures, also called "bouncebeasts," have become popular pets on many worlds. Han Solo participated in a gun-running operation to the alien slaves on Duroon. [HSSE, CSSB]


A terrestrial planet in the Duro system, Duros (sometimes referred to as Duro) is the homeworld of the alien species also known as Duros. The Duros have been traveling space for thousands of years, and the Duro system is filled with vast, orbiting cities and many smaller depots and shipyards. The system is governed by a group of starship corporations, and political decisions are made by their stockholders. The planet Duros is primarily uninhabited, and is covered with automated farms that help feed the inhabitants of the space cities. Animal life on the planet once included a now-extinct cannibal arachnid. Han Solo's ancestor Korol Solo, a pretender to the throne of Corellia, married and fathered a son on Duros. The planet Pii 3, in the Pii system, was once home to seventh Duro Relocation Colony, which was abandoned when its Duros settlers became restless and returned to the stars. [TLC, COPL, GG4, DA, SWAJ]


Dxun, also called the "Demon Moon," is one of four moons orbiting the planet Onderon. Its thick jungles are home to numerous bloodthirsty monsters and, due to Dxun's erratic orbit, many of the creatures are able to migrate to the surface of Onderon during an annual period in which the two worlds' atmospheres intersect. Four thousand years ago, after the evil Queen Amanda of Iziz was defeated by the Jedi, the inhabitants of Onderon built a Mandalorian iron tomb on Dxun to house the remains of their Queen and of the Dark Jedi Freedon Nadd. The fallen Jedi Exar Kun later visited the tomb, where the spirit of Nadd helped him discover some hidden Sith scrolls. Later, at the end of the Sith War, the warrior clans of Mandalore fled to Dxun after failing in their attempt to capture Onderon. Their leader was killed by a pair of the Dxun beasts, and a new warrior assumed the mantle of Mandalore. [TOTJ, FNU, DLOS, TSW]