A prosperous technology and commerce center located in the Trulalis system. [SWAJ]


The yellow star orbited by Tibrin, homeworld of the Ishi Tib. [GG4]


A planet home to the docking port known as Ramsees Hed. Following the Battle of Yavin, Alliance agent Kyle Katarn placed a tracking device on a smuggling ship at Ramsees Hed, which led Katarn to an Imperial robotics facility on Anteevy. [DF]


Calamari (sometimes called Mons Calamari) is a tectonically stable world almost entirely covered with water, and is home to both the peaceful Mon Calamari and the cautious Quarren-- over 27 billion inhabitants in all. The surface of the planet is covered with small marshy islands and enormous floating cities that house both species, with the Quarren inhabiting the lowest, darkest levels. These attractive constructions include Reef Home, Coral Depths, Kee-Piru, Coral City, Heurkea, and Foamwander City. The architecture and design of the Mon Calamari have organic appearances, with rounded edges and irregular surfaces that show their love for the natural beauty of their world. Raw ores used in construction are mined by the Quarren (who can breathe both air and water) from domed cities on the ocean floor. A permanent history of every event on Calamari is maintained by a community of meter-long, bivalve mollusks, who are extremely intelligent and will communicate their knowledge with those who ask. The Calamarian seas are also home to the dangerous predators known as krakanas-- sharklike animals with twin pincer tentacles. The rare ultima-pearl can be found in Calamari's seabeds.

The Mon Calamari had already constructed enormous starships and begun traveling space when their planet was discovered by the Empire. The Imperials planned to enslave Calamari and, after meeting with resistance from its natives, destroyed three of its floating cities. A Quarren, Seggor Tels, is believed to have deliberately lowered Calamari's defenses to allow the Empire's attack; this has heightened tensions between the Mon Calamari and the Quarren ever since. After the Empire showed its true colors, Calamarian starships were converted into warships and the shipbuilding docks in orbit around Calamari and its single moon became an important resource for the Alliance. Many Calamarians were taken as slaves by the Empire including the famous Ackbar, who was forced to be the personal servant of Grand Moff Tarkin. Ackbar was later rescued from slavery by an Alliance force and named Admiral of the Rebel fleet. Six years after the Battle of Endor, the reborn Emperor used his World Devastators to attack Calamari's southern territorial zone, destroying most of the cities Kee-Piru and Heurkea. The port city of Hikahi was also damaged, harming the planet's starship-building capability. One year after that, Leia Organa Solo visited Admiral Ackbar at his home in the seatree forest in an attempt to bring him out of his self-imposed exile. A subsequent attack by Admiral Daala's Star Destroyers resulted in the destruction of Reef Home City. In ancient times Calamari was home to a now-extinct, ten-legged crustacean known as the mammoth krabbex. [DE, GG4, SWS, DA, AAS, DESB, DS, FP, TFJP, YJK]


A planet located in the system of the same name. The region of space known as Keller's Void acts as a shortcut between the Calus and Wroona systems. [SWAJ]


A tranquil world in the galactic core, Caprioril was the site of the infamous assassin droid tragedy in which a droid slaughtered 20,000 people (including famous racer Ignar Ominaz) at a swoop arena in order to assassinate Governor Amel Bakli. Mara Jade briefly worked under the name Marellis as a come-up flector for a Caprioril swoop gang following the death of the Emperor. Caprioril was named a sector capital by the New Republic, and was besieged by Imperial forces during the Emperor's reappearance six years after the Battle of Endor. Around this time, Alliance historian Arhul Hextrophon survived an assassination attempt while visiting the planet and traveled to Chandrila to recuperate. [DFR, SWS, DESB, SWAJ]


Located within the Velcar Free Commerce Zone in the Pentastar Alignment, Capza is a lush tropical world ringed with high escarpments. It is also the luxurious home of Commerce Master Commissioner Gregor Raquoran, who uses the planet's natives as his personal servants. [SWAJ]


Home of the fragrant Fijisi wood. Sections of the President's Guests floor in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant are done in Fijisi wood from Cardooine. [TLC]

Cardua system

The Cardua system borders the Xorth system and contains many asteroid belts. The rich ore in these asteroids is mined by the system's settlers, in the service of the Empire. [TSC]


One of several planets in the Carida system, Carida was once a large, high-gravity world with a wide variety of terrain. The native Caridans were humanoid aliens with thin limbs and heavy barrel chests. Carida was the location of the most important Imperial military training center, which contained a main citadel building surrounded by a towering wall. The planet's varied surface consisted of rocky mountains, frozen ice fields and arctic wastes, jungles filled with carnivorous plants, and arid deserts (including the Forgofshar Desert) that were home to poisonous, multilegged reptiles. Stormtrooper candidates underwent harsh training in these environments to prepare themselves for action on a variety of worlds. Caridan combat arachnids were crimson, twelve-legged creatures covered with spines, that communicated on a hypersonic level. They were bred for their fighting abilities as well as their valuable, diamond-hard chitinous exoskeletons.

Admiral Daala attended the Caridan academy before her appointment to Tarkin's staff. After the annihilation of Alderaan, several of the Death Star's designers were transferred from the battle station to Carida. Ambassador Furgan was the Caridan representative to the New Republic and oversaw the development of the MT-AT "spider walker," and Admiral Ackbar's aide Terpfen underwent torture and reconditioning on the planet in the hopes that he would serve as an Imperial puppet. Carida was utterly destroyed when Kyp Durron caused its star to go nova through the use of the Sun Crusher. [JS, DA, COTF, COTJ, TFTC, TFJP]

Carto Asteroid Belt

The Carto Asteroid Belt is located close to several hyperspace trade lanes. The notorious Drek Drednar and his pirate crew often tow large asteroids from the belt and place them in the trade lanes, where the rocks create a gravity shadow and often force unsuspecting ships from hyperspace. [SWAJ]


The homeworld of a feline alien species. The Jedi knights Sylvar and Crado, who trained under Vodo-Siosk Baas four thousand years ago, were natives of Cathar. Two other Cathar were members of a big-game hunting expedition to Hoth, eight years after the Battle of Endor. [DLOS, DS]


The site of an early engagement for the Ssi-ruuvi fleet, where they experienced an emergency reorient. [TAB]

Cauldron Nebula

A huge, rainbow-colored nebula composed of hydrogen, oxygen, and neon clouds from seven closely- orbiting blue supergiant stars. The closest habitable world to the nebula is Eol Sha, where colonists mounted an unsuccessful attempt to mine the nebula's gasses. The gas clouds and electromagnetic radiation in the nebula made it an ideal hiding place for Admiral Daala's Star Destroyers, until Kyp Durron caused all seven stars to go nova through his use of the Sun Crusher. Brakiss, leader of the Shadow Academy, had a picture of the seven Cauldron Nebula novas in his private office. [DA, YJK]


The Cavrilhu pirate gang may hail from a planet called Cavrilhu, though they have been reported using Amorris as a base. [DFR]

Cedre system

A lifeless system with a blue star, located about three light years from Dathomir. [COPL]


Celanon, in the system of the same name in the Outer Rim, is said to have a "multicolored skyline" due to its numerous holographic advertising boards. Celanon's two main industries are agriculture and the commerce that flows into Celanon City. The planet's spaceport is well-defended and very busy. The Celanon system is also home to the mammoth consortium known as Pravaat, which manufactures and sells uniforms to interested parties. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, an explosive device was loaded onto an Imperial freighter at Celanon. The device was later stolen by the Alliance and used to demolish the Star Destroyer Invincible. [COTJ, CSSB, FP]


Imperial General Sulamar, who worked with Durga the Hutt on the Darksaber project, was known to boast of his commanding role as the Scourge of Celdaru. [DS]

Centerpoint Station

An enormous grey-white space station in the Corellian system, located at the balance point between the twin worlds of Talus and Tralus. Centerpoint presumably draws its power from the gravitational interflux between the Double Worlds. The ancient station, built before the invention of artificial grav, spins on its axis to provide centrifugal gravity. It is composed of a central sphere one hundred kilometers in diameter, with long, thick cylinders jutting from either side of the globe. The ends of the cylinders are referred to as the North and South Poles. The entire station is approximately three hundred fifty kilometers in length, even larger than the infamous Death Star. Centerpoint's simulated gravity becomes stronger the farther "down" one travels in the sphere, away from the axis of rotation. Several studies have been made on shifting the station over to artificial grav, but they have been abandoned due to expense and unknown side- effects. Centerpoint is completely covered with a bewildering array of piping, cables, antennae, cone structures and access ports; it would take several lifetimes to explore the vast and complex interior and exterior of the station.

Hollowtown is the name given to the open sphere in the exact center of the station, which measures sixty kilometers in diameter. The walls of Hollowtown have long been colonized with homes, parks, lakes, orchards, and farmland, which received heat and light from the Glowpoint-- an artificial sun suspended in the exact center of the sphere. To simulate night, farmers installed adjustable shadow-shields, which appeared as bright patches of gold or silver from above. On both sides of the Hollowtown sphere, positioned along the spin axis, is a large cone ringed by six smaller cones; the sets are called the North and South Conical Mountains. Surrounding Hollowtown, and making up the remainder of the central sphere, are two thousand levels of decks and "shells" (decks which measure twenty meters high or more), with Shell One lying closest to Hollowtown.

Centerpoint is believed to be a hyperspace repulsor, used in ancient times to transport the five Corellian planets into their current orbits from an unknown location. At some point the station was colonized, and Hollowtown-- which is actually a power-containment battery for the massive energy of firing a tractor- repulsor hyperspace burst-- became inhabited. Centerpoint remained stable for thousands of years, until the Saccorian Triad discovered that the station could destroy stars with a precise hyperspace shot from its South Pole. Two stars were targeted and destroyed, each accompanied by intense flareups in the Glowpoint. The small sun increased in heat so rapidly that Hollowtown and most of its inhabitants were completely incinerated during the first such incident. The Fed-Dub government immediately evacuated the remaining Centerpoint inhabitants to the Double Worlds, leaving Chief Operations Officer Jenica Sonsen in charge of the station. When word spread of the Hollowtown disaster it sparked several rebellions on Talus and Tralus. A group of starfighters representing one of the rebellions claimed the nearly-abandoned station for themselves, until chased off by a Bakuran cruiser. The massive interdiction and jamming fields, thrown over the entire Corellian system, were also generated from Centerpoint and activated by the Triad. The Triad's fleet was later defeated by New Republic and Bakuran forces, and the planned destruction of Bovo Yagen was averted at the last instant when a shot from the repulsor on Drall disrupted Centerpoint's firing process. [AAC, AAS, SAC]


Chad (also called Chadra), a watery world orbiting the blue-white star of the same name, is the fourth planet in its system and the homeworld of the sociable, rodent-like Chadra-Fan. Chad's nine moons create a pulsing system of tides, and clans of Chadra-Fan inhabit the bayous among the red gum-tree forests and cyperill trees. The Chadra-Fan do not bother to construct permanent structures due to the unpredictability of destructive hurricanes-- in fact, a "death wave" wiped out much of their civilization just ten years ago. Most Chadra-Fan machinery is powered by methane, and most technology is primitive by galactic standards. Despite this, many Chadra-Fan items are valued as exports due to the care and craftsmanship that went into their design. [GG4, TFTC]

Chad III

An ocean world with several moons. Life in Chad III's deep oceans include the long-necked cetaceans called tsaelkes, hunters called wystohs, phosphorescent tubular eels, and the fish-lizards called cy'een. The Jedi knight Callista was originally from Chad III, and worked a deep-water ranch on an ark with her family, where they herded the semi-sentient wander-kelp. The ark followed the herds along Chad III's Algic Current, which runs between Chad's equator and its Arctic Circle. Callista was later called away to Bespin by the Jedi master Djinn Altis. [COTJ, DS]


(see Chad)


The second planet in the Garos system. [SWAJ]


A rocky, volcanic world with a semi-breathable atmosphere, Chalcedon is a key hub in the galactic slave trade. The planet features dry, violent storms, frequent earthquakes and no indigenous lifeforms, though two colonies and a way station have been established on its surface. Many buildings and other items in the cities are constructed from dark volcanic glass. Traders and peasants inhabit the bazaars, while the bureaucrats (boneless, trunked aliens) live in the cities and control the slave trade. [TCS]


Located in the Mid-Rim, Chamble is home to the corporate offices for Bansche Tech, a major manufacturer of black-market assassin droid components. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Imperial officials nationalized Bansche Tech along with several other droid corporations, and set up garrisons around Chamble's manufacturing plants. [SWAJ]


Chandrila is located in the Bormea sector of the Core Worlds, along the Perlemian Trade Route. The agricultural planet's two main continents are covered with rolling, grassy plains. The inhabitants of Chandrila have a remarkably low birth rate, keeping the world's population of 1.2 billion in check, and tend to live in scattered, small communities instead of large metropolises. All citizens have a direct voice in government, and are known for vociferously arguing politics among each other. The planet is ruled by the democratic Chandrilan House, which is overseen by Imperial Governor Gerald Weizel. Weizel, a rather aloof leader appointed as a replacement for Grandon Holleck, rules from the Imperial base on the outskirts of Hanna, Chandrila's capital. Sights on the planet include the attractive Gladean State Parks, a wild game reserve near Hanna, Brionelle Memorial Military Academy, and a dacha owned by Alliance founder Mon Mothma on the shores of Lake Sah'Ot. The Chandrilans also keep elaborate gardens and many other symbols of natural beauty.

Chandrila is famous as the homeworld of Mon Mothma, whose father was an arbiter-general of the Old Republic and mother a governor of Chandrila. Canna Omonda was named Chandrila's representative to the Imperial Senate after Mon Mothma's resignation from that office. When Senator Omonda criticized the Emperor for disbanding the Senate, Palpatine charged Omonda with treason and sent three Star Destroyers to Chandrila to seize her; her public execution was scheduled during Coruscant's Fete Week. Later, the Empire placed stiff agricultural tariffs on the Bormea sector which were clearly designed to hurt Chandrila, one of the largest agricultural exporters in the Core Worlds. Six months after the Battle of Endor, the Empire deployed seven Star Destroyers to Chandrila where they enforced a strict blockade of the planet. The reasons for this are unknown, but it is believed that Grand Vizier Sate Pestage may have implemented a plan to hold Chandrila hostage in case New Republic forces were able to threaten Coruscant. During the Emperor's reappearance six years after the Battle of Endor, Alliance historian Arhul Hextrophon traveled to Chandrila to recuperate from injuries received on Caprioril. Dev Sibwarra (the Ssi-ruuk's human liaison) was originally from Chandrila, though his family fled to G'rho during the Jedi purge. The Imperial stormtrooper Triv Pothman also lived on the planet, until his reassignment to Pzob to await the Eye of Palpatine. [TAB, SWS, COTJ, DESB, SWAJ]

Chardaan Shipyards

An Alliance space facility composed of pressurized spheres, where workers could build space vehicles in a zero-g environment. The shipyards produced a wide variety of Alliance starfighters, from the Y-wing to the E-wing, until they were devastated by Colonel Cronus and his fleet of Victory-class Star Destroyers eight years after the Battle of Endor. [DS]


Site of the University of Charmath. Alliance historian Arhul Hextrophon searched through old, classified data files at the University in order to find the hidden location of Yoda. [SWS]


A technological world in the Hapes cluster, Charubah manufactures the Hapan Gun of Command. Those shot with the gun's electromagnetic wave field lose the ability to make rational decisions, and tend to follow any orders given them. [COPL]


Located in the Chazwa system and the Orus sector, Chazwa orbits a tiny white dwarf sun. Its central transshipment location means that heavy freight traffic is a common sight in the system. The smugglers Talon Karrde and Samuel Tomas Gillespee battled two Imperial Lancers at Chazwa, and later it was used as a rendezvous for Karrde, Par'tah, and Clyngunn the Ze'Hethbra to discuss actions against Grand Admiral Thrawn. [TLC]

Chokan system

Han Solo and Prince Isolder both worked as smugglers in the Chokan system years ago. Isolder continued to work there despite the rise of the Empire and a deadly plague in the area because he was seeing a woman in the system. [COPL]

Chorax system

Located in the Rachuk sector with the Hensara and Rachuk systems, the Chorax system contains a medium-sized star and a single planet, Chorax. The system is a hotbed for smuggling and piracy. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, Rogue Squadron was skirting the Chorax system on a hyperspace jump to the Morobe system when they were accidentally yanked from hyperspace by the Interdictor cruiser Black Asp. The Rogues rescued the cruiser's true target, the smuggling ship Pulsar Skate, and forced the Black Asp to flee the system. [XWRS]


The site of one battle during a multi-pronged attack by Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Star Destroyer Nemesis participated in this battle, which was actually a diversion to draw attention away from Thrawn's true target of Ukio. [TLC]


The planet Churba, located in the Mid-Rim in the sector of the same name, is home to the corporate offices for Sencil Corp, a major manufacturer of black-market assassin droid components. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Imperial officials nationalized Sencil Corp along with several other droid corporations, giving them control of the Mid-Rim droid market. Churba is also the homeworld of Imperial Intelligence agent Kirtan Loor. [XWRS, SWAJ]

Churba sector

The Churba sector, located in the Mid-Rim, contains the planets Churba and New Cov. Four Bothan ships once attacked a Victory-class Star Destroyer in the Churba sector, and kept it occupied until an Alliance Star Cruiser could assist them. [DFR, XWRS, SWAJ]

Cificap VIII

Following the Battle of Yavin, several Imperial freighters filled with Habassan prisoners were scheduled to rendezvous with the frigate Mayhem near Cificap VIII. The Habassans were rescued by an Alliance strike force. [FP]


A formerly Imperially-held planet covered with mountains, jungles, and forests. Dozens of ancient native temples, predating the human settlements on Cilpar and nearly indestructible, can be found scattered throughout the forest. Animal life on Cilpar includes the dangerous carnivores called ronks, which are attracted to light and highly allergic to oratay. Male ronks are considered a delicacy on Cilpar, though females are instantly fatal if eaten. Other foodstuffs sold on-planet include mundis and thrashed puerco. Cilpar's local Moff was Boren Tascl, and its planetary ruler was Governor Norquest. The pair had a palace stronghold in the main city of Kiidan, and seemed prepared to turn Imperial facilities over to the Alliance following the death of the Emperor. Instead, Moff Tascl rejected the deal and wiped out two suburbs of a Cilpari city, including the neighborhood of Tamarack.

Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron arrived on Cilpar after the Battle of Endor and set up a base in the mountains, west of Kiidan. They were to pick up food and supplies from the Cilpari resistance and escort the convoy to Mrisst, but instead they ran into a waiting TIE fighter ambush. Wedge's contact with the Cilpari underground was a mysterious woman known only as Targeter, later revealed as Princess Leia's assistant Winter. Elscol Loro, leader of the Cilpari resistance, represented the legitimate local government of the planet; her husband Throm had been killed years before fighting Moff Tascl's forces at the Battle of the Cliffs. After a long battle, Moff Tascl and Governor Norquest were overthrown by the resistance, as the expected Imperial reinforcements decided to abandon the duo. [XW]

Circarpous system

The populous Circarpous system encompasses fourteen planets orbiting the star Circarpous Major, and is located near the planet Gyndine. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, three Alliance X-wings entered the Circarpous system to test Imperial defenses near Circarpous IV. All TIE fighters sent to engage the fighters were destroyed, which left a profound impression on the Circarpousians. Later, the Star Destroyer Intrepid became stranded in the Circarpous system and was subsequently destroyed by Alliance starfighters. Soon after the Battle of Yavin, the Circarpousians were very close to joining the Rebel Alliance, and one other star system was willing to commit to the Rebel cause if Circarpous would do so first. For this reason, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa were sent Circarpous IV to meet with government officials and leaders of resistance groups from all over the system. [SME, FP]

Circarpous IV

The fourth and primary planet in the Circarpous system, Circarpous IV is a hectic, thriving private- enterprise world that maintains capital punishment for many crimes. After the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa were sent to Circarpous IV to meet with government officials and resistance leaders, and convince their system to join the Rebel Alliance. On the way, the pair crashed on Circarpous V. [SME]

Circarpous V

(see Mimban)

Circarpous X

The tenth planet in the Circarpous system, Circarpous X is the site of a small colony established by the Circarpousians. [SME]

Circarpous XII

The twelfth planet in the Circarpous system, Circarpous XII is the site of a small colony established by the Circarpousians. [SME]

Circarpous XIV

The fourteenth and final planet in the Circarpous system, Circarpous XIV is home to a small hidden Rebel outpost. Soon after the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa departed from the Rebel base on XIV to attend a meeting with resistance leaders on Circarpous IV. [SME]

Clak'dor VII

Located in the Mayagil sector, Clak'dor VII is a small planet orbiting the large white star Colu and is the homeworld of the peaceful, highly-evolved Bith. Clak'dor VII was once a lush garden world with incredibly advanced technologies, but is currently an ecological wasteland featuring bubbling pink swamps due to a conflict between two Bith cities, Nozho and Weogar. The two cities, generations ago, unleashed gene- altering biological weapons on each other, mutating the planet's surface and forcing all surviving Biths to live in hermetically sealed domed cities. Clak'dor VII, due to the disaster, is unable to produce either basic needs for its citizens or goods for export and thus many Biths sell their intellectual abilities for employment as technical consultants. One food product produced by Bith hydroponic tanks are the nutritious (but flavorless) cubes called "bepps." [GG4, COTJ, TFTC]


In the years prior to the Battle of Endor Lando Calrissian won the deed to a Clendoran brewery when he destroyed the Norulac pirates at the Battle of Taanab on a bet. [SWAJ]


The large white star circled by Clak'dor VII, home planet of the Bith. [GG4]


Homeworld of the Columi, Columus is a small world with an extremely low gravity. Columus is a completely flat, muddy planet with no erosionary forces and a wide variety of plant life. The Columi, a highly technological and intellectual species, inhabit high cities supported by sturdy pylons. The Columi disdain physical exertion and prefer to remain on Columus, developing their minds and helping to run their society through a participatory democracy. Apparently Columus voluntarily joined the Empire. [GG4]

Colunda sector

The Colunda sector, containing the planet Nyasko, was a former hotbed of Rebel activity. An AT-AT group stationed on Nyasko was kept busy keeping down the uprisings. [DESB]

Colundra sector

Lando Calrissian planned to follow up on a promising deal in the Colundra sector after finishing his military service during the Emperor's reappearance. [DESB]


Commenor, in the system of the same name, lies just outside the Core Worlds near Corellia. Its largest moon is Folor, where the Alliance established a starfighter training center. A great deal of shipping traffic passes through the system. Han Solo once joked that he exchanged his sense of chivalry for a ten-carat crysopaz and three bottles of brandy on Commenor. [SWN, XWRS]


Cona, the homeworld of the triangle-headed Arcona, is a hot, dense world orbiting the blue giant Teke Ro. Due to Cona's lack of axial tilt and temperature-distributing air currents, the climate is effectively the same everywhere on the planet's surface. Cona's atmosphere contains a high concentration of ammonia, and water is often found only in the gastric pods of Cona's plant life. The Arcona, who obtain water by digging out plant pods with their burrowing claws, live in loose communities of family nests and are easily addicted to salt. Many galactic companies have established mining colonies on Cona. The H'nemthe female M'iiyoom Onith was held over on Tatooine after returning from a visit to her sister on Cona. [GG4, TFTC]


Corellia, located in the Corellian sector and system, orbits the star Corell with four other habitable planets. The inhabited worlds are called the Five Brothers, and Corellia is often referred to as the Elder Brother. Corellia is an attractive world, with farms and small towns located between rolling hills, fields, and pockets of razor grass. Animal life includes the Corellian sea ray and the Corellian sand panther, a dangerous predator with poisoned claws. Points of interest include the Gold Beaches, the mid-size town of Bela Vistal, and the capital city of Coronet, located on the coast. Unlike many cities, Coronet has many wide open spaces-- small buildings and trading stalls separated by parks and plazas. The center of government in Coronet is the twenty-story Corona House, formerly inhabited by sector Governor-General Micamberlecto.

Treasure Ship Row in Coronet, adjacent to Meteor Way and Starline Avenue, was formerly an eclectic bazaar catering to species from every corner of the galaxy. The galactic civil war and the Corellians' increasing isolation, however, caused a sharp decline in the trading industry, and Treasure Ship Row and other areas like it are now deserted. Although all three Corellian species (human, Selonian, and Drall) mingle freely in Coronet, the collapse of the Empire's central authority has led to separatist sentiment and anti-alien factions like the Human League. Beneath the surface of Corellia lies a vast network of tunnels built over thousands of years and home to many Selonians. Archeological excavation has recently begun on a series of underground chambers dating from pre-Republic days. Within this ancient complex is a vast planetary repulsor, once used to move the planet to its current orbit from an unknown location. Corellia was formerly ruled by a royal family, but became a republic three centuries ago after Berethon e Solo introduced democracy to the system. Three years after the Battle of Endor, the main Imperial battle fleets garrisoned key worlds, including Corellia and Kuat, due to their valuable shipyards. Fourteen years after Endor, a riot in the Selonian enclave of Bela Vistal touched off widespread chaos and triggered the takeover of Corellia's government by Thrackan Sal-Solo and the Human League. The Human League was defeated, and Sal-Solo captured, by the intervention of the New Republic and a Bakuran task force. [COPL, AAC, AAS, SAC, TFJP, XWRS]

Corellian sector

The Corellian sector, located in the most thickly-populated portion of the galaxy, contains the Corellian system and dozens of others known as the "Outlier" systems (including the Sacorrian system). The Corellians have a reputation for keeping to themselves, and the Outlier systems are known to be even more secretive. The sector was formerly ruled by the Corellian Diktat, a title held by Dupas Thomree during the early years of the war against the Rebellion. Thomree consolidated his power during these years and caused the sector to become more isolated. After Thomree's death, Daclif Gallamby became Diktat and reduced the levels of Corellian military support for the Empire. After the Emperor's death, many powerful Imperials fled to the sector and supported the Diktat, but Gallamby nevertheless lost more and more power and eventually disappeared into the Outlier systems. The most recent head of the sector, Governor-General Micamberlecto, had the backing of the New Republic but very little power or influence. Fourteen years after the Battle of Endor, the armies of the Sacorrian Triad attempted to force the New Republic into recognizing the Corellian sector as an independent state by controlling the starbuster weapon. At the same time, Thrackan Sal-Solo attempted to doublecross the Triad and seize power for himself. Both groups were defeated by New Republic representatives and a Bakuran task force. Micamberlecto was killed during the crisis, and Leia Organa Solo was expected to name Duchess Marcha of Mastigophorous the new Governor- General of the sector. Admiral Mordon of the Star Destroyer Vengeance was from one of the Outlier systems of the Corellian sector. He kept venomous plants from his home system in his private retreat on board the Vengeance. [AAC, AAS, SAC, XWRS, TSC]

Corellian system

The Corellian system, located in the Corellian sector, contains five inhabited worlds-- Corellia, Selonia, Drall, Talus, and Tralus-- collectively referred to as the Five Brothers. The five worlds have such close orbits that some theorists believe the entire system was created by unknown entities long ago. Recently, powerful repulsors have been discovered beneath the surface of each planet that seem to indicate they were moved into their current orbits from some unknown location. Centerpoint Station, located directly between the Double Worlds of Talus and Tralus, is the ancient device that theoretically was used to transport the five planets through hyperspace. The system is inhabited primarily by humans, Selonians, and Drall (though the latter two species are rarely seen outside the system), and is policed by both the Corellian Defense Force and the Corellian Security Force, or CorSec. Pilots from the Corellian system are known throughout the galaxy for their superb skills, and the system is also notorious for its smugglers and pirates. The human-run Corellian Engineering Corporation's shipyards are famous throughout the galaxy for their long, distinguished manufacture of a vast variety of starships. Due to the strategic importance of these stardocks, the Empire kept the system heavily defended after the Battle of Endor. Some disreputable Corellian spaceports are known to construct unreliable, patched-together ships commonly called "Uglies." The system also contains a large space station called Gus Treta. It was in the Corellian system that Mon Mothma convinced three major resistance groups to join forces, which marked the beginning of the Rebel Alliance.

A famous Corellian work of literature is The Fall of the Sun by Erwithat, and a respected honor is the red trouser piping known as the Corellian Bloodstripe. Corellians are known to hold the importance of family in high esteem. Other Corellian traditions include ryshcate, a dark brown sweetcake made with vweliu nuts, which is traditionally baked and served at important celebrations, and Jedi Credits or JedCreds, was were commemorative medallions made when a Corellian Jedi became a Master. The language known as Old Corellian, though it has been essentially extinct for 4000 years, still survives among smugglers and pirates. Notable Corellians include Han Solo, General Crix Madine, General Garm Bel Iblis, and Wedge Antilles. [SW, MTS, COTJ, HSLL, DFR, AAC, AAS, SAC, FP, XWRS, SWAJ]

Corellian Trade Spine

(see Trade Spine)


After resupplying on Wistril, the Star Destroyer Chimaera was planning to join the Stormhawk and ambush a New Republic convoy near Corfai. [DFR]


During the New Republic's retreat from Coruscant six years after the Battle of Endor, Taryn Clancy of the Core Courier Service was enlisted to deliver a rendezvous location to one of the New Republic battle fleets. After escaping Coruscant, Clancy changed course at Coriallis before proceeding to her destination. Sergeant Zeck Tambell, an Imperial investigator on the planet Stassia, was a native of Coriallis. [SWAJ]


The planet Corlass has a long tradition of piracy, dating back to the earliest days of primitive sailing ships on the planet's seas. Points of interest on the world include Quori City, which was built in a complex maze-like pattern. Tron Nixx, a navigator in Drek Drednar's pirate crew, grew up on Corlass. [SWAJ]

Corporate Sector

Consisting of tens of thousands of star systems, the Corporate Sector is a free-enterprise fief located on the edge of the galaxy, and bordered by the Aparo and Wyl sectors. The Corporate Sector is as wealthy and influential as the richest sectors in Imperial space, and the skylines of its many urban worlds are lit by the multicolored flashes of countless advertising signs. It offers the widest selection of products anywhere, and tourists come from all over the galaxy to purchase its unique goods. The entire sector is run by a single corporation, known as the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA). The CSA is composed of dozens of contributing companies (over 1000 companies are currently on the waiting list to join) and is run by the 55 members of the Direx Board, who are in turn headed by the ExO. The CSA has exclusive rights to use the sector's resouces as they see fit-- typically they use up a planet and move on to another one, and are not above using slave labor or grossly polluting the environment. Since it has no internal competition, the CSA can mark up the prices of their goods to many times their actual worth, and businesses in the sector do not accept any currency except Authority Cash Vouchers and crystalline vertexes. A portion of the CSA's enormous profits were secretly funneled to Emperor Palpatine, with the understanding that the Empire would take no direct role in the operation of the sector. Therefore, the protective CSA has formed its own military forces, including Security Police (or "Espos") and a comparatively poor and outdated starfleet. Planets in the Corporate Sector, in addition to its sterile, climate-controlled capitol worlds, include Ammuud, Bonadan, Roonadan, Etti IV, Kalla, Kail, Orron III, Duroon, Mytus VII, Gaurick, Rampa, Mall'ordian, Reltooine, Knolstee, Mayro, and the Trianii colony worlds of Fibuli, Ekibo, Pypin, and Brochiib. The feline Trianii have been actively opposing the Corporate Sector's annexation of their worlds, and much of the fighting occurred in the Tingel Arm. An armistice in this conflict has recently been called after three years of fighting.

Originally established several hundred years ago by the Old Republic, the Corporate Sector was once a group of several hundred systems all devoid of intelligent life. The corporations allowed to operate in the sector could purchase entire regions of space, but were held in check by the watchful eye of the Republic. During the Emperor's rise to power, however, several corporate allies of Palpatine convinced him to expand the sector to encompass nearly 30,000 stars. Eleven native intelligent species were discovered in this expanded region, though this fact has been effectively covered up. The CSA was soon established to manage all aspects of the sector's operations, and thus the "modern" era of the Corporate Sector began. Han Solo and Chewbacca had several legendary exploits in the Corporate Sector during their early adventuring, including a jailbreak from the infamous Stars' End. Following the Battle of Hoth, the Corporate Sector company Galactic Electronics developed a new "mag pulse" weapons technology and sold it to the Rebel Alliance. In retaliation, the Imperial Star Destroyer Glory traveled to the sector and seized the corporation's deep-space research facility. Emperor Palpatine once had plans to build a great palace for himself in the sector, and construction continued even after Palpatine's supposed death at the Battle of Endor. Six years later, during the Emperor's reappearance, the Corporate Sector declared its neutrality in the conflict and began supplying weapons and arms to both sides. [HSSE, HSR, DESB, CSSB, TSC, SWAJ]


Located in the Greater Plooriod Cluster, Corsin was a beautiful world known for its love of life until it was forcibly subjugated by Imperial troops. Alliance historian Voren Na'al witnessed the start of the military occupation while covering the prestigious swoop races on Corsin. [MTS]


A forested planet on which Han Solo spent some time as part of his Alliance duties. [TLC]


Corulag and its several moons are located In the Bormea sector of the Core Worlds, along the Perlemian Trade Route. A rather unremarkable planet, Corulag is totally devoted to Emperor Palpatine and the principles of his New Order, and is viewed as a "model" world of proper Imperial behavior. Its fifteen billion citizens enjoy the many benefits of a productive and prosperous economy, and the planet is home to several large corporations. Corulag's capital city is Curamelle and its government is run by an elected House of Citizens, which is presided over by Imperial Governor Zafiel Snopps. Curamelle boasts the Corulag Academy, a branch of the Empire-wide military school that is only slightly less prestigious than the famous Raithal Academy. An Imperial Navy base and training facility are located on Corulag's largest moon. Meysen Kayson, wealthy owner of the Greel Wood Logging Corporation in the Pii system, was born on Corulag. [SWAJ]


The governmental capital of the galaxy for generations, Coruscant and its two moons orbit far from a small white sun in the Core Worlds. Located in the system of the same name near the Kaikielius and Metellos systems, Coruscant is known as the "Scintillant Planet" in old songs and was renamed Imperial Center during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. Coruscant's coordinates are zero-zero-zero on all standard navigational charts, a clear sign of its long history and galaxy-spanning influence. The planet's entire landmass is covered by an enormous, multileveled city (now called Imperial City) whose foundations have been in place since the beginning of the Old Republic, over a thousand generations ago. The oldest and densest population centers border the equator. Kilometer-high skyscrapers (some extending to the lower fringes of the atmosphere) and numerous spaceports cover Imperial City, and its sky is filled with the lights of arriving and departing air traffic. Kitelike hawk-bats make their homes in the artificial canyons, hunting granite slugs on the lower levels. The complex multileveled surface makes weather in Imperial City particularly difficult to predict. To the south of the city lie the snow-covered Manarai Mountains.

The pyramidal Imperial Palace, formerly known as the Presidential Palace, is constructed of gray-green rock and sparkling crystals, and is taller than all other structures on the planet including the neighboring Senate building. The Palace is said to be an impregnable fortress and is decorated with hanging gardens, marble pyramids, and crystal roofs, while some areas were decorated by the Emperor with patterns based on ancient Sith hieroglyphics. The Palace contains the Grand Corridor, which links the Council chamber with the assemblage auditorium, and which has a cross hallway lined with suites (including Leia Organa Solo's office) that leads to the Inner Council meeting room. The Grand Corridor, personally designed by Emperor Palpatine, features a high ceiling and cutglass windows, and is lined with greenish-purple, vibration-sensitive ch'hala trees (revealed to be part of an elaborate surveillance system). Above the Grand Corridor are cafes situated on promenade balconies, where diners can watch the busy foot traffic below. All residential floors in the Palace contain extensive libraries, and the old-fashioned President's Guests floor is done in hand- carved Fijisi wood. The building also contains a set of turbolifts in the rear and several hidden entrances, installed by Palpatine when he took control. Some residential areas are found in the section of the Palace known as the Tower, located on the edge of the building with windows overlooking the city. The personal quarters for the Chief of State are located deep within the Palace's core, and its "windows" are actually holographic screens showing panoramic views taken by outside cameras. The Emperor's throne room is a vast sunken auditorium crowned with a prismatic skylight, and the Emperor also kept a personal observation deck within the Palace's tallest spire. For public celebrations and speeches, Palpatine would sometimes appear on the Palatial Balcony. The lower floor of the Palace is entirely dedicated to military operations, and contains the offices of admirals Ackbar and Drayson and a blast-shielded war room in its center. Adjacent to the war room is the Crypt, a computer slicing and decoding center. The Palace's command floor contains offices for Sector Ordnance/Supply and Starfighter Command. One wing of the Palace is a medical area, while another has been specially modified to accommodate the water-loving Mon Calamari. The structures in this humid wing are designed to resemble a coral reef, and an enclosed pool containing protoplasmic glurpfish and other sealife circulates around the rooms. Other areas of the vast Palace include treasuries, pavilions, prisons, music rooms, cafes, and summer and winter quarters, and decks jutting out from its sides hold tourism information centers. The Imperial Information Center, an exhaustive storehouse of data, is located beneath the Palace.

Other attractions on Coruscant include the Grand Towers, the Skydome Botanical Gardens, the one- kilometer long Grand Reception Hall, the underground city of Dometown, the Grandis Mon theater, the Holographic Zoo of Extinct Animals, the Galactic Museum (which held ancient Sith artifacts four thousand years ago), the University of Coruscant, the Candreal Gardens Center, the Imperial Security Operations Building, and the Temple of the Circle. Celebrations and festivals included Carnival Week and New Year Fete Week, when Palpatine was known to hold public executions of his enemies. The traditional Imperial Fair, involving parades and exhibits, was held in the Pliada di am Imperium. During the Coruscant's ancient War Day celebration, laser cannons were fired off in ceremonial salute. Monument Plaza is a popular mall built around one of the peaks in the Manarai mountain range, where visitors can actually touch bare rock. For the last three hundred years the clock in the Central Gathering Hall has marked the hour by spreading a light across the sky, and every evening spectacular gray-green and red auroras flash throughout Coruscant's atmosphere. An Imperial interrogation facility was located deep within a shielded, reinforced section of one of Coruscant's many towers.

The lowest, darkest levels of Imperial City were abandoned long ago and are now home to discarded equipment, wrecked starships, mosses and lichens, spider-roaches and armored rats, duracrete worms and shadow-barnacles, wild gangs such as the Lost Ones, and nameless subhumans moving through the shadows. Due to the danger, the lowest forty or fifty levels are typically restricted from normal traffic. Many feral animal species (having escaped from former confinement) inhabit these levels, including the eyeless creatures called "corridor ghouls." A seedy tavern in this area is said to have not seen the sun in 90,000 years. At the age of two, Jacen and Jaina Solo had an encounter with a group of former bureaucrats in Coruscant's lowest levels, who had taken up residence there to escape Palpatine's inevitable anger over a filing error.

The snow-covered polar regions of Coruscant are home to turbo-ski resorts, and are continuously mined by ice-boring machines. Since the planet's inland seas and oceans have long since been drained, the melted ice is delivered by huge pipelines to the densely-populated metropolitan areas. The space surrounding Coruscant is defended by Golan III orbital battle stations and a low-orbit space-dock facility, while a powerful energy shield protects the planet itself. During the reign of the Empire, Coruscant was protected by a sophisticated double layer of energy fields-- arriving ships would pass through the outer shield, which would then close behind them before the inner shield could be opened. Many other spaceyards help build starships and gigantic habitation spheres, while kilometers-wide orbiting mirrors focus reflected sunlight onto Coruscant's northern and southern latitudes, raising the temperature slightly to make the cold regions more habitable. Certain raw materials are mined from a belt of asteroids located on the fringes of the Coruscant system.

Coruscant was the capital of the Old Republic for many prosperous generations, and the planet's metropolis was called Republic City. During the Great Droid Revolution on Coruscant millennia ago, Jedi Master Arca learned techniques for disabling machines through the use of the Force. During the Sith War nearly four thousand years ago, a force led by Ulic Qel-Droma, Aleema, and the masked warlord Mandalore made a deadly strike on Coruscant and Qel-Droma succeeded in capturing the Republic war room. But Aleema was anxious to capture power for herself and ordered their armies to retreat, abandoning Qel-Droma to capture, trial, and a certain death sentence. During his trial in the Republic Senate Hall, however, Qel- Droma was rescued by the Sith Lord Exar Kun. During the escape, the Jedi master Vodo Siosk-Baas and Netus, leader of the Senate, were both killed. After the rise of the Empire, the planet's metropolis was renamed Imperial City and Palpatine took up residence in the Imperial Palace. Among the Emperor's many actions was the placement of Coruscant's alien population into segregated districts. The Emperor's Court was composed of ambitious courtesans vying for power, and back-stabbing concubines each hoping to bear Palpatine's child. Leia Organa attended a reception for the Emperor at the age of eighteen, and Mon Mothma and Bail Organa met at Chatham House (Organa's home in Imperial City) to plan their organized rebellion against the Empire. Alima, an Imperial officer who ordered the brutal subjugation of Ithor, was a native of Coruscant. Just before the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance destroyed an Imperial repair dock near Coruscant in an attempt to set back the Death Star project. Following the Battle of Yavin, Alliance agent Kyle Katarn infiltrated the heavily-guarded Imperial Security Operations building and procured a decryption key needed to decode a stolen nava card. Katarn managed to escape with the key despite the intervention of the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Following the Battle of Hoth, the traitorous Admiral Zaarin attempted a coup d'etat at Coruscant. Zaarin's forces seized Palpatine's personal Star Destroyer, the Majestic, and placed the Emperor aboard a shuttle on its way to Zaarin's Star Destroyer Glory. The Emperor was saved by the timely arrival of loyal Imperial forces including Darth Vader, Vice Admiral Thrawn, and TIE pilot Maarek Stele, but Zaarin managed to escape.

After Palpatine's death during the Battle of Endor, control of the Empire was won by Internal Security Director Ysanne Isard, who moved into the Imperial Palace and ruled the gradually-shrinking Empire from Coruscant. Approximately three years after Endor, the planet was captured from the Empire by Alliance forces and named the capital of the New Republic. During the fighting the Imperial Palace was shelled and looted, and many members of the Emperor's Court were killed by Rebel partisans. Five years after Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn attacked the New Republic on Coruscant and blockaded the planet using a group of cloaked asteroids. Six years after Endor, following the rebirth of the Emperor, vicious Imperial attacks forced the New Republic to evacuate the planet. The victorious Imperial factions (primarily the Emperor's Ruling Circle and the military) then began to fight amongst themselves, devastating much of Imperial City and filling Coruscant's orbit with wrecked starships. Following the downfall of the resurrected Emperor, the New Republic recaptured Coruscant and set to work repairing the extensive damage with the help of 40- story construction droids. Seven years after Endor, Imperial Admiral Daala planned to cripple the planet with a suicide Star Destroyer strike, but was unable to implement her plan. Eight years after Endor, Durga the Hutt managed to infiltrate the Imperial Information Center and retrieve the top-secret Death Star plans. Nineteen years after Endor, the Second Imperium's Shadow Academy moved to Coruscant and attacked arriving supply convoys while hiding behind its cloak. The station was revealed when Jaina Solo overwhelmed the cloaking device with a light beam from one of Coruscant's orbiting mirrors. [HTTE, DFR, TLC, DE, JS, DA, COTF, COPL, AAC, FNU, DLOS, COTJ, AAS, TFTC, YJK, DESB, DS, DF, ISWU, FP, TSW, XWRS, TSC, SWAJ]

Corva sector

Located in the Outer Rim, the Corva sector contains the Triitus, H'ken, Delari, Jaresh, Galaanus, and Jandoon systems. After the Battle of Endor, the sector was ruled by various Imperial warlords. [SWAJ]

Corvis Minor

A planet with a very unremarkable history. Each residential floor library in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant contains a multicard set entitled The Complete History of Corvis Minor, which actually holds a small hand blaster. [TLC]


Located in the Elrood sector near the planet Tro'Har, Coyn is the homeworld of the imposing Coynite alien species. Coynite warriors, standing as tall as 2.8 meters, wear their hair in long braids and carry ceremonial longaxes called coyn'skars. Under the Coynite Cradle Law, males cannot own their own land, marry, or disobey their fathers' wishes until they have become adults. In an extreme display of the Cradle Law, a warrior named Tra'Parr'Sratt fulfilled his insane father's demands by killing his seven brothers, his mother, and finally his father-- an act praised by other Coynites as the highest example of familial honor. Tra'Parr'Sratt now works for the gangster Abdi-Badawzi on Socorro. [SWAJ]

Cranan 12

Meysen Kayson, wealthy owner of the Greel Wood Logging Corporation in the Pii system, also owns several properties on Cranan 12. [SWAJ]

Criton's Point

An isolated planet within the Pentastar Alignment, Criton's Point is located far from any major hyperlanes. Its arid, desolate surface is covered with ruins that could date from before the foundation of the Old Republic. Among the many ruins is the mysterious Library of Xer, an ancient storehouse of information that has thus far resisted all attempts at translation. The planet is zealously guarded by the Pentastar Alignment, which restricts all access to a small team of historians and scholars. [SWAJ]

Cron Drift

The Cron Drift is located in the Auril sector of the Outer Rim, between the six remaining Auril systems. The Drift was once a densely-packed group of ten unstable stars known as the Cron Cluster, located in the Cron system. Nearly four thousand years ago during the Sith War, a Sith ship piloted by Aleema and Crado lured a pursuing Jedi force into the Cluster. Aleema activated the ancient Sith weapon and ripped the core from one of the stars, hurling it at the Jedi fleet and destroying it. Unfortunately, this set off a chain reaction which ignited all ten stars in a multiple supernova, instantly killing Aleema and Crado. The shockwave from the explosion destroyed three of the nine Auril systems, and necessitated the evacuation of the great Jedi planet of Ossus. Multicolored gasses from the multiple explosion still fill the area, and powerful x-rays and gamma radiation help mask any visiting ships from sensor probes. The Drift also contains a large asteroid belt.

Ploovo Two-For-One was a bunko-steerer out of the Cron Drift, and Han Solo and Chewbacca made an unsuccessful attempt at clotheslegging in the Drift after leaving the Corporate Sector. The hidden Alliance listening post Ax-235, located within the Drift's asteroid belt, intercepted what appeared to be the Death Star technical plans and relayed them to Alliance high command prior to the Battle of Yavin. Around the same time, a Rebel formation was ambushed by Assault Gunboats in the asteroid belt but was rescued by X-wing fighters. [HSSE, HSLL, DA, DE2, FP, TSW]

Crseih Station

Crseih Station, formerly stationed near a black hole (with a glowing accretion disk) located in the intersection of two star clusters, orbited a white dwarf star that was freezing into a quantum crystal. The station, capable of hyperspace travel, is a cluster of asteroids joined together by gravity fields and connecting airlink tunnels between the residential domes. The intense X rays of the adjacent black hole required powerful shielding for the residents and for all visiting ships, and the power required to run the shields made the station uncomfortably warm. Despite the shields, some X rays penetrated the defenses and mutated the plant life on the station.

Crseih had been a secret research facility for the Empire and was used by Lord Hethrir, the Procurator of Justice, as his headquarters. Hethrir tested methods of coercion on unwilling prisoners as the station moved from system to system, until it was sent to the crystal star in an attempt to use the black hole's power for military purposes. After the fall of the Empire, the station became a lawless outpost featuring carnivals, saloons, and aliens from every corner of the galaxy. Crseih was also involved in the slave trade through Hethrir's actions, and was known as Asylum Station by those in the slaving business. The enigmatic being called Waru created a cult on Crseih with his healing abilities until he apparently disappeared from this universe following a confrontation with Luke Skywalker. Crseih Station was then moved to Munto Codru in order to escape the resultant destruction when the crystallizing white dwarf was swallowed by the black hole. [TCS]

Culroon III

An out-of-the-way planet with an amazing history of violence, Culroon III was largely ignored by the Old Republic. Due to their constant wars the primitive Culroon never developed space travel, but they did trade for technological goods including blasters. When the Empire decided to construct a garrison on Culroon III, the Imperial general in charge of the operation agreed to a ceremonial surrender of the Culroon people by their leader, Kloff. When this ceremony turned out to be an ambush by the Culroon, the Imperial staff was rescued by an AT-AT commanded by then-lieutenant Veers. [SWS, MTS]

Cyax system

The Cyax system contains the yellow star Cyax, the planet Da Soocha, and Da Soocha's uncharted fifth moon, where the Alliance established Pinnacle Base during the Emperor's reappearance. Cyax is the brightest star that can be seen from the Hutts' ancestral world of Varl, and it featured prominently in Hutt legends and myths. When the Hutts left Varl for other parts of the galaxy, they respectfully left the Cyax system unexplored and removed it from their astrogation charts. [DE, DESB]


A high-gravity planet that is home to the cyborg battle dogs called neks. The agressive neks are a result of genetic and cybernetic engineering and are often used for protection by scavenger gangs. [DESB]


Cyimarra is home to the beautiful Crystal Spires. Both Corellia and Corulag, planning to recreate the Spires as an exhibit during New Year's Fete Week on Coruscant, sent delegations to Cyimarra to help prepare for the display. [SWAJ]