An ocean planet in the Hapes Cluster, Maires is the homeworld of a water-breathing alien species known as the Mairans. The large, tentacled Mairans can leave the sea for brief periods, but must spray seawater on their black, rubbery skin to keep it moist. They speak a strange musical language by blowing into drilled shells. The Mairans have long been rivals with the inhabitants of the planet Vergill. Nineteen years after the Battle of Endor, the Vergills began an undersea ditanium mining operation on the planet Hapes, next to the newly-opened Mairan consulate. The Mairans filed an official protest against the noise and mining debris stirred up by the Vergillsí actions, but in reality they had deliberately placed their consulate near the richest vein of ditanium in order to spark a confrontation. [YJK]


A planet in the Corporate Sector. Mall'ordian is one of the stops made by the luxury liner Lady of Mindor during its voyage from Roonadan to Ammuud. [CSSB]


The possible homeworld of the insect-like alien species referred to as Maltorrans. A stocky Maltorran was killed during the attack of Xim's war-robots on Dellalt. [HSLL]

Mandalore system

Four thousand years ago, the Mandalore system was home to a group of fierce masked warrior clans led by a mysterious warlord called Mandalore. The clans, made up of deadly but honorable crusaders, rode semi- intelligent Basilisk war droids, boasted cutting-edge weaponry, and were considered to be the best fighters in the entire galaxy. The mask and title of "Mandalore" belonged to no single individual, but were traditionally passed down from one warrior to the next in the event of their leader's death. During the Sith War, the Mandalorians conquered the Kuar system and struck at the neighboring Teta system, forcing the Tetan leader Ulic Qel-Droma to battle Mandalore in single combat. Mandalore was defeated, and he swore his armies' allegiance to Qel-Droma and the Krath forces. The warlord was made Qel-Droma's war commander, and his clans won many victories for their new leader. At the close of the Sith War, however, Mandalore's armies were defeated in their attempt to capture the planet Onderon. Mandalore and his surviving warriors were forced to flee to the Dxun moon, where Mandalore was killed by a pair of the moon's deadly beasts and a new warrior donned his mask and assumed his title.

Millennia later, the warlike Mandalore people exterminated the Ithullan race, several hundred years before the Battle of Yavin. During the Clone Wars, a group of warriors from the system were defeated by the Jedi Knights. The notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett wears an armored suit similar to those worn by these Mandalore warriors, and his alternate ship Slave II is based on a Mandalorian police ship design. Imperial dungeon ships were originally designed by the Mandalorians, and were introduced during the Jedi purge to contain dangerous force users. Mandalorian battle harnesses are designed to be operated by R2 units, and Freedon Nadd's tomb on Dxun was constructed from Mandalorian iron. [SWS, MTS, DE, DLOS, D, TFTC, DESB, TSW]


The home of dangerous predators called panthacs. Han Solo and Chewbacca had an encounter with these animals while on Mantessa. [TLC]


Mantooine, in the system of the same name, is located in the Atrivis sector in the Outer Rim. The government of Mantooine considers spice smuggling to be a capital offense. Years ago, a group of Mantooine freedom fighters called the Liberators were massacred by the Empire when they took refuge in a captured Imperial base. If the group had been allied with another resistance group in the nearby Fest system, however, the Liberators could have been warned of the coming strike fleet and taken cover in Mantooine's impenetrable forests. This example of the benefits of communication helped build a strong case for a single, unified Rebel Alliance. In a separate incident, the probe droid D-127X's self-sacrifice may have saved Mantooine from an Imperial surprise attack. [FP, SWAJ]

Markbee's Star

The fourth planet orbiting the star is Zeffliffl, home to the seaweed-like aliens sharing its name. [TCS]

Marngar III

Site of an Imperial University. The Imperial spy Benald Orlan was an honors student at this university, where he attended the Thene campus. [SWAJ]

Matra VI

The gunman Gallandro, hired by Odumin to bring down the Malorm family, killed the group after luring them to Matra VI. This earned Gallandro the wrath of the Assassins Guild, who claimed to have an exclusive contract on the Malorm family. [CSSB]

Mattri asteroids

Garm Bel Iblis' private army had a temporary base in the Mattri asteroids during their hit-and-fade attacks against the Empire. [DFR]


The Maw is a cluster of black holes near the planet Kessel, visible due to the ionized gasses that are drawn into them. The Maw is destined to swallow the Kessel system itself in another thousand years. The existence of a black hole cluster has led to several theories about its origin, including the idea that the Maw was constructed by an ancient and powerful alien race. Hidden in the center of the Maw is the secret Imperial weapons-research base known as Maw Installation, established by Grand Moff Tarkin (without the Emperor's knowledge) and guarded by Admiral Daala's four Star Destroyers. The scientists at Maw Installation developed both a prototype Death Star and the feared Sun Crusher, though both weapons and the installation itself were destroyed during a battle with New Republic forces. [JS, COTF]

Mayagil sector

The Bith homeworld of Clak'dor VII is located in the Mayagil sector. [GG4]


A resort world in the Corporate Sector. Torm Dadeferron, inheritor of the Kail Ranges, was first approached by undercover Corporate Sector police while visiting Mayro. [CSSB]


Imperial General Sulamar, who worked with Durga the Hutt on the Darksaber project, was known to boast of successfully commanding the Massacre of Mendicat without losing a single stormtrooper. In actuality, Mendicat was merely a scrap mining and recycling station, which was destroyed when Sulamar incorrectly programmed the station's orbital computers. [DS]

Mennaalii system

A convoy carrying Rebel troops was passing through the Mennaalii system when it was forced to exit hyperspace to avoid an asteroid field. Here it was ambushed by a group of pirates, but was rescued by an Alliance strike team. [FP]

Mepha'as Prime

The Outer Rim smuggler Jin-Jin won half a million credits in the Arenas of Mepha'as Prime, but lost it all when his real-estate investment on Alderaan was destroyed along with the planet. [SWAJ]


Merisee, known for its medicine and agriculture, is home to two intelligent alien species-- the Teltiors and the Meris. Meris are tall, blue-skinned humanoids with webbed hands and a prominent brow ridge; Teltiors are similar in appearance but lack the ridge. Meris have an innate ability to predict the weather. Honn Dangel, a Meris meteorologist in Bespin's Cloud City, gained his current post after leaving the Merisee military. [GG2]

Metellos system

Lying very close to the Coruscant system. When the revived Empire began its conquest of the Metellos and Kaikielius systems six years after the Battle of Endor, New Republic leaders on Coruscant began to search for a new base of operations. [DESB]


M'haeli, an agrarian planet with several moons, is a well-situated refueling point for several nearby systems. The capital city is N'croth, where Governor Grigor rules from the Imperial garrison. The planet's population is made up of two primary species-- human colonists and native H'drachi. Each year the H'drachi hold a mid-summer conclave where they consult the timestream for news of the future. Sights on M'haeli include W'eston Falls, Demon's Brow, and a secret mine of valuable Dragite crystals located in the D'olop Range (which includes Selon Mountian).

Years ago, an off-world attack led by Grigor devastated the palace of the human ruling house and paved the way for the planet's takeover by the Empire. Mora, infant heir to the ruling house, was abandoned during the attack and adopted by the H'drachi seer Ch'no. Seventeen years later, the Imperial pilot Ranulf Trommer was assigned as a spy to M'haeli and uncovered an illegal Dragite mining operation being run by Governor Grigor. [ROC]

Miglar 2

The Nikto assassin Ma'w'shiye suffered injuries in a speeder bike accident on Miglar 2, where he lost the facial horns characteristic of the Nikto species. [SWAJ]

Mima II

A small, tropical world orbiting the orange sun Lar. Mima II has a fast rotation and year, and very unstable tectonic plates which are drawn across the planet's surface by the nearby gravitational influence of Lar. Mima II is abundant with plant and animal life, and the sentient Bilars inhabit the lush jungles. The Bilars, pink-skinned, timid vegetarians, are unique in that they can form group minds called claqas. While one Bilar is about as intelligent as a rodent, claqas of six or seven Bilars approach genius-level intelligence. The Bilars have developed sophisticated technology, but there is little on Mima II that is useful in galactic trade. [GG4]

Mimban (Circarpous V)

The fifth planet in the Circarpous system, the cloud-covered swamp world of Circarpous V is often referred to by its local name of Mimban. The planet is largely unexplored, save for a single expedition by Circarpousian xenoarcheologists and an early Imperial scouting survey. The rainy world is a lush green crisscrossed with muddy brown rivers, and is teeming with many forms of life. The foliage is concentrated in dense clumps which leaves plenty of open space for travel, though the incautious can sink to their deaths in pockets of thick gray mud. Mimban was never colonized by the Circarpousians, but the Empire secretly established a mining operation on the planet without the knowledge of the system's inhabitants. The Empire's miners live in five makeshift towns, and perform their work with energy drills. These drills, illegal on populated worlds, create harmful fallout and are a serious hazard for arriving ships, since they shunt their excess electrical charges into the sky.

At least three intelligent Mimban species are known to exist on the planet-- the large-eyed "greenies" who beg in the mining towns for alcohol; the thin gray Coway who live underground, and an unnamed furry species with four legs and four arms. The mysterious, long-extinct species known as the Thrella are believed to have built the hundreds of temples and cities that dot the damp surface of Mimban. "Thrella wells," near-bottomless shafts surrounded by interlocking hexagonal stones, often have side passages called Coway shafts, leading to the underground world of the Coway. One particular Coway shaft, lit by a type of luminous fungi, contains a vast subterranean lake which the Coway cross on large lilypad plants. The lake houses a dangerous, amorphous pseudopod-creature, and an abandoned Thrella city is located on the lake's far edge. This shaft's 200 Coway live in a primitive village built in a huge natural amphitheater. Their tribes are ruled by a triumvirate of leaders, who appeal to their god Canu for judgment on important matters. One of the world's more dangerous animals are the huge pale worms called wandrellas, who have black eye- spots surrounding a gaping mouth and are too stupid to be slowed by most attacks. Imperial control of Mimban was entrusted to Captain-Supervisor Grammel, who ruled from the Imperial planetary headquarters built into an ancient towering ziggurat. The legendary Kaiburr crystal, rumored to have properties that focus and intensify the Force, was located deep in the jungle, in the temple of a minor local god named Pomojema. The powerful crystal rested within a ceremonial statue of the god, and was guarded by a sluggish but deadly lizard-creature. Soon after the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO crashed on Mimban while traveling to a conference on Circarpous IV. After facing many dangers, including a showdown with Darth Vader, the Rebels were able to retrieve the Kaiburr crystal and leave Mimban. [SME]


A politically influential world in the system of the same name, Mindabaal was the birthplace of the notorious Outer Rim smuggling sisters Josephine and Jericho. The rebellious Jericho attended the Mindabaal Royal Academy boarding school and later escaped, while Josephine began a distinguished career in the Mindabaal Diplomatic Corps. While on a mission to formalize Mindabaal's official entry into the Empire, Ambassador Josephine was kidnapped by her sister. The two later returned to their homeworld only to find it devastated by an Imperial orbital bombardment, at which point the sisters began working the smuggling trade together. [SWAJ]


Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa once shared rations on a Mindar battlefield, amid the dead bodies of Imperial stormtroopers. [COPL]

Mindavar system

A group of settlers in the Mindavar system were almost completely wiped out when a deadly virus spread through their colony. The smuggler Reina Gale lost her parents to the virus when she was only an infant. [SWAJ]

Minos Cluster

Located on the fringes of known space, the Minos Cluster contains the Shesharile system. [SWAJ]

Mirit system

The Mirit system is located only hours from the Pyria and Venjagga systems at the edge of the Galactic Core. It contains the planet Ord Mirit, which was the site of a former Imperial base. [XWRS]


Captain Dorja, of the Star Destroyer Relentless under Grand Admiral Thrawn, was known to use an ancient Mirshaf gesture of victory. [TLC]


The innermost planet of the Bespin system, Miser is a small world lacking atmosphere but rich in valuable metals. The planet's powerful magnetic field interferes with most electronic equipment. Miser was heavily mined for raw materials during the construction of Bespin's Cloud City, and deep craters from the operation can still be seen on its surface. The inhospitable temperature extremes made the mining hazardous, and hardy Ugnaughts were needed to staff the operation. The mines have since been abandoned, and are now infested with mynocks. The desolate planet has frequently been used over the centuries as a hideout for smugglers and pirates. Lord Ecclessis Figg, the founder of Cloud City, once proposed a rolling mining center that could stay permanently on the cooler, shadow side of Miser. It was never built, but it provided the inspiration for Lando Calrissian's Nomad City mining operation on Nkllon. [HTTE, GG2]

Mneon system

The Mneon system contains the planet Geran, home of a near-human alien species. [TFJP]

Moddell sector

The Moddell sector contains the planet Endor. A report filed to Imperial Command by an Imperial scout in the Moddell sector briefly described the previously unexplored system and dismissed the threat of the native Ewoks. [SWS]


The oxygen-rich planet Moltok is one of the inner worlds of the Dartibek system and is the homeworld of the Ho'Din. Active volcanoes fill Moltok's skies with ash, which helps protect the planet's surface from the harmful effects of its sun. The Ho'Din live in the hot rainforests of the lower latitudes and have a deep religious reverence for the plant life found there. Moltok is a heavy exporter of high-priced medicinal plants, but technology is discouraged by the Ho'Din due to an early ecological catastrophe resulting from an attempt at mining. The government on Moltok is controlled by the clergy of the dominant [Dinante Fli'R] religion. The Jedi master Plett, who built a house and laboratory on Belsavis, was a native of Moltok. [GG4, COTJ]


Located in the system of the same name in the Doldur sector. Just after the Battle of Yavin, resistance leader Una Poot was planning to deliver a cargo of blaster carbines to the Rebels on Monor from her base on Silver Station. [SWAJ]

Mons Calamari (see Calamari)

Moonflower Nebula

A large nebula of dust and gasses, located in the Outer Rim past the K Seven Forty-nine system. The nebula contains two or three stars and a vast asteroid field, where the Imperial battlemoon Eye of Palpatine lay undiscovered for thirty years. [COTJ]

Morobe system

The Morobe system contains a red/yellow binary pair of stars, and the planet Talasea is the fourth planet orbiting the yellow primary. The system is located in the Morobe sector, which borders the Rachuk sector. [XWRS]


The vandfillist artist Maxa Jandovar was arrested by Imperial forces on Morvogodine. She later died in custody. [TFTC]


Located in the Noonian sector. Rebel privateers, presumably operating from Movris, were able to steal nearly a quarter of the foodstuffs being produced by Nebula Consumables in the Noonian system. [SWAJ]


Mrisst was first contacted by the Old Republic through the Tenth Alderaanian Expedition, and one of the interesting discoveries was that none of the dozens of Mriss cultures had developed any type of three- dimensional art. Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron planned to deliver a convoy of food and supplies to Mrisst but were ambushed on Cilpar by a group of TIE fighters. Mrisst was a target in a planned assault by Grand Admiral Thrawn due to its proximity to the heart of the New Republic, and was also intended as a lure to defeat the New Republic fleet if they made a concerted effort to defend the planet. [TLC, XW]

Mulako Corporation Primordial Water Quarry

The MC Quarry is actually a periodic comet in a hundred-year orbit around its star. For several months during its approach and departure from the sun, the comet warms enough to support life in its hollowed-out interior. During this time the Mulako Corporation promotes the comet as a tourist destination, and many people come to the satellite to visit its exclusive resorts, restaurants, and lounges. Tourists can visit the comet's surface (to view erupting gas geysers or experiment in the satellite's low gravity), or just enjoy the interior's bubbling fountains and the soft lighting shining through the mists. After the tourist season during the comet's long orbit away from the sun, ice-mining machines roam the irregular surface. The ice is chipped away in blocks and sold to gourmets, promoted as "pure water" formed at the creation of the solar system. Luke Skywalker and Callista visited the MC Quarry eight years after the Battle of Endor in order to help Callista regain her Jedi powers. [DS]

Munto Codru

Munto Codru is home to the four-armed aliens known as Codru-Ji, and is considered of only marginal interest to the rest of galactic society. The planet features several moons, beautiful mountains, and ancient castles in its temperate zone, which are famous for their elaborate carvings on translucent rock walls. The castles were constructed by a now-vanished civilization and are now used as provincial capitals by the Codru-Ji. Codru-Ji society is based on a complicated system of political families and entities (including the Sibiu, the Temebiu, and the province of Kirl) and is headed by Chamberlain Iyon. Coup abduction and ransom in this society is a common and expected political maneuver, during which no one of noble birth is to be injured. Animal life on Munto Codru includes a four-winged bat and the six-legged, fanged wyrwulfs, which are actually the Codru-Ji themselves in the earliest, infant stage of their lives. Leia Organa Solo's three children were abducted while she was on a diplomatic mission to Munto Codru. [TCS]

Mussubir Three

A planet possibly in the Senex sector. The uncommitted ex-governor of Mussubir Three took a "vacation" to attend a meeting on Belsavis with Roganda Ismaren. [COTJ]


The homeworld of the leonine alien species known as the Gorvan Horansi. Myrgaanti Shi-iki, a Gorvan Horansi, was a freelance Alliance operative until he stole a prototype fighter and deserted for unknown reasons. [SWAJ]


The location of Imperial maintenance facilities. Han Solo reportedly acquired several powerful deflector shield generators from these facilities for installation on the Millennium Falcon. [SWS]

Mylock IV

A small, gray planet located in the Mylock system of the Outer Rim, Mylock IV is the homeworld of the Nharwaak and Habeen. The two races developed a new hyperdrive together, though the Nharwaak balked at the Habeen decision to deliver this technology to the Empire. In a rendezvous near Mylock IV, the Habeen officially turned the technology over to Admiral Zaarin's forces in exchange for their planet's formal entry into the Empire. The Nharwaak attempted to sell the same technology to the Rebels, but were destroyed by Imperial attacks. [TSC]


Although Myrkr has been settled for 300 years and was well within the Old Republic's boundaries, both the Old Republic and the Jedi always avoided the planet. As a result, Myrkr is unknown to virtually all galactic citizens, with the exception of smugglers and other lawbreakers. The historical aversion of the Jedi was due to one of Myrkr's native life forms, the tree-dwelling ysalamir. The ysalamir has evolved a defensive mechanism allowing it to push the Force from itself in a protective bubble, and many ysalamir grouped together can create a vast region in which the Force does not exist. Another of Myrkr's animals, the predatory vornskr, uses the Force to assist in hunting and tracking prey. The high metal content of Myrkr's trees make sensor readings unreliable, which is one reason why the smuggler Talon Karrde built his chief base deep in the western part of the Great Northern Forest. This base was overrun by Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces after Karrde helped Luke Skywalker escape in Hyllyard City, Myrkr's major population center. Myrkr is located about 350 light years from the planet Wayland. Ood Bnar, a five thousand-year old Jedi master, was a member of the Neti-- an alien species that evolved from trees on Myrkr. [HTTE, DFR, TOTJ, DE2]

Mytus VII (Stars' End)

A small, rocky planet with low gravity and no atmosphere, Mytus VII is located in the debris-cluttered Mytus system and was home to the Corporate Sector Authority prison known as Stars' End. Mytus VII orbits at the edge of its system, whose small star is located at the distant end of the galaxy and the farthest border of Corporate Sector space. The prison, where inmates were kept in suspended animation between interrogations, was commanded by Authority Viceprex Mirkovig Hirken. Stars' End was destroyed by Han Solo and his companions during an attempted jailbreak. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, a group of Alliance pilots escaped from Mytus VII in a freighter and were subsequently rescued by a Rebel shuttle. [HSSE, CSSB, FP]