Volume I
Prologue - In The Beginning
Chapter I - Coruscant Knights
Chapter II - Only the Worthy
Chapter III - Crumbling Spires
Chapter IV - Base Delta Zero
Chapter V - War Material
Chapter VI - A Time of Sacrifice
Chapter VII - The Dark Order
Chapter VIII - Lost Jewel
Chapter IX - The Graveyard
Chapter X - Supremacy

Volume II
Chapter XI - The Scattering
Chapter XII - The Ubiqtorate
Chapter XIII - Bacta War
Chapter XIV - Re-Occupation
Chapter XV - Night Over Dathmoir
Chapter XVI - Allegiance
Chapter XVII - The Emperor's Hand
Chapter XVIII - The Thrawn Campaign
Chapter XIX - Operation: Dejarik
Chapter XX - Might of the Empire
 This is the story of the Imperial Order in its entirety. These are the adventures and journals of Ged Larsen and his journey with the Imperial Order. The story spans from the very beginnings of the Order right after the Battle of Endor up to the current timeframe of 20 years After the Battle of Yavin [ABY].

 The Volumes and Chapters are laid out chronologically and if the reader requires pointers as to the major corresponding Galactic Events, there is a handy timeline below for reference.

Timeline of Events

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Volume III
Chapter XXI - The Liberator
Chapter XXII - False Prophets
Chapter XXIII - Hyperspace Games
Chapter XXIV - Mid-Core Campaigns
Chapter XXV - Battle of Yinchorr
Chapter XXVI - Betrayal
Chapter XXVII - The Hammer Falls
Chapter XXVIII - Missing and Moving
Chapter XXIX - Deception
Chapter XXX - The Stage is Set

Volume IV
Chapter XXXI - Operation: Rebirth
Chapter XXXII - Homecoming
Chapter XXXIII - Consolidation
Chapter XXXIV - Black Fleet Crisis
Chapter XXXV - Leviathan Rising
Chapter XXXVI - Revenge at Tolbuken
Chapter XXXVII - Operation: Mechanik
Chapter XXXVIII - Corellian Insurrection
Chapter XXXIX - The Hand of Thrawn
Chapter XXXX - Imperial Days Gone By