The Imperial Order - Timeline of Events

Date Range Event Systems Operation  
5 ABY  
  Battle of Endor, Palpatine murdered Endor Operation: Executor  
  Ysanne Isard takes command of Coruscant following Endor Coruscant    
  Stenax Massacres* Stenax    
  Milagro Battle* - base delta zero policy Milagro    
  IO Fleet build up, gathering of ground forces and war material Mon Gazza, Geonosis, Ando    
  SSD Banshee sacrificed to protect Imperial Order Druckenwell, BlasTech corp, destroyed at New Cov    
  IO Battle 1 and 2      
6 ABY  
  Scattering of sleeper agent cells to various sectors and systems of the Galaxy Taanab, Ruusan, Kinyen,Roche, Ord Mantell Operation: Dejarik  
  Ysanne Isard loses Coruscant Coruscant    
  Battle of the Graveyard Alderaan    
  Formation of the Dark Jedi Order Turkana    
  Establishment of Magocracy/Military Dictatorship Turkana    
7 ABY  
  Imperial Intelligence moves to Yaga Minor* Yaga Minor    
  Bacta War Thyferra    
  Defense of Manaan* Manaan    
  Re-occupation of Bespin and Taris* Bespin, Taris    
  Battle of Selaggis* - encounter with Zsinj and Nightsisters Selaggis, Junction    
8 ABY  
  Battle of Dathomir* Dathomir    
  IO Battle 16 Dathomir    
  allegiance of IO and Nightsisters Dathomir    
  Formation of the Sith and Krath Orders Empress Teta and Korriban Systems Operation: Dejarik  
9 ABY  
  Thrawn Campaign      
  IO Battle 4 - Merlyn is sent to IO by Thrawn Ord Mantell    
  Thrawn killed at Bilbringi      
  Start of the overt IO      
  Shipyard Campaign - Operation: Dejarik   Operation: Dejarik  
  Battles 6,7,8      
  Kuat, Ord Trasi, Bilbrinigi, Sluis Van, Fondor      
  IO Battle 5 - base delta zero policy on Honoghr      
10 ABY  
  Continued Campaign for new Sectors      
  IO Battle 18 - New VSB Liberator, general defense battles      
  "reborn" Emperor time span, Operation Shadow Hand      
  Continuation of Operation: Dejarik and seizing of key hyperspace routes and key worlds   Operation: Dejarik  
11 ABY  
  Battle of Kessel*      
  IO Battle 10      
  Mid-Core Campaigns   Operation: Dejarik  
  IO Battle 13      
  Battle of Yinchorr      
12 ABY  
  Daala betrays the Empire Tsoss Beacon    
  Death of top Warlords and Kh’mer Augustus* Tsoss Beacon    
  Battle of Yavin - Knight Hammer Yavin    
  Fall of Kashyyyk IO Battle 12* Kashyyyk    
13 ABY  
  Dark Jedi Order spreads Adega, Ilum, Ossus, Onderon    
  IO Battle 14 - DJM C’boath and Osiris go missing Adega, Ilum, Ossus, Onderon    
  IO Battle 19 - Adega, Ossus, etc, DJO moves to Adega Adega, Ilum, Ossus, Onderon    
14 ABY  
14 ABY IO Battle 20? Loronar Deception, bring all corporations under Imperial rule- Rendili, Loronar Loronar, Rendilli    
  IO Battle 22? - Cloaking device and Coruscant campaign build up Corulag, Operation: Dejarik  
  Staging battles for taking Coruscant - Corsin, Brentaal, Pantolomin,   Operation: Dejarik  
15 ABY  
15 ABY Coruscant Campaign IO Battle 25 Ruan, Alsakan, Metellos, Foerost, Thokos, Tanjay, Coruscant Operation: Rebirth  
16 ABY  
16 ABY Black Fleet Crisis IO Battle 23 and 24 N'zoth, Koornacht Cluster    
  Start of Eclipse of the Force Campaign (EoF) Thule Operation: Mechanik  
17 ABY  
17 ABY EoF Campaign Thule, Lobanery, Corporate Sector, Ralltiir, Bothawui, Coruscant, Yaga Minor, Crustai Operation: Mechanik  
18 ABY  
18 ABY Corellian Insurrection Corellian Sector Operation: TBA  
19 ABY  
19 ABY Camaas Incident Bothawui Operation: TBA  
  Hand of Thrawn Campaign Niruan