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Battle XII          The Fall of Kashyyyk


TIE Fighter    |   X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter    |   X-Wing Alliance

Mission I - Return to Kashyyyk Mission II - Defend Covert Operation Mission III - Evacuate Credit Convoy
Mission IV - Evacuate System Personnel Mission V - Arrival at Yaga Minor Mission VI - Arrival at Toss Beacon
Mission VII - The Betrayal


Briefing Text   |    Battle Story
Battle Information

Created by: Grand Admiral Larsen and Rear Admiral Flare
Date Submitted: 4.3.98
Time: Six Years After Endor
Medal: The Heart of Darkness
Battle Synopsis:
- The Kashyyyk system is attacked by Rebel Forces as they strike at the Ubiqtorate base there; the planet rebels. Intel operatives unleash a deadly biological agent that destroys the planets ecosystem. All Intel units rendezvous at the main Intel base in Yaga Minor. Admiral Daala calls a summit of Imperial Leaders, and the Central Director of Intel, VA Augustus goes in Grand Admiral Larsen's place. Daala kills the assembled representatives and flees the scene. VA Augustus is among the dead.