The Rise of Skywalker: D23 Special Look

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The D23 Special Look of The Rise of Skywalker dropped today. It is definitely hitting on all nostalgia cylinders. The first 43 seconds of the montage are dedicated to the Original Trilogy. Then are  followed by the Prequels for another 12 seconds with a voiceover by Mark Hamill. This segues seamlessly into a recap of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi until the 1:14 mark with all new footage. We see our new band of heroes with some familiar counterparts, an homage to Leia…and then a small Rebel fleet encountering Star Destroyers too many to count! Rey training, C-3PO with red eyes, a Palpatine voiceover, Vader breathing…and a Sith Rey with a double bladed lightsaber/staff? Ok, I’m sold.

Check out the preview here:

Last modified: August 26, 2019