What happened to September? It was here one day and gone the next. Oh that’s right, I signed up for The Old Republic and started running two characters pretty heavily. Even though the game play gets repetitive after a while (and what game doesn’t that requires you to level up), I’m really amazed at the graphics and how well each planetary location is done. I’m still exploring all the aspects of this game and continue to be impressed with it, I wish these games had been around 15 years ago! The storyline is also very interesting and keeps the player immersed in the game. The hours of dialogue alone and voice acting ability is also a huge bonus.

That being said, I obviously have not done very much IO related other than combat spam users on this Journal and the Holonet. I still have a JK MP level to finish off and release, as well as figure out how to put together the myriad stories of the IO history/plot. More to follow….

3 thoughts on “September?

  1. Its nice to see you too Ged, I cant beleive its been almost 10 years! I was so surprised to see updates made to the website. The IO was a wonderful idea and I hope that you are able to have as much fun with it as before.

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