Update for August

I just noticed I hadn’t updated this journal the entire month, how time flies! Still doing some work here and there on the Coruscant level, hoping to finish it up sometime in the next couple of weeks and move on. Also been doing some writing here and there and working out some timeline adjustments, especially for the time period right after the battle of Endor which was never covered when we originally began.

On another note, I’ve been playing the free trial of The Old Republic…I am enjoying it, since it’s still “new” to me. The graphics are outstanding and I’m considering signing up full time, going to wait though and see if they really are going to offer it for Free Play. I enjoyed both the stand-alone 1 and 2 KOTORs when they came out, still would have liked to see a single player game. Not EVERYTHING has to be online collaborative play! Just my two credits worth…

2 thoughts on “Update for August

  1. Definitely nothing wrong with a good single player game. Real people doing the things that real people do can often interfere with feel of a game. You know, like when you’re playing with/against }}}SIR+RoBoCHOP${{{, JefferyPinkSuit, or One-Eyed-Willie.

  2. Luckily, TOR has designated server for PvP action and PvEnvironment. I selected the latter and it definitely cuts down on the number of xXAWESOME05000Xx players shouting to join their mission/group.
    I played one character to lvl10 as Sith Inquisitor and I was a bit disappointed in the plot and some of the later missions were close to impossible. I changed gears and tried Jedi Knight and that storyline was much more interesting. Plus I’m now on Coruscant and they did a really awesome job with it.

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