Celebrating 16 Years

It seems like only yesterday that I took a giant leap and posted the Imperial Order on the Internet. It’s hard to believe that 16 years have passed since I started the IO and all the life events that have taken place for me, as well as for all of our members. It has also continued to amaze me with the progression of technology from the early days and how 16 years on we are still drawn to that very first edition of TIE Fighter that has seen countless hours of gameplay and editing.

It has and always will be a great honor to know every single member that has passed through the halls of the Imperial Order, I am truly grateful for being able to share my version and vision of the SW universe with all of you and I am even more grateful for the lasting friendships we have created.

Here’s to the Imperial Order! Happy Birthday!

There will be an IO celebration this Sunday, 01/06/13 at 2pm EST on mIRC dynastynet.net servers, channel #Imperial_Order

3 thoughts on “Celebrating 16 Years

  1. Wow, just missed it by 2 days… Did anyone attend? I started to play XWA again few months ago and was looking for some missions. It’s a great to hear about you.

    Happy Birthday Imperial Order!

  2. Hello Desss,
    Good to hear from you! We have a few people come out for the event on Sunday, sorry we missed you. I see you found me on Facebook – I added you to the IO Facebook group so you can catch all the updates.

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