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Happy 22nd Anniversary to The Imperial Order!

January 6th, 1997, the birth of The Imperial Order. It seems like yesterday when I brought the IO online and it is surreal that 22 years have passed. The IO has been part of my life for exactly half of my life. Times have changed since we used to sit around and chat via IRC and the Holonet, play JK and XvT online with each other (providing that our ISPs were stable enough), and reveling in the universe and personas we created for ourselves. The IO lives on to this day in each of us and it will live on, may its reign never end. It has been an exciting and interesting journey through the years and I look forward to the future.

While my archives are extensive, I wish I had the original html pages and content from that day in 1997. Alas, it was lost to the god of bad hard drives a long time ago, in a computer far, far away. I do have the original Imperial Order banner though in all its glory:



Ged Larsen

Ged Larsen, Emperor Ruler of the Empire Imperial Command Authority Supreme Overlord of the Dark Jedi EMP/ICA Larsen/ESD Leviathan-sc/CMDR|Charon CSQ| {SCP}{IOE}{AC}{SC}{DSC}{DFC}{GS(4)}{SS(7)}{BS(5)} {MT}[IOBat:1-26] "All men can see the tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved." - Sun-Tzu

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