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Welcome to the Imperial Order War Room. Here you can view and download the latest battle being fought by Imperial forces, check on plans for upcoming battles, and view information on any active competitions or tournaments.

Current News:

04.25.04 - Sign up for Imperial Olympics II is now underway until May 2nd. Sign up in the Imperial Olympics II section!

04.10.03 - Olympics Battleboard has been updated with all of Round One information and points. Round Two is this Saturday, April 12th! Good luck to everyone!

04.04.03 - The Imperial Olypmics tournament for the month of April has begun! All players are now participating in their respective game platforms for Round One. Good luck to everyone!

04.03.03 - Just a reminder to everyone that Battle 26 is still going on, if you want to participate in this battle, download the approriate game platform files, or if you're playing JK/JO sign up to play on the War Room Network of the Imperial Holonet.

03.10.03 - Information page for the upcoming Imperial Olympics has been added to the War Room. Click on the link at the right for more and to SIGN UP!!

02.20.03 - Imperial Order Battle XXVI has been released for X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter in a five mission battle. It is now available for downloading in the Files Download section.

02.10.03 - Imperial Order Battle XXVI has been released for Galactic Battlegrounds in a two mission scenario campaign. It is now available for downloading in the Files Download section.

01.13.03 - Imperial Order Battle XXVI was released over the weekend in TIE Fighter format and is now available for downloading.

01.06.03 - The War Room has been completed re-designed and re-formatted. This is in order to provide more detailed information about current battles, battle scores and tournament data.

Competition Status
Imperial Olympics II Not Started
Imperial Olympics Completed
Outer Rim War II Completed
Emperor's Own Completed

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