Story Archives

The more I started looking at the archives sub-directory the more I see what a mess it turned into. So my current in-house project is re-doing the Story Archives. I’ve upgraded the script, courtesy of, and I’m going through to weed out any duplicate entries. Of course this means I’m getting caught reading all of these great stories again and they bring back some great memories. I’ll be re-branding the story archives as the Imperial Chronicles. This will also be the area that will hold the IO’s complete story from beginning to present timeline. Stay tuned!

Image Archives Fixed/Re-done

Slowly starting to clean up some of the sub-sites on the domain. Since the Image Archives get a lot of traffic, I figured I would get that sorted out. I upgraded the Gallery software and re-upped all the original images and generated new thumbnails. Also got rid of the comments section for each image, it was a target for spammers on the previous version.

Eclipse of the Force transcribed

Finally, after a little over 10 years since I wrote down the Eclipse of the Force trilogy story, I completed transcribing it to digital format. Part three took the longest, coming in at 25,000 words even. Now to go back and proofread all three parts and HTML-ize them for the Story section of the website (which is being worked on as well).

Update on Progress

::Holonet Node Entry 02062012-2309::

Just a quick update on my progress on work I’m doing in the background:

  1. Working on the first chapters of the Imperial Order story
  2. Mapping out the story arcs that will form the framework of the story and aligning them with the official SW timeline (courtesy of Wookiepedia)
  3. Transcribing the 120+ page Part 3 of the Eclipse of the Force story arc, which takes place during my leave from the IO (2000-2002)
  4. Re-designing the website – yep has to be done, I love the current form and will keep it archived (you’ll see) – but the time has come for a fresh look and one that supports the new changes that will be taking place.

That’s all for now, more to come soon.