• Base Commander: General Hestiv 
  • Base Vessels: Classified 
  • Data Core:
    • Imperial Records Library 
    • Special Files Library

    The planet from which the Outbound Flight Project was launched, Yaga Minor was the sight of an Imperial Ubiqtorate base and shipyard following the Battle of Endor.

    The Ubiqtorate base was housed in an orbital space station which had a unique design. Extending outward from the main station were a pair of corridor tubes that connected to outrider computer stations. This design, according to Imperial documents, allowed civilians to have access to information stored at the base, while keeping them out of the military section of the station. Grand Moff Tarkin maintained an extensive database at Yaga Minor, and wanted to ensure that his private files were never found.

          The population of Yaga Minor strongly supports the Empire, so much so that any dissedents are taken care of by the local people without any help from the garrison stationed there. In fact, sometimes they are even called on to protect the dissenters from overzealous loyalists.