Imperial Command Authority:
  • Emperor Larsen

    Central Director:
  • Admiral Jay Jaeger

    Ubiqtorate Advisors:
  • Fleet Admiral Wedge Antilles
  • Admiral Arcturus Kiner

    Task Force Illusion
  • ISD Illusion
  • ISD Malevolent
  • ISD Rager
  • DRED Dreighton
  • DRED Obelisk
  • INT Phoenix
  • On many worlds, "Ubiqtorate" has come to be the name for the whole of Imperial Intelligence. The name came to light in several COMPNOR scandocs which were accidentally transmitted to a media beamcast in the Qeimat System. The scandocs themselves indicated that the authors were not aware of the real role of the Ubiqtorate, and Imperial Intelligence saw no reason to correct their error. From the beamcast the name caught on, as the Ubiqtorate sounded more mysterious, omnipresent and threatening than "Imperial Intelligence".

    The Ubiqtorate oversees all of the activities of Imperial Intelligence at the highest levels. Details and tactical considerations are decided by the appropriate bureau or branch of Imperial Intelligence. The Ubiqtorate never concerns itself with those. The Ubiqtorate formulates strategies for the bureaus of Imperial Intelligence or, as has recently become common, presents the bureaus with a set of goals and very broad grand strategic considerations and asks them to plan an effective strategy. Members of the Ubiqtorate never have any communication with personnel at the sector or system level. They would certainly never deal with an individual field agent.

    The members of the Ubiqtorate are anonymous. They are unknown to their subordinates; a member of the Ubiqtorate is likely to be acquainted with the identities of perhaps a third of the members, and to have personal contact with only a handful. When communicating to the rest of Imperial Intelligence, the members of the Ubiqtorate identify the originator as "Ubiqtorate", never an individual. This practice has been imitated by other organizations, most notably the Select Committee of COMPNOR.

    Create through a compromise, the Ubiqtorate has become an organization of suprising thoroughness and effectiveness. It continues to improve...