Bureau Director:
  • Rear Admiral Tizer

    Deputy Director:
  • tba

    Task Force Tempest
  • ISD Tempest
  • ISD Voracity
  • VSD Forsaken
  • M/FRG Hellion
  • M/CRV Red Shift
  • M/CRV Stryker
  • A division of Imperial Intelligence, the Internal Organizations Bureau (or IOB) protects the test of Intelligence from both internal and external threats. Its agents police other divisions to verify loyalty and reliability. While some of its agents operate in a covert fashion, most have high visibility and appear to be civilized political appointees. They can be extremely ruthless, however, as many enemies of the Empire can attest.

    Called "IntOrg" by those within Imperial Intelligence, this bureau's mandate is to protect Imperial Intelligence's security from outside threats and those which might be generated from within. As IntOrg must deal with the rest of Imperial Intelligence, its agents have cultivated a highly civil manner and a strong sense of political etiquette, and then combined those with complete ruthlessness when the stakes are high and the threat is real. IntOrg is commited to the security of Imperial Intelligence, but rarely abuses its authority or conducts political witch-hunts. As a result, IntOrg enjoys a good reputation among the agents of other bureaus.