Bureau Director:
  • tba

    Deputy Director:
  • tba

    Task Force Illuminator
  • ISD Illuminator
  • ISD Magnate
  • VSD Antaeus
  • M/FRG Keeper
  • ESC Copious
  • M/CRV Agile
  • When Analysis finishes sorting, cleaning, decoding, or otherwise manipulating the data sent to them, they pass it on to Intelligence. Intelligence has culled experts from all over the Empire. They have recruited military experts, cultural experts, experts in politics, economics, science and technology, experts in almost every possible field of endeavor. Intelligence has plucked experts from universities, corporations, planetarty governments, artistic movements, religious movements, the media, the underworld - they have pulled in experts from nearly every conceivable place or organization, including some turncoats from the Rebellion.

    Intelligence combines the vast knowledge of its agents with the most sophisticated computer models in the galaxy to predict trends of future actions of the enemies of the New Order. These predictions are refined into reports transmitted to the Ubiqtorate. From these reports, the Ubiqtorate establishes priorities and sets strategies for the whole of Imperial Intelligence.