Bureau Director:
  • tba

    Deputy Director:
  • tba

    Task Force Talisien
  • ISD Talisien
  • ISD Heliotrope
  • VSD Expedient
  • M/FRG Votary
  • STRK Itanium
  • M/CRV Daedlus
  • A division of Imperial Intelligence, the Analysis Bureau takes the data gathered by other divisions and examines it for patterns and other relevant information. It also looks for trends in social data, and watches for hidden messages in the carrier-wave codes of comm broadcasts. Its decryption experts can break most coded communications in very short periods of time.

    This bureau handles gargantuan amounts of data from tens of millions of sources. In addition to looking for enemy activity, it looks for patterns or trends in social data which might be useful to the agents over in Intelligence. Analysis also handles, examines and copies useful technologies, even developing a few of their own.