Wann Tsir

During the Siege of Wann Tsir, following the Battle of Endor, Imperial commander Titus Klev discovered an Alliance agent trying to bring down the shields. This action earned Klev commendations from Imperial command. [DESB]


Bib Fortuna broadcast a false story about an ambush in the Ampuroon mining district of Waskiro in an attempt to deceive a Nuffin freighter. [JTH]


Wayland, a primitive green and blue world located about 350 light years from the planet Myrkr, is home to Emperor Palpatine's private storehouse. The planet does not have an official designation, and "Wayland" was believed to be the Emperor's personal code name for the world. Wayland's surface is covered with dense, double-canopied forests and grassy plains. Mount Tantiss, located in Wayland's northern hemisphere near the eastern edge of its main continent, is the hidden resting place for Palpatine's trophies, his military treasures, and an operational cloning facility.

Generations ago, human colonists settled on Wayland and immediately came into conflict with the planet's two native species, the Psadans and the Myneyrshi. The four-armed, blue-crystalline Myneyrshi and the lumpy, plated Psadans were driven from their land until the colonists' weapons began to fail them. When the Empire arrived, the inhabitants were forced to construct the vast storehouse in Mount Tantiss, which is considered a forbidden place by the natives. Palpatine appointed a Guardian to defend his storehouse, though the Guardian was later defeated in battle by the mad Jedi clone Joruus C'baoth. C'baoth forced all three of Wayland's species to live together in a city built against the southwest side of the mountain, where they lived under his strict rule until C'baoth departed with Grand Admiral Thrawn. An Imperial garrison under the command of Colonel Selid was then placed within the mountain, to help safeguard the cloning operation that supplied Thrawn with a nearly-inexhaustible stock of trained soldiers.

The Mount Tantiss complex had only one entrance, located on the southwest side. The peak of the complex consisted of an emergency shuttle hangar, the royal chambers, and the Emperor's throne room, containing a twenty-meter hologram of the galaxy. The fully-functioning Spaarti cylinder cloning chamber sat inside a vast natural cavern many stories high. A mammoth equipment column extended from the cavern's ceiling, and was covered with pipes to nourish the thousands of Spaarti cylinders arranged on the main floor and the surrounding balconies. A circular walkway, located ten stories up and accessible through twenty separate doors, was connected to a work platform on the central column by four retractable bridges. Thrawn had hundreds of ysalamiri transplanted to the cloning chamber to prevent the negative side effects of the rapid pace of his clone growth. The mountain also contained the Emperor's treasure vaults, air intakes on the mountain's surface, and power generators on the northeast side. A secondary maintenance area was located ten kilometers north of the mountain. The cloning complex and most of the mountain were destroyed when Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca sabotaged the central equipment column.

Wayland's plant life includes thornbushes and acid vines, while its animal life includes clawbirds, vine snakes, and six-legged nesting creatures. The predators called garrals, attracted to repulsorlifts and used by the Empire as watchdogs, could either be native to Wayland or have been brought to the planet by the Imperials. [HTTE, TLC]


Lord Torbin, the Grand Inquisitor, was killed when the Imperial palace on Weerden was rammed by the shuttle Sark I. An assassin droid is suspected of killing the shuttle's flight crew and causing the crash. [SWS]


Located in the system of the same name, Wistril is a planet where the Star Destroyer Chimaera stopped to take on supplies. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade hijacked a supply shuttle on the planet in order to rescue Talon Karrde from the Chimaera's detention block. [DFR]

Woldona system

GrimDeath I, a Victory-class Star Destroyer, was behind numerous raids in the Woldona system and was the subsequent target of an assault by Imperial Zero-G stormtroopers. [SWS]


Womrik was a temporary base for Garm Bel Iblis' private army during their hit-and-fade attacks against the Empire. [DFR]


Woostri, in the system of the same name, was attacked and captured by Grand Admiral Thrawn. He determined that the natives of Woostri had both a strong fear of the unknown and a tendency to blow rumors out of proportion, and would therefore be vulnerable to his seeming ability to fire through planetary shields. [TLC]

Wor Tandell

Medical droid Too-Onebee made an inspection tour of the Wor Tandell medical facilities with Lord Cuvir-- Imperial Governor of Firro and Too-Onebee's master. During the inspection Cuvir was assassinated by Tiree, a Rebel agent, and Too-Onebee joined the Alliance. [MTS]

Wornal sector

The Wornal sector is located near the Sombure sector. Following the Battle of Endor, Imperial Moff Prentioch and Moff Eyrgen began expanding their individual territories and fighting each other for control of the Wornal sector. Two years after Endor, Prentioch traveled to the water world of Kaal in the hopes of gaining control of its aquaculture industry to help fuel his war effort. [SWAJ]


A small blue world in Wroona system, located on the far edge of the Inner Rim. The planet's continents are separated by vast oceans, and their blue-sand beaches stretch for thousands of kilometers. The near-human inhabitants of Wroona, numbering over seven billion, are a blue-skinned species with a lighthearted and optimistic outlook on life. Their society emphasizes materialism and personal gain, and Wroonian merchants, smugglers, and pirates can be found throughout the galaxy pursuing their personal wealth. Their impulsive nature can be summed up by the ancient Wroonian folktale of Master Fate, a being who capriciously blows the winds wherever he pleases. Wroona is run by the Wroonian Guilds, groups that represent all the various trade organizations and businesses, and the planet's primary starport is located on the coast of its largest ocean. Animal life on the world includes Wroonian flycatchers, which hang from coastal cave ceilings by their tongues and swing down to catch their avian prey. The region of space known as Keller's Void acts as a shortcut between the Wroona and Calus systems.

Thousands of years ago, Wroona's civilization was centered around the seafaring trade. The inherent dangers of the sea helped contribute to Wroonians' fearless nature, and the unstable governments of the many coastal kingdoms also contributed to their distrust of authority. Wroona has long been a member of the Old Republic. Many years ago, a band of armored raiders utterly destroyed Wroona's spaceport and killed many, until stopped by the Jedi Knight Soonis. Later, during the rise of the Empire, the Imperials decided to take advantage of Wroona's tactical location. The Empire built a garrison on the surface, appointed an Imperial governor to run the trade guilds, and erected the Wroonian Stardock-- a massive resupply and repair facility in close orbit, used only by capital ships too large to land on the planet. After the Battle of Endor the Wroonians successfully revolted, deposing the Imperials in favor of the leadership of the Wroonian Guilds. Wroona remained independent from the New Republic, becoming a haven for smugglers and mercenaries. Several years after Endor, independent operatives Dirk Harkness and Jai Raventhorn infiltrated the Wroonian Stardock and demolished the Star Destroyer Vengeance, in a revenge strike against Imperial Advisor Bregius Golthan. The Tondra clan, a family of humans from Wroona, operates an algae-processing business in Bespin's Cloud City. [SWAJ, GG2]


A heavily-populated world in the Galactic Core. Wukkar was one of many planets that surrendered to Admiral Ackbar and the Alliance fleet in the years following the Battle of Endor. [DESB]

Wyl sector

The Wyl sector, together with the Aparo sector, forms the inner border of the Corporate Sector. It is ruled by Moff Gozric. [CSSB]

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