Talon Karrde's smuggling gang brought three boosted Skipray blastboats from the planet Vagran. [DFR]

Vallusk Cluster

Admiral Ackbar attacked the Imperial fleet at the Vallusk Cluster, to create a diversion for the Alliance force evacuating their Yavin 4 base. [CSW]


Located in the Glythe sector, Valrar is the location of an Imperial base. Khabarakh the Noghri was scheduled to be reassigned to this base following his return from the failed commando mission on Kashyyyk. Valrar was also the reported port of origin for Talon Karrde's ship when his group visited Bilbringi, and was the destination of the Star Galleon Draklor after unloading Joruus C'baoth on Wayland. [DFR, TLC]


Varl, the original homeworld of the Hutts, is a barren planet orbiting the white dwarf Ardos. Cyax is the brightest star that can be seen in Varl's night sky, and it features prominently in early Hutt legend. According to other Hutt legends, the planet Varl was once a beautiful world of green forests circling the twin stars Ardos and Evona. Evona was drawn into a black hole, causing complete destruction of many planets in the system, the ruin of Varl, and the transformation of Ardos into a white dwarf. Due to the impossibilities in this legend, the most plausible explanation for the devastation of Varl is that the Hutts destroyed it themselves in an ancient civil war. The Hutts have since relocated to Nal Hutta in the Y'Toub system. [GG4, DESB]


An aquatic planet, Varn is the subject of the holofeature Varn, World of Water. Aquatic life on the planet includes large lossors and packs of cheeb, while Varn's population of amphiboid fishers and ocean farmers inhabit its archipelagoes. [HSR]


Located in the backwater Ison Corridor, Varonat is an isolated, sparsely-populated world of jungles, plains, and mountains. A few thousand colonists live in two main settlements: Tropis-on-Varonat among the pale yellow trees of the Great Jungle, and Edgefields-on-Varonat on the wide plains at the jungle's edge. About 50,000 Morodins-- intelligent, fifteen meter-long lizard-slugs-- inhabit the Great Jungle. The Morodins' bodies produce a nutrient slime that, when spread over crops, encourages growth and produces new strains of plant life. Morodins leave their slime trails in a complex, maze-like pattern.

One thousand years before the formation of the Old Republic, a group of Morodins arrived on Varonat to start an agricultural colony. They transformed a vast section of plains into the Great Jungle, and used immense organic starships to transport food back to their home planet. When an ecological disaster befell their homeworld, the Morodins on Varonat were stranded and forgotten. 250 years ago, Adarian Tropis and a group his idealistic followers left Salliche to colonize Varonat. They planted their crops in the Great Jungle, but when the Morodins began leaving slime trails over the crops the colonists drove the creatures off as pests. After the Battle of Endor, a Krish named Gamgalon arrived in Tropis-on-Varonat and began running private Morodin-hunting safaris. These safaris were actually a cover for the harvesting of Yagaran aleudrupe plants, whose berries (when fertilized by Morodin nutrient slime) act as a catalyst for boosting blaster firepower-- much like the spin-sealed tibanna gas of Bespin. The local Imperial governor allowed the illegal safaris to continue since Gamgalon provided him with a share of the profits. Mara Jade, under the name Celina Marniss, worked as hyperdrive mechanic in Gamgalon's organization before joining up with the smuggler Talon Karrde in an adventure on Varonat. [SWAJ]

Varvenna sector

The famous chef Porcellus once worked for the Imperial official Yndis Mylore, governor of Bryexx and Moff of the Varvenna sector. During his tenure Porcellus served meals for the Emperor himself, but he was made a slave to Jabba the Hutt approximately one year prior to the Battle of Yavin. [TFJP]

Vedis IV

The smuggler Lu Esi, an associate of Toob Ancher, was killed when he crashed his freighter over Vedis IV while being pursued by sector authorities. When Toob Ancher felt he was about to die, he left Socorro to finish his life on Vedis IV, though he would not face death until a later adventure on the planet Redcap. [SWAJ]

Velcar Free Commerce Zone

The Velcar Free Commerce Zone (FCZ), named for the Velcar sector in which it is located, is a strip of corporate-run systems within the Pentastar Alignment. The FCZ, ruled by Commerce Master Commissioner Gregor Raquoran, contains many resource-rich worlds that are exploited by powerful Imperial corporates. The corporates are often allowed to bypass environmental and safety rules, and the primitive alien species found on the planets are often forced to toil in mines or other hazardous industrial projects. Worlds within the FCZ include Capza, Entralla, and Bextar. [SWAJ]

Vellakiya system

The Vellakiya system is located in the Mid-Rim, and its third planet is Venaari. [SWAJ]

Velser's Ring

A band of asteroids occupying the third-planet position within the Bespin system. The Ring is believed to be the debris of an unstable gas giant which exploded many millennia ago. Most of the asteroids are composed of frozen gasses and liquids, and the entire Ring can refract light in a rainbow pattern if seen from the proper angle. Ugnaught teams frequently visit the Ring to obtain valuable raw materials for Bespin's Cloud City. [GG2]


The third planet in the Vellakiya system, the Mid-Rim world of Venaari is covered with forests, plains, and mountains. The Imperial presence on Venaari has increased since the Battle of Endor, in order to provide greater security for the mysterious Project Orrad, being researched in an underground laboratory. The planet is run by Imperial Governor Vaerganth, who rules from the capital city of Ven-Kav. The local Imperial military is headed by Major Gaevril Daraada. Points of interest in Ven-Kav include the Binary Bar, Herak Square, and the Ven-Kavi Starport, the largest spaceport on the planet. The Venaari Enterprises corporation produces the Venaari Strike Speeder for Imperial use. Around two billion humans inhabit the planet.

Since the Empire's recent buildup on Venaari, the New Republic has established a fledgling resistance cell. A New Republic operative, Shandria L'hnnar, managed to steal the plans to Project Orrad and elude the pursuing Imperials with the help of the thief Sienn Sconn. Since the Star Destroyer Retaliator was busy engaging terrorist forces in the Southern Reach, Daraada ordered the bounty hunter Pentix Graphyt to stop the pair. He failed, and L'hnnar escaped off-planet with her information. [SWAJ]

Venjagga system

The Venjagga system is located at the edge of the Galactic Core, only hours away from the Mirit and Pyria systems. The system contains the planet Jagga-Two, site of a small Imperial base that manufactures concussion missiles and supplies the Imperial Star Destroyer-II Eviscerator. The seventh planet in the system is a gas giant. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, the Alliance staged a feint in the Venjagga system to cover their simultaneous assault on Borleias in the Pyria system. [XWRS]

Vento system

The location of an ancient Republic shipyard. Nearly four thousand years ago during the Sith War, the fallen Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma gained control of Coruscant's war room during his attack on the capital world. Qel-Droma told the war room's commander to order all Republic ships to jump to identical coordinates in the Vento system, which would have resulted in a massive collision and the destruction of the fleet. Fortunately, he was stopped before the order could be carried out. [TSW]

Venzeiia 2 Prime

A Rebel spy, fleeing aboard a YT-1300 freighter, was tracked to a salvage yard near Venzeiia 2 Prime. A TIE Defender was dispatched to capture the freighter while the Star Destroyer Glory captured the salvage yard's space station, for daring to harbor a fugitive from the Empire. [TSC]


Prior to the Battle of Hoth, the Alliance sent the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO to the jungle planet Verdanth to investigate a crashed Imperial messenger drone. The drone was actually a trap set by Darth Vader, who planned to use a cybernetic Force link to read the minds of any Rebels investigating the drone and possibly learn the location of their new Hoth base. [CSW]


A planet in the Hapes Cluster. The inhabitants of Vergill have long been rivals with the water-breathers of the planet Maires. Nineteen years after the Battle of Endor, the Vergills began an undersea ditanium mining operation on the planet Hapes, next to the newly-opened Mairan consulate. The Mairans filed an official protest against the noise and mining debris stirred up by the Vergillsí actions, but in reality they had deliberately placed their consulate near the richest vein of ditanium in order to spark a confrontation. [YJK]


A planet possibly in the Senex sector. The uncommitted ex-governor of Veron took a "vacation" to attend a meeting on Belsavis with Roganda Ismaren. [COTJ]

Vexta Belt

Pirates located in the Vexta Belt attacked Delephran shipping for many years, until they were wiped out by the Delephran militia during their "Piracy Scouring." Former Alliance operative Colonel Andrephan Stormcaller participated in this campaign during his early career. [SWAJ]


The planet Vinsoth is covered by vast plains and is home to the unusual-looking aliens called the Chevin. The Chevin are hunter-gatherers who follow the herds of backshin as they travel the plains, and have enslaved a native humanoid race also called Chevins. Ephant Mon, a gunrunner who spent time in Jabba the Hutt's court, was a native of Vinsoth. After a life-changing encounter with Luke Skywalker in Jabba's dungeon, Ephant Mon returned to his home planet and founded a new religious sect that worshipped nature and the Force, though he still ran some scams on the side to finance his sect's temple. [MTS, TFJP]

Vinzen Neela 5

After the Battle of Hoth, the Empire was transferring a cargo of prototype TIE Defenders to an escort carrier at a rendezvous near Vinzen Neela 5. The Rebel Alliance made an unsuccessful attack on this transfer operation. [TSC]


The possible homeworld of the Virgillians. Captain Tessa Manchisco was a Virgillian who fought in the Virgillian Civil War. Her crew consisted of humans and one Duro. [TAB]

Viridia system

Han Solo used to make smuggling runs to the Viridia system. He learned some of their port access codes, but these codes were later changed by the Imperials. [COPL]


An Imperial prison planet. The smuggler Tait Ransom was scheduled to be sent to Vizcarra, after he was arrested for weapons smuggling on Omman. [SWAJ]


The planet Vjun contains Bast Castle, a remote, heavily-defended structure built by Darth Vader as his private refuge. It was later the headquarters of Darkside Executor Sedriss and the Emperor's elite force of Dark Jedi. The planet is lashed with acidic, burning rain, and no plant life can survive on its bleak surface. Kam Solusar served as a Darkside warrior on Vjun before Luke Skywalker turned him to the light side on Nespis VIII, six years after the Battle of Endor. Soon after Solusar's conversion, three Ysanna prisoners from Ossus were taken to Vjun to serve as raw material in creating new clone bodies for Palpatine. The Ysanna were frozen in carbonite to await the future construction of a clone laboratory in Bast Castle, but Luke Skywalker and his Jedi trainees managed to storm the castle and defeat the Emperor's men. [DE2, EE]


Located in the Rachuk sector and system, Vladet is a blue and green world dotted with islands and receives a great deal of rainfall. The Empire established a base in the lush jungle on Vladet's Grand Isle to discourage piracy in the local systems, and the garrison became the center of Imperial control for the Rachuk sector. Built in the crater of an extinct volcano, the base was ringed by two steep mountain ranges on the west and east. To the south the wall had mostly broken down and the base extended out of the crater to the edges of the bay. Geothermal generators powered the energy shield and twin ion cannons, while a comfortable mansion housed the command staff, including Admiral Devlia. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, an Alliance force including members of Rogue Squadron attacked the Vladet headquarters in reprisal for an Imperial raid on Talasea. The Alliance did not wish to capture Vladet, but intended to cripple the base so the Empire would be forced to allocate more forces to its defense. Several Y-wing squadrons blew out the northern wall of the crater, allowing starfighters to fly in under the base's defensive shield. The Alliance leveled the base in the successful raid, and Rogue Squadron pilot Corran Horn helped destroy a Lancer-class frigate on their way out. [XWRS]


A gas giant famous for its perpetual atmospheric storms. [GG2]


Vodran, covered with swamps and thick jungles, is the homeworld to the tough alien species also known as Vodrans, who struggle for survival against the world's huge and deadly predators. Rebel Alliance Lieutenant Xenon Nnaksta, an operator of the Greel Wood Logging Corporation in the Pii system, is a native of Vodran. Nnaksta's parents were killed years ago in the Thruncon Insurrection, a catastrophe in which many Vodran cities were destroyed. The young Vodran then spent time living alone on the streets, in the rural areas of the Kudor province. The planet is also home to the galactic pest known as the dianoga or "garbage squid." This seven-tentacled creature has one eyestalk and has evolved a transparent camouflage to protect it from predators. These animals can be now found feeding on garbage virtually everywhere in the galaxy, and Luke Skywalker was attacked and nearly killed by one in the Death Star's trash compactor. [SW, MTS, SWAJ]

Vogel 7

The site of an Imperial Naval Academy where TIE pilot Ranulf Trommer was raised. [ROC]

Vondarc system

The smuggler Dannen Lifehold brought a Rebel group from Rafft to a rendezvous with a cargo frigate in the Vondarc system. It was here, just prior to the Battle of Yavin, that Lifehold joined the Alliance. [SWAJ]


The site of the Third Battle of Vontor, the final defeat of the historical tyrant Xim the Despot. During this battle, Xim's orbital fortress and nearly all of his war-robots were vaporized. [HSLL]


Vortex, the homeworld of the hollow-boned, winged Vors, is a blue and gray planet with a sharp axial tilt causing sudden seasonal changes and severe windstorms. The Cathedral of Winds, the center of Vor civilization, is an immense glassy structure designed to produce tones when Vortex's wind currents pass over and through it. The Vors perform a beautiful concert of etherial music by opening and closing orifices in the building with their bodies. The Vors are an emotionless species, and tend to concentrate on larger goals rather than on individuals. They refused to perform their music for off-worlders during the reign of the Empire, and have only recently allowed New Republic and other dignitaries to attend these shows. All recording is prohibited, and only one concert is performed each year. The Vors inhabit underground dwellings during the storm season, which can be seen from above as small mounds arranged in rings in the purple, vermilion, and tan grasses of the plains. During a visit to Vortex by Admiral Ackbar and Leia Organa Solo, Ackbar's sabotaged B-wing crashed into and destroyed the centuries-old Cathedral of Winds and killed at least 358 Vors. A different, more streamlined Cathedral was then constructed by the Vors to replace the one destroyed in Ackbar's crash. [DA, COTF]

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