Udine system

The asteroid-packed Udine system is located next to the region of space called Keller's Void. Occasionally pirates have been known to bring asteroids from the Udine system and place them in the Void, to create mass shadows and force unsuspecting ships from hyperspace. [SWAJ]


Ukio, in the Abrion sector and the Ukio system, is one of the top five food-producing planets in the New Republic and was the target of an attack by Grand Admiral Thrawn. A spokesman for the Ukian Overliege surrendered the planet to the Empire after Thrawn seemingly demonstrated the ability to fire directly through planetary shields. The smuggler Samuel Tomas Gillespee bought a plot of land on Ukio, which he lost when the Empire took control of the planet. [TLC]


A cool, mist-covered world in the same system as Dargul, Umgul is known as a center for gambling and sports attractions. The planet's spaceport is located in Umgul City, built on the limestone banks of a wide river that attracts numerous pleasure barges. The city is covered with signs and attractions for visitors, though cheating in the gambling establishments is punishable by death. Tourists primarily visit Umgul to see the famous Umgullian blob races, held in an arena carved from rock and ringed with fans to blow away the thick fog. The protoplasmic blobs, bred for racing, are kept in stables and monitored by the Umgullian Racing Commission for any signs of illegal enhancement. Lando Calrissian visited Umgul while searching for a possible Jedi candidate. [JS]


Located in the Trax sector near the Trax Tube, a major Outer Rim shipping lane. Outlaw stations on Uogo'cor will service any ship, including those belonging to pirates and wanted criminals. [SWAJ]


A hideout world for Doc's band of outlaw-techs. Urdur, with its biting-cold winds, was the planet where Han Solo and his companions rested following their escape from Mytus VII. [HSSE]


A planet in the Hapes cluster. Ut sent a woman to sing a beautiful song as part of a series of gifts from Hapes to the New Republic. [COPL]

Uvena system

The Uvena system contains a group of planets ruled by the alien species called Shistavanen Wolfmen. The Wolfmen are renowned for their hunting and tracking skills, and many are employed by the Empire as scouts. Riv Shiel, a former Shistavanen member of the Alliance's famed Rogue Squadron, was a native of Uvena III. [MTS, XWRS]

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