Rachuk sector

Lying close to the Galactic Core, the Rachuk sector borders the Morobe sector and contains the Chorax, Hensara, and Rachuk systems. The sector was controlled from an Imperial base, located on Vladet in the Rachuk system. [XWRS]

Rachuk system

The Rachuk system is located in the Rachuk sector and contains the planet Vladet, site of an Imperial sector headquarters. A great deal of trade and shipping traffic passes through the centrally-located system. The Rachuk roseola virus infects anyone visiting the system, and manifests itself as a red, itchy rash. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, the Alliance destroyed the Vladet base and forced the Empire to divert more of its forces to the Rachuk system, diluting its strength elsewhere. [XWRS]

Rafa system

Bordering the Oseon system, the eleven planets and numerous moons of the Rafa system are covered with the enormous plastic ruins of the ancient Sharu. The buildings are among the largest constructions in the galaxy and are quite impenetrable. Many human colonies, dating from the early days of the Old Republic, have sprung up around and between the structures. The system was also inhabited by a primitive humanoid species known as the Toka, who were treated as slaves by the Rafa colonists. The system is famous for its life orchards-- groves of crystalline trees whose crystal "fruit" can extend an individual's life when harvested and worn. Working among the crystal trees themselves, however, drains a person's life and intellect, and consequently most of the harvesting is done by the Toka or the criminals in the Rafa's numerous penal colonies. Following Lando Calrissian's procurement of the Mindharp from Rafa V, the Toka were revealed to actually be the Sharu and regained their civilization and mental abilities. [LCMH]

Rafa III

The location of a deep-bore mining operation using laser drillbits. [LCMH]

Rafa IV

Rafa IV is the center of government for the Rafa system. It was ruled by Duttes Mer, colonial governor of the Rafa, until the government was overthrown by the resurgent Toka. Its main spaceport city, Teguta Lusat, lies wedged between the colossal plastic ruins of the Sharu. The city contains numerous taverns, the Hotel Sharu, and a penal colony where the prisoners serve their sentences harvesting crystals from the life orchards. [LCMH, LCFW]

Rafa V

A frozen, dry world of red sand, archaeoastronomers believe that the ancient Sharu evolved on this planet. Orbiting the world are Rafa V's twin moons and a cloud of debris that might be the result of the Sharu's early attempts at spaceflight. It is the site of many life-orchards, harvested by a few hundred convicts, horticulturists, and Toka living in fewer scattered settlements. A colossal Sharu pyramid, projecting seven kilometers above ground level, towers over the other ruins of Rafa V and was the resting place of the famous artifact called the Mindharp. [LCMH]

Rafa XI

The outermost planet in the Rafa system, Rafa XI is a world of icy slush orbiting in the dark. It is the site of a research installation and a helium refinery. [LCMH]


A green, forested world with several modest settlements. A small, twelve-man Rebel base was located in a complex of caves on Rafft just prior to the Battle of Yavin. The Rebels, led by Commander Brion Peck, were sent to the planet to sabotage the construction of an Imperial garrison. The group was evacuated by the smuggler Dannen Lifehold after a homing beacon betrayed the base's location. [SWAJ]


The location of the Raithal Academy, the most prestigious training center in the entire Empire. After the Battle of Yavin, medical experts from Raithal were sent to an orbiting hospital frigate to study the outbreak of Candorian plague on Dentaal. [SWAJ]


The homeworld of a sentient insectoid alien species. Rakririans are wealthy, highly cultured, and known to be rather finicky-- few leave their homeworld because they are typically dissatisfied with the level of sophistication on other planets. Sabodor, owner of Sabodor's pet store on Etti IV, was a native of Rakrir. [HSSE, CSSB]


Ralltiir, located in the system of the same name, lies along the Perlemian Trade Route in the Darpa sector of the Core Worlds, just on the border of the Colonies region. Over the last several hundred years, Ralltiir was the only planet in the Darpa sector that was able to maintain its independence from the nearby world of Esseles. In recent history, Ralltiir was an attractive, high-technology world famous for its banking industry and home to the Grallia Spaceport. The planet's powerful financial institutions were politically neutral and had a reputation as a "safe haven" for investors' funds. With the rise of the Empire, certain factions began to infiltrate Ralltiir's financial system and steer its markets in a pro-Imperial direction-- erasing the fiscal records of alien investors, for instance. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, pro-Alliance members of the Ralltiir High Council tried to stop this and restore balance to the markets-- inspiring the Emperor to use Ralltiir as an example to other worlds that would resist his will. A brutal Imperial force, led by Lord Tion, immediately invaded Ralltiir and left the planet and its ten billion inhabitants in shambles. Tion disbanded the High Council, replaced it with a military tribunal headed by Imperial Governor Dennix Graeber, and set up interrogation centers and public executions of Rebel leaders. He also sealed off the entire Ralltiir system (not even permitting relief organizations to travel through his blockade), severely hurting commerce along the Perlemian Trade Route. Princess Leia Organa, on a mercy mission to deliver medical supplies and equipment to the High Council of Ralltiir, was permitted to land by Tion. The Princess rescued a wounded Rebel soldier, who later revealed the existence of the Death Star project. Ralltiir's economy is now in ruins, as many of its powerful corporations have relocated offworld. Since the occupation, Governor Graeber has been getting rich by secretly supplying the Rebel underground with weapons, which he then uses as a justification to persecute Ralltiir's citizens even further. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, an Alliance raid on the Cygnus Corporation's starfighter performance trials near Ralltiir resulted in the capture of the Assault Gunboat design team. Elea Poista, a top Exex at Bespin Motors and an occasional Alliance contact, gained her position after transferring from a shipping company on Ralltiir. [SWR, SWS, MTS, GG2, FP, SWAJ]


A heavy industrial world in the Corporate Sector with an extremely high degree of pollution and contamination. The Rampa Skywatch keeps an eye out for water smugglers hidden among the regular cargo traffic, for Rampa's citizens are willing to pay a very high price for pure R'alla mineral water. Han Solo and Chewbacca made some smuggling runs "down the Rampa Rapids" during their early adventures. [HSR, HSLL, CSSB]


Female ward-cousins on the planet Randon are traditionally honored (due to their potential inheritance) and are customarily served first. Randoni women wear their hair loose and flowing, and an alcoholic drink from Randon is the Randoni Yellow Plague. Luke Skywalker and Tenel Ka posed as archaeological traders from Randon during their undercover mission to Borgo Prime. [YJK]

Rayter sector

The Rayter sector contains the planet Karra, located in the sector's largely unexplored rimward section. [SWAJ]


A harsh, sparsely-populated world in the Hapes cluster, Reboam once served as a hiding place and as the supposed location of a training center for a group of fifty Jedi Knights. After one year the knights were discovered by Darth Vader and a group of Dark Jedi, who killed them and had them sealed in Reboam's ancient ruins. [COPL]


Redcap is a rainy, barren world of shifting mud plains, crossed with jagged canyons and mountain ranges. Since ships can easily sink in the thick mud, landings are restricted to the stable Tyma Canyon, which runs for several hundred kilometers across the planet's surface. Redcap's human inhabitants-- the poverty- stricken descendants of early mining colonists-- live in settlements built on the bases of the mountain chains. Repulsorlifts are inoperable on Redcap, since the omnipresent mud clogs their systems. Instead, residents travel on olai, horned beasts of burden originally brought from a nearby moon to Redcap for use in the mining industry. Points of interest on the planet include Juteau Settlement, which was built near the Garish Ridge and contains the Laughing Bantha tavern. Ruck's Rut is a multileveled network of rifts and fissures located in Tyma Canyon. Redcap is shrouded in gray skies, though low patches of lavender-pink clouds sometimes hug the world's surface. Redcap is nominally under the Empire's control and has a minimal Imperial presence, though the planet's 140,000 inhabitants possess no form of organized government. The old smuggler Toob Ancher, suffering from the Bitter Winter disease, came with Drake Paulsen to Redcap, where the old man's checkered life came to an end. [SWAJ]

Reegan system

Imperial lieutenant Brandei had just completed business in the Reega system before he delivered the young girl Alex to Garos IV, for adoption by Tork and Sali Winger. [SWAJ]

Regar I & II

Regar I is the fifth planet in the Garos system; Regar II is the sixth. [SWAJ]


Independent operative Dirk Harkness served as a mechanic in a hidden Rebel base on Reginard soon after he joined the Alliance. [SWAJ]


A planet in the Corporate Sector. Reltooine is one of the stops made by the luxury liner Lady of Mindor during its voyage from Roonadan to Ammuud. [CSSB]

Renatasia system

The Renatasia system, containing eight planets orbiting a yellow star, is located far outside civilized space. It was apparently colonized in a long-forgotten mission many thousands of years ago in Pre-Republic days. No records exist of this early colonization, and the Renatasians gradually became unaware of their extrastellar origin. Renatasia III and IV are green, pleasant worlds, though the Renatasians had colonized every planet in their system by the time they were discovered by a damaged trader ship.

The Empire decided to send representatives to probe the society's weaknesses, and the Ottdefa Osuno Whett and the droid Vuffi Raa were sent as envoys to the nation-state of Mathilde on Renatasia IV's second-largest continent. After observing the locals for 700 days, a full report was transmitted and the Imperial fleet arrived, which began to collect slaves and taxes. The Renatasians resisted, and the fleet attempted to seize the system intact through the use of ground forces-- taking heavy losses in a costly but inevitable Imperial victory. Over two-thirds of the population in the Renatasia system was killed in the pacification effort. [LCFW, LCSC]


The location of the Rendili space construction center, one of the facilities used by the Emperor to build his largest warships and special weapons platforms. Rendili StarDrive manufactures the Victory-class Star Destroyer. [SWS, ISWU]

Retep III

In the time following the Battle of Yavin, a group of Habassan freighters delivered a cargo of foodstuffs to the Alliance at a rendezvous near Retep III. The transfer operation was attacked by Imperial starfighters. [FP]

Retep V

A Habassan convoy was ambushed by Imperial corvettes near Retep V following the Battle of Yavin. An Alliance strike force helped rescue the convoy. [FP]


Rhinnal is located in the Darpa sector of the Core Worlds, along the Perlemian Trade Route. The planet has recently emerged from an ice age, and has a surface covered with fjords, mountains, and frigid rivers. Rhinnal was a colony world of nearby Esseles until the rise of the Empire, when the Imperials took over direct control from the planet's Esselian governor. Though it is now ruled by the unobtrusive Imperial Governor Phadreas Kole, many of the planet's major decisions are still made by the heads of various ethnic clans, traditional groups linked by kinship. The planet's 55 million inhabitants place great value on ceremonies and commemorations, and often wear elaborate, colorful clothing. Rhinnal has been famous for generations for its expertise in medicine, and produces the most respected doctors in the galaxy from its training programs. The last remaining Jedi chapter house in the Core Worlds is located on Rhinnal and still accepts patients, though none of its staff are Jedi. The planet's capital city is Rhire, which boasts the prestigious state Medical Academy. After the Battle of Yavin, medical experts from Rhinnal were sent to an orbiting hospital frigate to study the outbreak of Candorian plague on Dentaal. [SWAJ]


The homeworld of the alien species also known as Riilebs. Riilebs, almost as tall as Wookiees, are humanoids with antennae that can detect the biorhythm changes of others. Single Riileb females are bald, while married females and all males have hair. Tere Metallo, a tough free-trader who eventually began working for the Alliance, is a female native of Riileb. Metallo was the eldest daughter to the MotherClan on her homeworld, and would have inherited the ClanRing at the age of 30 had she not been sold into slavery by a jealous sister. [SWAJ]


The controversial jatz musician Fitz Roi was deported from Rimma after shooting his antique projectile pistols in the Teirra Parko's Crystal Room, located in the main city of Recardeon. Millions of fans rioted upon learning of the scheduled concert's cancellation, causing several hundred thousand credits damage to Recardeon. [SWAJ]

Ringali Nebula

The Ringali Nebula is a spectacular stretch of violet gasses located within the Ringali Shell, and can be seen in the night sky of all the Shell's planets. [SWAJ]

Ringali Shell

The Ringali Shell is a region of space running from the mid-Core to the Colonies region. The Shell encompasses the Bormea and Darpa sectors, the intersection of the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way, and the colorful Ringali Nebula. [SWAJ]

Ringneldia system

Lando Calrissian picked up replacement parts for the Millennium Falcon while in the Ringneldia system, where all part sizes are standardized around the diameter of a native bean. [LCSC]


One of the two primary worlds of the Sepan system, with the planet Dimok. The long war between Dimok and Ripoblus was forcibly ended by the intervention of Imperial forces after the Battle of Hoth, though the two worlds briefly (and unsuccessfully) tried to unite against the Empire as their common foe. [TSC]


The only places on Rishi habitable by its colonists are the humid, congested valleys, though the native avian Rishii inhabit the high mountains surrounding the city-vales. The conservative colonists live in white stone buildings and forbid the use of repulsorlift vehicles on the streets in the morning. Animal life on Rishi includes the dangerous Maungurs in the planet's warm polar regions, who have flexible "limb-tails" as forelimbs and feature prominently in Rishii legends and stories. The primary food of the Maungur are the leaf-eating khi'rs. Talon Karrde's smuggling group briefly used a Rishi city-vale as a hideout following their evacuation of Myrkr. This city-vale measures approximately 150 kilometers east to west and only a few kilometers north-south, and has sparsely-populated industrial areas to the north. While on her way to the Number Three dump on 412 Wozwashi Street, Mara Jade was ambushed by a bounty hunter. [DFR, SWAJ]

Roche system

The Roche system contains the Roche asteroid field, a relatively stable configuration of asteroids orbiting a small yellow sun. In addition to mynocks and space slugs, the Roche field is home to the intelligent insectoid species called the Verpine. There are three common theories as to how the Verpine came to inhabit the inhospitable asteroid belt: that they are the descendants of spacefaring nomads, that their original planet disintegrated around them over thousands of years, or that they destroyed their planet in a devastating war. The Verpine inhabit networks of tunnels in the larger asteroids, hermetically sealing them from vacuum and covering them with repulsorfields to prevent collision with other asteroids. Verpine can communicate with each other through inaudible radio waves picked up through their antennae, and most Verpine criminals have damaged antennae.

Verpine are considered among the best mechanics in the galaxy, and a team of them helped Admiral Ackbar design the B-Wing starfighter. The Verpine tech Zraii, a native of Roche G42, served with the Alliance's famed Rogue Squadron. A serious incident between the Verpine and the Barabel occurred four years after the Battle of Endor, when a mad Verpine hive mother defaulted on several ship-building contracts for the Barabel. The Barabel began to make good on their threat to sell Verpine body parts to the insect-eating Kubaz, and New Republic forces were dispatched to the Roche system to help prevent a war. One year later the smuggler Talon Karrde had an employee bring an assault shuttle to the Roche system, so some Verpine acquaintances could investigate it for possible traps. [TLC, COPL, GG4, XWRS]


The outlaw Jai Raventhorn was working as a mining engineer on Rodaj when her fiancee was killed by the Empire. This inspired her personal quest for revenge against Moff Jellrek. [SWAJ]


Rodia, in the Tyrius system, is an industrial planet which is home to the violence-loving Rodians and their vast weapons-manufacturing facilities. The culture of the Rodians romanticizes death and the hunt, as is evidenced by their reverence for the bounty hunter profession, their gladiatorial games, and in their famous dramatic plays. Their society is ruled by the Rodian Grand Protector, and only the most accomplished hunters are allowed to leave their planet. The Salus Corporation, based on Rodia, specifically designed Stalker battle armor for use by Rodian bounty hunters. Rodia was once a lush tropical world, but rapid industrial growth has made many lifeforms extinct. As a result, foodstuffs have become a common import. Years ago, Navik the Red, the Rodian leader of the Chattza clan, eliminated many opposing clan leaders and nearly wiped out the entire Tetsus clan. Greedo, a novice bounty hunter in the employ of Jabba the Hutt, was a Rodian and a surviving member of the Tetsus clan. Another notable Rodian was Andoorni Hui, a female pilot and member of the Alliance's famed Rogue Squadron. [GG4, TFTC, XWRS, SWAJ]


Located in the Galov sector of the Outer Rim, Romar contains the estate of Imperial Moff Antoll Jellrek near the rocky spires of the Derrbi Wastelands. When the outlaw Jai Raventhorn tried to assassinate the Moff at his estate, she encountered the notorious bounty hunter Beylyssa. [SWAJ]


The fifth planet in the Bonadan system, Roonadan is located within the Corporate Sector. It is the site of a starship departure terminal, and it was here that Han Solo and Fiolla of Lorrd stopped over en route to the planet Ammuud. [HSR, CSSB]

Ropagi system

The Ropagi system is one endpoint of the Kira Run; the Lazerian system is the other. The recent interest in the Kira Run by mainstream corporations is expected to greatly help the system's economy. [SWAJ]

Roti-Ow system

The Roti-Ow system contains a binary star and the planet Altor 14, homeworld of the Avogwi and the Nuiwit. [GG4]

Roundtree system

Rekkon, an educator who helped Han Solo during the mission to Stars' End, was born in the Roundtree system. [CSSB]

Ruan system

Located in the Core Worlds, the Ruan system contains one of the eighteen farming planets administered by the Salliche Ag Corporation. After the Battle of Endor, workers in the Yulant, Ruan, and Broest systems revolted against the Imperially-controlled Salliche Ag by burning fields and destroying hydroponics facilities. [SWAJ]


The quiet planet Rudrig, in the system of the same name, is home to the vast University of Rudrig, the only respected higher school in the Tion Hegemony. The planet-wide university has campuses and classrooms scattered everywhere among the gray soil and purple grasses, and various alien species from throughout the Tion travel here to obtain an adequate education. Weapons are officially prohibited on the planet's surface. Han Solo and Chewbacca were involved in a high-speed chase on a Rudrig freeway during one of their early adventures. After the Imperials destroyed an Alliance base on Briggia prior to the Battle of Yavin, the next scheduled target of the Emperor's Operation Strike Fear was Rudrig. [HSLL, FP]


Imperial General Sulamar, who worked with Durga the Hutt on the Darksaber project, was known to boast of his commanding role in the Rout of Rustibar. [DS]


The home planet of the caterpillar-like Ruurians. Ruurian society is separated into three life-stages: larva, pupa, and chroma-wing. The larval Ruurians are concerned with all aspects of day-to-day life on Ruuria from the moment of their births; eventually each will form a chrysalis (the pupa stage) and emerge as a chroma-wing, concerned only with mating. The historian Skynx, holder of the history chair in the pre- Republic subdivision, Human History subdepartment, was a Ruurian-- a member of the K'zagg Colony on the banks of the Z'gag. Skynx is now a Professor Emeritus at the University of Ruuria. [HSLL, CSSB]

Rydar II

The semi-intelligent Ranat species originated on Rydar II, located in the Rydar system. Several hundred years ago, the human inhabitants of Rydar II attempted to exterminate the Ranats due to their propensity to eat human infants. The extermination was nearly successful, but three Ranats managed to stow away on a visiting smuggling ship. The ship crashed on Aralia, and the Ranats have since populated that planet. [GG4]


The location of several Imperial-controlled orbital factories, where captured prisoners are sent to toil. [COTJ]


Located in the Outer Rim near Tatooine, Ryloth is the principal planet in the Ryloth system and is home to the alien species known as Twi'leks. Twi'leks are humanoid aliens with two large, fleshy "head-tails" growing from their skulls. The Twi'leks call these prehensile appendages "lekku" and can communicate in secret through lekku gestures, though they also have a spoken language, Twi'leki. Their rocky, mountainous planet has no rotation, so one side of the planet always faces the sun and the only habitable areas are in the band of twilight separating the two sides. Heat storms in Ryloth's thin atmosphere help to distribute warmth throughout the twilight zone, which the Twi'leks inhabit within networks of mountain catacombs. Wind-driven turbines power their primitive industrial civilization, and raw fungi and cowlike rycrits are raised for food. Ryloth's primary exports are the addictive ryll spice and Twi'lek females, who are desired for their seductive dancing skills. The Twi'lek government is organized around a five-member "head clan," who are in charge of all community decisions. When one member of the clan dies, the remaining four are exiled into the dayside desert (the "Bright Lands") and a new head clan is selected. Points of interest on Ryloth include the city of Kala'uun.

A major Twi'lek corporation is Galactic Exotics, which developed orchards on the planet Belsavis. Ryloth is also home to SchaumAssoc., a Twi'lek advertising agency that pioneered media and public relations for the Corporate Sector. Years ago, a small Imperial refueling center and training outpost was established on Ryloth, supported by the Empire yet often used by smugglers. Tarkin, then a Commander, had early plans to turn this refueling station into an important location in the Outer Rim. Jabba the Hutt's majordomo, Bib Fortuna, was one of the first to widely sell ryll spice off-planet, which attracted the Empire's attention and brought slavers to Ryloth. Fortuna was sentenced to death but escaped, and returned later with an army of Jabba's men to exact revenge. Seven Ryloth cities were burned and Jabba took slaves and riches, while Fortuna rescued Nat Secura, the last son of a great Twi'lek family. Fortuna made plans to someday return with Secura and rule Ryloth as he saw fit. Not long before the Battle of Endor, Fortuna enslaved a clan chief's daughter named Oola, and trained her to serve as a dancer in Jabba's palace. Maw scientist Tol Sivron, Rogue Squadron pilot Nawara Ven, and the ancient Jedi knight Tott Doneeta were also natives of Ryloth. [SWS, COTF, COTJ, TOTJ, CSSB, TFJP, XWRS, SWAJ]


Located in the Avhn-Bendara system. The Empire brutally suppressed an uprising in Ryvellia's capital city of V'eldalv with an orbital bombardment. During the attack, the thief Sienn Sconn's parents were killed. [SWAJ]

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