Qat Chrystac

General Garm Bel Iblis fought Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces at Qat Chrystac, where Thrawn used Interdictor Cruisers to bring his ships out of hyperspace at precise locations. More than one assault was staged, and Wedge Antilles helped battle two squadrons of cloned TIE pilots during the first. Imperial shock forces were working their way across Qat Chrystac during Thrawn's siege of Coruscant. Bel Iblis was at Qat Chrystac when he intercepted a distress call from Lando Calrissian's Nomad City mining complex on Nkllon. [TLC]

Quanta sector

The Quanta sector, formerly ruled by Moff Jerjerrod, contains the planet Tinnel IV. [SWAJ]

Quelii sector

The Quelii sector contains the planet Dathomir. The sector was once under the control of Imperial Warlord Zsinj. [COPL]


The human inhabitants of Quian have light brown hair, aqua-green eyes, and dark complexions. The Imperial spy Benald Orlan is a native of Quian. When Orlan informed the Empire that members of his family were Alliance sympathizers, his father and siblings were executed. [SWAJ]

Quintar Nebula

Found on few star charts, the Quintar Nebula is a thick mass of colorful, swirling clouds that can blind sensors and ionize flight-control systems. Tron Nixx, the navigator for Drek Drednar's pirate crew, used the Force to chart a safe route through the Nebula, where he discovered the hidden world of Taraloon. [SWAJ]

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