Alliance leaders met with Sullustan commander Syub Snunb at a rendezvous near Obica just prior to the Battle of Endor. Snunb then led the Rebel fleet to Sullust where they prepared for their assault on the second Death Star. [DESB]


Located in the system of the same name, Obroa-skai sits at a strategic location within the borderland regions. During the rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the New Republic was attempting to convince Obroa- skai to join their side. Thrawn's forces made a partial dump of the data in the Obroans' central library system which allowed them to learn the location of Wayland. When Mara Jade visited Wayland during her tenure as the Emperor's Hand, the last stop before reaching their destination was Obroa-skai. [HTTE, TLC]

Odik II

The location of a top-secret political detention ward, where Old Republic opponents of Palpatine's New Order were imprisoned. Major Calders, a security warden aboard the first Death Star, began his career as a security guard at the Odik II facility. [DSTC]


Han Solo spent some time on Oetrago, and was unimpressed with the appearance of its plant life. He was reminded of this while seeing the ugly, mutated flowers of Crseih Station. [TCS]

Ogoth Tiir

Jona Grumby, a commodore in the Corporate Sector picket fleet, retired from the Imperial starfleet after he was crippled at the battle of Ogoth Tiir. [CSSB]


The Olabrian Trichoid (possibly originating on the planet of Olabria) was used by Governor Nereus of Bakura in an attempt to kill Luke Skywalker. Its larvae hatch in a host's stomach and burrow towards the heart, feeding on blood. [TAB]


Located in the system of the same name, Omar was the former site of three Sienar Fleet Systems starfighter production facilities. These advanced manufacturing plants, which produced the new TIE Advanced fighter, were destroyed by the traitorous Admiral Zaarin in the time following the Battle of Hoth. Zaarin hoped to maintain his technological superiority by weakening the Empire's most advanced war materiel. [TSC]


A culturally-diverse world with a busy starport and a high Imperial presence. The smugglers Drake Paulsen and Karl Ancher were imprisoned in a Bureau of Customs jail on Omman, but escaped with the help of another smuggler, Tait Ransom. [SWAJ]


An orange and green world of savannas and mountains, Omwat was the homeworld of the alien Maw scientist Qwi Xux. Tarkin, at that time a Moff commanding a Victory-class Star Destroyer, had determined that Omwati children could be capable of astonishing mental feats. He constructed an orbital education sphere to instruct the brightest Omwati prospects, using the threat of death to their honeycomb settlements on Omwat's surface if they failed. Nasdra Magrody developed the accelerated learning process, and one of the instructors was Ohran Keldor (a designer of both the Death Star and the Eye of Palpatine). Qwi Xux was the only candidate to survive the intense pressures of this force-fed education. [JS, COTJ]


Onderon, in the three-planet system of the same name, circles a yellow sun and has four moons with widely-varying orbits. The closest moon, Dxun, is home to numerous bloodthirsty creatures who are periodically able to migrate to the surface of Onderon, due to an annual period in which the two worlds' atmospheres intersect. The human inhabitants of Onderon gradually evolved defenses against the beasts, eventually culminating in the enormous walled city of Iziz. Native life on the planet includes the deadly dragon-bird.

4,400 years ago the Dark Jedi Freedon Nadd brought the power of the Sith to Onderon, and those who opposed it were cast out into the wilderness where they tamed the beasts of Dxun. Hundreds of these "beast riders" created their own kingdoms in the wild, and fought continually to overtake Iziz. About 4402 years ago Onderon was first contacted by the Old Republic, and a delegation of Jedi (including Ulic Qel- Droma) was sent to make peace between the beast riders and Queen Amanda of Iziz two years after that. Following the death of Queen Amanda, her daughter Galia took the throne with Oron Kira, her lover and the leader of a beast rider kingdom. A subsequent uprising by the followers of Freedon Nadd was put down by another Jedi force. At the same time, Satal Keto and his cousin Aleema (members of Tetan royalty) traveled to Onderon to learn the secrets of Sith magic, which led to their formation of the Krath and the political takeover of the Tetan system. Following the Naddist uprising, a permanent Jedi outpost was built on Onderon from the remains of Nadd's ancient starship. Later, during the end of the Sith War, Exar Kun ordered the warrior clans of Mandalore to capture Onderon and the city of Iziz. Defeated in a furious battle by Oron Kira and Captain Vanicus of the Republic navy, Mandalore and his surviving men fled to the Dxun moon. Millennia later, six years after the Battle of Endor, the Millennium Falcon landed on Onderon to repair damage suffered in a battle with the reborn Emperor's flagship, the Eclipse II. Fearing for her newborn son Anakin, Leia Organa Solo hid in warrior leader Modon Kira's safehouse deep in the Onderon wilderness. Palpatine (posing as a pilgrim on his way to the Shatoon monastery) discovered the child at the safehouse and tried to possess his body, but was stopped by the Jedi knight Empatojayos Brand. Later, the leaders of the New Republic gathered in the fortress of Modon Kira and re-established their galactic government, led by Mon Mothma with Leia Organa Solo as her second in command. [TOTJ, FNU, DLOS, EE, TSW]


Inspector Keek, Chief of the Internal Security Police on Brigia, had a medal (presumably obtained secondhand) designating him spelling champion of the planet Oor VII. [HSLL]

Oorn Tchis

Alliance pilot Keyan Farlander has an aunt and uncle living on Oorn Tchis. [FP]

Ord Grovner

The location of an Imperial Naval base. The Star Destroyers Crusader and Bombard returned to the Ord Grovner base after wiping out the Eyttyrmin Batiiv pirates in the Khuiumin system. [SWAJ]

Ord Mantell

A planet with twin moons located in the outworlds. Points of interest on Ord Mantell include its busy spaceport (surrounded by canyons), and Ten Mile Plateau, located in the rocky back country. Supposedly a world free from Imperial interests, Ord Mantell happened to be hosting an Imperial fleet on maneuvers when Han Solo arrived there to repair the Millennium Falcon following the Battle of Yavin. While there, Solo encountered his smuggler friend Drub McKumb, who warned Solo of the sizeable bounty on his head. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were later captured by the bounty hunter Skorr, and held captive in the abandoned stellar energy plant on Ten Mile Plateau. Skorr planned to use the pair as bait to trap Solo, but his plans were foiled when Solo and Chewbacca staged a daring rescue.

Later, Solo, Skywalker, and Chewbacca were captured by several bounty hunters (including Skorr, Dengar, and Bossk) working with Boba Fett, who imprisoned the trio in an abandoned moisture plant in Ord Mantell's back country. Again, Solo and his companions managed to outwit the bounty hunters and flee the planet. About six years later, Grand Admiral Thrawn staged an assault on Ord Mantell to create fear in the surrounding systems and ease New Republic pressure on his shipyard supply lines. [ESB, TLC, MTS, COTJ, CSW]

Ord Mirit

Located at the edge of the Galactic core in the Mirit system, Ord Mirit was once home to an Imperial base. After the Battle of Endor, however, the crumbling Empire abandoned the Ord Mirit garrison and moved its personnel to defend the more valuable world of Corellia. Some three years after Endor, the Alliance wanted to capture Borleias in the nearby Pyria system. They began their attack with a raid on the Venjagga system, which caused the Imperial Star Destroyer-II Eviscerator to pursue decoy Alliance ships into the neighboring Mirit system, believing Ord Mirit was the Rebels' true target. Bothan slicers had previously made Ord Mirit appear as a likely target by planting information that the world held the key to finding the lost Katana fleet. [XWRS]

Ord Pardron

Ord Pardron, possibly in the Dufilvan sector, is the site of a major New Republic base and was used in a multi-pronged attack by Grand Admiral Thrawn. By attacking multiple targets Thrawn forced Ord Pardron to parcel out its ships to help, requiring all remaining ships to stay at Ord Pardron to fight the Death's Head and leaving the planet Ukio undefended. Ukio was captured, and the Ord Pardron base was severely damaged. Ord Pardron is also the homeworld of Dera Jynsol, one of Lando Calrissian's candidates for marriage. [TLC, AAC]

Ord Segra

Years ago, resistance leader Una Poot and her husband delivered a culsion gas cargo to the Ord Segra spaceport. When they refused to pay the standard seven percent bribe, the customs ships opened fire and forced them to take a blind hyperspace jump. They ended up near the Dragonflower Nebula, eventually founding Silver Station. [SWAJ]

Ord Traga

While on a mission to Kabaira, the free-trader Tere Metallo used the false story that she was carrying cargo for an Imperial general on Ord Traga. [SWAJ]

Ord Trasi

The location of a major group of Imperial shipyards, in addition to the facilities at Yaga Minor and Bilbringi. All three shipyards were extremely busy during Grand Admiral Thrawn's offensive against the New Republic. Information supplied to the New Republic from a bounty hunter on Ord Trasi stated that three Imperial Star Destroyers were within a month of completion at the shipyards. [TLC]

Ord Wylan

Lando Calrissian won the taxi-service license rights to Ord Wylan in a sabacc game, but lost them the next moment on a side bet concerning what brand of liquor was being served at the time. [SWAJ]

Orellon II

Located in the Bastooine system, Orellon II is a world of jungles, plains, and volcanic mountains separated by oceans and orbited by the large barren moon called Orellon I. The planet is the homeworld of the primitive Kentra, a species of winged, fur-covered aliens who can fly in the world's slightly less-than- standard gravity. The world's five million Kentra are divided into four racial types: the jungle, spotted, striped, and brown folk, who all inhabit different terrain types. The Kentra live in seven major cities, including the capital city of Kariish (where King Jerius rules) and Ironwall (the domain of Jerius' rival, Lord Mogotah). Plant life on the planet includes the buntra tree, while some of the deadly predators include hornbeaks, voontragi, avian criers, and lizardlike gliders.

Years ago, Michael Tandre, a geologist and Jedi knight, crashed his ship Alpha Kentrum on Orellon II. He became the spiritual leader of the Kentra, teaching them to follow the disciplines of the Sword, Plow, and Spirit and leaving computer programs to guide them after his death. The Kentra built the Temple of the Je'ulajists (a corrupted form of "geologists") in the jungle around the Alpha Kentrum, and worshipped the memory of the Prophet Tandre. A starfish-shaped scoutship, built by a race of long-extinct aliens, is hidden in Orellon II's jungle and has been sending out scout droids to collect specimens for examination and collection. [SWAJ]


A large, bright star located in the Hapes cluster of sixty-three stars. [COPL]


A volcanic world, Orin occupies the second-planet position in the Bespin system. The planet has an elliptical orbit, passing through the asteroids of the nearby Velser's Ring twice during its year. Its black surface is rocked by frequent earthquakes and covered with rivers of lava and erupting volcanos. Orin's surface temperature is unbearably high and its atmosphere is choked with thick soot. [GG2]


Home to a high-security Imperial Detention Center. Following the Battle of Yavin, Alliance agent Kyle Katarn infiltrated the Orinackra prison and rescued the captured spy Crix Madine. [DF]

Orion IV

An Alliance base on Orion IV was destroyed by the Empire prior to the Battle of Yavin. It was bombarded from space by several Star Destroyers, and attacked on the planet's surface by AT-AT walkers and Assault Gunboats. [FP]


Princess Nampi, an immense worm-like alien who attempted to steal Jabba's cargo, was a native of Orooturoo. [JTH]

Orron III

Orron III is a fertile agricultural planet at a strategic location within the Corporate Sector. The green and blue world has almost no axial tilt, resulting in a year-round growing season. The Corporate Sector Authority tends the endless fields with robot agricultural machines, and has constructed a city-sized Authority Data Center on the planet. The only space traffic allowed on the world are Authority ships and massive agricultural drone barges, and the region is defended by the Shannador's Revenge-- a two kilometer-long Invincible Class dreadnaught. The spaceport is extremely large, built to accommodate the arriving and departing robo-barges. Han Solo and others tried to infiltrate the Authority Data Center on Orron III to learn the location of several missing persons. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, an Imperial convoy bound for the Death Star construction site stopped at a comm sat near Orron III, and was destroyed by Alliance starfighters. The Imperials also had a base in the system. [HSSE, FP]


A small, cold planet circling its red dwarf sun in an elliptical orbit, Orto is home to the trunked alien species known as Ortolans. Orto has a thin atmosphere and a short growing season, with arable lands concentrated near the equator. Beneath the northern polar ice cap geologists have discovered an enormous crater, leading to a theory that Orto was once struck by a planetary body which resulted in its somewhat inhospitable climate and the extinction of many of its lifeforms. The music- and food-loving Ortolans do not have a highly industrialized society, although they have been quite efficient in food production processes. Orto has been taken over by the Empire, and the Ortolans have been forced to mine heavy metals and radioactive fuels for Orto's new Imperial processing centers. One of the band members in Jabba the Hutt's palace was an Ortolan. [GG4, ROTJ]

Orus sector

Grand Admiral Thrawn gave the false impression his clone traffic was running through the Orus sector, leading Talon Karrde to visit Chazwa in an attempt to find the traffic's origin point. Planets in the Orus sector include Chazwa, Poderis, and Joiol. [TLC]

Oseon system

Adjacent to the Rafa system and composed of nothing but thousands of asteroids, the Oseon system is famous for its wealthy inhabitants and its booming tourist trade. Seven wide bands of asteroids orbit their sun, and many of these bodies have been turned into luxury resorts or private estates. Many tourists come to see the famous Flamewind of Oseon, a yearly phenomenon caused by an increase in stellar flares. The flares interact with asteroid vapor, creating brilliant bands of ionized gas thousands of kilometers long that fill the system with fluorescing colors. The Flamewind lasts an average of three weeks, and the strong radiation prevents all communications and in-system space traffic with the exception of message torpedoes. Carrying personal weapons in the Oseon is a capital offense. [LCFW]

Oseon 2745

An asteroid in the Oseon system which is closer to the sun than most, and consequently is uncomfortably hot in spite of its air-conditioning and life support systems. Oseon 2745 is primarily a mining colony, unlike most of the pleasure-resort asteroids in the rest of the system. [LCMH]

Oseon 5792

Located in the Fifth Belt of Oseon asteroids, 5792 was the private estate of Bohhuah Mutdah, an immensely fat retired industrialist who was the wealthiest individual in the Oseon system. The asteroid was disk- shaped, fifteen kilometers in diameter and less than three kilometers thick. One side of the disk was covered with lakes, trees, gardens, and a palace, all kept under transparent domes with artificial gravity. The other side housed a well-defended spaceport containing a wide collection of spacecraft. The asteroid was destroyed by Renatasian raiders during Lando Calrissian's smuggling mission in the Oseon. [LCFW]

Oseon 6845

The asteroid Oseon 6845, like most places in the Oseon system, caters to wealthy and powerful Oseoni. It is the largest asteroid in the system-- 700 kilometers in diameter-- and has a surface honeycombed with nightclubs and resorts, including the Hotel Drofo. The Esplanade, a tree-lined walkway with a three-meter deep gravity field, is located at the center of a small city on the asteroid's equator. The stores fronting the Esplanade are said to be among the most expensive properties in the galaxy. A spaceport is located on the northern pole of 6845, and the asteroid has been artificially accelerated to give it a 25-hour rotational cycle. [LCFW]

Oslumpex V

Vinda and D'rag, Starshipwrights and Aerospace Engineers Incorporated, have their operation on Oslumpex V. Han Solo's ship was placed on the Red List because he owed 2500 credits to this company. [HSR]

Ossel II

A high-gravity world of steaming bogs and swamps, Ossel II is the homeworld of the dim-witted alien species known as the Ossan. The Ossan have an extremely primitive society and have developed spears and clubs to defend themselves against the cucul, a predator that resembles a floating log. Most intergalactic visitors to Ossel II come to purchase syp wood, which the Ossan provide in exchange for being allowed to serve a tour of duty on the trade ships. Some Ossan are used as agricultural slaves on Karfeddion for benefit of the House Vandron. [GG4, COTJ]


Ossus, located in the Adega system (one of the six remaining Auril systems in the Auril sector), orbits the twin Adegan suns in a figure-eight trajectory. It was an important Jedi stronghold and learning center in ancient times, and there is some speculation that the Order of Jedi Knights began on this planet. Ossus was once covered with many cities and ground defenses, and the Knossa spaceport was located near a range of rocky mountains. Points of interest on the Jedi world once included the Great Jedi Library and the peaceful Gardens of Talla. The steep canyon walls are still covered with elaborate murals, and the planet's atmosphere is charged with occasional electrical storms. Although Ossus' golden age is long past, some of the ancient buildings that still stand include the library and a Jedi meditation chamber.

Nearly 4000 years ago during the Great Sith War, the fallen Jedi Exar Kun visited Ossus to recruit twenty Jedi knights into the Sith cause. Before he departed, Kun killed Master Odan-Urr and stole a Sith holocron from the Jedi Library. Later, an Ossan Jedi fleet was dispatched to the nearby Cron Cluster to defend the besieged station Kemplex Nine. The fleet was destroyed when the Cluster went nova, and the resulting shockwave threatened to devastate Ossus. An evacuation of the planet was immediately ordered, and as many ancient relics as possible were loaded onto transports. At the same time, however, Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma appeared with their armies to loot the world of its valuables before the shockwave arrived. Kun battled the Neti Jedi master Ood Bnar, who turned into a unyielding tree to protect a trove of the earliest known lightsabers. Meanwhile, Ulic confronted and killed his brother Cay, and was seized with horror and regret over what he had done. The Jedi (with the notable exception of Ood Bnar) left the planet just ahead of the shockwave, which scorched and nearly wiped clean Ossus’ surface. Some Jedi survived, however, after hiding their families in Ossus' great caverns, and their descendants grew into the Ysanna, a tribe of warrior-shamans who use the Force to guide their primitive weapons. A 10,000 year-old lightsaber, given to Leia Organa Solo by Vima-Da-Boda, surfaced 800 years ago in an archaeological dig on Ossus. Six years after the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker visited an arid, sandy portion of the planet and discovered the Ysanna tribe. Skywalker and Kam Solusar also fought the forces of Darkside Executor Sedriss and unearthed the vault of lightsabers long hidden beneath the roots of Master Ood, who bravely sacrificed his own life to end Sedriss'. At the time of Skywalker's departure, the New Republic was planning to send in excavation teams to explore Ossus' ruins. Soon after, several of the Emperor's warriors came to Ossus and captured three Ysanna leaders, whose bodies were to be used as raw material to create new clones for Palpatine. Skywalker and his Jedi trainees followed the darkside kidnappers and defeated them on Vjun, but were unable to free the captured Ysanna from their carbonite imprisonment. While on an undercover mission to Borgo Prime thirteen years later, Skywalker and Tenel Ka claimed that they needed Corusca gems to open a sealed treasure vault located on Ossus. [DE, FNU, DLOS, DE2, YJK, EE, TSW]


When the Church of the First Frequency was purged from Otranto by Imperial Grand Inquisitor Torbin, several surviving church members attempted to assassinate Torbin aboard a luxury liner. He was rescued by the Tynnan Odumin, but was killed the following month on Weerden. [CSSB]

Ottega system

Located in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster, the Ottega (also Ottegan) system's fourth planet is Ithor. Consequently, it is sometimes referred to as the Ithor system. The system also contains the planet Ottega, where the smuggler Toob Ancher was permanently disfigured when a bounty hunter's faulty thermal detonator exploded in his face. The smuggler Mako Spince was crippled by NaQoit bandits while making a run to the Ottega system. In the time following the Battle of Hoth, the remnants of the traitorous Admiral Harkov's fleet were discovered in the Ottega system by loyal Imperial forces. The late Harkov's former flagship, the Victory-class Star Destroyer Protector, was trapped in realspace by the Interdictor cruiser Harpax. Lord Vader planned for Admiral Zaarin's ships to arrive and finish off the Protector, but Zaarin pulled a double-cross-- he attacked Vader's forces and then flew to Coruscant, where he planned to kidnap the Emperor and complete his coup d'etat. Six years after the Battle of Endor, the New Republic troopship Pelagia was rendezvousing with an X-wing group based in the Ottegan system when it, and its 100,000 ground troops, were wiped out by the Emperor's Galaxy Gun. [DE, SWS, EE, SWAJ, TSC]

Ottethan system

Neema, daughter of the Jedi Vima-Da-Boda, was executed in the Ottethan system for attempting to use the dark side of the Force against her husband, an Ottegan warlord. The Ottethan system was the ruling system of his twelve-system empire, located on the far perimeter of the galaxy. She was fed to the rancors that run wild in the Ottethan forests. [DE]

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