A remote planet covered with wetlands, and lashed with atmospheric electrical discharges and constant rainstorms. Najiba, a low-technology world with a high degree of smuggling activity, is located a mere one- hour's hyperspace travel from the Trulalis system. During one half of its elliptical orbit, Najiba passes near a hazardous asteroid belt known as the "Children of Najiba," at which time all travel to and from the planet is restricted. The inhabitants of Najiba tend to be superstitious and wary of strangers, but are also extremely loyal and hardworking. Around three million humans and Najib inhabit the planet. Reuther's Wetdock is a popular tavern located near the planet's spaceport. Sometime before the Battle of Endor, the Dark Jedi Adalric Brandl hired the smuggler Thaddeus Ross to take him from Najiba to Trulalis, Brandl's former home. [SWAJ]

Nal Hutta

A bruised green, blue, and brown planet in the Y'Toub system, Nal Hutta (meaning "glorious jewel" in Huttese) is one of the primary planets settled by the Hutts after leaving their ancestral home of Varl. The planet's immense size is compensated by its extremely low density, giving it a tolerable gravity. Nal Hutta was once a pleasant world of mountainous rain forests. Since their arrival, however, the Hutts have transformed it into a gloomy planet of stinking bogs, stagnant, scum-covered puddles, and patches of sickly marsh grass inhabited by insects and spiders. The planet's flocks of large, clumsy birds are shot down by swoop-riding hunters. The atmosphere is polluted by strip-mining operations in the Nal Hutta's industrial centers, and a greasy rain drizzles down on the world's destitute inhabitants living in their squatters' villages and ghettos. Entertainment centers located near the Nal Hutta spaceport stand on stilts in the planet's swampy ground. The white palace of Durga the Hutt lies across from the spaceport, and features a swamp- water bathhouse and an infamous network of dungeons. Nal Hutta and its moon, Nar Shaddaa, are located in the center of "Hutt Space" and receive a constant traffic of freight haulers, smugglers, and other galactic traders. Raw materials are continually strip-mined from Nal Hutta's surface and shipped to the Nar Shaddaa moon for processing and transport. The planet is ruled by a council of the eldest members of the "Clans of the Ancients," the oldest Hutt families. The world's population consists of nearly seven billion inhabitants, three billion of them Hutts.

Many years ago, the planet was known as Evocar and was the homeworld of the primitive Evocii. When the Hutts arrived, they traded technology to the Evocii in exchange for land-- eventually buying up the planet and forcing the Evocii from their homeworld. The Old Republic relocated the displaced Evocii to the Nar Shaddaa moon, but they fared no better there. Once the Hutts controlled the entire planet, they replaced all Evocii structures with Hutt palaces and shrines and renamed the world Nal Hutta. The planet's nearness to busy hyperspace lanes made it a popular trade world at the time, though the trade lanes have long since shifted. In recent history, Nal Hutta and its moon have become a haven for smugglers, pirates, and criminals. A massive, radioactive gas cloud, containing the hidden planet Ganath, lies very close to Nal Hutta. [DE, GG4, DE2, DESB, DS]

Nanthri Route

The shipping route once plagued by the Nanthri pirates, who united under their leader Cellis Mott until his mysterious disappearance. Mott's list of "ship's articles" are still used by pirates and privateers today. [SWAJ]

Nar Shaddaa

The ungoverned "smugglers' moon" orbiting Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa is completely covered by interlocking spaceport facilities and miles-high docking towers reaching to orbit. The moon's all-covering "vertical city" was built over thousands of years, and is protected by often-malfunctioning planetary shields. Though it was once a glorious world of bustling, legitimate trade, Nar Shaddaa quickly lost prestige as the hyperspace trade lanes shifted away. Now quite distant from most galactic commercial centers, Nar Shaddaa is typically allowed to run its own affairs with little Imperial interference. Famous as the birthplace of Jabba the Hutt, Nar Shaddaa is controlled by Hutts and assorted "smuggling guilds" who control various sections of the moon. It is now widely regarded as the center of smuggling operations in the known galaxy, and the pollution, decay, and lawlessness associated with smuggling traffic run rampant on the moon. Sections of Nar Shaddaa's maze-like city include the Duros sector and the Corellian sector, which contains three bars popular with bounty hunters-- the Burning Deck, the Slag Pit, and the Meltdown Cafe, and another corner tavern called the Orange Lady. Most of the moon's 72 to 95 billion inhabitants live in the highest levels of the spaceport-cities.

Nar Shaddaa was originally given to the displaced Evocii as a new homeworld, after the Hutts forced the species from Nal Hutta. The Hutts continued to exploit the Evocii in their new home, buying up their land and using them as a cheap labor source. Now their forgotten, inbred descendants can be found inhabiting the lowest levels of the vertical city. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian both used to frequent Nar Shaddaa during their early smuggling days, and still have associates living there. Before their service to Captain Antilles, C-3PO and R2-D2 traveled to Nar Shaddaa in an attempt to apprehend the criminal Olag Greck. The bounty hunter Greedo and his family lived in the moon's Corellian sector for several years, until an Imperial attack on a Rebel hideout resulted in massive destruction and the collapse of nearly twenty sector levels. Following the Battle of Yavin, Alliance agent Kyle Katarn avoided bounty hunters on Nar Shaddaa in order to find Imperial navigational charts related to the Dark Trooper project. Six years after the Battle of Endor, Leia and Han Solo, searching for Vima-Da-Boda in Nar Shaddaa's lowest levels, were attacked by man-eating vrblthers and the bounty hunter Boba Fett. [DE, DE2, DESB, D, TFTC, DF, SWAJ]


Following the failure of the Emperor's attempt to destroy the Jedi enclave on Belsavis, several designers of the Eye of Palpatine were reassigned to punitive duty at the sandmines of Neelgaimon. [COTJ]

Nellac Kram

The Imperial freighter (carrying a cloaked cargo of TIE fighters) which was used in the battle of Sluis Van was using the alias Nartissteu, and its port of origin was reported as Nellac Kram. [HTTE]


Nentan was a stopover point for civilians wishing passage to Rebel safe worlds. When the base was discovered by Imperial forces, there were not enough transports available to evacuate everyone from the surface. Captain Bren Derlin, serving General Rieekan, led a squad that hid in Nentan's ancient ruins and captured an Imperial transport. This action, which allowed all the base personnel to escape, earned Derlin the rank of Major. [MTS]

Nespis VIII

Once located at the node of the six remaining Auril systems near the Cron Drift, the now-destroyed Nespis VIII was a huge derelict space city. One of the largest of the ancient spaceports, Nespis VIII began its life as a remote beacon-point during the early days of hyperspace travel. Over thousands of years the beacon became a sprawling city, with a vast diversity of architectural styles and historical relics from nearly every period of space travel, including centuries-old murals of the Great Sith War. The city remained well- preserved in the vacuum of space and was abandoned long before the start of the Clone Wars. Six years after the Battle of Endor, Luke Skywalker freed Kam Solusar from the Dark Side of the Force while at Nespis VIII. Later that year (after the destruction of the command base on the fifth moon of Da Soocha), New Republic leaders established their new base at the remote space city, and Leia Organa Solo's third child Anakin was born there. Soon after, the Emperor fired a Galaxy Gun projectile at Nespis VII as the New Republic scrambled to abandon their base. Though the first shot was unsuccessful, a second projectile utterly destroyed the ancient space city. [DE2, EE]

New Alderaan

New Republic Support Services located a planet, renamed New Alderaan, to serve as a homeworld for the refugees from the destroyed world of Alderaan. Following the Battle of Endor, General Jan Dodonna went into semi-retirement on New Alderaan until called back into service to fight the Empire. The planet was later discovered by Imperial Warlord Zsinj and its entire population was forced to temporarily evacuate. During the Emperor's reappearance six years after the Battle of Endor, Mon Mothma's daughter was convalescing on New Alderaan.

At the same time, Jacen and Jaina Solo were being protected on an uncharted, green, exotic world code- named "New Alderaan." The small, unassuming settlement near a lake helped disguise a large underground technical complex and its advanced defensive weaponry. The Emperor attacked the complex with his seven Darkside warriors and a phalanx of advanced AT-ATs in an attempt to kidnap the Solo children. [DE, COPL, DE2, DESB]

New Bakstre

A planet with seven moons, a purplish sky, and a very rapid rotation. [SWAJ]

New Cov

New Cov, in the Churba sector, is covered with thick jungles and carnivorous plants. Giant walled cities, accessible through entrance shafts in their transparisteel domes, have been built on the planet to harvest valuable, exotic biomolecules from the local plant life for export. It was a common practice for Imperial forces to arrive occasionally and "raid" the cities for their stores of biomolecules, which was treated by the local Covies as a routine but covert form of taxation. The walled city of Ilic contains a reproduction of Coruscant's Grandis Mon theater and a tapcafe called the Mishra on its entertainment level. New Republic Senator Borsk Fey'lya helped Garm Bel Iblis' army set up a supply line through New Cov, and took on an Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyer with only four Bothan ships in order to protect this connection. [DFR]

New Kisge

Alliance Major Adazian Liebke, a Weequay, serves as a wilderness fighter with the Alliance SpecForces unit on New Kisge. [SWAJ]

New Ralltiir

New Republic historian Voren Na'al interviewed Han Solo about his adventures in the Corporate Sector while Solo and his family were resting on New Ralltiir. [CSSB]


The smuggler Dannen Lifehold was on a mission on the tropical planet of Niian when his mentor, Captain Twolz, was killed by Imperial stormtroopers. [SWAJ]

Ninth Quadrant

An area of space near the Senex and Juvex sectors, containing the Greeb-Streebling Cluster, the Noopiths, and the planet Belsavis. The quadrant is relatively isolated and its systems are widely spread apart. [COTJ]


Located in the Athega system, Nkllon is a superhot planet closely orbiting its star. Any ships approaching the planet must ride behind the cooled umbrellas of massive shieldships until they reach Nkllon's shadow, or they risk critical solar damage. Lando Calrissian, inspired by a similar design for the planet Miser, constructed a constantly moving mining platform that can stay permanently on the shadow side during Nkllon's ninety-day rotation. This platform is called Nomad City and primarily consists of a Dreadnaught Cruiser supported by forty AT-AT walkers. It holds a crew of 5000 and is surrounded by a cloud of shuttles, pilot vehicles, and mole miners. Some of the metals produced through mining Nkllon include hfredium, kammris, and dolovite. An attack on Nomad City by the Star Destroyer Judicator resulted in the theft of 51 mole miners, and another Imperial attack critically damaged the city and resulted in the loss of its strategic metals stockpiles. Brakiss, leader of the Shadow Academy, had a picture of a molten waterfall on Nkllon in his private office. [HTTE, TLC, YJK]

Nodgra system

The Nodgra system is approximately three days travel from the Socorran system. The crimelord Abdi- Badawzi forced the young smuggler Drake Paulsen to deliver a cargo to the Nodgra system. [SWAJ]


The Noopiths are located in the Ninth Quadrant, near the Senex and Juvex sectors. [COTJ]


Noonar, the ruling world of Imperial governor Trophan Thanis, is located in the Noonian system and sector. [SWAJ]

Noonian sector

The Noonian sector, located near the Halthor sector, contains the Noonian system (and its planet Noonar) and the planet Movris. The Noonian system, ruled by Imperial governor Trophan Thanis, contains several food-processing facilities for the Nebula Consumables corporation. Rebel privateers, presumably operating from Movris, were able to steal nearly a quarter of Nebula Consumables' output. Captain Gresia Vleen, an Imperial customs officer aboard the Interdictor cruiser Tory's Catcher, inspects ships traveling the space lanes of the Noonian sector. [SWAJ]


A pleasant world of treeless plains, gentle hills, and savannas of golden grasses. Animal life on the planet includes herds of horned wildernerfs, which are preyed upon by prides of taopari. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, Rogue Squadron was moved to a starfighter base on Noquivzor as their staging area for the attack on Borleias. [XWRS]


The homeworld of Alliance Colonel Riskin, a three-foot alien who commands a base halfway across the galaxy on the planet Baskarn. [SWAJ]


The planet Norulac housed a company of bandits who annually raided Taanab, until they were wiped out by Lando Calrissian in the famous Battle of Taanab. Calrissian single-handedly accounted for nineteen kills. [ROJN, SWAJ]

Norval II

Norval (or Norvall) II is the homeworld of General Horton Salm, commander of the Alliance's starfighter training center on Folor. Six years after the Battle of Endor, a detachment of fighters from Norval II joined the Alliance to aid in their struggle against the reborn Emperor. [DE, XWRS]


Many years ago, the TriGas Corporation started an ambitious (though ultimately unprofitable) dirigible mining operation on the gas giant Nosken. [GG2]

Nyarikan Nebula

The Nyarikan Nebula is a navigation hazard lying near the Garos system. Its presence has made travel to the Garos system relatively uncommon. [SWAJ]


A planet in the Colunda sector. The Imperial tech Deppo was stationed in an AT-AT batallion on Nyasko, which was kept busy fighting the high degree of Rebel activity in the sector. [DESB]

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