K Seven Forty-nine system

The K749 system, located in the Outer Rim near the Moonflower Nebula, contains the planet Pzob. [COTJ]


Kaal, a blue world covered with vast oceans, is located in the Yushan sector in the Mid-Rim. Now a major exporter of agricultural goods, Kaal also boasts many luxurious resorts and casinos, including the Grand Imperial. The planet's only starport is located on a string of islands forming a resort city. When the Emperor died at Endor, a Dark Jedi was so overwhelmed by his master's agony that he crashed his ship (rumored to be carrying a functional cloaking device) into Kaal's ocean. The crash created a tidal wave, which wiped out the Unis Islands resorts in the northwest and damaged several other areas. Kaal was an Imperial resort world until the Empire abandoned it soon after the Battle of Endor, at which point the world was taken over by the local crimelord Tirgee Benyalle. Realizing that the Empire had never exploited the rich agricultural potential of Kaal, Benyalle purchased ten huge repulsorlift harvesters (including the Sea Sprite), which travel over the planet's oceans extracting and processing massive quantities of foodstuffs. Two years after Endor, the New Republic sent representatives to Kaal to negotiate for control of its valuable aquaculture industry. Among the other negotiators were the heads of two Imperial factions and the smuggler Talon Karrde, who was interested in retrieving the crashed Jedi ship and its supposed cloaking device. Kaal's population numbers around 4.5 million. [SWAJ]


Kabaira, located in the Teilcam system of the Outer Rim, has a surface nine-tenths covered with water and dotted by over two million volcanic islands. The few active volcanoes are located in the southern hemisphere, while the eight million Kabairans live in the north, primarily on the two island continents of Madieri and Belshain. Eponte Spaceport, the center of Kabaira's corporate government, is located on the north cost of Madieri and is bordered by mountains. Eponte's high altitude means its climate is typically cool, damp, and foggy. Along Eponte's ancient brick-lined streets one can find the disreputable Drayhar's Cantina, and corporate offices for Delgas Medical and Hydrospeare Corp. Kabaira's main industry is the mining of islands in the southern hemisphere, and indigenous animal life includes the white snow-wolves that inhabit the mountains. Though the planet is controlled by the Empire, underground Rebel activities have been making their hold on the planet more precarious. A number of years before the Battle of Yavin, the smugglers Tere Metallo and Matt Turhaya were involved in a dangerous adventure on Kabaira. [SWAJ]


Kabal is an outworld that was officially neutral in the Galactic Civil War, aligned with neither the Empire nor the Alliance. Following the Battle of Yavin, Princess Leia Organa attended a conference on Kabal and met with the leaders of several uncommitted worlds, including Aquaris. An Imperial Star Destroyer, alerted by a tip from the Freeholder Kraaken, arrived at Kabal to wipe out this conference and to punish the planet for its neutral stance. Waves of TIE bombers leveled the city, but the Princess was saved by the timely arrival of the Millennium Falcon. Kabal is also the homeworld of Lady Lapema Phonstom, one of Lando Calrissian's candidates for marriage. Lying near the planet is a small dwarf star with an artificially- accelerated gravitational pull, surrounded by a vast graveyard of derelict starships. [CSW, AAC]


An ultraviolet supergiant star orbited by Af'El, home planet of the Defel. [GG4]


A purple star orbited by Toola, homeworld of the Whipids. [GG4]

Kaikielius system

Lying very close to the Coruscant system. When the revived Empire began its conquest of the Kaikielius and Metellos systems six years after the Battle of Endor, New Republic leaders on Coruscant began to search for a new base of operations. [DESB]


A planet in the Corporate Sector. Torm Dadeferron, an associate of Han Solo, had family on Kail who controlled several large tracts of land known as the Kail Ranges. Torm's father and brother disappeared after a dispute with the Corporate Sector Authority over land-use rights and stock prices. [HSSE, CSSB]


A terrestrial planet in the remote Kalarba system, Kalarba is orbited by the moons Hosk and Indobok. Sites on the planet include Kalarba City, the Great Sea, and the Three Peaks of Tharen-- a revered symbol of the spirit. Before their service to Captain Antilles, R2-D2 and C-3PO worked for the Pitareeze family on Kalarba. Meg and Jarth Pitareeze operated Kalarba Safari and booked tours of the planet's ancient ancestral lands, while Baron Pitareeze ran a spaceship factory where they manufactured the MT-5 hyperdrive unit. Animal life on the planet includes the flying Vynock. [D]

Kalior V

Kalior V is the location of the Imperial aquaria, whose maintenance is entrusted to a group of Sedrians known as the Shalik family. [GG4]

Kalist VI

The site of an Imperial labor colony for political prisoners. Alliance gunner Dak Ralter was born in this colony, and lived there for 17 years until escaping with the help of a downed Rebel pilot. [MTS]


Kalla, in the Corporate Sector, is the site of a Corporate Sector Authority university intended for the education of Authority members' children. Consequently, major fields of study include technical education, commerce, and administration with very little emphasis on the humanities. Rekkon was an instructor at the university prior to his adventures with Han Solo, and Fiolla of Lorrd attended the University of Kalla prior to taking a position in the Corporate Sector Authority. General Evir Derricote, commander of the Imperial base on Borleias, was a native of Kalla. [HSSE, CSSB, XWRS]

Kalla VII

Prior to the Battle of Yavin, a group of Alliance X-wings eliminated a large Imperial base located near Kalla VII, in an attempt to strand arriving Imperial ships. This resulted in the capture of the frigate Priam. [FP]


A dry, hot planet orbiting a white star, Kamar is located just outside the Corporate Sector border and is the homeworld of the insect-like Kamarians. Kamar's native flora includes miser-plants, barrel-scrub, and sting- brush, while its fauna includes digworms, stingworms, bloodsniffers, nightswifts, and howlrunners-- canine hunters with heads resembling human skulls. The nocturnal Kamarians live in small groups called tk'skqua, and their more sophisticated nations have developed technology such as nuclear explosives and fluidic control systems. Members of the unique Kamarian Badlander culture choose to live in the most arid and harsh areas of the planet. Han Solo inadvertently started a new religion among the Kamarian Badlanders based on the holofeature Varn, World of Water during a visit to the planet. [HSR, CSSB]


Kamori, whose cities include Tandaro, Jandal, Hyra, and Kimora City, is ruled by Chamber President Thane Dregond. The planet was the site of a powerful earthquake, centered on the Zethusian plains. The quake caused tidal waves, killed hundreds of thousands of citizens, and severely damaged Jandal, Hyra and Kimora City. One of those killed was Glanthe school master painter Dana Dragond, one of Kamori's "living treasures." [SWAJ]


The Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth attended a Jedi training center on Kamparas for two years, from 2/15/90 until 8/33/88, Pre-Empire date. [DFR]

Kanchen sector

The Kanchen sector contains the planet Xa Fel. The heart of the sector fell to Imperial forces after a thirty- hour battle with New Republic warships over the planet. [TLC]

Kanz sector

The Kanz sector contains the planets Argazda and Lorrd. Four thousand years ago, the sector was an isolated region located on the frontier of the Old Republic. During the time known as the Kanz Disorders, the provisional governor of Argazda declared the sector independent from the Republic and tried to enslave the rest of its worlds, including Lorrd. The Republic, preoccupied with other matters, did nothing for three hundred years, until the Jedi Knights finally intervened to free the Lorrdians and end the Kanz Disorders. [CSSB]


Located in the Senex sector, Karfeddion is the site of several slave farms run by the House Vandron. Breeding farms are designed to produce Ossan and Bilanaka slaves, tailored for agricultural work. During an economic depression on Karfeddion, Lady Theala Vandron was summoned to the High Court of Coruscant to defend the slave farms on her homeworld. [COTJ]


The Nikto assassin Ma'w'shiye, during his time as an Alliance agent, served with Lieutenant Akul Witig during the Karideph operations. During this time, Witig gave Ma'w'shiye a heavy overcoat. [SWAJ]

Karnak Alpha

Karnak Alpha, located beyond the Hapes Consortium near the Deep Galactic Core, is home to the fur- covered alien species called Karnak Alphans. The shy, easygoing Alphans hold children in high esteem, always serving them first at meals. Having a large number of children means greater status in Alphan society, and their government has a children's council. They also love unusual zoological specimens, and keep elaborate zoos and beautiful holographic dioramas. Nineteen years after the Battle of Endor, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo met with the Karnak Alpha ambassador and her eight children, and presented the ambassador with a rare Coruscant hawk-bat egg. [YJK]


A small, dense planet in the Rayter sector, Karra is covered with flat, grassy plateaus separated by jungle canyons and is home to the alien species called Karrans. The planet's temperature is uncomfortably hot and its lifeforms consist almost entirely of insects. Karra's vast variety of insect life includes beetles, leapers, legworms, clouds of tiny swarmers, and a walker-sized mantis. The native Karrans are large, fur-covered insectivores whose primitive technology is centered around pottery and simple hand tools. The Karrans seem to have recently developed sentience based around a communal hive mind, and can apparently control the planet's insect population.

Several hundred years ago, a colony was established on Karra to mine varmigio, a material used in hyperdrive cores. When no varmigio was found, the colonists were abandoned. Recently the Empire opened a varmigio mine for the same purpose, but met with no greater success. The Imperial base was later destroyed by swarms of attacking insects, presumably operating under the control of the native Karrans. [SWAJ]


The former homeworld of the long-extinct Kashi Mer culture. Soon after the formation of the Old Republic, the planet and its system were destroyed when their star inexplicably went nova. A force-user named Reda Jalooz had previously stolen a small gray stone-- an heirloom of the Kashi Mer monarchy-- but when she came back to return it, she was killed in the sudden supernova. After the Battle of Endor, this strange artifact mysteriously reappeared in the Corva sector. [SWAJ]


A jungle planet covered with kilometers-high wroshyr trees, Kashyyyk is the homeworld of the fierce but loyal Wookiees. Various ecosystems exist along each layer of the trees, with each level growing progressively more deadly the farther one travels to the planet's surface (dangerous webweavers, for instance, set traps in the lower levels). The Wookiees inhabit the highest levels in huge cities that are naturally supported by the thick tree branches, since wroshyr branches grow together when they meet. One such city, Rwookrrorro, is over a kilometer wide and built on a flat platform of meter-thick spongy material. It features two- to three-story buildings and a landing platform made from the stump of a wide limb. The most prestigious homes are built on the trees themselves, and nursery rings for young Wookiees are built in the tops of the very highest wroshyrs. The kshyy vines that grow among the trees cannot be cut with blasters and are strong enough to support liftcars. Wookiees have easily incorporated modern technology into their society and can accommodate visiting starships, though they sometimes prefer to use archaic items like their traditional quarrel-firing bowcaster. Colored searchlights in the cities help attract native birds called kroyies, a prize food.

Customs of the Wookiee people include the "life debt," where Wookiees feel they must repay the person who has saved their life, and the "honor family," or those people to whom a Wookiee feels a particular bond of friendship. Wookiee adolescents undergo a dangerous rite of passage into adulthood by harvesting silky strands from the heart of the carnivorous syren plant. The Wookiee species was treated as slave labor by the Empire and many were forced to toil on various Imperial construction projects. Many Wookiees still resent humans for the actions of the Empire. Leia Organa Solo hid on Kashyyyk until discovered by a team of Noghri commandos, who made an unsuccessful attempt to capture her. [HTTE, SWS, HSLL, YJK]

Kathol sector

Jacc Maldelbrot, owner of the Royal Casino in Bespin's Cloud City, began his career as a textile worker in the remote Kathol sector. [GG2]


The possible homeworld of the alien Kauronians. The bounty hunter Greedo observed a Kauronian bounty hunter during Greedo's first visit to the Mos Eisley Cantina. [TFTC]


Located in the Anarid Cluster, Kelada is an industrial planet (home to a major Arakyd factory) that supplies the Empire with repulsorlift components and parts for Imperial walkers. Recent increases in Alliance activity have resulted in the Empire struggling to maintain control of Kelada, and they have diverted ten Star Destroyers to the system to cement their hold after the disastrous Battle of Endor. Once, Kelada kept an ecological balance between industry and the environment, but the balance is now threatened as forests and savannas are cleared to support greater production. An industrial wasteland is growing just outside the Kelada starport. The starport contains the popular tavern Lorana's Labyrinth, which features mirrored walls and a mazelike bar. The smuggler Dirk Harkness' companion Chessa was tragically killed by Imperial stormtroopers in the Kelada starport. [SWAJ]

Kelavine system

The Kelavine system, located in the Expansion Region far from any trade lanes, contains the gas giant Taloraan as its largest planet. After the Battle of Hoth, Alliance operatives were sent to search for tibanna gas deposits on gas giant planets in the Lequabis, K'taktaxka, Poviduze, and Kelavine systems and the Shasfath Cluster. [SWAJ]


Site of the Kelrodo-Ai gelatin mines, famous for their water sculptures and formerly operated by Baron- Administrator Drom Guldi. Guldi and his aide were killed by Wampa ice creatures while on a hunting expedition to Hoth, eight years after the Battle of Endor. [DS]

Keller's Void

Named for the trader who first discovered it, Keller's Void is an empty region of space that serves as a hyperspace shortcut between the Calus and Wroona systems. Occasionally pirates have been known to bring asteroids from the nearby Udine system and place them in the Void, to create mass shadows and force unsuspecting ships from hyperspace. [SWAJ]

Kemplex Nine

Nearly four thousand years ago, Kemplex Nine was a strategic jump-station in the Auril sector and the Cron system, and the only inhabited outpost near the Cron Cluster. During the Sith War, Ulic Qel-Droma gave hints that he intended to attack the undefended station, but it was merely a ruse to draw Republic defenses away from his true target of Coruscant. Later, Qel-Droma did decide to hit Kemplex Nine, but this was meant to draw Jedi forces into a trap. Aleema and Crado, aboard an ancient Sith ship, devastated the station and lured the pursuing Jedi fleet into the ten stars of the Cron Cluster. When they were in position, Aleema activated the Sith weapon and inadvertently ignited all ten stars, utterly wiping out Kemplex Nine and the entire surrounding area of space. [TSW]


A frozen planet located in the protective federation of worlds called the Botor Enclave. New Republic navigator Kane Griggs grew up on Kerensik and joined the Alliance following the Battle of Endor, after working in the Botor Income Ministry as an economist. Kerensiki trees have spines and needles instead of leaves. [DESB]


Kessel is a potato-shaped planet with one large moon located somewhat near Fwillsving and Honoghr. It is home to the city of Kessendra, is the only source of the telepathy-inducing glitterstim spice, and was the former site of a brutal Imperial prison and spice mining operation. Kessel's surface is covered with crumbled salt flats and atmosphere-producing factories, which make the air breathable when filtering breath masks are used. Kessel is too small to hold this artificial atmosphere, however, so much of it trails off behind the planet in the wake of its orbit. Beneath the surface of the planet live energy spiders, which spin glitterstim webs as a method of catching their prey (primarily the luminous "bogey").

Following the failure of the Emperor's attempt to destroy the Jedi enclave on Belsavis, several designers of the Eye of Palpatine were reassigned to punitive duty at Kessel. The Kessel system is adjacent to a cluster of black holes known as the Maw, which makes navigating to the planet difficult and helped glamorize the smugglers' "Kessel Run." While Kessel was under control by the Empire it was a common smuggling destination for those dealing in spice, and Han Solo once boasted he had made the Kessel Run in "less than 12 parsecs" by flying dangerously close to the Maw. Solo's life was also saved on one Kessel run by his old associate Badure. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, a bold Alliance rescue operation freed a group of Rebel POWs during a prisoner transfer operation. During the chaos surrounding the Battle of Endor, a Rybet prison official named Moruth Doole (who had secretly been supplying glitterstim to smugglers) staged a prison revolt and took control of the planet from the Empire. Several years later, after Doole's operation was dismantled, the administration of the mines was taken over by Lando Calrissian. Kessel's moon, which once held an Imperial garrison and Doole's ragtag defensive fleet (which was decimated in a battle with Admiral Daala's Star Destroyers), was utterly destroyed by a Death Star prototype from Maw Installation. Lujayne Forge, a member of the famed Rogue Squadron, was from Kessel, daughter of a man who had taught inmates under an Old Republic social program. [SW, JS, COTF, TLC, HSLL, COTJ, FP, XWRS]

Kestic Station

A free-trader outpost near the Bestine system, Kestic station was a frequent stopover for smugglers and outlaw miners. Alliance pilot Zev Senesca lived on Kestic Station with his parents, who supplied the Rebellion with arms until their illegal transactions were revealed by an Imperial informant. The station was subsequently destroyed by the Star Destroyer Merciless. [MTS]


The unique ID number on a particular bacta shipment allowed the Xucphra bacta-harvesting corporation to uncover an Alliance base on Ketal. Xucphra promptly informed the Empire, who eliminated the base. [SWAJ]


A major trade center as successful as Svivren, Ketaris was the target of an attack by Grand Admiral Thrawn which became stalled at one point. There was hope from Alliance pilots that Wing Commander Varth could escape the Qat Chrystac battle and hook up with a unit at Ketaris. During Thrawn's attack on Coruscant, Admiral Ackbar was on an inspection tour of the Ketaris region. [TLC]


Khomm is a pale green world lying very close to the Deep Galactic Core. It has moonless, has no unusual geologic features, no axial tilt, and a regular orbit. A thousand years ago, the planet's alien inhabitants decided that their society had reached perfection. They froze their bureaucratic culture at this "perfect" level, and began producing clones of previous generations. The genderless clones of Khomm like to keep to their own affairs, rarely leaving their planet and keeping the same roles and schedules from generation to generation. The planet remained neutral during the Galactic Civil War. Khomm's cities are laid out in perfect gridworks, with almost all buildings and residences looking identical and made from the same green- veined rock. Large cloning facilities in each city hold a record of all the major family lines. Dorsk 81 (the eighty-first clone of Dorsk) surprisingly showed unexpected Force aptitude and became one of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy students seven years after the Battle of Endor. The following year, Dorsk 81 returned to Khomm, and the planet was devastated by Colonel Cronus and his fleet of Victory-class Star Destroyers. [DA, DS]


The Khuiumin system was the primary base for the infamous Eyttyrmin Batiiv pirates, until they were systematically destroyed by the Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyers Crusader and Bombard. The two warships eliminated all 150 craft in the pirate armada and chased the last survivors to the surface of Khuiumin-- where their stronghold was wiped out by the Crusader's concussion missiles. [SWS, SWAJ]


The site of a colony, where the twin con-artists Brea and Senni Tonnika were raised and where they perfected their deceptive money-making skills. [MTS]


A planet possibly in the Eva-T system. It was at Kiilimaar, following the Battle of Hoth, that the Rneekii pirates arranged to turn a captured TIE Defender scientist over to the Empire in exchange for a substantial ransom. The Imperial forces, however, double-crossed the pirates and recovered the ransom money. [TSC]


Kimanan is home to the animals known as furballs-- tiny, tubby, clownish marsupials which are considered premium pets. They are sold at Sabodor's pet shop on Etti IV. [HSSE]

Kimm systems

In addition to its trafficking in Senex sector slaves, the stock light freighter Smelly Saint runs counterfeit agri-droids from the Kimm systems. [COTJ]


The Nikto assassin Ma'w'shiye, a former Alliance agent, hails from Kintan. [SWAJ]


The home planet of the highly social, three-eyed aliens known as Gran. A common sight on the world are gently waving fields of goatgrass. Ree-Yees, one of Jabba the Hutt's courtiers, was exiled from Kinyen after committing the highly unusual (for Gran) crime of murder. [MTS, TFJP]

Kira Run

Several decades ago, the Haik expedition discovered a reliable hyperlane through the Kira system, which they named the Kira Run. The Kira Run connects the Lazerian and Ropagi systems, and also links the Harrin Trade Corridor with the Enarc Run. It was originally seen as a risky, uncertain route, but recently small shipping companies have begun servicing the Run and bringing it into the company of established trade routes. [SWAJ]

Kira system

A hyperlane running through the Kira system, known as the Kira Run, connects the Lazerian and Ropagi systems. [SWAJ]

Kirdo III

A hot, arid world in the Outer Rim marked by red, cracked plains of dried mud and the white sands of the Kurdan desert. Kirdo III is also the homeworld of the patient, resilient Kitonaks, who live among the dunes where windstorms can reach speeds of 400 km/hr. To withstand the milder storms Kitonaks stand still, angling their bodies into the onrushing wind. This is similar to their method of feeding on the small, burrowing chooba by mimicking the sulfaro plant, the choobas' main feeding site. The vanilla-smelling Kitonaks stand still for hours until a chooba climbs close enough to be swallowed, which is enough food to feed a Kitonak for a month. The Kitonaks roam Kirdo III in nomadic tribes of around 100 individuals, following the migrating chooba. Kitonaks have no natural predators and fear only quicksand and caves, both of which hold mysterious and deadly dangers. Once each decade a great rainstorm covers Kirdo III, flooding the dry riverbeds and ushering in the Kitonak mating ritual known as the "Great Celebration of Life." Kitonaks are skilled at playing beautiful music on chidinkalus, the hollowed-out reeds of chidinka plants, which sometimes results in their capture by slavers and subsequent employment as professional jizz wailers. Droopy McCool, the stage name of one of the band members in Jabba the Hutt's palace, was a Kitonak. Eight years after the Battle of Endor the Imperial battlemoon Eye of Palpatine apparently stopped at Kirdo III to pick up a contingent of stormtroopers, but brought in a group of Kitonaks instead. [GG4, ROTJ, COTJ, TFJP]


One of seven planets in the Teta system, Kirrek had three of its cities destroyed when it resisted the Tetan political coup headed by Satal Keto and Aleema. [DLOS]


Kirtania, the fourth planet in the Yyrtan system, is a green-blue world of jungles, deserts, and mountains, and is home to the arachnid alien species called the Araquia. Kirtania was originally colonized by several groups of humans, who founded the competing economic states of Surana, Kinkosa, and Dulai. Over the years, the states have seriously depleted the planet's natural resources and polluted the environment. The population of the planet includes two million humans and only 1,500 remaining Araquia. Kinkosa has recently agreed to become an Imperial supply station in exchange for the modernization of Kinkosa City and privileged trading status within the Empire. Shiarha Root, the only known cure for the deadly Direllian Plague, grows in Kinkosa's humid rainforests. Some of the many forms of life in the rainforests include river serpents and predator lizards. [SWAJ]


The home planet of the alien species known as Klatooinians. It is a Klatooinian custom to sell their disrespectful youths into indentured service, and Jabba the Hutt picked up the contract of a Klatooinian manservant named Barada. Barada then became the head of Jabba's repulsorpool, but was killed during the rescue of Han Solo. Animal life on the planet includes the ill-tempered Klatooine paddy frog. Jabba was sometimes known to snack on live paddy frogs, served in brandy to keep them from attacking and killing each other. [MTS, TFJP]

Klaymor 4-2

An Imperial reconnaissance mission discovered a Rebel spy probe located near Klaymor 4-2. A single TIE fighter, dispatched from the corvette Astin, was sent do destroy it. [TSC]


A planet in the Corporate Sector. Knolstee is one of the stops made by the luxury liner Lady of Mindor during its voyage from Roonadan to Ammuud. [CSSB]


Location of the Kobbahn starport. [SWAJ]

Komnor system

When a warlord evicted all Hutts from the Komnor system, Jabba hired the bounty hunter Dyyz Nataz to eliminate the offending ruler. [TFTC]


Outlaw stations on Korbin will service any ship, including those belonging to pirates and wanted criminals. [SWAJ]

Koros Major

One of seven planets in the Teta system, Koros Major was the last planet to resist the system's brutal subjugation by the Krath. The Krath leaders, headed by Satal Keto and Aleema, dispatched hundreds of ground troops to the planet and clashed with a joint Republic/Jedi space force in Koros Major's orbit. The Republic ships were badly damaged in the battle and were forced to retreat. [DLOS]


A hidden world, Korriban holds the mummified remains of many Sith lords within great temples located in the Valley of the Dark Lords. The tombs are designed to focus and amplify Dark Side energy, which permeates the entire valley. The temples' exterior is guarded by human skeletons, activated through a combination of machinery and Sith magic. Within the temples was an immense crystal, which held the trapped spirits of Jedi Masters who had dared oppose the Sith. Four thousand years ago, Exar Kun visited Korriban to learn Sith secrets and was tormented by the spirit of Freedon Nadd. Nadd destroyed the crystal and unleashed guardian creatures on Kun, who eventually surrendered to the Dark Side of the Force. Emperor Palpatine was known to frequent Korriban, and referred to it as his "place of power." One of Palpatine's last visits occurred around the time of Battle of Yavin. He eventually returned, ten years later, to try to convince the Sithlord spirits to halt the decay of his last remaining clone body. [DLOS, EE]


Kothlis is a colony world of the alien species called Bothans. New Republic Councilor Borsk Fey'lya grew up on this colony world, instead of on the Bothan homeworld of Bothawui. Prior to the Battle of Endor, Bothan spies captured an Imperial freighter carrying highly-classified data about the second Death Star. The Bothan space station Kothlis II, orbiting near Kothlis, allowed the stolen freighter to dock and take on supplies. The Empire soon seized this station, searching for any evidence of the classified information. [DFR, TSC]

Ksiczzic III

The young heiress Tinian I'att and her traveling companions were picked up by the ship Quandary on Ksiczzic III, after their departure from Druckenwell. [SWAJ]

K'taktaxka system

After the Battle of Hoth, Alliance operatives were sent to the Inner Rim and Expansion Region, to search for tibanna gas deposits on gas giant planets in the Lequabis, K'taktaxka, Poviduze, and Kelavine systems and the Shasfath Cluster. [SWAJ]


Kuan, orbited by several moons, is located in the Taroon system on the outer edges of the Rim. For nearly twenty years, Kuan was involved in a devastating war with its sister planet Bordal, until the conflict was suddenly ended by the intervention of the Empire. The long interplanetary struggle destroyed much of Kuan's main city, home to illegal swoop races and a popular hangout called The Maze. Animal life on Kuan includes the rondat, and plant life includes the pleasant-smelling shimsha flower. A planetary crop is tarine tea. The highly-decorated Imperial pilot Maarek Stele was a native of Kuan. [TSC]


The planet Kuar is located in the system of the same name, near the Teta system. Nearly four thousand years ago, the masked warrior clans led by Mandalore made their base in the ruined underground cities of Kuar. From there they struck at the heart of the Teta system, prompting the Tetan leader Ulic Qel-Droma to fight Mandalore in single combat on Kuar's plains of Harkul. Battling on an unstable web of chains, Qel- Droma defeated Mandalore, thereby winning the loyalty of the warlord and his fierce soldiers-of-fortune. [TSW]


Kuat, located in the Kuat sector in the most densely-populated section of the galaxy, is the location of the massive Kuat Drive Yards starship construction facility. Kuat Drive Yards, or KDY, is one of the Empire's primary producers of warships and manufactures the feared Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Due to the strategic importance of the Kuat Drive Yards, the Empire defended the Kuat system with fifteen Star Destroyers after the Battle of Endor, and rigged the stardocks with explosives in case it was necessary to scuttle them. [SWS, ISWU, XWRS, SWAJ]

Ku'Bakai system

The Ku'Bakai system is named for its blue giant star, whose unpredictable solar flares have left the first four planets of the system scorched and lifeless. The fifth planet, Kubindi, is the homeworld of the Kubaz. The sixth, eighth, and eleventh planets house insect farms for the Kubaz to use in preparing their unique cuisine. [MTS]


Kubindi, the fifth planet in the Ku'Bakai system, is the homeworld of the insect-loving Kubaz. Due to the unpredictable solar flares of Ku'Bakai, Kubindi suffers baths of intense radiation and constantly-changing weather patterns. The adaptability of insects have made them particularly successful lifeforms on Kubindi, and be found in many varieties including the bantha-sized sun-beetle. Insects are considered a true delicacy on Kubindi, and the civilized, cultured Kubaz have organized their society around insect trading circles. Kubaz families farm designer insect hives and trade with others; the largest trading families make most planetary governmental decisions. Kubindi is isolated and seldom sees galactic traffic. As a result, many Kubaz are attempting to develop their own starship technology. Garindan, the Mos Eisley spy known as "Long Snoot," was a Kubaz. Several years after the Battle of Endor, the Kubaz negotiated with the Barabel to purchase Verpine body parts to use in their cuisine. [GG4, MTS, COPL]

Kwenn Station

A space station, containing the Royal K Casino, where Jabba the Hutt acquired his pet Kowakian Lizard- Monkey, Salacious Crumb. Meysen Kayson, wealthy owner of the Greel Wood Logging Corporation in the Pii system, also owns a sizable percentage of Kwenn station. [MTS, SWAJ]