Located in the system of the same name within the Pentastar Alignment, Jaemus is home to a major shipyard and repair facility. Almost as large as the massive shipyards at Sluis Van, the Jaemus yards are operated by Galentro Heavy Works and home to branches of the massive Imperial suppliers Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems. Both corporations are jointly producing the Enforcer-class picket cruiser at Jaemus, for use by the Pentastar Alignment navy. [SWAJ]


Located in the Venjagga system at the edge of the Galactic Core, Jagga-Two is the site of an Imperial base. The base manufactures a supply of concussion missiles and supports the Imperial Star Destroyer-II Eviscerator, which is stationed in the system to protect the missile output. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, the Alliance staged a feint in on Jagga-Two to cover their simultaneous assault on Borleias in the nearby Pyria system. [XWRS]

Janara III

A world of green, rolling hills containing the city of Sreina. A number of years before the Battle of Yavin, Imperial officer Matt Turhaya left his little girl Alex with relatives on Janara III, while he reported for duty on the Star Destroyer Relentless. When he returned a year later, he discovered the city of Sreina had been devastated by an Imperial raid on suspected rebels. Though Turhaya believed his daughter was dead, she had actually been rescued and adopted by the Imperial governor of Garos IV. [SWAJ]


Located in the system of the same name in the Corva sector of the Outer Rim, Jandoon is an abandoned world of plains and hills, dotted with the moss-covered ruins of an ancient alien species. The builders of the ruins mysteriously died out centuries ago, and the world is rumored to be a haunted realm of ghosts. After the Battle of Endor, the Gotal crimelord Mahk'khar planned to sell an ancient relic to the Dark Jedi Durrei, at a rendezvous on Jandoon. [SWAJ]

Janodral Miznar

Han Solo once fought a group of Zygerrian slavers off Janodral Miznar and gave the ship and cargo to the freed slaves. Janodral Miznar has a local law that pirate or slaver victims get to split the proceeds if the pirates are captured or killed. [HTTE]

Jaresh system

Located in the Corva sector of the Outer Rim and far from major hyperlanes, the Jaresh system contains a habitable moon orbiting its third planet. This moon, Jaresh, is a wet, dark swamp world covered with hundred-meter black trees and shrouded in a thick haze. The moon, teeming with life, was purchased by the Twi'lek smuggler Ree Shala, who built her floating base there approximately three years after the Battle of Endor. [SWAJ]

Javin sector

An Imperial space platform, D-34, guards a major trade route in the Javin sector, which lies near the Bruanii and Tungra sectors and is relatively close to the planet Hoth. This platform was captured by the Alliance following the Battle of Hoth, but was soon reclaimed by the Imperials. [TSC]


Ral Shawgrim, a former Alliance technician turned traitor, was hospitalized twice during the Jendar Campaign. [SWAJ]


The exports of Jerijador include cheap shoe kits, which are sold in the markets of Belsavis. [COTJ]


A blue, tropical world with a rapid rotation, Jerrilek has no moons but boasts an impressive set of rings. The planet's land makes up only 15% of the surface area, is concentrated around Jerrilek's equator, and consists of two main continents (covered with mountainous forests) and many smaller island chains. The planet is used as a vacation and retirement spot by many of the galaxy's wealthy and powerful. One of Jerrilek's largest cities is Graleca, which is located on a small island and is an important part of the local aquaculture industry. Jerrilek's population consists of twelve million humans and five million Ithorians, and many inhabitants travel across the waters in vehicles called seaskimmers. Though Jerrilek has no native intelligent life, an aquatic species seems to have existed on the planet over one million years ago-- several of their ancient ruins can be still seen beneath the water's surface. Retired Imperial Admiral Chel Dorat lives on Jerrilek, in an estate located on the coast of Graleca. [SWAJ]


Located in the Mid-Rim, Jeyell is home to the corporate offices for Reiber Manufacturing, a major producer of black-market assassin droid components. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Imperial officials nationalized Reiber Manufacturing along with several other droid corporations, giving them control of the Mid-Rim droid market. [SWAJ]


The planet Jodaka has vast oceans surrounded by rocky reefs. The seas house many unusual animals including the deadly Jodakan needler crab, which fires poisonous darts to catch its natural seagull prey. [SWAJ]


Joiol, in the Orus sector, was investigated as a possible stopover point in Grand Admiral Thrawn's clone trafficking by Clyngunn the Ze'Hethbra, who found nothing significant. The smuggler Mazzic was picked up by Thrawn in the Joiol system and informed that the Empire was not behind an attack on the smugglers at Trogan. [TLC]


Jomark is an isolated, watery planet with three small moons located in the Jomark system. Its 300,000 square kilometers of surface area are taken up in strings of tiny islands and one modest continent. Although no one has taken official notice of the planet for years, the last census reported its population as a sparse three million. The High Castle of Jomark sits on the main continent 400 meters above Ring Lake, on a volcanic cone between rocky crags. Jomark's colonists are reverent towards the ancient castle, which was constructed by a long-vanished alien race. Several villages lie clustered near the southern shore of Ring Lake including Chynoo, where Joruus C'baoth meted out justice to the villagers from a High Castle throne placed in the town square. Cracian Thumpers are used as riding mounts by Jomark's colonists. [HTTE, DFR]

Jospro sector

A seldom-visited sector containing the Dar'Or system, the Jospro sector is home to tiny creatures that paralyze the neocortex of the human brain. Imperial forces on Bakura used these creatures to suppress the memories of Eppie Belden. [GG4, TAB]

Jovan Station

Jovan Station was the command center for the Imperial fleet blockading Yavin 4 following the destruction of the first Death Star. The commanding officer, Admiral Griff, ordered a full-scale attack on Yavin 4 when he heard the Super Star Destroyer Executor had been disabled. [CSW]

Junkfort Station

A patchwork collection of living modules in space, joined by a network of airlink tunnels. Ships often travel to Junkfort to receive illegal modifications, and bounty hunters are ostensibly not allowed on board. Following the Battle of Yavin, Han Solo and Chewbacca went to Junkfort's cantina to inquire about how they could acquire shield-disrupting power gems. [CSW]


Site of the Jurzan spaceport. An Imperial supply fleet carrying a shipment of bacta stopped at Jurzan for refueling. [SWAJ]

Juvex sector

Adjacent to the Senex sector and near the Ninth Quadrant, the Juvex sector contains the Juvex systems. Like the Senex sector, it is run by groups of Ancient Houses, which include the House Streethyn. Bran Kemple was a small-time gunrunner in the Juvex systems before taking over the smuggling business on Belsavis. Eight years after the Battle of Endor, some of the Juvex Lords met with Roganda Ismaren on Belsavis with the intent of forging a military alliance. [COTJ]