Iast system

The possible location of To-phalion Base and the top-secret Vorknkx Project, where the Empire developed an experimental cloaking device after the Battle of Hoth. [TSC]


Imperial commander Titus Klev, at the age of 13, attended a motivational camp on the harsh world of Ibanjji as part of his Imperial Sub-Adult Group training. While there, he saved an instructor from a pack of wild varns. [DESB]


A red dwarf star orbited by an asteroid belt. After the Battle of Yavin, Princess Leia Organa traveled to the asteroid belt to help Rebel sympathizers install a turbolaser. [ROC]

Illoud system

Sullustan commander Huoba Neva smashed an Imperially-supported insurgency in the Illoud system, earning high praise from Alliance command. [DESB]


Located in the Bseto system, the uninhabited planet Indikir is the second planet orbiting the white dwarf star Bseto. [SWAJ]


An ash-covered moon orbiting the planet Kalarba in the remote Kalarba system. Indobok's canyons and mountains are frequently hit with powerful ash storms. The planet is home to the alien species called the B'rknaa-- creatures of ash and stone who are animated through the life force of Indobok's energy crystals. The B'rknaa share a group mind, and can join their bodies together to create larger B'rknaa. In fact, the entire Indobok moon is composed of a single adult B'rknaa. [D]

Indu San

Indu San is the only habitable planet in the system of the same name of the Outer Rim. Its forests, plains, and mountains are separated by oceans, and the planet is a major exporter of luxurious items carved from marbled stone. The low, widely-spaced layout of the smooth stone buildings gives Indu San cities an uncluttered appearance, and the world's 1.4 billion human citizens were traditionally ruled by a Congressional Council. They received an Imperial governor under the Empire, but Governor Stant Rosswell cut favors for many Indu San business leaders and remained popular. Just prior to the Battle of Endor, Rosswell was replaced by the hard-line Governor Ekam Ouwray, who, when faced with a local revolt and a small New Republic battle fleet, evacuated all Imperial forces and fled the system. Some time after Endor, while the Indu San Council was debating whether to join the New Republic, Chief Councilor Shek Barayel was assassinated at Council Hall by Imperial supporters hoping to pin the blame on the New Republic. [SWAJ]


The notorious Gotal bounty hunter Glott is wanted on Insta-7 and several other systems. [ROC]


Years ago, the planet Intuci was raided by the armies of the war criminal Sonopo Bomoor. Bomoor's forces sacked the city of Bonaka Nueno, and arranged a massacre of its citizens in Bonaka Square. Among the victims was the family of Kosh Kurp, who later became the Empire's leading specialist on offensive weaponry. Kurp had his revenge on Bomoor during an attempted business deal with Jabba the Hutt. [JTH]


The infamous space pirates of Iridium preyed on merchant shipping during the days of the Old Republic, until they were wiped out by the Jedi Knights. The pirates used unique "power gems," which generated a disrupting aura, to break through the shields of their victims' starships. One pirate, Raskar, managed to survive the Jedi attack and escaped with the only remaining power gem. He set up on a rimworld and invited those interested in the gem to fight for it in gladitorial combat. Han Solo and Chewbacca managed to obtain Raskar's gem following the Battle of Yavin, though the object only had enough power remaining for one final shield disruption. [CSW]


Romort Raort, head of one of the largest spice-jacking gangs in Hutt space, was originally from Irith. [DESB]

Ison Corridor

The Ison Corridor, containing the Ison system, is located next to the Corellian Trade Spine. It is lightly populated and considered a backwater, and almost all freight traffic skips the Corridor in favor of the nearby Trade Spine. The Corridor is made of four systems in a relatively straight line, starting with the Bespin system and continuing with the Anoat, Hoth, and Ison systems. A standard hyperspace trip from one system to the next will only take about fourteen hours. The Ison Corridor also contains the planet Varonat, where Mara Jade once worked as a hyperdrive mechanic following the death of the Emperor. [DFR, GG2, SWAJ]


The aquatic planet Issor, home to the alen Issori and Odenji species, is a prosperous technology and commerce center located in the Trulalis system. Centuries ago, the Issori's cousin species the Odenji were nearly wiped out by the "melanncho"-- a sadness so powerful it can make the sufferer go insane. The respected scholar Arner Figgis and the smuggler Fahs Oxsor are both natives of Issor. [SWAJ]


Ithor is a bright green and blue planet with many moons in the Ottega system (sometimes referred to as the Ithorian system) located in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster. The fourth planet in the system and home to the nature-loving Ithorians, Ithor is a beautiful world of unspoiled rainforests, rivers, and waterfalls. Three continents have been developed on the humid planet, though they still appear to be overgrown jungles to most visitors. Two large land masses and many islands are maintained in their original, unexplored state. The Ithorians, commonly called "hammerheads" or "Meerian hammerheads," consider their jungle sacred and only set foot in it during emergencies. Instead, they have constructed vast floating cities (including the Tree of Tarintha, the Cloud-Mother, and the Grand Herd Ship Tafanda Bay) which float above the Bafforr treetops in no particular pattern. Ithorian starships, essentially herd cities with hyperdrives, travel the spacelanes selling unusual and rare merchandise. Brathflen Corporation, which operates on Belsavis, is a major Ithorian trading company. At times the Mother Jungle has been known to "call" certain Ithorians to live on the surface as ecological priests, who then never return to their herd cities. All Ithorians are bound by the Ithorian Law of Life, which states that for every plant harvested, two must be planted in its place. A large grove of semi-intelligent Bafforr trees, located in the Cathor Hills, was half-destroyed by the Empire. This grove acts as an intelligent hive mind and is worshipped by the Ithorian people. In addition to the Bafforr, Ithor's flora includes blueleaf, tremmin, fiddleheaded bull-ferns, donar flowers, and indyup trees; animal life includes the manollium bird, the arrak snake, and the flitter-- a small flying rodent that can mimic speech. One of the most beautiful attractions on the planet is the Falls of Dessiar. Every five years Ithorians gather at their planet for "The Meet," where the most important decisions regarding Ithorian society are made. During this Time of Meeting the herd cities link up through an intricate and graceful network of bridges and antigrav platforms.

Years ago, the Imperial captain Alima, commanding the Star Destroyer Conquest, forced the Ithorian Momaw Nadon to reveal secret agricultural and cloning information. Nadon, High Priest of the Tafanda Bay, gave up the information to save the rainforests and his herd city from destruction. For this transgression Nadon was exiled from Ithor, and lived on Tatooine for many years until exacting his revenge on Alima. Ithor's herd cities are a common destination for tourists, especially young couples. Wedge Antilles and Imperial scientist Qwi Xux once visited Ithor as a safe haven, though they were attacked by Kyp Durron who partially erased Xux's mind. [SWS, MTS, SWR, DA, COTJ, TFTC]


Ithull was the homeworld of both the incredibly huge Colossus Wasps and the now-extinct Ithullan race. Four thousand years ago in the Stenness node, the tough exoskeletons of the Colossus Wasps were hollowed out, fitted with hyperdrive engines and other necessary hardware, and used as cargo ships. Several hundred years ago, the warlike Ithulls were attacked by the even more fierce Mandalore. The Mandalorians succeeded in completely exterminating the entire Ithull race. The bounty hunter Dyyz Nataz was known to wear a suit of Ithullan battle armor. [TOTJ, TFTC]


Ixtlar is said to have a "multicolored skyline" due to its numerous holographic advertising boards. [CSSB]