Habassa II

One of the likely homeworlds of the alien Habassa race, who joined the Alliance following the Battle of Yavin. A transfer of B-wings to the cruiser Cathleen near Habassa II was unsuccessfully attacked by Imperial fighters. [FP]

Hadar sector

The Hadar sector contains the planet Turkana. Alliance pilot Keyan Farlander's first mission was in a quadrant of the Hadar sector. [FP]

Haldeen sector

The terrorist Earnst Kamiel, leader of the radical Justice Action Network (JAN), was extradited to the Haldeen sector for Imperial trial after being captured on Eldrooden. [SWAJ]


A beach and vacation world. [SWAJ]


The location of a top-secret Imperial data storage net and a trans-system data storage library. Alliance historian Voren Na'al infiltrated the Imperial data net on Halowan by posing as an agent for Moff Lorin of Fakir sector. [MTS]

Halthor sector

The territory of Imperial Moff Gergis, located near the Noonian sector. [SWAJ]

Hapes Consortium

A cluster of sixty-three stars with sixty-three inhabited planets, the Hapes Consortium is an old and very wealthy society that had almost no contact with the rest of the galaxy for three thousand years. Encompassing hundreds of different governments and thousands of cultures, the cluster was first settled thousands of years ago by a pirate group called the Lorell Raiders, who seized beautiful women from their victims to serve as their mates. The male descendants continued to serve as pirates for generations, until their forces were eliminated by the Jedi Knights. The women then took control of the cluster, and the inherited leadership title of Queen Mother began. The first queen mother began construction on the Star Home, an enormous castle-like spaceship, four thousand years ago.

The worlds of the Hapes cluster include Arabanth, Charubah, Dreena, Gallinore, Reboam, Selab, Terephon, Ut, Maires, Vergill, and Hapes itself, which is orbited by seven moons. The Fountain Palace on the planet Hapes is home to the Hapan royal family, who stay in Reef Fortress in emergencies. Located on an isolated island accessible only by boat, Reef Fortress is a secure stronghold of stone parapets entered through a cave grotto and protected by night perimeter shields. The Dragon's Teeth, jagged rocks jutting from Hapes' blue-green ocean, are a nearby landmark. Frequent encounters with star pirates occur on the Hapes Consortium's borders, partially because many young Hapan males turn to piracy as a means of rebellion. The Hapan naval space forces include the feared Battle Dragon and the newer Hapes Nova-class battle cruisers; for use on oceans, Hapes manufactures the Hapan Water Dragon. Four years after the Battle of Endor, Queen Mother Ta'a Chume, matriarch of the Royal House of Hapes, broke the cluster's long isolation when she offered her son Prince Isolder to Leia Organa in marriage. Isolder later married Teneniel Djo of Dathomir, who bore a daughter, Tenel Ka. Nineteen years after the Battle of Endor, Tenel Ka returned to Hapes after losing her arm in a training accident at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy. Jacen and Jaina Solo and their friend Lowbacca visited Tenel Ka, and the group got caught up in Ambassador Yfra's plot to overthrow the Hapan monarchy. After a bomb went off in the Fountain Palace, the group retreated to Reef Fortress, where Yfra tried to have them eliminated by steering their wavespeeder into a patch of carnivorous seaweed and ordering an attack on the Fortress by deadly Bartokk assassins. [COPL, COTJ, YJK]

Harrin Trade Corridor

The Harrin Trade Corridor is linked to the Enarc Run via the recently-discovered Kira Run. [SWAJ]


Site of the secret Hast shipyards, where the Star Destroyers Liberator and Emancipator (captured during the Battle of Endor) were being refurbished for active New Republic duty. Imperial spies discovered the shipyards soon after Endor, and the resulting attack severely damaged both Star Destroyers and ruined a large portion of the Alliance fleet. This devastating attack put the New Republic's war effort several years behind schedule. [DESB]


The location of a secret retreat for Death Star designer Bevel Lemelisk. According to Alliance historian Voren Na'al, Lemelisk hid on Hefi after the first Death Star's destruction until discovered by Imperial agents, though this story appears to be inaccurate. [MTS, DS]

Hensara system

Located in the Rachuk sector, the Hensara system's third planet is a small jungle world called Hensara III. Some three years after the Battle of Endor, Alliance operative Dirk Harkness and his Black Curs were forced to crash their ship in one of Hensara III's lakes after running into the Strike cruiser Havoc. The Havoc landed AT-AT and AT-ST walkers, along with two platoons of stormtroopers, to find and eliminate them. Harkness and his group were rescued by Rogue Squadron, who easily wiped out Imperial resistance without suffering any casualties in the battle later called the Rout of Hensara. [XWRS]


One of the two largest moons orbiting the planet Bespin. H'gaard and its smaller sister moon Drudonna are known together as The Twins. The moon is only five kilometers in diameter. Both are unremarkable ice satellites, and appear as large green spheres in Bespin's night sky. [GG2]


A deserted, battle-scarred planet first discovered by the Fifth Alderaanian Expedition. Atop a bluff sits the crumbling fortress of Hijarna, made of hard black stone and probably abandoned a thousand years before its discovery. The fortress overlooks a plain crossed with deep ravines and marked with indications of former devastation. It is unclear whether the fortress was built to defend against this destruction, or was somehow the cause of it. Talon Karrde called a meeting with his fellow smugglers in Hijarna's fortress to discuss actions against Grand Admiral Thrawn. [TLC]

Hindasar system

The infamous criminal known as Dr. Evazan set up a "medical" practice in the Hindasar system after escaping from the prison world of Delrian. Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi had a confrontation with Dr. Evazan in the Mos Eisley cantina on Tatooine. [MTS]


Grand Admiral Thrawn provided the ship thief Niles Ferrier with an assault shuttle from the Hishyim patrol station so he could present it to Talon Karrde to establish credibility. [TLC]

H'ken system

Located in the Corva sector of the Outer Rim, the H'ken system contains a 20-kilometer wide asteroid belt. After the Battle of Endor, a squadron of X-wings was training in the belt when they were wiped out by an Imperial warlord's ships. [SWAJ]


A planet with three moons and home to the alien species also called H'nemthe. During the season of trine, all three of the planet's moons give off their light. On average, there are twenty H'nemthe males for every female-- after mating, the male is gutted with the female's razor-sharp tongue. Virgin females are not often allowed to leave the planet, and are permitted to eat only fruits and vegetables. Plant life on H'nemthe includes the carnivorous m'iiyoom nightlily, a white flower which blooms during the season of trine. [TFTC]

Hollan D1 sector

A vital Imperial storage area was destroyed in the Hollan D1 sector by the Alliance following the Battle of Yavin. Rebel pilots used captured ships from Overlord Ghorin in the attack, in an attempt to discredit Ghorin in the eyes of the Empire. [FP]

Hollastin Seven

Located in the Hollastin system, Hollastin Seven is the base of operations for the crimelord Glorga the Hutt. During the Second Hollastin Insurrection, Hollastin Seven's capital city was besieged by native guerrillas. A group of smugglers tried to use the chaos to overthrow Glorga, but they were stopped by the Hutt's henchmen. [SWAJ]


A planet with three moons in the Honoghr system (near Fwillsving and Kessel), and the homeworld of the Noghri. Honoghr is a devastated world; almost all of its plant and animal life has been destroyed. From space it appears to be uniformly brown, broken only by the occasional blue lake and the green area known as the Clean Lands. The main city of Nystao is located in the center of the Clean Lands-- it is home to the Common Room of Honoghr within the Grand Dukha and is the only city with adequate spacecraft repair facilities. The Noghri people are divided into clans (including the clans Kihm'bar, Bakh'tor, Eikh'mir, and Hakh'khar) that have had a long history of bloody rivalry. Each clan is ruled by a dynast, and female maitrakhs lead family or subclan units. In the center of each village is a cylindrical building called a dukha, constructed of polished wood encircled by a metal band and containing the clan High Seat and a genealogical chart carved into one wall. The ancient Noghri laws of discovery and judgement involve a period of public shaming in the main city by order of the clan dynasts. The village of clan Kihm'bar is at the edge of the Clean Lands and is ruled by Dynast Ir'khaim. Animal life on Honoghr includes the carnivorous stava.

During the Clone Wars, a battle between two starships resulted in one of them crashing on Honoghr's surface, setting off catastrophic earthquakes and releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Darth Vader came to offer Imperial assistance, and teams of deadly Noghri commandos joined the Empire in return for Emperor's help in restoring their world. Noghri clans and their respective dukhas were relocated to the Clean Lands, and Imperial decontamination droids set to work apparently renewing the soil. In actuality, the Empire had seeded Honoghr with a hybrid form of kholm-grass that inhibited all other plant growth, keeping the planet lifeless for generations and forcing the Noghri to remain in the Emperor's debt. Before Vader's death, he named Grand Admiral Thrawn his designated heir and ruler of the Noghri commandos. The Noghri renounced their service to Thrawn after Leia Organa Solo showed them the extent of the Empire's treachery, and they began to grow new crops along the banks of a hidden river running between two jagged cliffs. After Thrawn's defeat, the New Republic was planning to relocate the Noghri people to a new world. [HTTE, DFR, TLC]

Horuz system

The Horuz system, formerly containing the prison planet Despayre, is located in an isolated corner of the Outer Rim far from any hyperspace lanes. The first Death Star was built in the Horuz system above Despayre, and upon completion the battle station utterly destroyed the planet. The Empire used the master encrypt code ILKO to transmit data from Coruscant to Horuz during this construction. [TLC, MTS, DSTC]


A moon orbiting Kalarba in the remote Kalarba system. One hemisphere of the moon is covered by the towers and outlying buildings of Hosk Station. Hosk Station's central city is domed, and all energy weapons are ostensibly surrendered upon arrival. Sites in the city include Trillka's Repair Shop and the Hosk Droid Arena, and the station is patrolled by automated security forces. A snake-like Hulgren has been seen living in the station's lower levels. R2-D2 and C-3PO helped avert the destruction of Hosk Station when its power core was ruptured by the criminal Olag Greck. [D]

Hosrel XI

The location of a remote navy base, where a squadron of pilots had a brief battle with Lehesu of the Oswaft. [LCSC]


Hoth, the sixth planet in the system of the same name, is an icy, unpopulated world covered with glacier fields, circling a blue-white sun. The isolated world is not even recorded on some standard navigational charts. Hoth is orbited by three moons, and receives a great deal of meteor activity. The planet's daylight temperature averages -32 degrees centigrade even in the temperate equatorial zone, and can plunge another 20-30 degrees at night. Hoth's native lifeforms include the common tauntaun and its natural predator, the Wampa ice creature. The many species of tauntauns eat fungus growing in cave grottoes and beneath the snow layer, and cluster together in caves during Hoth's bitter night to keep from freezing. Sights on Hoth include spectacular frozen ice geysers, and a 1000-kilometer long chasm in the planet's southern hemisphere. The bottom of this chasm is filled with water, kept in its liquid state due to the immense pressure of the two opposing cliff faces. Several glaciers, slowly sliding into the chasm's depths, harbor algae and burrowing, algae-feeding ice worms.

Following the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker crashed on Hoth in an effort to escape pursuing TIE fighters. He encountered two lifelike androids, programmed to look and act like an Imperial governor and his daughter, who had been hiding on Hoth in order to escape from the Empire. Later, the pirate Raskar captured Skywalker and Han Solo above Hoth, and Solo flew the group to a deep chasm on the planet's equator. There they discovered a hidden cave filled with rare lumni-spice lichens guarded by a fire- breathing dragon-slug, and barely escaped with their lives. After the Alliance fully evacuated from Yavin 4, they established their main base on Hoth (in a series of ice caves at the northern edge of the temperate zone), christening it Echo Base. The Alliance encountered trouble adapting their equipment to Hoth's extreme temperatures, and were also attacked by the Wampa ice creatures. The base was later discovered by an Imperial probe droid, leading to the defeat of the Rebels by Darth Vader's forces in the engagement now known as the Battle of Hoth. Eight years after the Battle of Endor, a big-game hunting expedition traveled to Hoth, intending to hunt Wampas for their valuable pelts. When the Wampas destroyed the party's landing ship, the group took shelter in the abandoned Echo Base. Luke Skywalker and Callista attempted to rescue the hunters, but the entire expedition was killed by the ice creatures, and Skywalker and Callista barely escaped with their lives. [ESB, ESBN, MTS, GG2, CSW, DS, ISWU]

Hoth system

The remote Hoth system is located in the Ison Corridor on the fringes of civilized space, and its sixth planet is a frozen, unpopulated world also known as Hoth. The system also contains a dangerous asteroid belt, formed billions of years ago by the collision of two planets. Within the belt there is rumored to be a pure platinum asteroid, called "Kerane's Folly" after the prospector who discovered it, left to verify its purity, then could never find it again. On some asteroids grow delicate crystal ferns, which could be a primitive silicon-based lifeform.

Over the centuries many smugglers and criminals have built bases in some of the larger asteroids, including the notorious pirate Clabburn, who placed huge space slugs to guard his hideouts. After the Battle of Hoth, the Millennium Falcon tried to escape pursuing Star Destroyers in the asteroid field and was nearly swallowed by a space slug. Eight years after the Battle of Endor, Durga the Hutt began mining the asteroids in the Hoth Asteroid Belt for raw materials used in the construction of the Darksaber weapon. The Darksaber was discovered in the asteroid field by New Republic forces, and the weapon was utterly destroyed when it was crushed between two planetoids. [ESB, DS, ISWU]

Hydian Way

The Hydian Way is a major trade route that runs from the Mid-Core out to the Corporate Sector. It intersects the Perlemian Trade Route in the Bormea sector at the planet Brentaal. 3000 years ago, the legendary pioneer woman Freia Kallea helped explore Brentaal space and single-handedly blazed the Hydian Way. [SWAJ]