Galaan, a large gas giant located in the Galaanus system of the Corva sector, is covered with green, gray, and white clouds that restrict visibility to a few hundred meters. The New Republic operates a floating Intelligence outpost in Galaan's upper atmosphere, which acts as the communications center for the entire Corva sector. [SWAJ]

Galaanus system

Located in the Corva sector of the Outer Rim, the Galaanus system contains the gas giant Galaan. [SWAJ]


Rogue Squadron fought at Gall following the Alliance's evacuation of Hoth. [XWRS]


A planet in the Hapes cluster and home to the extremely valuable rainbow gems. The gems, actually silicon-based lifeforms, mature after thousands of years and glow with an inner light. [COPL]


Elea Poista, a top Exex at Bespin Motors, created the false identity "Kel" to aid in her black market sales-- including a set of forged birth records on Galltine. [GG2]

Galov sector

Located in the Outer Rim, the Galov sector contains the planet Romar. The entire sector is ruled by the ruthless Moff Antoll Jellrek, who accepts bribes from the local crimelords in return for allowing them to continue their criminal practices. [SWAJ]

Galpos II

GrimDeath I, a pirateship responsible for raids in the Woldona system, was the target of an Imperial spacetrooper assault before it could reach its destination of Galpos II. [SWS]

Galvoni III

The location of an Imperial military communications complex. Alliance historian Voren Na'al infiltrated the complex following the Battle of Yavin in order to gain more information about the Death Star project. [MTS]

Gama system

The home system of a humanoid alien species known as the Gama-Senn. Six years after the Battle of Endor, the leader of the Gama-Senn people pledged his system's allegiance to the reborn Emperor after witnessing a demonstration of Palpatine's devastating Galaxy Gun. [EE]


Gamorr's varied terrain ranges from frozen tundra to deep forests, and it is considered quite pleasant by off- worlders. The dim-witted Gamorreans, however, care only for the vicious, bloody warfare constantly occurring between rival clans. Gamorrean sows run the clans and do the productive work such as hunting and farming, while the boars spend all their time training and fighting their rivals with primitive hand-axes and swords, vying for the attention of the Alpha female. Gamorr is also home to furry, bloodsucking parasites called morrts, that Gamorreans look upon with affection and allow to feed on their own body fluids. The first interstellar trading ship to land on Gamorr was utterly destroyed after five armies fought a bloody two-day battle for the right to do so. Procedures programs for those intending to visit the planet state only, "Do not visit Gamorr." Many Gamorreans are employed throughout the galaxy as guards, mercenaries, and enforcers, and some have colonized the Outer Rim world of Pzob. The planet is also home to vicious Gamorrean watch-beasts, which are used as guard animals at the Imperial Army training centers on Sirpar. [SWS, COTJ, SWAJ]


Hidden in a vast, radioactive gas cloud located near Nal Hutta, the Ganath system is completely cut off from the rest of galactic civilization. Their isolated culture has developed more slowly than the rest of the galaxy, and much of Ganathan technology operates on steam power. Spacers from Nal Hutta who attempted to penetrate the gas cloud never returned. The Ganathan space fleet includes the massive steam-powered battleship The Robida Colossus. For years the Ganath system was ruled by King Empatojayos Brand, a Jedi knight who was rescued by the Ganathans after his ship was destroyed. Leia and Han Solo travelled to the capital city of Ganath after they rashly flew into the gas cloud in an attempt to escape from Boba Fett. [DE2]


Gand is a primarily gaseous planet and home to the alien species also called Gand. Gand society is composed of pocket colonies separated by enshrouding mists, and the Gand government is a totalitarian monarchy established centuries ago. Locating fugitives in the thick gasses is the responsibility of Gand "findsmen," who worship the mists and use religious rituals to lead them to their targets. Names are a reflection of status on Gand-- those Gand who have achieved little are simply called "Gand." As an individual accomplishes more, he or she earns a surname, then a first name. Only those Gand whose fame is so great that they are known by all are allowed to refer to themselves with pronouns. All other Gand always refer to themselves in the third person, using their "lesser" names when they feel contrite or ashamed. Due to the world's unique atmosphere, most Gand must wear some type of breathing apparatus when off-planet. After Gand and its slave trade were taken over by the Empire, the Imperials' advanced technology made the arcane techniques of the findsmen largely obsolete. Some Gand findsmen have since found work as bounty hunters, including the notorious Zuckuss, though others such as Rogue Squadron pilot Ooryl Qrygg have chosen nobler professions. [MTS, XWRS]


After the Battle of Yavin, the Empire opened up a new hyperlane between Fondor and Gandeal for cargo traffic, in order to meet the supply needs caused by the construction of the Super Star Destroyer Executor at the Fondor yards. [SWAJ]

Gandolo IV

A barren, rocky moon located in the Outer Rim. A group of Wookiee settlers, aided by Chewbacca, were attempting to establish a colony on the moon when they were discovered by the bounty hunter Bossk. Bossk and his men, who were in the employ of the Imperial sector governor, abandoned their attempt to capture the Wookiees after Han Solo disabled their ship by landing on it. [MTS]

Gandrun Two

A desert planet covered with endless sand dunes. [GG2]


Grandon Holleck, a former Imperial governor of Chandrila, retired to his homeworld of Ganthel after stepping down as governor. [SWAJ]

Gap Nine

The backwater swampworld of Gap Nine is home to a reptilian alien species and an Imperial fuel ore- processing plant. Many years ago, an unknown group came to Gap Nine and built temples dedicated to evil. When a force of Jedi Knights arrived, they defeated the group and transformed their temples into storehouses of knowledge. Recently, the Imperials on Gap Nine have been robbing these temples of their priceless artifacts. [SWAJ]


Garban, home to the alien species called the Jenet, is the fourth planet in the Tau Sakar system. Garban is a temperate world with high seasonal variance. Years ago the rapidly-reproducing Jenet wiped out most of their natural predators on Garban, which led to overpopulation and the colonization of the other worlds in the system. Jenet are quarrelsome, store useless items in a community junkheap, and have a massive bureaucratic government whose job it is to remember everything they can about each Jenet citizen. After Garban was taken over by the Empire many Jenet were forced to work as slaves in Garban's ore mines. [GG4]

Garos system

The Garos system, a four-day hyperspace journey from Coruscant, contains six planets: Berusa, Chaila, the inhabited worlds Sundari and Garos IV, Regar I, and Regar II. The system lies near the Nyarikan Nebula, a navigation hazard which has made travel to the system uncommon. [SWAJ]

Garos IV

A terrestrial planet of thick forests and mountains, Garos IV and its twin moons are located in the Garos system with its sister planet Sundari. Due to the navigational hazard of the nearby Nyarikan Nebula, the people of Garos IV have necessarily been independent, relying on little contact or assistance from the larger galaxy. 4000 years ago, Garos IV and Sundari were first settled by human colonists. The two worlds immediately began inter-system trade, since the Sundars were dependent on agricultural harvests from Garosian farms. About 200 years ago, large numbers of Sundars began emigrating to Garos IV, settling in Northlan in the Upper Morcur Valley. This area was the heart of Garos' agricultural and manufacturing districts, and the Sundar immigrants began establishing new businesses and factories-- earning the resentment of Garosians who were hurt by the new competition. A civil war between the two planets erupted when a Garosian grain processing facility in the city of Geran was destroyed-- intentionally, some claimed, by the Sundars. The devastating war raged on for 82 years until a truce was hammered out by Tork Winger, Assistant Minister of Defense for Garos IV, and Tionthes Turi, a respected Sundar engineer. Violations of the truce, such as the Whahalla Massacre, continued, but the Empire's intervention into the conflict approximately five years before the Battle of Yavin brought a sudden, violent end to most resistance. Since then, the Imperial presence on Garos IV has been relatively small and unobtrusive, until the recent discovery of the planet's hibridium ore deposits. Hibridium is only found on the western coastline of Garos' main continent, and can produce a natural cloaking effect key to the production of military cloaking devices. Garos IV has a relatively small population of 20 million Garosians and four million Sundars. Animal life on the planet includes flying, nocturnal crupas and wild boetays, while plant life includes the baraka tree.

Ariana, Garos' capital city, is located on the western shore of the larger of the planet's two main continents and is home to the distinguished University of Garos. The Imperial Headquarters building is located across the street from the popular tavern Chado's Pub, while beneath the city lies a vast maze of subterranean tunnels. Nearby, the forbidding Tahika Cliffs run for a hundred kilometers along the continent's western coastline, facing the vast expanse of the Locura Ocean. The new Imperial hibridium mines are located in a mountain range south of Ariana, situated between Mount Usca and Hargon's Hill. Forty kilometers southeast of Ariana is the agricultural and manufacturing city of Garan, built on the Salc River. Garan sits on the edge of the Lower Morcur Valley, a major foodstuffs-producing region, and is connected to Ariana by the Old Currahen Highway. Over nine hundred kilometers east of Ariana on the south-central coast lies the ancient resort city of Zila. Zila is known for its architectural diversity, and a range of stone turrets line the waterfront facing the Cabalia Sea for nearly a kilometer. Mount Berin is located on the outskirts of Zila.

Garos' Imperial military is commanded by General Zakar, and the world is ruled by Tork Winger, who was appointed as the Imperial governor. Winger's residence, the Governor's Mansion, is located south of Ariana near the edge of the Tahika Cliffs. Unbeknownst to Winger, his adopted daughter Alex is secretly a member of the Garosian resistance, and has been fighting the Imperial presence on Garos IV for years. Garos' underground movement, whose members also include Magir Paca and the undercover Imperial Dair Haslip, meet in Ariana's subterranean tunnels and plan for the day the New Republic will arrive to liberate their world. [SWAJ]


An unimportant agricultural world of fertile plains and oceans located in a remote corner of the Outer Rim. The mottled red and purple planet exports agricultural products, harvested by immense automated combines, to its immediate neighbors. The planet is officially ruled by Imperial Governor Tadrin, but Tadrin is frequently absent and entrusts Garqi to the military prefect, Mosh Barris. The world's population is concentrated in the capital city is Pesktda, which is covered with a leafy canopy and is home to Garqi Agricultural University. The human population of Garqi is a sparse 800,000. The planet's plant life includes purple djorra vine, while its animal life includes the rdava-bird. When an X-wing fighter was sighted making night flights near Pesktda several years after the Battle of Endor, several students from Garqi University began believing that the New Republic had arrived to liberate the planet. Corran Horn, the pilot of the X-wing, used his secret position as Mosh Barris' aide to rescue several prisoners from Garqi's prisons, escape with them offworld, and implicate Barris as a traitor to the Empire. [SWAJ]


The twenty-five man skating team from Gathus played the planet Lafra in several games of a puttie series. Han Solo watched the final match while on a mission to Belsavis. [COTJ]


A planet in the Corporate Sector, Gaurick is controlled by a religious cult led by a high priest, or mufti. Big Bunji hired Han Solo and Chewbacca to deliver several cargos of chak-root to the workers of Gaurick, who had a religious objection to the substance. After a few uneventful runs, Solo and Chewbacca were met by a waiting picket ship, which they narrowly managed to escape. [CSSB]


Gbu is an extremely high-gravity planet and home to the alien species known as the Veubgri. Each Veubg is large and stocky, with six legs and long tendrils used as manipulative appendages. Before Leia Organa Solo visited Munto Codru she and her New Republic delegation met with representatives from the Veubgri above Gbu. The meeting was held on an orbiting satellite to avoid the negative effects of Gbu's gravity on human physiologies. [TCS]

Geedon V

Located in the system of the same name, Geedon V is the site of a former pirate base. Gallandro, the famed gunman, single-handedly took over this pirate's nest during one of his early exploits. Years later, a food- supply convoy of Imperial corvettes was destroyed in the Geedon system by the Alliance. Rebel pilots used captured ships from Overlord Ghorin during the attack, to be used in a later attempt to discredit Ghorin in the eyes of the Empire.[HSLL, FP]


A backwater world located in the system of the same name, Gelgelar has no Imperial presence. The Twi'lek known as Loh'khar the Finder arranged for transport from Kelada to Gelgelar for some Alliance operatives. [SWAJ]

Gelviddis Cluster

An atypical type of sand is located on a world in the Gelviddis Cluster. The unique composition of this sand allows Jedi to easily form it into familiar shapes and images through the use of the Force. [COTJ]


Located in the Outer Rim in the Atrivis sector, Generis was the site of the New Republic's Outer Rim comm center. After a fierce battle Grand Admiral Thrawn's clone forces captured the planet, including the comm center and most of the fleet supply depots. General Kryll and pilot Pash Cracken were able to evacuate Travia Chan and her people during the New Republic's retreat. [TLC]


Located in the remote Anoat system, Gentes is the homeworld of the pig-like Ugnaughts. The Ugnaughts lived in primitive colonies on Gentes' less-than-hospitable surface until most left the planet to work at Cloud City on Bespin. [MTS]


Located in the Mneon system, Geran is the homeworld of a near-human alien species. The inhabitants of Geran have bluish skin and need trace amounts of hydron-three added to their breathing air in order to survive while away from their home planet. Their religious system involves a belief in the Sky Seraphs. Animal life on Geran includes the flying reptile known as the shell-bat. Sergeant Doallyn, one of Jabba the Hutt's hunters, was a native of Geran. [TFJP]

Gerbaud 2

Located in the Sepan system, Gerbaud 2 was the site at which Admiral Harkov attempted to resupply his TIE Advanced squadrons during a rendezvous with the escort carrier Tropsobor following the Battle of Hoth. The transfer operation was attacked by a united force from the nearby planets of Ripoblus and Dimok. [TSC]

Gerrard V

Prior to the Battle of Yavin, segments of the Gerrard military staged a Rebel uprising in the planet's main city of Harazod. The uprising was brutally suppressed with orbital bombings from the Star Destroyers Adjudicator and Relentless. At the time, the planet was ruled by Governor Dannal and represented in the Imperial Senate by Senator Chelo. [SWAJ]


The location of a small Rebel Alliance cell, disguised as an accountant's office in a Gerrenthum city. [GG2]


Ghorman is located in the system of the same name in the Sern sector near the Core Worlds, and was the site of the infamous Ghorman Massacre, an early atrocity committed by the Empire. During a peaceful anti-tax demonstration, a warship sent to collect the taxes landed on top of the protesters-- killing and injuring hundreds. Tarkin, the warship's captain, was promoted to Moff for this action. The Ghorman Massacre was commemorated every year on its anniversary by those opposed to Palpatine's New Order, and it convinced Bail Organa of Alderaan to join the cause of the Rebellion. Years later, when an Imperial base on Ghorman was being enlarged, an Alliance attack on a vital supply convoy delayed the base expansion for over a year. [JS, DA, FP]

Gla Soocha

(see Da Soocha)


Years ago, Jabba the Hutt and the Chevin criminal Ephant Mon were partners in a gunrunning operation on an ice-covered moon of Glakka. The pair planned to steal an Imperial weapons cache and resell it for a profit, but were ambushed by an Imperial squad. They survived the attack but almost died during the subzero night, when Jabba kept Ephant Mon alive by covering him in the folds of his sluglike body. The pair was rescued in the morning, but Ephant Mon remained grateful to Jabba for saving his life. [TFJP]

Glythe sector

The Glythe sector contains the planet Valrar, the location of an Imperial base. [DFR]


Goelitz was once involved in an ancient feud with the planet Ylix, located a few systems away. After much fighting, Goelitz was defeated by members of the Ylix militia, including the infamous gunman Gallandro. [CSSB]


Imperial forces trying to conquer Gorbah suffered heavy losses from four hidden fighter bases attacking in a "space-snipe" defense. When the Empire eventually triumphed, the fighters abandoned their secret outposts and fled the system. [SWAJ]


The location of an Alliance storage base. After Boba Fett was supposedly killed by the Sarlacc, the Alliance towed Fett's abandoned Slave I to Grakouine. It remained there for years until Fett repurchased his ship through legitimate channels. [DESB]


Major Reskik, commander of the Imperial Salvage Station deployed to analyze the first Death Star's wreckage, grew up on a fish farm on Grandeel. [GG2]

Greater Galam

The fifth planet in the remote Lan system, Greater Galam is a gas giant with sixteen moons. [SWAJ]

Greater Plooriod Cluster

The Greater Plooriod Cluster (located within the Greater Plooriod sector) is a large area containing the planet Corsin, which was the site of prestigious swoop races until its occupation by the Empire. The Plooriods also contain several vital agricultural worlds, and the Cluster had been the primary grain supplier to the Empire in the sector. The entire Cluster was formerly ruled by the ruthless Overlord Ghorin. Following the Battle of Yavin, Ghorin agreed to supply the Alliance with badly-needed grain, but double- crossed the Rebels by providing them with tainted food cargoes. The Alliance responded by making it appear as if Ghorin was cheating the Empire, and Darth Vader personally executed the Overlord for his supposed treason on the planet Plooriod III. The sector also contains Imperial Drydock IV, from which several Interdictor cruisers departed to join the Outer Rim Imperial fleet. [MTS, FP]

Greeb-Streebling Cluster

A cluster located in the Ninth Quadrant, near the Senex and Juvex sectors. [COTJ]


The outpost planet on which Dev Sibwarra spent his youth. This was apparently one of the first planets attacked by the Ssi-Ruuk. [TAB]


A heavily-populated world in the Galactic Core. Grizmallt was one of many planets that surrendered to Admiral Ackbar and the Alliance fleet in the years following the Battle of Endor. [DESB]

Gromas system

Several small moons in the Gromas system contain the rare metal known as Phrik. The Empire constructed a mining facility on one moon, to produce Phrik for use in armoring the Dark Troopers. Following the Battle of Yavin, Alliance agent Kyle Katarn completely destroyed this facility with a sequencer charge. [DF]


Located in the Expansion Region. The smuggler Platt Okeefe smuggled goods past the customs inspectors on Gruvia by covering her cargo with rotting vohis mold. [SWAJ]

Gunthar system

The Gunthar system contains the swamp planet Taul. [SWAJ]

Gus Treta

A large spaceport located in the Corellian system. Alliance hero Wedge Antilles' parents were managers of a fueling depot in outer Gus Treta until they were killed in a fueling mishap caused by a fleeing pirate ship. [MTS]


Gyndine is an Imperial territorial administrative world, which has the nearby Circarpous system under its jurisdiction. It is ruled by the obese Imperial governor Bin Essada. Cargo ships are known to make deliveries of denta beans to Gyndine's grain market, and animal life on the planet includes the dangerous ethersquid. During the Imperial Mutiny six years after the Battle of Endor, Gyndine protected itself by becoming a "Fortress World," guarded by planetary shields and a fleet of thirty defensive ships. [SME, SWAJ, DESB]