Fakir sector

An Imperial treasury ship and its corvette escort were severely damaged by six Rebel X-wings in the Fakir sector. In addition, Alliance historian Voren Na'al took the cover of a special agent for the Moff of the Fakir sector during his infiltration of the Imperial data storage net on Halowan. [SWS, MTS]


The world of Farboon appears green, blue and white when seen from space. While at Farboon, TIE pilot Maarek Steele rescued Admiral Mordon's shuttle from an attacking group of Rebel X- and Y-wing fighters. [TSC]

Farfeld II

Farfeld II is located in the Farfeld system. A System Patrol Squadron base for Imperial corvettes near the planet was destroyed by the Alliance in the time following the Battle of Yavin. [FP]

Farrfin sector

The Farrfin sector was one target in an offensive by Grand Admiral Thrawn. The New Republic put up stiff resistance in this and the Dolomar sectors, and Admiral Ackbar personally made a tour of the defenses in both these areas. [TLC]


A forested planet on which Han Solo spent some time as part of his Alliance duties. During the New Republic's retreat from Generis, there was hope that Wing Commander Varth had escaped and was able to hook up with a unit at Fedje. [TLC]

Feenicks VI

An Imperial System Patrol Squadron base near Feenicks VI was eliminated by an Alliance strike team in the time following the Battle of Yavin. [FP]


A moderately large planet orbiting an orange-yellow star, Fef is the homeworld of the insectoid Fefze. Fef's thick atmosphere and hot temperature contribute to its teeming variety of lifeforms, all of whom have relatively short life-spans. The Fefze, who form intelligent group-minds (called "swarms") of 10 to 100 individuals, are able to digest all forms of carbon-based organic matter. Due to the abundance of food available to the Fefze and their lack of dexterous manipulative appendages, they have not developed technological skills and Fef has few exports. Fef does receive tourists who come to view the famed Fefze dance swarms. [GG4]


The Fere (also called Feree) system contains a double star. Two hundred years ago, the planet Fere was home to an advanced alien culture of tall, pale humanoids with six-fingered hands. They were also master starship builders, and some of their small luxury cruisers can still be found in the galaxy today. During a series of wars, someone accidentally carried a deadly plague to Fere which killed all life on the world. [COPL]


New Republic operative Shandria L'hnnar attended the famous Imperial Institute of Higher Studies on Ferrhast. [SWAJ]

Ferros VI

The location of an Imperial prison camp. [DSTC]


Fest, located in the system of the same name, is in the Atrivis sector of the Outer Rim and borders the Mantooine system. An Imperial Weapons Research Facility, hidden in a steep mountain range, was located on Fest and performed metallurgical research on new alloys. Following the Battle of Yavin, Alliance agent Kyle Katarn infiltrated the facility and stole a sample of the metal Phrik, used in armoring the Dark Troopers. The Fest system was also home to a resistance group opposing the Empire. [DF, FP]


Fibuli, containing the city of Knanan, is one of the Trianii colony worlds that was annexed by the adjacent Corporate Sector. Open warfare erupted as the famous Trianii Rangers fought the CSA's encroachment on their territory. An armistice was finally announced between the Trianii and the CSA sometime after the Battle of Yavin, following three years of devastating battles. The Trianii Ranger Atuarre's mate, Keeheen, disappeared during the fighting and was eventually rescued, with Han Solo's help, from the Stars' End prison. [CSSB, SWAJ]


The innermost planet of the Yavin system. Fiddanl is a hot, dense world whose continental plates constantly shift atop a sea of liquid mercury. The planet's eighteen landmasses, which can move as much as 630 kilometers a day, constantly grind each other down but are continually replaced through rapid crystal growth. The multicolored continents get their hues from a varied mix of Cinnabar, sulfite, and manganese, and Fiddanl's high gravity keeps the shifting land relatively flat. The planet's atmosphere, though relatively free from storms and other disturbances, is toxic to almost all species. There are no indications of life on Fiddanl's surface. The name "Fiddanl" seems to have been given to the planet by a Nuiwit clerk in the Imperial Xenodetic Survey department. [GG2]


Filve was targeted by the Star Destroyer Judicator in a multi-pronged attack by Grand Admiral Thrawn intended to draw New Republic forces away from Ukio. At the same time, Leia Organa Solo was planning to visit the Filvian government to assure them of New Republic support. When she arrived during the battle, Joruus C'baoth sent the entire Imperial strike force after the Millennium Falcon in a vain attempt to capture her. [TLC]


Located in the Colonies Region, Findris is home to several anti-Empire underground organizations, the most violent of which was the Justice Action Network (JAN) terrorist group led by Earnst Kamiel. Kamiel was caught on Eldrood after the Battle of Yavin and extradited to the Haldeen sector for Imperial trial. [SWAJ]


All life on the planet Firrerre was wiped out through the Empire's use of a biological weapon, and it is still unsafe for any ships to land there. The devastation was ordered by Hethrir, the Imperial Procurator of Justice (himself a native of Firrerre) and carried out by the Empire's elite Starcrash Brigade. The people of Firrerre, humanoids with long, striped hair, were believed to have been rendered extinct by the death of their world, though Leia Organa Solo discovered a passenger-freighter carrying many of its natives in suspended animation. The highest waterfall on Firrerre reaches 1,263 meters. [TCS]


Many deaths and atrocities were committed on Firro during its brutal subjugation by the Empire, and Lord Cuvir was installed as Imperial Governor of Firro. During a visit to a Firro relief station, Cuvir witnessed the skill of Imperial medical droid Too-Onebee and made the droid his personal physician. Too-Onebee has since joined the Alliance. [MTS]

F'la Ren

A blue-white star orbited by F'tral, home of the Iyra. [GG4]


Flax, home to the insectoid alien species called Flakax, is located in the Ptera system. Flax is covered by oceans but much of the land is desert, due to high mountain ranges which prevent atmospheric transference of moisture from the seas. The emotionless Flakax live in underground hives, and their lives are spent in continual devotion to the hive and its queen. Flax has no notable technologies or exports, other than the skilled labor provided by the Flakax. After the planet was taken over by the Empire the Flakax were put to work mining Flax's underground minerals. [GG4]


The site of a vast Republic orbital shipyard, one of the oldest and most successful shipyards in the galaxy. Raw materials were gathered from the uninhabited planet of Foerost below and shipped up to high orbit, where they were assembled into warships for the Republic navy. Nearly four thousand years ago during the Sith War, the Foerost shipyards were attacked by Ulic Qel-Droma and Aleema, who used her darkside illusions to make their fleet appear to be one large, innocent vessel. After a quick and deadly battle, Qel- Droma's forces had captured the operations codes for three hundred of the Republic's newest warships. [TSW]


The largest moon orbiting the planet Commenor, Folor is a craggy gray satellite home to an Alliance starfighter training center. The base is built within a network of underground tunnels, which was a mining complex and likely a smugglers' hideout in the past. The base is commanded by General Horton Salm, and off-duty pilots can be found relaxing in a makeshift cantina called the DownTime. The Folor gunnery and bombing range, a deep twisting canyon on the moon's surface, is called the "pig trough" due to the unflattering nickname of the Y-wing starfighters that often train there. A satellite field surrounding Folor is also used by pilots for obstacle training. Two and a half years after the Battle of Endor, the newest members of Rogue Squadron were instructed at Folor before flying their first combat missions. [XWRS]


An industrial planet in the system of the same name, Fondor is famous for the huge starship construction facilities (among the largest in the galaxy) in its orbit. It was at these starship yards that the droid Bollux was first activated. Later, the Empire took over the Fondor yards, and built the Super Star Destroyer Executor there immediately following the Battle of Yavin. During the Executor's construction, Imperial forces erected a military blockade and closed the system to all civilian traffic. In order to meet supply needs for the massive project, the Empire opened up a new hyperlane between Fondor and Gandeal for cargo traffic. When several Imperial admirals saw the Executor as a blatant bid for power on Darth Vader's part, they tried to sabotage its construction by bringing in a Rebel spy-- Luke Skywalker. Vader trapped the traitorous admirals when their group met with Skywalker in the vast steam tunnels beneath Fondor's surface, but Skywalker managed to escape the planet by stowing away on an automated drone barge. [HSSE, CSSB, CSW, SWAJ]


The location of the Fire Rings. Han Solo once remarked that a difficult task can be compared to "flying through the five Fire Rings of Fornax." [SWN]


The home planet of the Frozians-- tall, furred, extra-jointed aliens known for their melancholy outlook on life. Micamberlecto, the former New Republic governor-general of the Corellian sector, was a Frozian. [AAC]


A large water-covered world orbiting the blue-white star F'la Ren, F'tral is home to the tentacled cephalopods known as the Iyra. The few volcanic islands on F'tral are home to fisher plants, seducer plants, and cannibal plants. The Iyra inhabit large undersea cities and have developed many valuable technologies, including corrosion-resistant alloys and gravity-field and inertial devices for starships. Iyra society is based on a caste system, with the number of tentacles an individual has corresponding to his or her own caste. The more tentacles an Iyra grows, the higher the caste, and since Iyra tend to grow more tentacles as they grow older an individual can move through several castes in a lifetime. Iyra look down on those in lower castes, and are especially contemptuous of most four-limbed alien species. [GG4]


A planet somewhat near Honoghr and Kessel. Luke Skywalker considered visiting Fwillsving when he needed replacement fuel cells for his X-wing. [TLC]