Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, a large demonstration against Imperial rule in the Central Sector of Bacrana's large city Amma erupted in violence. Imperial forces under the command of Moff Ramier put down the riot without any help from the local Bacrana System Defense Force. Following the incident, the city of Amma was placed under martial law. [SWAJ]


Bakura is a rich, green and blue planet with several moons located on the isolated edge of the Rim Worlds. The eight planets in the Bakura system include one gas giant and Planet Six, an ammonia ice-covered ball. Bakura receives a great deal of rainfall. The capital city of Salis D'aar sits at the base of a mountain range, on a white quartz delta between two parallel rivers. Bakura's exports include strategic metals, repulsorlift components, and an addictive fruit called namana, which is made into candies and nectar. Bakura was settled by the Bakur mining corporation during the end of the Clone Wars, though at least one building on the planet is over 100 years old. The planet's inhabitants tend to be prejudiced against non-human species, though some pale, hairless Kurtzen inhabit the Kishh district. The Bakurans especially dislike droids, since the first wave of Bakuran colonists were nearly wiped out by malfunctioning droids. The Bakur complex in Salis D'aar is a large city-center containing residential, medical, and Imperial office areas, and the old Bakur Memorial Building overlooking Statuary Park. Animal life on Bakura includes the butter newt and the predatory Bakuran Cratsch, and its plants include pokkta leaves, namana trees, and passion-bud vines.

Bakura was once run by a prime minister and a senate-- the descendants of the Bakur Corporation's original ship's captain served as prime minister, and senators were appointed by their colleagues instead of elected by the public. The constant governmental bickering allowed the planet to fall easily to the Empire three years prior to the Battle of Endor. Two Star Destroyers neutralized Bakuran resistance, and Captain Alecs Brellar served as the temporary Imperial governor until Wilek Nereus could arrive. Nereus allowed the Bakuran senate to remain in place under his control, and built a planetary garrison (featuring older, outdated defenses) which was placed under the command of Pter Thanas. Immediately following the Battle of Endor, Alliance and Imperial forces briefly joined together at Bakura to thwart an invasion by the Ssi-ruuk Imperium. After the subsequent overthrow of Imperial forces, Prime Minister Yeorg Captison took over the leadership of Bakura. Several years later, Yeorg's niece Gaeriel Captison was elected Prime Minister, but was defeated in a succeeding election. The planet retained a powerful defensive fleet to guard against any further Ssi-ruuk attacks, and Bakuran techs designed the ships to escape from interdiction fields. Luke Skywalker returned to Bakura, fourteen years after the truce, to borrow this fleet for a mission in the Corellian system. Half of the Bakuran cruisers were destroyed in the successful mission, and Gaeriel Captison was killed. [TAB, AAS, SAC, SWAJ]


Lando Calrissian became infatuated with the twin con-artists the Tonnika sisters after an encounter in the High Stakes Casino on Balfron. [MTS]

Balis-Baurgh system

The Balis-Baurgh system, naturally shielded from sensors by gas clouds and intense solar radiation, contains three planets, one of which can support life. Several years ago, the leaders of this planet's nations decided to jointly build a space station as a symbol of their global peace. When the station's construction was secretly sabotaged by the Empire, the nations blamed each other and went to war-- making the planet an easy target for the subsequent Imperial conquest. The Empire turned the space station into a fully- automated prison, and seeded the system with sensor jammers to make navigation in the system nearly impossible. Sometime after the Battle of Endor, Alliance captain Junas Turner and the Ewok warrior Grael were imprisoned on the Balis-Baurgh station until they managed to escape. [SWAJ]


A factory world located at the fringes of the Galactic Core. Wide plains surround the planet's capitol, where Governor Beltane runs the planet and oversees production. During the reign of the Empire, the Balmorrans manufactured weapons for the Imperial army, and were the primary builders of the AT-ST walker. The planet was liberated by the New Republic following the Battle of Endor, and it remained independent for five years. Balmorra was brought back into Imperial service during the Emperor's reappearance, but following Palpatine's supposed death near Da Soocha the rebellious Balmorrans began arming the New Republic. In retaliation, the planet was attacked by a force under the command of Military Executor Sedriss, including Shadow Droids and SD-9 battle droids. After suffering surprising losses at the hands of the new Viper Automadons, Sedriss called off his attack in exchange for a shipment of the molecularly- shielded droids. [DE2]

Bandorian colonies

The Bandorian colonies were utterly wiped out years ago by the deadly Candorian plague. The outbreak was successfully contained, and this was thought to have eliminated the last known strain of the plague. Forty-six years later, the Empire released the Candorian plague on the rebellious planet of Dentaal. [SWAJ]

Barab I

Barab I is inhabited by the Barabel. It is a dark, humid world in close orbit around the red dwarf Barab. Barab I has a sixty-hour rotation, and is bathed in ultraviolet, gamma, and infrared radiation due to its proximity to its sun. During the day standing water evaporates, making the surface very humid and hazy. During the cool night, the only time Barab I's animal life is active, this haze condenses and falls to the surface as rain. The Barabel, whose bodies are covered with plates of black keratin, live in underground caverns and are known for their excellent hunting skills.

Many years ago a band of Jedi helped resolve a Barabel dispute over access to choice hunting grounds, leaving the Barabel with a deep respect for all Jedi. Some of the later visitors to Barab I were big-game hunters who actively hunted the Barabel, though now visiting hunters track other prey and instead use Barabel as porters and guides. A spaceport, Alater-ka, was constructed after the Empire took control of Barab I. Several years after the Battle of Endor, the Barabel nearly went to war with the Verpine after the Verpine defaulted on a ship-building contract. [GG4, DFR, COPL]


A blue star circled by Baros, home planet of the Brubbs. [GG4]


A unique microorganism, found only in the humid southern jungles of Barkhesh, infests the bodies of insects and quickly devours them. The organism, harmless to higher forms of life, is often used in anti- insect canisters carried by scouting teams, though the canisters can typically only be purchased on Barkhesh. [SWAJ]


Orbiting the blue star Bari, Baros is a large, arid planet with higher-than-standard gravity and intense windstorms. Baros is the homeworld of the reptilian Brubbs, whose society is centered around communal groups called habas that consist of 10-10,000 individuals. The Brubbs have university habas and have established a spaceport haba after their recent discovery by the Empire, though this facility has not seen much use due to the difficulty of landing and departing in Baros' high gravity. Brasck, a smuggler who was known to associate with Talon Karrde, was a Brubb. [GG4, DFR]


The site of the Battle of Basilisk, where the Jedi Master Sidrona Diath was killed. [DLOS]


Located in the Outer Rim, the inhospitable jungle planet Baskarn is home to an Alliance starfighter outpost that makes guerrilla strikes into Imperial territory. Advanced Base Baskarn is built into a mountainside, surrounded by a thick jungle of razor-sharp plants and deadly predators. The planet is the homeworld of the Yrashu, a force-sensitive species of green primates who exist in peaceful harmony with their environment. The primitive Yrashu carry ceremonial maces made from the roots of the Hmumfmumf tree. Animal life on Baskarn includes floating jellyfish, which drift above the tree canopy and snare birds and rodents in their tentacles. Other creatures include water snakes, edible Mmhmm butterflies, and the fierce horned Hrosma tiger which hunts through the use of the Force. [SWAJ]

Bastooine system

The Bastooine system contains the worlds Orellon I and II, though Orellon I is actually a large barren moon orbiting the inhabited world of Orellon II. [SWAJ]


Located in the Ninth Quadrant near the Senex sector, Belsavis (an independent ally of the New Republic) is a world of volcanic rift valleys separated by miles of icy glaciers. The inhabited, steam-filled rifts are heated by the planet's core, which feeds mud pots and hot springs on the surface. The cities within the rifts, some of them covered by light-amplification domes, include Wutz, Bot-Un, Mithipsin, and Plawal (formerly called Pletwell). The enormous rift-covering domes, buoyed by antigrav units in their apices, support a vast network of hanging gardens and moveable growing beds. The vine-coffee and vine-silk grown in these beds account for thirty percent of Belsavis' total economy and require a temperature shift of thirty degrees or more. The domes also protect against the periodic cold storms that formerly swept into the rifts from the surrounding glaciers. The gangly, short-lived Mluki species are representatives of Belsavis' original population. The rift valleys were largely jungle until the Brathflen Corporation, Galactic Exotics, and Imperial Exports arrived and began cultivating cash crops such as vine-coffee and vine-silk in the hanging beds, shalaman and podon orchards, brandifert, lipana, bowvine fruit, and slochan.

The quiet, humid community of Plawal lies between steep cliffs of red-black rock and is run by Jevax, a Mluki who is Chief Person of Plawal. Rock "benches" leading up to the cliff walls provide a narrow foundation for homes and orchards. Most buildings are constructed from prefabricated units, and crammed together on small lots due to the rift's enclosed area. Residences in the old city were constructed directly over warm springs. A thick, sulfur-smelling mist permeates the valley, and can restrict visibility to just a few meters. Plawal's main docking silos are connected by tunnels to the Port Offices and to the rest of the city, including the canneries, the Brathflen Medcenter, Old Orchard Street, the seven main silk-packing plants, the MuniCenter, an import/export business on Pandowirtin Lane, and the Bubbling Mud cafe off Brandifert Court. Madame Lota's House of Flowers (a brothel) and seedy bars such as the Smoking Jets and the Jungle Lust line Spaceport Row. A house on Painted Door Street opens onto Plawal's vast network of subterranean crypts. These crypts, which contain xylen chips and gold wiring from the abandoned laboratories of Jedi Master Plett, were guarded by forgotten, mind-controlled smugglers under the Force influence of Irek Ismaren. Flora in the Plawal rift includes starblossoms, sweetberry vines, aphor trees, orchids, hanging moss, spider plants, shalaman trees, ferns, and Wookiee-beard. Fauna includes mooklas, salamanders, phosphor bugs, frogs, pittins, pellata birds, manolliums (brought from Ithor), watch-critters, and the insectile kretch that infest Plawal's tunnels. The storm-lashed, ionized atmosphere of Belsavis makes sensor probes and ship landings extremely difficult. Only one spot, called the Corridor, in the planet's southern hemisphere is atmospherically stable each day-- smugglers making the "Belsavis Run" come in at the Corridor and skim the ice to one of the unofficial landing pads on the glaciers.

Almost one hundred years ago, the Jedi master Plett built a house and laboratory in the Plawal rift that served as a safe haven for the Jedi and their families. Eighteen years before the Battle of Yavin, the Emperor commissioned the battlemoon Eye of Palpatine to wipe out the Jedi enclave but the ship never arrived. The Emperor's small backup force of interceptors bombed Plawal but were wiped out by Belsavis' Y-wings, and the Jedi departed for places unknown-- after erasing all knowledge of their presence from the inhabitants of the city. After their departure, Brathflen, Galactic, and Imperial/Republic arrived to dome the valley and cultivate vine-coffee and silk. Nubblyk the Slyte began blasting landing pads on the glaciers around this time, and the smuggling trade began in earnest. A small force of tariff police left by the region's Imperial Governor were little use against the smugglers. Brathflen built the first of the light-amplification domes over Plawal (based on Plett's original design) before the Battle of Yavin, and the three companies teamed with Kuat to install a central computer system. About a year after the Battle of Endor, the Slyte disappeared and was replaced by his associate Bran Kemple, which caused the Belsavian smuggling industry to dry up. In the same year, Roganda Ismaren (one of the Emperor's Hands) came to Plawal. Han and Leia Organa Solo visited Belsavis eight years after the Battle of Endor and uncovered a plot by Roganda Ismaren to forge a military alliance with the Senex Lords. [COTJ, TFJP]

Bendeluum system

A Corellian couple attempted to obtain forged letters of transit in Bespin's Cloud City to help three Rebel friends in the Bendeluum system. [GG2]


Bendone is home to the alien species known as the Howler Tree People, who speak an unusual ultrasonic language. Nineteen years after the Battle of Endor, Chief of State Leia Organa Solo met with representatives from the Howler Tree People on Coruscant, for which she needed a large group of translators. [YJK]


A former tourist destination in the Berchest system, Berchest is home to the Calius saj Leeloo-- the City of Glowing Crystal. The city is carved entirely from one massive crystal, created over the years from the red- orange salt deposits of the adjacent Leefari Sea. An icy river flows through Calius to the sea's edge, where the upper-class regions of the city are located. Only a few streets in the city (such as Mavrille Street) were constructed wide enough for vehicular traffic, so traffic on them tends to be heavy. Planetary Governor Staffa and his aide Fingal govern Berchest from Staffa's office in Central Government Tower Number One.

The tourism industry that surrounded Calius dried up following the Clone Wars and the birth of the Empire, and Berchest has since tried to reposition itself as a major trade center by using the established trade routes left over from tourism. Berchest was in Imperial territory during the reign of Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Thrawn led the New Republic to believe that Calius was a transfer point for the trafficking of his clone soldiers. Luke Skywalker encountered the smuggler Talon Karrde on Berchest while investigating this lead. [TLC]


The first planet in the Garos system. [SWAJ]

Besberra system

The space station Zirtran's Anchor was once located in the Besberra system until it suddenly and mysteriously vanished. The station later reappeared, abandoned and empty, near the Phosphura Belt Nebula. [SWAJ]

Bespin system

Located in the isolated Ison Corridor, the Bespin system contains three planets (Miser, Orin, and Bespin) and the asteroid belt Velser's Ring, all of which orbit the star also called Bespin. The system is rich in natural resources, including tibanna gas and valuable metals. [GG2]


Bespin, the outermost planet in the system of the same name, is a large gas giant approximately 118,000 kilometers in diameter which rotates every twelve hours. Bespin has many moons, though only H'gaard and Drudonna (known as The Twins) are large enough to command attention. The planet's solid metal core is surrounded by a thick layer of liquid-metal rethen, which is in turn surrounded by a layer of liquid rethen. Above the rethen is Bespin's colorful cloud layer, which only extends 1000 kilometers into the heart of the planet. The "Life Zone," in which humans and Bespin's native animals can survive, is a thirty kilometer- deep band located within the cloud layer. Plant life in Bespin's Life Zone is exclusively made of vast colonies of floating algae, such as the numerous pinks and the phosphorescent glowers. Animal life includes predatory velkers, batlike rawwks, and the kilometers-wide, jellyfish-like grazers called beldons. The clouds are also home small herd of saillike Alderaanian thrantas, which are the only surviving members of their species after Alderaan's recent destruction. Naturally-occurring tibanna gas is a useful hyperdrive coolant which can be found in Bespin's upper layers of clouds. Spin-sealed tibanna gas, however, is an extremely rare element used in boosting blaster firepower, and this gas can be found in abundance in the lowest levels of the gas giant's atmosphere.

Many years ago, Lord Ecclessis Figg constructed the first floating settlement on Bespin near the planet's equator-- the Floating Home. At the time, it was the only outpost built on a gas giant to last more than a decade. Ten years after its founding, expansion began which would eventually turn the outpost into the vast metropolis of Cloud City. The construction materials for this expansion were mined from Miser, the innermost planet of the Bespin system. Cloud City is over sixteen kilometers in diameter and houses almost five and a half million inhabitants. The highest levels house casinos and nightclubs, while the lowest generally house factories and production plants. The seedy, corrupt environs of Port Town are found on the middle levels. Hotels in the upper plaza include the Yerith Bespin, the Stratosphere, and the Holiday Towers (formerly owned by Jabba the Hutt). Some of the many casinos include the Royal, the Pair O'Dice, and the Trest. Besides gambling, the many diversions for this level's wealthy tourists include watching the monthly "sky rodeo" performed by the thranta herd and its alien riders, or boarding a floating health spa to breathe cloud vapor (which is rumored to have therapeutic value). Due to Bespin's rapid rotation, visitors can enjoy two sunrises and sunsets every "standard" day.

The three branches of Cloud City's government are the Exex group of business administrators, the Parliament of Guilds, and the single Baron-Administrator. The massive repulsorlift generators keeping the city afloat also draw spin-sealed tibanna gas from the lowest levels of the planet's atmosphere. The gas is sent into the city's refineries, where it is pressurized, purified, and frozen into carbonite blocks for storage and sale. Ostensibly, Figg & Associates, Ltd. manufactures tibanna gas for use as a hyperdrive coolant-- in reality, the company sells spin-sealed gas to weapons manufacturers not affiliated with the Empire. The city is small enough to avoid the official notice of the Mining Guild, but an annual payment was typically made to Guild leaders to keep them from organizing Cloud City's workers. Though the city's primary industry is tibanna gas production, other profitable Cloud City companies include Bespin Motors. Before the destruction of Alderaan, Bespin participated in a lucrative trade triangle with the Alderaan and Corellian systems, and Cloud City still receives much of its shipping from the nearby Corellian Trade Spine. Most of the city's industrial work is handled by a large population of Ugnaughts (originally from nearby Gentes) belonging to the Irden, Botrut, and Isced tribes. The Storm Guard weather watch keeps an eye on Bespin's atmosphere from Kerros' Tower (the highest point on Cloud City), and security is handled by the city's Wing Guard. A hollow wind tunnel runs through the center of the city.

Another floating city, Tibannopolis, was once a prosperous boomtown but is now an abandoned ghost town, picked clean of valuables and drifting at an angle due to its malfunctioning repulsors. Many other refineries, waystations, and resorts drift through Bespin's sky, including independent prospectors searching for elusive tibanna gas strikes.

Years ago the Jedi Master Djinn Altis instructed his students, including Geith and Callista, from a Jedi training platform hidden in Bespin's clouds. The smuggler Lando Calrissian managed to become Baron- Administrator of Cloud City after winning the rights from Baron Raynor in a sabacc game. During his tenure Calrissian made the droid EV-9D9 his security chief, and the psychotic robot destroyed one quarter of Cloud City's droid population before being discovered and escaping aboard the hijacked Mining Guild cutter "Iopene Princess." Calrissian also established a new group of Commando-pilots to be used for Cloud City's defense. Later, the city was used by Darth Vader in a vain attempt to trap Luke Skywalker. Calrissian helped his friends escape Vader's ambush, and the city was subsequently seized by the Empire. Rogue Squadron pilot Rhysati Ynr, a native of Bespin, was forced to flee Cloud City with her family when Imperial forces arrived. Six years later, the Imperial garrison at Bespin was used by Grand Admiral Thrawn in his war effort against the New Republic. Two years later, Luke Skywalker returned to Bespin to recruit Streen, an independent prospector who used the Force to sense gaseous eruptions from the lower cloud levels, into his new Jedi Academy. One year later, one of the false charges filed against Cray Mingla by the Eye of Palpatine's central computer concerned retina prints and holograms provided by the government of Bespin. [ESB, ESBN, TLC, JS, HTTE, SWS, COTJ, GG2, ISWU, TFJP, XWRS]


When the Empire decided to open a high-security base of operations in the Bestine system, the entire population of Bestine IV was evacuated to make room for the installation. Alliance pilot Jek Porkins was one of these dispossessed persons, and learned his piloting skills by hunting sink-crabs on Bestine IV's rocky islands in his T-16 Skyhopper. Kestic station, a free-trader outpost, was located near the Bestine system until eliminated by the Star Destroyer Merciless. Alliance pilot Biggs Darklighter defected to the Rebellion along with his ship, the Rand Ecliptic, during a mission to the Bestine system. The Alliance cruiser Defiance barely survived a surprise attack from the Star Destroyer Immortal near Bestine, which was the site of an important base. A later attack on the Rebel flagship Independence, just prior to the Battle of Yavin, also resulted in a narrow escape for the Alliance. [SWN, MTS, FP]


One of Bethal's primary exports is apocia hardwood, which takes two centuries to mature and is used in the making of luxury furniture. Cities on Bethal include the Altoona and Dora Prefectures, and the major planetary cooperative is Bethal AgriCorp. Soon after the Battle of Yavin, Bethal was infested by swarms of giant termites called greddleback bugs. Several attempts were made to contain the nearly two hundred greddleback swarms, which were moving across Bethal's southern continent and threatening to wipe out the planet's apocia industry for generations. [SWAJ]


A swamp world that was scouted for possible colonization by Wetyin's Colony. When a sentient species was found on the planet, Betshish was removed from consideration. [GG2]

Bextar system

Located deep within the Velcar Free Commerce Zone in the Pentastar Alignment, the Bextar system consists of four gas giants orbiting a pale yellow sun. A thriving gas-mining operation, run by the Amber Sun Mining Corporate, lies scattered across the planets' many moons. The operation's labor force consists primarily of alien Entymals, who have green exoskeletons and gliding membranes and make excellent pilots. The Entymals were brought to the Bextar system from their homeworld, and many dream of leaving the oppressive labor conditions of Bextar and gaining their freedom. [SWAJ]


A minor industrial planet formerly under Imperial rule. When the Empire withdrew from Biivren after the Battle of Endor, they scuttled several key factories and contaminated the world's water supply. Some enterprising free-traders have been profiting by selling pure drinking water to the planet's inhabitants. [SWAJ]


Located in the Bilbringi system, the Imperial Shipyards of Bilbringi are a mass of dockyard platforms, partially-built ships, and construction vehicles, and are defended by at least four Golan II battle stations. Floating shield generators line the approved approach vectors, preventing any stray ships from wandering into restricted areas. The shipyards, run by Bilbringi Control under the command of General Drost, drastically stepped up warship production during Grand Admiral Thrawn's offensive against the New Republic. During this period of construction the yards ran short of strategic metals, prompting an Imperial raid of Nkllon's Nomad City. Bilbringi was the site where twenty-two asteroids were fitted with cloaking devices for Thrawn's siege of Coruscant; later, an attack on the shipyards by the smugglers Mazzic and Ellor resulted in the demolition of a nearly-completed Star Destroyer. The New Republic attacked the Bilbringi shipyards after giving the false impression that Tangrene was their target, and ran into a carefully-prepared trap set by Thrawn. Help from a coalition of smugglers (who had planned to steal Bilbringi's CGT array to sell to the New Republic) allowed Ackbar's fleet to escape the trap and defeat Thrawn's forces. [TLC]


Bimmisaari is inhabited by a species of short, half-furred, yellow-clad aliens called Bimms. Attractions on the planet include their unusual moving trees, the Tower of Law, a three-level, two-hundred year old marketplace, and the city of Glastro, which is surrounded by asaari woods. All weapons of violence are banned from Bimmisaari's main city. Several years ago, the Bimm Glah Ubooki discovered a crashed Imperial R&D vessel and, together with seven of his brothers, sold the prototype weapons found on the wreck. The eighteen identical Glah brothers have since opened import businesses around the galaxy, selling strange and unusual items. Each brother insists that he is Glah Ubooki, though his confused customers often insist otherwise. Five years after the Battle of Endor, a commando team of Noghri attempted to kidnap Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo during their diplomatic mission to Bimmisaari. [HTTE, SWAJ]

Black Nebula

The pirate Roark Slader once delivered a cargo of plexite ore to a group of rogue starship fitters in the Black Nebula. [SWAJ]


(see Borleias)


Bnach is an Imperial prison planet. According to the smuggler Toob Ancher, he and Kaine Paulsen once had a shoot-out with sector cops on Bnach, though the veracity of this story is doubtful. [SWAJ]

Boeus sector

Located in the Expansion Region, the Boeus sector was formerly Imperial territory under the command of Imperial Governor Darvon Jewett. Jewett made overtures to the New Republic after Imperial forces withdrew from his sector soon after the Battle of Endor, and managed to keep trade and communications flowing throughout his region. [SWAJ]

Bofa II

The Empire's surveillance probes for the surrounding sector were distributed from an Imperial cargo transfer area near Bofa II. An Alliance team captured a loaded freighter from this transfer area following the Battle of Yavin, and altered the probes in order to disguise the movements of the Rebel fleet. [FP]


An industrialized, heavily-populated factory world in the system of the same name, Bonadan is one of the busiest ports in the Corporate Sector. The constant air traffic is regulated by the highly-advanced systems of Traffic Control. Its yellow, parched surface is highly eroded, and its topsoil has been destroyed due to countless drilling and construction projects. The remaining surface is covered with factories, refineries, docks, and shipbuilding facilities located in ten spaceports, the largest of which is Bonadan Spaceport Southeast II. This sprawling city, composed of low permacite buildings on fusion-formed soil, contains an Espo command post, an Authority Merchant Marine academy, the Landing Zone bar, the Alien Quarter, and the luxurious Imperial hotel. Mountains are located northwest of the city along with a massive weather- control station. Weapons are banned on Bonadan, and being caught with one by the omnipresent weapons detectors is grounds for immediate arrest. The planet is home to the popular Bonadan Blasters shockball team, which is heavily merchandised by the Corporate Sector Authority.

The modified protocol droid C-3PX managed to assassinate the brother of Vojak on Bonadan by using concealed, internal weaponry. Han Solo was involved in a high-speed swoop chase during an early visit to Bonadan. The smuggler Shug Ninx rescued a mile-long shaft for a Death Star prototype from a Bonadan industrial junkyard, then had it installed as an entrance to his repair facility on Nar Shaddaa. Six years after the Battle of Endor, a faulty timer manufactured on Bonadan resulted in the failure of a Galaxy Gun projectile to explode, which gave the New Republic high command enough time to evacuate their base in Nespis VIII. [HSR, DE, D, CSSB, EE]

Bonadan system

The Bonadan system, located in the Corporate Sector, contains the planets Bonadan and Roonadan, among others. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, Alliance Y-wings destroyed a large convoy left unprotected in the Bonadan system. [HSR, CSSB, FP]


Han Solo and Lando Calrissian made a botched dolfrimia run on Boordii. Han is still angry with Lando about Lando's seeming overconfidence during the run. [HTTE]


A planet located in the Taroon system on the outer edges of the Rim. For nearly twenty years, Bordal was involved in a devastating war with its sister planet Kuan, until the conflict was suddenly ended by the intervention of the Empire. The natives of Bordal are referred to as Bordali. [TSC]

Borgo Prime

A large, honeycombed asteroid home to a seedy spaceport and disreputable trade center. The Borgo Prime asteroid was gradually hollowed out over the years by various mining operations, which ended when the last valuable ores were extracted more than a century ago. The asteroid's tunnels and excavations are now filled with space docks, prefabricated buildings, and gaudily-lit storefronts. The business district is located in the asteroid's core. Shanko's Hive, a tavern owned by an insectoid barkeep, is a cone-shaped structure rising a quarter-kilometer from the inner floor. It is protected by its own atmosphere field, and is decorated with burning candles, incense, and flaming bog-pits. Lando Calrissian's Corusca gem broker was located on Borgo Prime, and Luke Skywalker and Tenel Ka contacted the broker in an attempt to learn who had purchased his latest shipment. [YJK]

Borkeen Belt

A large, highly-dangerous asteroid belt that is also home to a massive space slug, according to the book A Slug Named Grendel. [SWS]

Borleias (Blackmoon)

The fourth planet in the Pyria system, Borleias is a steamy, blue-green world with a single dark moon, which gives the system its Alliance codename of Blackmoon. The only inhabited world in the system, Borleias lacks most valuable natural resources and passes through a dense meteor shower once each year. The density of Borleias' sector of space means that there are only a limited number of hyperspace routes to and from the world, but it still sits at a favorable hyperspace crossroads. The planet's barren moon has a thin atmosphere and is covered with silent craters, frozen lava tubes, and canyons of black volcanic rock.

The Old Republic first established a small base on Borleias for the purpose of plotting runs to the Corporate Sector and elsewhere. The Alderaan Biotics hydroponics facility, a producer of Alderaanian foodstuffs, was also built on Borleias' far side, but over the years it was abandoned and left to the care of maintenance droids. The Empire eventually took control of the Republic base, adding shields, ion cannons, and TIE squadrons for its defense. The installation's commander, General Evir Derricote, also discovered the forgotten Biotics facility and made it profitable once more, while secretly siphoning Imperial credits and resources to make his headquarters more powerful and secure than it would otherwise appear to be. Because of the Pyria system's close proximity to the galactic core, the Rebel Alliance chose to capture Borleias and make it their key to hitting Coruscant, some three years after the Battle of Endor. During their first attack, however, the Alliance greatly underestimated the defensive strength of the Blackmoon installation and were soundly defeated. On the return mission, Rogue Squadron pilots torpedoed a power conduit at the end of a rift valley to help bring down the base's shields, while a commando team captured the facility from the ground. This attack was a success, and Borleias became the new operations and staging base for Rogue Squadron. [XWRS]


Homeworld of the timid, feathered aliens known as Borlovians, who communicate in whistles. Borlovians live in a medieval social structure, and value stability-- few ever leave their home cities, let alone their planet. Before the formation of the Empire, the smuggler Booster Terrik traveled to Borlov, where he joined up with a Borlovian noble named Llollulion. [SWAJ]

Bormea sector

Located in the Core, the Bormea sector makes up one half of the Ringali Shell. Its prestigious and ancient worlds include Corulag, Chandrila, and Brentaal, and it also contains the intersection of the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way. The sector is ruled by Moff Jamson Caglio. [SWAJ]


Jorus C'baoth, the Jedi Master, was born in the city of Reithcas on the planet Bortras on 4/3/112, Pre- Empire date. [DFR]


The planet Bosph, home to the four-armed aliens also known as Bosphs, was nearly destroyed by the Empire in a devastating orbital bombardment. Numerous reasons for the attack have been proposed, but it is possible the Empire was implementing a religious purge. The philosophical Bosphs owned outdated technology, and most were allowed no personal possessions. Only the greatest Bosphs, called "farseers," were given glyphs-- when these Bosphs placed their glyph on an object, it became theirs. The aliens kept a record of their galactic travels by tattooing elaborate star maps on their skin, and were skilled at playing the complex Bosphon Geddy musical instrument. The Outer Rim smuggler Bora Boru is one of the few surviving Bosphs in the galaxy, and carries a staff topped with Bosph StarCrystals. [SWAJ]


The homeworld of the Bothans, an alien species of which New Republic Councilor Borsk Fey'lya is a member, though Fey'lya was actually born on the Bothan colony world of Kothlis. Another notable Bothan is Peshk Vri'syk, an expert pilot and member of the Alliance's famed Rogue Squadron. Sometime around the Battle of Yavin, a Star Destroyer and an Imperial dungeon ship arrived at Bothawui. They landed drop ships and soon controlled Lktim, one of the planet's largest cities. It is unclear whether the Empire was there to transport a group of political prisoners, or whether they intended to arrest the Bothan diplomat Tereb Ab'Lon (who was secretly working for the Alliance). Prior to the Battle of Endor, Bothan spies captured an Imperial freighter carrying highly-classified data about the second Death Star. In order to find the freighter, the Empire captured several Bothan ships near Bothawui and interrogated their crew. This led them to the space station Kothlis II, near Kothlis. [DFR, XWRS, SWAJ, TSC]

Botor Enclave

A group of worlds, including the frozen planet Kerensik, that formed their own protective federation during the turmoil and constant warfare in the six years following the Battle of Endor. [DESB]

Bovo Yagen

Bovo Yagen was the third star targeted for destruction during the starbuster crisis, fourteen years after the Battle of Endor. One source claims the system contains one planet with a population of eight million, while another source lists the system's population as twelve million, spread across two planets and numerous asteroids and space stations. The star was saved at the last instant when Centerpoint Station (the starbuster weapon) was disabled by a planetary repulsor beam. [AAS, SAC]


A double planet with a complicated system of moons in the Bpfassh system, located near Praesitlyn and Sluis Van in the Sluis sector. During the Clone Wars some Bpfasshi Dark Jedi created trouble throughout the sector, and a Jedi task force (including Jorus C'baoth) was formed to oppose them. One Dark Jedi made it as far as Dagobah before his death. Because of the insurrection, most Bpfasshi today dislike all Jedi. Bpfassh was also the target of a hit-and-fade attack by Grand Admiral Thrawn and the site of an attempted abduction of Leia Organa Solo. During their search for Delta Source, Leia and Winter analyzed an intelligence report from the Bpfassh system suggesting the Star Destroyer Chimaera was at Anchoron. [HTTE, TLC]


(see Dom-Bradden)

Brak sector

The Brak sector contains the planet Bacrana. [SWAJ]


Located in the Bormea sector of the Core Worlds, Brentaal sits at the strategic intersection of the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way. Brentaal is a dry planet whose eight continents are separated by small salty oceans. Most available land on the wealthy world is covered with starports, industrial facilities, and thriving trade markets. The planet once endured high levels of pollution, though this has been largely alleviated in recent years. Life on Brentaal revolves around commerce, and the planet is efficiently run by the Brentaal Houses-- noble families who control various guilds and aspects of commerce and trade. Representatives from the Houses meet daily in the capital city's Trade Hall to plan economic policy. Most of Brentaal's 65 billion citizens are involved in some manner with the trade and shipping business, and many megacorporations are based on the planet. The Houses are overseen by the wealthy Imperial Governor Jerrod Maclain.

For thousands of years Brentaal was the major rendezvous point for those heading to and returning from the Colonies region, and its markets were naturally the first to receive exotic goods from these expeditions. Over 6000 years ago, during the Old Republic's early Manderon Period, a set of antique pistols later owned by the jatz musician Fitz Roi were created on Brentaal. 3000 years ago, the legendary pioneer woman Freia Kallea helped explore Brentaal space and single-handedly blazed the Hydian Way. The smuggler Platt Okeefe, a native of Brentaal, spent a great deal of time in the Brentaal spaceport as a child. [SWAJ]


A blue planet, Briggia was the former location of an Alliance base. It was the first target of the Empire's Operation Strike Fear, prior to the Battle of Yavin, and was immediately evacuated by Alliance personnel. [FP]


Located in the remote Tion Hegemony, Brigia is a backwater planet inhabited by tall, purple-skinned humanoids. All ships landing on Brigia must undergo phase-one decontamination procedures. The Brigian government, the New Regime, has established a planet-wide monetary system and made it illegal for citizens to hold off-world currency. It also made a large purchase of secondhand military equipment, including an outdated Marauder-class pocket-cruiser. The University of Rudrig agreed to help establish a college on Brigia despite opposition from the New Regime and its Inner Council. University representatives hired Han Solo to deliver the necessary teaching supplies, and the Brigian government attempted to intervene. [HSLL]


One of the Trianii colony worlds within the disputed border of the Corporate Sector. The Trianii Rangers Atuarre and Keeheen stopped a group of thionarx dealers on Brochiib. [CSSB]

Broest system

Located in the Core Worlds, the Broest system contains one of the eighteen farming planets administered by the Salliche Ag Corporation. After the Battle of Endor, workers in the Yulant, Ruan, and Broest systems revolted against the Imperially-controlled Salliche Ag by burning fields and destroying hydroponics facilities. [SWAJ]

Bruanii sector

The Bruanii sector, near the Tungra and Javin sectors, was home to a Mugaari space depot. The Calamari cruiser Lulsla, stationed at this depot, was the launch point for Alliance strikes into the Javin sector on Imperial space platform D-34, following the Battle of Hoth. The Lulsla was completely destroyed by the Empire in a retaliatory strike. [TSC]


The famous chef Porcellus once worked for the Imperial official Yndis Mylore, governor of Bryexx and Moff of the Varvenna sector. During his tenure Porcellus served meals for the Emperor himself, but he was made a slave to Jabba the Hutt approximately one year prior to the Battle of Yavin. [TFJP]


The planet Bryx, led by Governor Carigan, was conquered by the Empire in the days before the rise of the Rebel Alliance. Carigan defended his world with hundreds of ground-based guns and submersible fighter carriers, and Imperial forces triumphed only after a long and bloody battle in which thousands of troops were killed. Carigan's effective planetary defensive tactics have since been termed the "Carigan Defense." [SWAJ]

Bseto system

The Bseto system contains the white dwarf star also called Bseto, around which orbit the uninhabited planets Bseto I and Indikir. The Lweilot Asteroid Belt, 90 million kilometers wide, occupies the next orbital slot, and it is in turn followed by the frozen planet of Sarahwiee, site of a secret Imperial research facility. [SWAJ]


Byblos, in the Colonies region, is an urban world with an extremely massive population. Most of the planet's 164 billion inhabitants live in hundreds of huge city towers, architectural wonders which can run up to 5000 levels tall. The base of the towers are industrial levels, and most structures flare out as they rise, creating a hollow interior capped by a clear transparisteel dome which acts as a central lighting well. Each tower has a specific purpose-- there are corporate, residential, starport, and Imperial garrison towers. One tower is completely taken up by the prestigious University of Byblos, and tubeways connect the various towers to one another. Byblos is a major manufacturing center for high technology and military equipment, though the planet must import most foodstuffs. The world is ruled by an Imperial governor. [SWAJ]


Byss, the homeworld of the one-eyed Abyssin, travels in an unusual figure-eight orbit between the binary stars of Byss and Abyss. Byss is a hot, arid planet, and temperatures reach their highest when the planet is orbiting directly between both stars, a time known as "the Burning." Most plant life on Byss utilize extensive taproots to extract underground water, while animals rely on scattered oases and their own water- storing capabilities. The nomadic, violent Abyssin lead primitive lives, engaging in tribal wars and tending to their flocks of cowlike gaunts. Byss is largely ignored in galactic trade, its one substantial export being the Abyssin themselves as slaves. [GG4]


Formerly located in the heart of the Deep Galactic Core, the now-destroyed planet Byss was Emperor Palpatine's private world and the center of his reborn Empire six years after the Battle of Endor. The secret planet was accessible only through certain encoded routes, due to the near-impossibility of navigating through the dense mass of stars found in the Deep Core. Byss and its five moons were in a binary system and orbited both a blue star and blue dwarf star. Tectonically stable, with almost no axial tilt, it was an extremely pleasant world of plateaus and canyons seldom bothered by storms, earthquakes, or other violent phenomena. Microscopic life in the many lakes and rivers was nourished by the blue-green sunlight. The planet's flora was dominated by lichens and ferns, while its fauna was primarily nocturnal and mostly harmless. While Byss had no native intelligent species, the planet contained several ruins dating from before the Expansion Era.

Years ago, Emperor Palpatine chose the world as his private retreat, and Imperial architects and engineers were commissioned to build him an opulent palace. Several million humans per month, lured by the rumors of a paradise planet, were allowed to emigrate to Byss-- where the Emperor and his Dark Side Adepts began feeding off their life energies. The planet's population reached almost 20 billion, and all outgoing communications were censored by security agents. Byss was well-guarded against attack with powerful planetary shields, hunter-killer probots, and the Imperial Hyperspace Security Net, and contained orbital drydocks for the massive World Devastators and the more recent Galaxy Gun. The Imperial control sector covered most of one continent, and Palpatine's kilometers-high Imperial Citadel could be found at its center. The vast Citadel contained gardens, museums, the Emperor's Clone Labs, barracks for Imperial troopers, and a fully-equipped dungeon; it was guarded by advanced turbolasers and dangerous monsters called "Chrysalides" or Chrysalis Beasts. Certain freight haulers were specially licensed to ship to the protected Deep Core, where they delivered their cargoes to the heavily-defended Imperial Freight Complex. The Freight Complex, on the outskirts of the Emperor's ruling city, was three kilometers wide, nearly 168 kilometers high, and was tethered to an orbital satellite for added stability. It contained a popular spacers' hangout known as the Byss Bistro.

Following the Battle of Endor, Grand Vizier Sate Pestage was impeached and stripped of authority by those who feared he might claim the title of Emperor for himself. Pestage retreated to Byss, where he prepared for Palpatine's expected return. The Emperor did indeed manage to survive his "death" at Endor, and his spirit returned to Byss to inhabit a new clone body. Weakened by the difficult journey, Palpatine convalesced on Byss for years before finally taking his revenge against the New Republic six years after the Battle of Endor. During this period, Luke Skywalker attempted to learn the secrets of the Dark Side as the Emperor's apprentice after a Mandalorian prison ship delivered him to Byss. Later that year, Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles led an unsuccessful attack on the Imperial Citadel using a cargo of hijacked Viper Automadon battle droids. Soon after, in a battle near Onderon, Han Solo and a team of commandos hijacked the Emperor's flagship Eclipse II and brought it through hyperspace to Byss. R2-D2 steered the Eclipse II on a collision course with the Galaxy Gun, which accidentally fired a planet-destroying missile into Byss' core, utterly destroying the Emperor's throneworld. [DE, DE2, DESB, EE]