A banking world famous for its beautiful Dragonbird Gardens. It was on Aargau, during a week-long conference, that Baron Tagge and the heads of the Corporate Sector companies first formed the Corporate Sector Authority. During the Imperial Mutiny six years after the Battle of Endor, Aargau protected itself by becoming a "Fortress World," guarded by planetary shields and hundreds of defensive ships. [DESB, CSSB]


Abregado, site of the Abregado-rae Spaceport, is controlled by an oppressive government which has kept the peace and improved the local spaceport facilities at the expense of individual freedoms. Abregado's government has cut off all supply lines to a clan of rebellious hill people, which has created illegal supply opportunities for ambitious smugglers. Han Solo and Lando Calrissian met up with a contact from Talon Karrde's smuggling organization in Abregado-rae's LoBue cantina, and Wedge Antilles later helped get one of Karrde's ships out of impoundment from the planet. The natives of Abregado are referred to as Gados. [HTTE, DFR]

Abrion sector

The Abrion sector contains the planet Ukio, which is one of the top five producers of foodstuffs in the New Republic. When Ukio was captured by Grand Admiral Thrawn it had serious repercussions on the sector. [TLC]


One star in the binary pair Byss and Abyss, which are both orbited by the desert planet Byss in an unusual, figure-eight pattern. [GG4]


Adarlon contains the city of Belrand. The famous actress Neile Janna returned to Adarlon to resume her career after a twenty-year retirement, planning to play the role of legendary Hydian Way trailblazer Freia Kallea. [SWAJ]

Adega system

The Adega system, one of the six remaining Auril systems, contains two suns which the planet Ossus orbits in a figure-eight trajectory. The system is the main source of Ilum crystals (sometimes called Adegan crystals) which were used in the earliest Jedi lightsabers. Bodo Baas, gatekeeper of a Jedi Holocron, was part of a group of Jedi that lived six hundred years ago in the Adega system. Indigenous life in the system includes the Adegan eel. [DE, DLOS, DE2]


A large, high-gravity, seldom-visited world orbiting the ultraviolet supergiant Ka'Dedus. Af'El has no ozone layer and ultraviolet light passes freely to the surface, while other light wavelengths are blocked by the heavy gases in the planet's atmosphere. Thus, all lifeforms on Af'El can only see in ultraviolet light ranges, and are blind to other wavelengths of light. Af'El is the homeworld of the Defel, or "wraiths," whose bodies absorb visible light, giving them the appearance of shadows. The Defel live in underground cities to escape Af'El's violent storms. A main export of the planet is the metal meleenium (used in durasteel), which is only known to exist on Af'El. [GG4]


Agamar is located in the Lahara sector in the Outer Rim. Its cities include the large municipality of Calna Muun and the backwater town of Tondatha, which was wiped out by the Empire for harboring Rebel collaborators. Binka trees grow on the planet, and are so competitive that the trees in binka forests grow widely-spaced apart. A traditional Agamarian dish is mugruebe stew, which is made from bark, roots, and meat. The famous Alliance pilot Keyan Farlander was a native of Agamar. [FP]


Agrilat contains a crystal swamp where an illegal and dangerous swoop race between Dengar and Han Solo was once held. Dengar was left with severe injuries and a burning hatred for Solo. [MTS]

Aguarl 3

An ocean-covered world that was home to a Rebel base. The underwater base was attacked by a wing of TIE bombers, after the Empire learned its location from a Quarren spy. [ROC]


Aikhibba, in the system of the same name, is home to the ganglord Spadda the Hutt. The system is one of the minor stopping points on the smugglers' Gamor Run. The smuggler Lo Khan once delivered a cargo of spice to Spadda from the royal governor of the Thokosia system. [DESB]


One of Han Solo's former smuggling associates, Tregga, was imprisoned on Akrit'tar and sentenced to life at hard labor after being caught with a smuggled cargo of chak-root. [HSR]

Alderaan system

The Alderaan system once contained the planets Alderaan and Delaya, though Alderaan has since been destroyed. [SWAJ]


Alderaan, which once shared the Alderaan system with its sister planet Delaya, was a beautiful, peaceful, moonless planet and one of the foremost worlds of the inner systems. Its sweeping steppes and gentle hills were covered with rich grasslands, and weather patterns were predictable and pleasant. Though the planet lacked oceans, Alderaan had many shallow lake chains and one ice-rimmed polar sea. The various species of grasses covering the plains numbered more than 8000, and colorful flowers (including arallutes, T'iil, and Alderaan flame-lilies) were even more numerous. In late summer as the grasses dried, their seeds would be swept up by the winds in impressive "seedstorms," which were sometimes thick enough to prevent air travel. Alderaanian rainbow wood was a popular planetary export. Animal life on the world included huge saillike thrantas-- docile lighter-than-air beasts which were used as mounts and airborne taxis by Alderaan's inhabitants. Other animals included stilt-legged flightless birds and armored caterpillars, which metamorphosed into furry moths after a dozen years of living underground. Domesticated grazers and nerfs were raised as food sources, and every year lowly nerf herders would travel into the cities to sell their animals' meat. The Alderaanians culled the wildlife herds on the continent of Thonn to remove those animals too sick to survive the winter.

Some of the galaxy's greatest artists and thinkers came from Alderaan, and the world was often considered the center of galactic culture. Certain artists used Alderaan's wide grasslands as their canvases, planting seeds in intricate patterns and displaying their art as it grew and blossomed. One of the world's greatest holidays was the "Silver Flow," celebrated each spring when thousands of hatching glimmerfish choked the waterways. Points of interest on Alderaan included the oro woods, which covered a dozen small islands in the planet's largest inland sea. The woods, dubbed a planetary treasure by Alderaan's government, were filled with trees hundreds of meters tall covered with brightly-colored lichens, and harbored gold-striped red deer and white cairoka birds. Elsewhere, on the northern steppes at the edge of Alderaan's great plains, lay the ancient and mysterious ruins collectively known as the Castle Lands. The ruins, former colony hives built by the long-vanished insectoid Killik race, were concentrated in eighteen groupings, each unique in appearance and each constructed during a different age. While Alderaan's human inhabitants chose to leave the Castle Lands intact, many artists often traveled there to seek creative inspiration. In other areas of the planet, some particularly clear, deep lakes were used as aquatic preserves where tourists could observe underwater mud castles built by crustacean colonies. The low-grade, blue quella gem is found only on Alderaan and Delaya.

Out of their respect for life, the Alderaanian colonists refused to build their cities in the grasses of the fields. Instead, organic-looking cities and industries were built into the sides of deep cracks in the surface, on top of sandstone hills, under the polar ice, or on stilts in the planet's shallow seas. Terrarium City, also known as the City Under Glass, was built by first excavating an enormous bowl and filling it with a liquid polymer. The polymer was then shaped and hardened with lasers according to an intricate, pre-programmed city layout. When all eighteen levels of Terrarium City were completed, the bowl was capped with a transparent sheet and needlelike towers were extended above, so its residents could travel up to view the countryside. Crevasse City was built directly into the walls of a canyon network, and was nearly invisible from the air. Aldera, the capital city of Alderaan, was located on an island in the center of a circular lake. It was home to the famous Alderaan University, established generations ago by the great philosopher Collus. The university was one of the most prestigious learning institutions in the galaxy, and had recently been a center for dissent against Palpatine's New Order. The airy, organic architecture used everywhere on Alderaan inspired many imitators; Bespin's Cloud City, for instance, incorporates many elements of Alderaanian design.

Millennia ago, the first human colonists came to Alderaan and discovered the remnants of the lost Killik civilization. The early colonists included miners, but most were retired businessmen or wealthy dignitaries searching for a beautiful world on which to spend their lives. Four thousand years ago, the Jedi knights Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma were born on Alderaan into a great warrior family. Following the chaos of the Clone Wars, the Alderaanians made a radical decision-- vowing to never again have weapons or standing armies on their world. The planet became a model of peaceful coexistence, and the people were known for their pursuit of knowledge and art. The Alderaanian government became a democracy at some point in its past, yet retained a Royal House of Alderaan for its symbolic value. In 11/70, Pre-Empire date, the Jedi Jorus C'baoth helped to resolve the Alderaan ascendancy contention, ruling in favor of Bail Organa's family line. The Organa royal family lived in Aldera, and included Senator Leia Organa, her adoptive father Senator Bail Organa (Viceroy and First Chairman of the Alderaan system), and her adoptive mother (Minister of Education). Other members of House Organa included Leia's aunts Celly, Tia, and Rouge, and her cousin Nial. Daughters of Alderaanian nobility were schooled at the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies, then typically presented to the Emperor's Court on Coruscant to win a suitable marriage partner. Bail Organa was one of the original founders of the Rebel Alliance, making Alderaan a center for opposition and dissent and arousing the attention of the Empire. Alderaan is now famous as the planet utterly destroyed by the first Death Star as an example of Imperial power-- a scattered asteroid field is now all that remains of the once-lovely world. After the planet's destruction, the Empire initially claimed that Alderaan had torn itself apart due to the explosion of several secret underground superweapons. When actual footage of the Death Star's action (recorded by a satellite orbiting Delaya) was released to the media, the Empire admitted responsibility, but claimed it was necessary to prevent Bail Organa from completing a deadly biowar virus program. The surviving Alderaanians who were offworld at the time were invited by Emperor Palpatine to relocate to his private resort world of Byss. A hydroponics facility on the planet Borleias, producing Alderaanian foodstuffs, became extremely profitable after the destruction of the world increased demand for now-scarce Alderaanian goods. Besides the Organa family, other notable Alderaanians include Rogue Squadron member Tycho Celchu and the famous poet Hari Seldona. [SW, SWR, ROJN, JS, COPL, MTS, DLOS, COTJ, YJK, GG2, CSSB, FP, ISWU, XWRS, SWAJ]


The possible homeworld of the Aldereenians, an obscure insect race. The Aldereenians have a consulate on Coruscant located around two hundred kilometers from the Alderaanian consulate. [COPL]


One of the false charges filed against Cray Mingla by the Eye of Palpatine's central computer concerned evidence seized from Rebel spies on Algarian. [COTJ]

Alk'lellish III

The homeworld of the Ketrann, a dangerous carnivore. Governor Wilek Nereus of Bakura owned a set of its four white fangs. [TAB]


Based on instructions from Darth Vader, a group of Imperial probe droids were recalibrated to search for Rebels on Allyuen, Tokmia, and Hoth. [ESBR]


The homeworld of the Miraluku, who are born without eyes yet can see through the use of the Force. Many of the Miraluku become Jedi. Shoaneb Culu, a Jedi knight who lived four thousand years ago, was a native of Alpheridies. [FNU, DLOS]


Alsakan was founded millennia ago, before the foundation of the Old Republic, by colonists on the Kuat Explorer. Three thousand years ago the kilometers-long Invincible-class dreadnaughts were first built, which drew their inspiration from the colossal battle cruisers of the ancient Alsakan Conflicts. Now a heavily-populated world in the Galactic Core, Alsakan was one of many planets that surrendered to Admiral Ackbar and the Alliance fleet in the years following the Battle of Endor. Imperial commander Titus Klev was born on Alsakan; his father was a Clone Wars veteran and his mother a member of a wealthy merchant family. Corporate Sector viceprex Mirkovig Hirken was also born on Alsakan, into one of the oldest families on the planet. [DESB, CSSB]


The homeworld of a rare animal described as "spidery night gliders." These animals are considered premium pets and are sold at Sabodor's pet shop on Etti IV. [HSSE]


Located in the system of the same name. Captain Drev Jalok was delivering cargo to Altier when he was ambushed by the notorious pirate Drek Drednar. [SWAJ]

Altor 14

Altor 14, a dry, hot world of rock and sand, orbits the Roti-Ow binary star system and was only recently discovered by a mineral company. Because of its long rotational period (94 hours), all standing water evaporates on the planet's surface during the day. Taproot trees and tarpaulin plants are found on the surface, each with its own unique way of obtaining water. The Avogwi (Altorian Birds) and Nuiwit (Altorian Lizards) are native to this planet, though it is the peaceful Nuiwit who possess the social and technical skills to build advanced societies and participate in galactic trade. The carnivorous, aggressive Avogwi may eventually be forced from the planet's surface by the ever-expanding communities of the Nuiwit. Some Avogwi were drug- and mind-controlled by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader to serve as enclosure guards. [GG4, COTJ]

Alzoc III

Alzoc III, located in the Alzoc system in the Outer Rim, is the home planet of the alien species known as the Talz, and is the source of Alzoc pearl. The moonless planet is covered with desolate, frozen plains and its powerful sunlight glares harshly off the reflective snow. The Empire garrisoned Alzoc III in a secret operation and forced the Talz to work as slaves in underground mines. The planet was never entered into the galactic registry, and the New Republic only learned of its existence through examining restricted corporate files. Imperial Commander Pter Thanas was assigned to the rim world of Bakura after refusing to destroy a village of Talz miners on Alzoc III. The Imperial battlemoon Eye of Palpatine stopped at the frozen planet to pick up a contingent of stormtroopers, but brought in a group of Talz instead. [TAB, GG4, COTJ]


The ringed, desert planet Ambria is located in the Stenness system, at the heart of the Stenness node. Animal life on Ambria includes herds of staga, small lizards called neeks, and strange, evil creatures from Lake Natth, a place strong with the Dark Side of the Force. Thon, a Jedi master who lived four thousand years ago, made his home on Ambria and instructed several Jedi including Nomi Sunrider and the Vultan Oss Wilum. During the Sith War, Oss Wilum returned to Ambria and tried to slay Master Thon by controlling the evil beasts from Lake Natth. He was defeated by Thon with the help of Nomi Sunrider and Sylvar the Cathar. [DE, TOTJ, DLOS, TSW]


A cold planet with a short rotation located in the Corporate Sector, Ammuud is ruled by seven major clans operating under Corporate Sector Authority subcontract. The seven clans (the Glayyd, Reesbon, Tikeris, Owphrin, Melchett, Almowri, and the Odoon) are ruled by patriarchs called "Mors" and governed by a set of formal rules known as the Code of Ammuud. Ammuud's main spaceport is a well-defended structure built adjacent to a snow-capped mountain range. People of all types inhabit the surrounding city, which is composed of wood and stone buildings, slums, and open gutters. Animal life on Ammuud includes herds of grazers, flying pterosaurs, and crustaceans in the mountains' icy lakes.

Ammuud was first colonized over 10,000 years ago by settlers from Thokos, and each of the seven original colony ships formed the basis of Ammuud's seven clans. The colonists were eventually forgotten by their homeworld, and the clans evolved into quarreling nation-states, continually testing each other in an endless series of savage battles. One hundred years ago the clans called a truce, and formed the Code of Ammuud to govern their future conduct. During one of his early adventures, Han Solo visited the mountain stronghold of the Mor Glayyd to collect money due him, and encountered the infamous gunman Gallandro. Six years after the Battle of Endor, reeling from the destruction of their command base on Nespis VIII, the New Republic scattered its command ships and fighter units across the galaxy. One of them, the fleet transport Vindicator carrying Luke Skywalker and his Jedi trainees, was stationed out beyond Ammuud. [HSR, CSSB, EE]


Amorris, in the system of the same name, was the planet to which Lando Calrissian sent ship thief Niles Ferrier after persuading him not to steal any ships from Sluis Van. Calrissian told Ferrier that the Cavrilhu pirate gang was using Amorris as a base. [DFR]

Anarid Cluster

The Anarid Cluster contains the planet Kelada. The smuggler Platt Okeefe was a member of a tramp freighter crew in the Anarid Cluster during her early career. [SWAJ]


Corellian hero Garm Bel Iblis was believed killed on Anchoron. He survived but was forced to go underground, severing all ties with his former life and working in secret to bring down the Empire. The smuggler Talon Karrde posted men on Anchoron in an unsuccessful search for Grand Admiral Thrawn's clone traffic, and Leia Organa Solo planted a false report stating that a Star Destroyer had been spotted near Anchoron in her attempts to locate an Imperial spy. [DFR, TLC]


A watery, terrestrial planet with very few solid land masses, Ando is the homeworld of the belligerent, walrus-faced Aqualish. The prestigious Aquala ("finned" Aqualish) prefer to live on floating raft cities and large sailing ships, while the low-status Quara ("fingered" Aqualish) inhabit the larger islands of Ando. Ando has a sister planet in the same system, but its blasted, uninhabitable surface implies it was the site of an Aqualish war soon after the species discovered space travel. The technological society of the Aqualish is helping to create viable galactic exports, primarily foodstuffs from Ando's seas. The planet has been closely watched by the Empire for any sign of insurrection.

The Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth was a member of the Ando Demilitarization Observation Group from 8/82- 7/81, Pre-Empire date. Following his departure from Tatooine, the infamous criminal Dr. Evazan was sheltered on Ando in a well-guarded castle on a rocky isle. Ando was also targeted by the Bellicose in a multi-pronged attack by Grand Admiral Thrawn intended to draw New Republic forces away from Ukio. [DFR, TLC, GG4, TFTC]


Several youths from Andooweel, in trouble on their homeworld for theft and illegal speeder bike racing, enlisted in the Imperial Army and were trained on Sirpar. [SWAJ]

Andron system

The Andron system contains the planet Aralia, the home planet of the semi-intelligent aliens called Ranats. [GG4]


The site at which the Imperial fleet regrouped following their defeat at Endor. [TAB]

Anoat system

Located in the backwater Ison Corridor. The Anoat system contains the planets Anoat, Gentes (the homeworld of the pig-like Ugnaughts), and the colony world of Deyer. Animal life on Anoat includes the Anoat lizard-ant, who can be found in great numbers during the creatures' mating season. Moff Rebus, a weapons specialist working for the Empire, had a hidden stronghold located under the sewage system of Anoat City. Rebus was captured by Alliance agent Kyle Katarn following the Battle of Yavin. After their escape from the Battle of Hoth, Han Solo and Princess Leia found themselves in the Anoat system and made the decision to visit Bespin's Cloud City. [ESB, MTS, JS, DA, GG2, DF]


A multiple planet orbiting a small white sun, Anoth consists of three parts and will likely break itself into dust in a few hundred years. Anoth is unrecorded on any chart and was chosen by Luke Skywalker and Admiral Ackbar as the primary hiding place for Leia Organa Solo's Jedi children, although Jacen and Jaina Solo stayed on New Alderaan during the Emperor's reappearance. The two largest components of Anoth are close enough to scrape together, causing powerful static discharges between them and bathing the third fragment in sensor-masking electrical storms. The third piece orbits a safe distance from the other two and holds a breathable atmosphere in its valleys in spite of its relatively low gravity. The stronghold where Winter cared for the Jedi children until they reached the age of two was located on the third fragment, at the opening to a network of caves within Anoth's rocky spires and peaks. An Imperial attack with MT-AT walkers led by Ambassador Furgan was launched against the Anoth stronghold in an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap Anakin Solo. [JS, DA, COTF]

Antar 4

Located in the Prindaar system, Antar 4 is the fourth of six moons orbiting the gas giant Antar and home to the alien species known as the Gotal. Antar 4 has an unusual rotational pattern, which makes seasonal climate changes very pronounced. In addition, the moon's orbital pattern around the gas giant creates constantly-changing day/night cycles. Due to this, animal species on Antar 4 have developed organs and senses to help compensate for any absence of light, such as the Gotals' energy-sensing head cones. These cones aid the Gotal in sensing the moods of others, and in hunting the native herds of quivry. Large head cones are considered an attractive feature by other Gotal, and those with small cones sometimes use artificial substitutes to help improve their appearances. Antar 4 has no form of government, but nevertheless trades and interacts effectively with the rest of galactic society. The notorious bounty hunter Glott comes from Antar 4, and uses his head cones to predict what his enemies will do a split second before they can do it. [GG4, TFTC, ROC]


A remote, lifeless, ice-covered world with at least one moon. The Empire constructed a robotics facility on Anteevy where the alloy Phrik was refined and treated for use in armoring the Dark Troopers. Following the Battle of Yavin, Alliance agent Kyle Katarn disabled this facility with several sequencer charges. [DF]

Antipose IX

A pilot droid that Lando Calrissian rented to take him from the Oseon to Rafa IV once held a job on the pleasure yacht Arleen, which departed from Antipose IX. [LCMH]

Antipose XII

While on a mission in the Oseon, Lando Calrissian used the password "dubesor"-- a native insult on Antipose XII. [LCFW]

Aparo sector

The Aparo sector, together with the Wyl sector, forms the inner border of the Corporate Sector. It is ruled by Moff Wyrrhem. [CSSB]


A water world which, according to charts, has no land masses at all. Aquaris is home to Silver Fyre's organization of former pirates and mercenaries, who call themselves Freeholders. The Freeholders inhabit an expansive underwater base accessible through a retractable surface landing platform, and pilot submersible aqua-skimmers when hunting the planet's local marine life. Among the many dangerous aquatic creatures in Aquaris' oceans is the enormous demonsquid.

During Han Solo and Chewbacca's early adventuring, they had a valuable cargo of spice stolen from them by Fyre's pirates. Following the Battle of Yavin, Fyre and her Freeholders joined the Alliance during a conference with Princess Leia on Kabal. The Princess and her companions visited Aquaris after leaving Kabal, and were betrayed by Kraaken, Fyre's deputy commander. [CSW]


A planet in the Hapes cluster. Arabanth sent an old woman who offered a "thought puzzle" on accepting life and death as part of a series of gifts from Hapes to the New Republic. [COPL]


Aralia, a small, tropical world in the Andron system, is home to both the planetary amusement park Project Aralia and the troublesome, semi-intelligent Ranats. The Ranats (who call themselves Con Queecon or "the conquerors") evolved on the planet Rydar II, but came to Aralia when the spice-smuggling ship on which they had stowed away crashed in Aralia's jungles. Ranats live in tribes numbering around one hundred individuals, and inhabit maze-like underground warrens. The Ranat population has expanded greatly since the crash, and they now inhabit most areas of Aralia including its grassy steppes and mountains. The fierce appetites of the Ranats have led to a decline in most of Aralia's fauna including the pig-like roba. After Project Aralia's construction was interfered with by the Ranats, the builders attempted to organize an extermination of the species. This led to an Imperial ruling that Ranats can be killed in self-defense, and they may not be armed under any circumstances. Some Ranats were drug- and mind-controlled by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader to serve as enclosure guards. [GG4, COTJ]


The smuggler Toob Ancher traveled to Arapia to collect a debt owed by Saylor Marjan to the crimelord Saadoon-Kauldi. [SWAJ]


The smuggler Reina Gale and her companion Rollos ran a disastrous deal on Arcura, where an entire battalion of Imperial walkers arrived to stop them. [SWAJ]


The white dwarf star orbited by Varl, the original homeworld of the Hutts. According to Hutt legend, Ardos was once a double star with Evona until Evona was drawn into a black hole. [GG4]


Argazda is located in the Kanz sector. Four thousand years ago, Myrial, provisional governor of Argazda, revolted against the Old Republic and declared the Kanz sector independent. Myrial began to enslave the other worlds of the sector, including Lorrd, and the preoccupied Republic did nothing to help. This period lasted three hundred years until ended by the Jedi Knights and is known as the Kanz Disorders. [CSSB]


Equipment for a new space station, to be built in the Pakuuni system, was awaiting pickup at an abandoned cargo area near Argoon. The Victory-class Star Destroyer Stalwart, under the command of Vice Admiral Thrawn, arrived to load the material and was attacked by Rebel starfighters sometime after the Battle of Hoth. [TSC]


A backwater desert world home to the short, lizardlike aliens called Chubbits, who cross the planet's sandy terrain in "wind-runners"-- wheeled vehicles with large sails. Animal life on Aridus includes large lizard creatures, which can be tamed and used as mounts. The natural interference of Aridus' atmosphere makes all long-range communications impossible, and the Empire (after taking control of the planet) built an immense Iron Tower to overcome this interference. The completely automated tower acted both as a signal amplifier and power transformer, allowing unrestricted communications and supplying the energy needed to run Imperial hover trains. Hazardous lava pits were located in the mining region immediately surrounding the Iron Tower. Unfortunately, the powerful signals emanating from the tower had a harmful effect on the local Chubbits, crippling their nervous systems and eventually killing many.

The Chubbits resisted the Imperial takeover of their homeworld, and were supplied with weapons for their fight by the Alliance. Following the Battle of Yavin, Darth Vader set a trap for Luke Skywalker by making it appear that Ben Kenobi had returned from the dead and was working with the resistance on Aridus. The false Kenobi was actually a trained actor, altered by Imperial surgeons to resemble the dead Jedi. Skywalker managed to escape the trap, which also resulted in the partial destruction of the Iron Tower. [CSW]


Arkania, in the Colonies region, is covered with tundra and diamond mines where miners extract melon- sized gems from the planet's crust. Four thousand years ago, the Jedi master Arca established a Jedi training outpost in the wilderness of Arkania. Centuries ago, the scientifically-minded Arkanians began cyber-enhancing the brains of their primitive neighbors, the Yaka. Soon the stocky Yaka were one of the most intelligent and quick minded species in the galaxy, with a bizarre sense of humor to match. Animal life on the planet includes the Arkanian dragon and jellyfish. [TOTJ, FNU, DLOS, DESB]

Arkanis sector

Located on the border of the Mid-Rim and Outer Rim, the Arkanis sector contains the Pii system. The forested worlds Pii 3 and 4 are sometimes called "Teeda's Eyes," after the green eyes of the ancient Empress Teeda of Arkanis Regency annals. [SWAJ]


A dry, desert world, Askaj is home to the near-human aliens known as Askajians. Askajians' bodies can absorb and store water, using it only as needed for survival, and females of the species have six breasts. According to custom, Askajian cublings are not given names until they reach their first birthday, and the people's belief system involves Askaj's Moon Lady and the demons of the Nethermost Abyss. Animal life on Askaj includes large reptiles and the horned herd animals called tomuons-- valued throughout the galaxy for their wool. Askajian weaving techniques are closely-guarded secrets, and it is said that Emperor Palpatine's ceremonial robes are spun from tomuon wool. Yarna, daughter of a tribe chieftain on Askaj and a first-rate competitive dancer, was captured with her family by slavers and sold to Jabba the Hutt. Yarna served in the Hutt's court as a dancer, but escaped after Jabba's death and eventually bought her cublings out of slavery. [TFJP]

Athega system

The Athega system contains the planet Nkllon, where Lando Calrissian had a mining operation. Due to the heat of its sun, ships must be escorted by a shieldship from the outer parts of the Athega system in order to approach the inner planets. [HTTE]

Atravis sector

The Atravis sector contains the Atravis systems, which were devastated by Imperial attacks. Of the massacres that occurred in the sector, Grand Moff Tarkin said, "They have only themselves to blame." Grand Admiral Harrsk's troops began concentrating in the Atravis sector eight years after the Battle of Endor. [COTJ]

Atrivis sector

Located in the Outer Rim, the Atrivis sector contains the Mantooine and Fest systems and the planet Generis. During the early formation of the Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma helped unite various insurgent organizations, including the Atrivis Resistance Groups. Five years after the Battle of Endor, New Republic pilot Pash Cracken was stationed in the Atrivis sector and helped defend (unsuccessfully) the Outer Rim comm center against an Imperial attack. [TLC, DESB, FP]

Auril systems

A distant group of six star systems (including the Adega system) in the Auril sector, which also encompasses the Cron Drift. Originally there were nine Auril systems, though three systems were destroyed during the Great Sith War as the Cron Cluster ignited in a multiple supernova. The space city Nespis VIII is located at the node of the Auril systems. [DE2, TSW]

Austan Asteroid Cluster

Meysen Kayson, wealthy owner of the Greel Wood Logging Corporation in the Pii system, also owns several properties in the Austan Asteroid Cluster. [SWAJ]


Averam was the location of a local Rebel Alliance cell, where Leia Organa's aide Winter worked for a few weeks under the code name "Targeter." Imperial Intelligence cracked the cell soon afterwards. The natives of Averam are called Averists. [TLC]

Averill system

A vast letter-dumping ground, almost one thousand kilometers long, was discovered five light-years out of the Averill system. Investigation revealed that at least three private courier services were jettisoning their datacard cargoes in the region. [SWAJ]

Avhn-Bendara system

A harsh system containing the planet Ryvellia. [SWAJ]


Azbrian is the homeworld of Condren Foreck, daughter of a wealthy farmer and a famous athlete on her world. She lives on a farm containing eight-legged herd animals. Foreck was one of Lando Calrissian's marriage candidates, until he discovered she had already married someone else. [AAC]